Annual report of working children program 2010


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Annual report of working children program 2010

  1. 1. 1  Annual Report 2010  Cooperative credit training in Sahiwal Region Working Children Program Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  2. 2. 2Contents 1. Activities undertaken 4 2. Program Areas 5 3. Introduction Summary 6 4. Monitoring visit report of chak#9/4.L Okara 7 5. Monitoring visits 2nd quarter April-June, 2010 8 6. Monitoring visit report 9 7. TOT workshop for Child Protection 10 8. Myths and facts regarding CSA 11 9. Cooperative training Basic/Advance 9/4.L Okara 12 10. Loaning Ceremony in 9/4.L Okara 13 11. Monitoring visits 3rd quarter July-September,2010 14 12. Human trafficking Advocacy workshop 15 13. Cooperative training Basic/Advance in 42/12.L Chichawatni 16 14. Contents of the training 17 15. Loaning Ceremony for the cooperative of 42/12.L Chichawatni 18 16. Program Manager and parish priest are giving cheques 19 17. Pakistan Independence Day 20 18. World day against Child labour 21 19. Achievements 22 20. Impact/Strengths 23 21. Success story of working children program 24 22. Monitoring visits 4th quarter 25 23. Changes in Income / Education 27 24. Refresher course for teachers 28 25. Photos Gallery of working children program 30 26. Statistics Income Generating Program 31 Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  3. 3. 3   Working children program    Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad Activities undertaken Prepared assessment forms for IGP and Evening classes Monitoring visits in (12) areas where project is located. Prepared monitoring visit plan for (Jan-December,2010) Prepared monitoring visits Reports of IGP and centers. Monthly meetings with teachers. Prepared Reporting Format for teachers. Meeting with concerned animator regarding (WCP) Six months planning for syllabus with school teachers. Tests of students in all education centers and prepared result. Meeting with Sahil about TOT training for teachers Participated in monthly meetings of Child Rights committee (CRC) Faisalabad Meeting with Executive Secretary regarding IGP. MOU signed with Sahil and planning for Training Human trafficking and Advocacy workshop for working children and community leaders. Cooperative training Basic/Advance for 9/4.L Okara. Loaning ceremony for chak#9/4.L Okara. TOT Workshop Mari Hifazat for teachers. Monitoring visit with Sahil Staff in Qayume town Faisalabad. World day against Child Labour. Meeting with parishes priests in all areas regarding (WCP). Cooperative training Basic/Advance in 42/12.L Chichawatni Loaning ceremony for chak # 42/12.L Chichawatni. Pakistan Independence Day. World day against Child labor. Success story of working children program. Monitoring visits report of 4th quarter. Changes in Income/Education. Refresher course for teachers. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  4. 4. 4Name of parishes where project is locatedSerial No Name of Area Name of Parish1 Dawood Colony – Faisalabad Holy Rosary 213 / R.B. Fsd.2 Qayume Town Faisalabad Holy Rosary 224 / R.B Warispura Fsd3 Chak No 7 / J.B. Faisalabad Arooj-e-Mariam Ch.7 / R.B. Faisalabad.4 Nasart Colony Faisalabad Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral Fsd.5 Chak Jhumra Faisalabad St. Pius Church Jhumra6 Bilal Nagar Faisalabad Nalkakohala parish.7 Shadman Colony PeerMehal St. Eugenede De chak# 678 /19 Mazenod Shadman colony Peermehal8 Chak No 9 / 4-L Okara Our Lady of Mercy Ch. 6 / 4-L9 Chak No 20 / 2-L Renala khurd Our Lady of Fatima Renala10 Chak No 26 / 4-L Okara St. Anthony Ch. 10 / 4- L11 Peer Kuriana Shorkot St. Francis Ch. 500 / J.B.12 Chak No 42 / 12-L Chichawatni Assumption Our Lady of the Church Chichawatni13 Gulzar-e-Mustafa colony Our Lady of Fatima Renala Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  5. 5. 5Introduction SummaryIn January-December, 2010, Program Manager of working children programand coordinator paid visits for monitoring of the evening classes and IGPwhere the project is Located. During these visits income generating programand evening classes were visited and evaluated. (13) Centers are workingwith those children who are working and earning money and they arecoming in evening classes regularly and getting education. In FaisalabadDiocese basic education for working children program is working in (12)parishes. Income generating program is running with (95) parents throughcooperatives societies. (5) Cooperative societies have been established andthese cooperative societies are working on small business and