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Presence Marketing


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Presence Marketing

  1. the rise of marketing
  2. When people connect with brands, it’s conscious. When people connect with people, it’s instinctive.
  3. It’s the difference between sparking an interest in the mind, and lighting a flameinthe
  4. Welcome to the Relationship Era. Say goodbye to positioning, preemption and unique selling position… This is about tapping into the Human Element. Bob Garfield, Doug Levy Ignore the Human Element of Marketing at Your Own Peril Advertising Age, January 2nd, 2012
  5. taps into the Human Element to make brands act like people, turning the consumer-brand relationship into a deeper consumer-person relationship. marketing presence
  6. It’s an instinctive connection that goes well past product samples or live events. Brands, like people, listen, adapt and become present in consumers’ lives. Sticking around through thick or thin Investing both resources and time Having consistent, personal encounters Generating genuine interest on both sides
  7. We’veidentified dimensions of an effective Presence Marketing program.
  8. 1st dimension: Hyperlocal Immersion The Human Element: People relate intimately to their environments. A true Presence program uses context to its advantage. Customize the brand experience to embody local traditions, tastes, and social norms Optimize the physical space, allowing consumers to experience familiar locations in new, meaningful ways Enhance targeting through the use of localized business intelli- gence on people, places, and history
  9. 2nd dimension: Constancy & Consistency The Human Element: Human relationships are defined by depth and breadth of interactions. Similarly, Presence programs assert the brand as a dependable, ever-present fixture in consumers’ lives. Always deliver on consumer expectations, especially when circumstances or situations change Exhibit consistent behavior over a period of time, turning a new brand into something familiar Be constant in timing and deployment, infusing the brand with an unshakeable sense of reliability
  10. 3rd dimension: People The Human Element: Using the right people to execute a Presence program accelerates the deep, intuitive bonds consumers can make with the brand. Invest in sourcing true ambassadors – people who have already formed a human connection to the brand in their own lives Provide in-depth training that instills the brand message without stifling ambassadors’ innate enthusiasm Focus on enabling one-on-one encounters
  11. 4th dimension: Adaptability The Human Element: The brand, just like any other person, is a member of the community. That means being able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances without compromising integrity or reputation. Use changing circumstances to create opportunities for proving the brand during uncertain times Be flexible in operations and planning, allowing for quick adjustments to meet local trends and market forces Partner with local experts who can facilitate quick pivots in planning
  12. Brands have a lot to gain from thinking and acting more like people than corporations. Sociability requires human behavior... Britt Peterson | Director of Growth Strategy, Cole & Weber United It’s Time Brands Started Acting More Like People | Forbes Magazine, July 3rd, 2012
  13. Jay-ZDecoded Using human behavior to position the brand as a vital conduit: Bing case study Using Jay-Z’s upcoming biography Decoded as a vehicle, Bing partnered with the artist to launch a worldwide Presence campaign for launch of their new search engine. Millions of fans used Bing Search and Bing Maps to discov- er real-life Decoded artifacts hidden throughout the world, making Bing the conduit for discovery, revelation, and the thrill of search. dimension #1 Hyperlocal Immersion dimension #3 People dimension #2 Constancy and Consistency dimension #4 Adaptability Each of the 350 pages in Decoded was placed in a different media location throughout the world. Location was chosen according the page’s content and theme, deliberately focusing on the space’s relevance and significance to the content. This wouldn’t have worked with any other celebrity. Jay-Z embodied the demographic, ideals, and image that Bing was after. His fans are among the most engaged and active in the industry, and Bing understood their taste for discovery. Utilizing Bing Search & Maps, fans found Decoded pages, giving Bing the chance to consistently demonstrate the reliability and accuracy of its search. Over the course of one month, Bing regularly distributed new pages to sustain user engagement. If the media didn’t exist, it was created. Pizza boxes, plates, food wrappers, puzzles, and T-shirts were all made in lieu of an existing media location.
