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People Operations


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Talent Machine People operations. Humans resources and startups.

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People Operations

  1. 1. Gearing up for battle People Operations
  2. 2. productivity, ramp-up, pipeline, churn, CAC/LTV What is a talent machine? #vc4heroes
  3. 3. layers, gears, and process How to build a talent machine? #vc4heroes
  4. 4. Layers
  5. 5. execution, improvement, solution, and problem seekers Types of individuals (scope x autonomy) #vc4heroes
  6. 6. purpose, autonomy, diversity Types of teams (3-20 people) #vc4heroes
  7. 7. 5 stages: life sucks, my life sucks, i’m great, we’re great, life is great Types of tribes (20-150 people) #vc4heroes
  8. 8. Culture: way of speaking and acting Types of company #vc4heroes
  9. 9. Gears
  10. 10. TM Maturity Model #vc4heroes Blue Orange Black Culture Mission-Vision-Values BHAG Manifesto Metrics Cost based Productivity Analytics Org Structure Org Chart Job descriptions Team/Tribe Mgnt Hiring Job description fit Cultural fit Predictive Onboarding 1-day welcome 1-month follow up 3-month nurturing Communication Ac hoc Tactical Strategic / Culture based Management Salary evaluation 360o Regular coaching Compensation Benefits Target Incentives Stock options Firing Ad hoc Standard Postmortem Tools Ad hoc Payroll Stack
  11. 11. it depends on founders, stage, and market What is culture? #vc4heroes 1. Missionary x Mercenary 2. Structured x Flexible 3. Thinking x Doing 4. Controlling x Delegating 5. Cautious x Risk Permitting 6. Diplomatic x Direct: 7. Individualistic x Collaborative 8. Internal x External
  12. 12. experimentation or execution primary teams (sales, customer success, product) secondary teams What needs to get done? (metrics) #vc4heroes
  13. 13. How organizations grow? (cell division) #vc4heroes OS1 OS2 OS3 OS4 OS5 Family Tribe Village City Nation User Scale (B2C) 10,000s 100,000s 1,000,000s 10,000,000s 100,000,000s User Scale (B2B) 10s 100s 1,000s 10,000s 100,000s Organization 1s 10s 100s 1,000s 10,000s Timeframe 12m-24m 18-24m 18-24m 24-48m 48m+ Mode Discovery Validation Efficiency Scale Domination Talent Domain experts Generalists Specialists Future leaders Succession
  14. 14. persona, lead-gen, nurturing, closing, pipeline Is Hiring a sales process? #vc4heroes
  15. 15. onboarding and talent success How to get to expected productivity? #vc4heroes
  16. 16. broadcasting, staff/company/strategy meetings How to communicate with troops? #vc4heroes
  17. 17. constant feedback, training, and development: individual, team, and tribe What is management? #vc4heroes
  18. 18. Maslow: base salary, bonus, benefits How to compensate talent? #vc4heroes
  19. 19. it’s your fault, performance improvement plan (PIP), scripts How to break up decently? #vc4heroes
  20. 20. SaaS for everything What are workflows and SoRs? #vc4heroes
  21. 21. Process
  22. 22. increasing speed over time is the one metric that matters Scrum: one problem at a time #vc4heroes
  23. 23. rapid iterations to learn and adjust Scrum: weekly or bi-weekly sprints #vc4heroes
  24. 24. learn the expected output of each key lever (product, sales, customer success, talent, operational system), then improve it relentlessly Scrum: structure it, then optimize #vc4heroes
  25. 25. visibility on what needs to get done Scrum: roadmap #vc4heroes
  26. 26. Bibliography
  27. 27. High Output Management Hard Things About Hard Things Blitzscaling The Alliance Talent Machine #vc4heroes
  28. 28. #vc4heroes