theirmembers are earning money from these small business. Now they areimproving their economically condition. In 2010 more (30) new workingchildren parents took loan from cooperative for small business. In the resultof small business those children who were working and earning money nowthey are going in formal school and they have left his labor. In this year (41)working children enrolled in formal school. Cooperative of working childrenparents has joint account in banks near to the area and they are depositingrecovery in these account. They are taking Loan for IGP and givinginstallments to cooperative regularly. Executive bodies of all cooperativesocieties maintain record of income generating program and keep recoverydeposit slips in files for record. In the result of which, through the regularmeetings with the parents, by school teachers, new working children havereplaced those who have joined formal schools.Goal:Improved economic condition of the parents of working children has reducedchild labor in the Diocese.Aim:The main purpose of this program is to reduce the intensity of the workingChildren, by increasing the income capacity of their parents.Objectives of the project: • 360 working children from target areas of the Faisalabad Diocese will have completed their basic primary Education through one – room schools (evening classes) • The parents of 360 Working children will have increased regular income to provide their children with basic facilities through their income generating schemes. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  6. 6. 6Visited areas: 1st Quarter1 Chak#42/2.R Chichawatni2 Chak# 26/4.L Okara3 Chak#9/4.L Okara4 Peer kurianaShorcotCantt5 Shadman Colony Pir Mahal  Monitoring Visit Report Date: 19th February 2010Place: Chak # 9/4.LTeam: Mr. Asher Nazir (program Manager working children program)Purpose 1.Assessment visit before loaning 2. Meeting with cooperative members regarding this IGP form and house.Assessment form for working children parentsSr. Name of Saving of Children Type of In come Trade for I.D photosNo. member member in Involved in labor from business Card society labor laborReport: Assessment form for working childrenSr. Name of Age of the Brother / Type In Date of Level Which Total photoNo. child child sisters of come joining / are not numb s Involved in labor from evening class Grad involve ers of labor labor e d in broth labor ers/si stersObservation Cooperative members were not parents of working children. Understanding and perception of parents was not clear about project.Recommendations Credit cooperative training for parents before loaning should be done. Selection for IGP should be must only parents of working children. Only Working children should attend evening classes. List of children which involved in labor through assessment form.Action taken Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  7. 7. 7 Monitoring visit has done in this area. Meeting with parents through house visits. Verification of working children in evening classes with teacher and animator. Plan of action for cooperative training Basic /Advance in 9/4.L Okara.Monitoring Visits: 2nd Quarter April‐June2010  2nd QuarterNo Area Parish1 9/4.L 6/4.L Okara2 Shadman Pir Mahal colony3 Dawood Holy Rosary 213/R.B Faisalabad colony4 42/12.L Chichawatni5 Chak #7 Faisalabad6 Qayume Warispura parish Town Faisalabad7 Quadabad Chak Jhumra Faisalabad8 26/4.L Okara Chak#10/4.L OkaraMonitoring visits with Sahil Staff in Qayume town Faisalabad  10-6-2010With Sahil organization staff we visited Qayume Town Faisalabad. This is afollow up visit regarding Child Sexual Abuse in this area. So after ToTworkshop we did this visit with Sahil. In this visit Sahil staff took a meetingwith working children and their parents. So they asked to children abouttheir job and study and they told to children that how they can save from Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  8. 8. 