  14. Jay-ZDecoded Human behavior can light a flame that transcends borders, languages, or industry incumbents. results Major uplift in brand perception and consumer intent to use Bing 1M+ visitors to the official Decoded website, with an average of 11 minutes spent browsing Bing’s market share skyrockets 11.8%, it’s highest point since launching in 2009 Bing enters Top 10 Most Visited U.S.Websites for the first time 25% of current Bing users who visited the Decoded site shifted from light usage to medium usage, and 9% shifted to heavy usage Decoded reaches 6X the expected buzz with 8,983 social media mentions and 500M+ impressions
  15. movement Presence Marketing is not a concept, it’s a
  16. It’s really a tectonic shift in the landscape. Marketers are starting to see how Presence goes deeper and further into the consumer psyche. It’s different than anything else. Kelly Blachford Managing Partner Process Improvement Solutions, LLC August, 2013
  17. Human experience raises engagement across the board, and Presence amplifies that experience even more. More Inclined to Purchase Less Inclined to Purchase Consumers' Brand Perception Changes After Participating in Events & Experiences More Positive More Negative Same No Opinion 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Purchase at Event or Experience Purchase at Later Time Buy Again After Purchase Become a Regular Customer Purchases During And After Event & Experience EMI EventTrack Study 2013
  18. There are dimensions in PresenceMarketing, but the results are... ...exponetially greater.
  19. Consumers projecting their own human qualities and values onto the brand, making it personal and customized to each individual Lasting loyalty that is based on an emotional bond rather than a utilitarian need A strong feeling of familiarity that lowers barriers for introduction of new products Greater latitude with customers in times of crises The consumer-person connection engendered by Presence Marketing takes brands a lot further a lot faster in the hearts and minds of consumers.
  20. Tapping into the human psyche to create brand loyalists: CPG case study Attack! partnered with a CPG flavored milk brand to launch a targeted Presence campaign reintroducing the product to adult consumers in California. Longtime loyalists had a chance to rediscover their affinity for the brand through encounters with brand influencers at local lifestyle and cultural events. Word-of-mouth activ- ity fed into social mentions reaching viral status and creating a new breed of loyal, enthused consumers of all ages. dimension #1 Hyperlocal Immersion dimension #3 People dimension #2 Constancy and Consistency dimension #4 Adaptability Activation locations were chosen according to the product relevance of the target demographic within the San Francisco market. A major emphasis revolved around being able to reach ideal social groups at their optimal leisure locales. Breaking down and targeting the two key socially active groups within the target market - the active, health conscious, and socially connected - ensured maximum amount of engagement with the CPG brand. Over the course of the yearlong program, consistent interaction with the brand’s image and positioning helped reinvigorate the once familiar product’s appeal with consumers through their everyday lives. Rebranding the CPG name as a San Francisco product through various channels including partnerships with local grocery stores, venue managers, and community based social media pages promoted more personal engagements. CPGBrand
  21. CPGBrand Brands that promote an emotional bond through a human connection create loyalists for life. results Major sales lift in CPG beverage market share in San Francisco 189K+ social media impressions across major channels including YouTube and Twitter CPG Brand’s market share increases 20% within the beverage inustry 1M+ Twitter impressions generated from consumer engaging lifestyle events CPG Brand reaches 500K+ unique views on
  22. Where Presence really pays earnedmedia/PR socialreferral brandvalue
  23. Even with social media and globalization, peopleare choosing to shop at local businesses, buy local produce, enjoy local activities...consumers are feeling this deep need to return to something more tangible and human. Andrew Loos Chief Experiential Officer, Attack! Marketing April, 2013
  24. Yes, you can measure trust and you can measure Presence Marketing.
  25. As consumers, and as people we make countless touch points every day, but it’s those that remain present in our lives that become part of our inner circle of trusted entities.
  26. Andrew Loos Chief Experiential Officer Jennifer Houston VP, Client Services & Marketing Contact