8other. So children told stories from the book of Mari Hifazat. So in the last ofthis visit area animator Ms. Shakeela Noor said that our community is verypoor and many children are working for earning money and they aresupporting his families. She said that before they are only working but nowwith the help of caritas Faisalabad now they are getting education. So shethanked to all guest from Sahil and caritas Faisalabad which came in thisarea for working children. Monitoring visits   In April-June2010 we visited eight areas in Faisalabad diocese where basic education and working children program is working. So in this monitoring visit we met to school Teachers, parents of children, parish priest and workingchildren. We observed in this visit that some working school teachers areworking well but some teachers are working seriously and still they are wellaware of what the Project is and its nature. They have made the rightselection of children. In these assessment visits we met to parish priests andwe told about working children program with detail. Meeting with parish priest in Jhumara Meeting with parish priest in ChichawatniIn the result of assessment visits program manager observed that teachers are regular andthey are serious with their work.Working Children in education centers Children are making shoes in Pir Mahal Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  9. 9. 9TOT Workshop for Child ProtectionFor working education centers teachers  Organized by:  Working Children Program Date ------- 9th-10th April2010Venue ---- Caritas office FaisalabadFor working school teachers and animators with the cooperation of Sahilorganization working children department arranged a TOT workshop incaritas office Faisalabad. In this workshop 25 participants were present. Thistraining was for two days and all working school teachers and six animatorswere present in this workshop. This workshop was about child sexual abuseand those were taking this training in future they shall work on it with hiscommunity. Mrs. Razia Shoukat Program Coordinator and Mr. Asher NazirProgram Manager Working Children Program organized the workshop While,Mr. Imran and Mrs. Nadia (Master Trainer of Sahil Organization) were theresource persons. In this TOT workshop Sahil organization gave childprotection books and notes to all participants. In the last of the workshopexecutive secretary of caritas Pakistan Faisalabad Mrs. Yasmine Josephdistributed certificates to all participants.She said to all Participants that with the help of this workshop now you canwork well for working children regarding Child Sexual Abuse (childprotection).Main topics of the training workshop are as,below.Contents of this Training  Define age of the child Orientation on UNCRC Child Needs, Protection and kinds of Abuse Meri Hifazat Teaching Methodologies Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  10. 10. 10 Myths and facts regarding CSA Sahil animation Disclosure of CCA Child Protection Luddo Game MH Evaluation Certificate Who is childThe objective is to build capacity of the organizations to raise awarenessregarding child rights and child sexual abuse throughCBOs and CCBs.The TOT will cover the following topicsMeriHifazat Module • Who is a child? • UNCRC through Card Game • Child abuse and it kinds • Myths and facts regarding CSA • Meri Hifazat teaching methodologiesCapacity Building • Five years analysis of CSA • Signs and effects of CSA • Communication skills • Facilitation skills • Child protection ludo game Child Protection Ludo Game Card Game Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  11. 11. 11Three days Cooperative Training Basic and Advance   By Basic Education and Working Children Program  Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad  Date 27th to 29th April2010Venue --- Chak#9/4.L OKARATotal participants --- 35(male+ female)Cooperative Credit Training Basic/AdvanceThree Days Cooperative Credit Basic/Advance training was held from 27th -29thApril2010 at village in 9/4.L Okara for working children parents. Area animatorMr. Saleem Gulzar and teacher Sajeela did all arrangement for this cooperativetraining. From 10/4.L parish area animator Mr. Samson and working schoolteacher also were present in this training. In this training (35) male and femaleparticipants were present. Mr. Asher Nazir (program manager) and Mrs.RaziaShoukat (program coordinator) of working children program arranged andorganized this workshop in the collaboration of parish team.The main purpose of the training workshop was to enable the communitymembers to understand the importance of Cooperative Society a participatorybefore launching of loaning scheme for the parents of working children here.Contents of this training;   History of the cooperative movement. Concept, principal and philphospy of the cooperative movements What is a credit cooperative society? How to organize a Co-operative society. Structure and management of cooperative society. Communication and motivational techniques. How to conduct a meeting. How to conduct general body meeting. Duties and functions of managing board. How to frame by-laws of the cooperative society. Account and Book keeping. Saving promotional techniques and effective loan policy. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  12. 12. 12Plan of Action prepared for this societyand decided that before 10th May2010 workingchildren department will give loan to (15)members and loan amount limit will beRs.15000 per members. So total loan amountfor (15) is Rs.225000. For distribution of thisloan Executive Secretary of Caritas Faisalabadwill come in this area. Program manager saidthat this loan amount we shall give to themthrough checques.So in the last of this cooperative training area animator thanked to allcooperative members and caritas Faisalabad staff.Loaning Ceremony for income generating program in chak # 9/4.L Okara Date: 7th May2010Loaning Ceremony for income generating program in chak# 9/4.L Okara was heldon 7th May2010.Program manager Mr. Asher Nazir and program coordinatorRaziaShoukat gave checques to (15) cooperative members. Loan Amount for permember is Rs.15000 and for this cooperative caritas Pakistan Faisalabad isgiving Rs.225000 for(15) Members. In this Loaning ceremony all cooperative members were presentand they said that with this Loan we shall work on small business for earningmoney. UC Nazim and other community leaders were also present and theyappreciated to caritas Faisalabad for this work which they are doing againstchild labor. Program manager Mr. Asher Nazir said that now you are all the partof caritas Faisalabad and we should work together against child labor then ourchildren can get education and other basic rights. He said that executive body ofthis cooperative society will maintain written record and recovery detailregularly. Every group leader will responsible of recovery and deposit in bankaccount. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  13. 13. 13 Monitoring Visits: 3rd Quarter July­September, 2010  No Area Parish 1 9/4.L 6/4.L Okara 2 Shadman Pir Mahal colony 4 42/12.L Chichawatni 5 Chak #7 Faisalabad 8 26/4.L Okara Chak#10/4.L Okara Trainings and seminars No Training/workshops Area /parish Organized participants trainings 1 Human trafficking 42/12.L Advocacy workshop Chichawatni 2 57+57=114 2 Mari Hifazat Caritas office 1 12 teachers (child protection) Faisalabad 10 animators =22 3 Cooperative 9/4.L Okara 2 34 training Basic/Advance 4 Cooperative 42/12.L 2 33 training Chichawatni Basic /Advance 5 TOT workshop Caritas office 1 18 teachers+ Child sexual abuse Faisalabad animators 6 Teachers Refresher Caritas office 1 12 teachers Course Faisalabad Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  14. 14. 14HUMAN TRAFFICKING ADVOCACY WORKSHOP WITH CHILDREN AND PARENTS OF THE PROJECT        Executive  secretary  Ms.  Yasmine  Joseph  took  a  session  on  Human  Trafficking  Advocacy workshop  with  working  children  and  their  parents  in  village  42/12.L  Chichawatni.  In  this workshop  number  of  participants  was  present  and  children  and  female  participation  was very  high.  Christian  and  Muslims  participants  were  present  and  this  is  good  sign  for  this village.  More  than  140  participants  children  /fem ale/male  were  present.  Ms.  Yasmine Joseph  said  that most of the time  parents have no permanent job and econo mically they are not  strong,  therefore  they  send  children to  other  cities  for  working.  So in  the  result  of  this process  children  have  to  face  many  difficulties  physically  and  mentally.  She  said  that children are innocent and we should take care of our children. How we can save our children from being  abused  by  other  people was also  shared  by her.  She further  told  how  we  should meet  others  out  of  family  and  other  friends.  So  this  workshop  was  very  successful  and participants gave full attention and showed interest for this worksho p.   In  this  workshop  parish  priest  Fr.Yousaf  George  and  Do minican  sisters  were  also  present with union council Nazim. They were also interested in this workshop and parish priest said that  I  am  happy  with the working of caritas  Faisalabad  and  especially today  for this Human Trafficking  Advocacy  workshop  by  Executive  secretary  of  caritas  Faisalabad.  He  said  that with the help of caritas Faisalabad today we are looking forward for a positive change in this community. Union Council Nazim  said that this topic was new for me but things are not new for us still we are  exercising  these  things  in  our  families  and  society  so  today  with  the  help  of  this workshop we know many things and now we shall work against it in our families and village. He  said  that  in  this  village  Christian  and  Muslims  we  are  together  and  we  shall  give information to other community members in this village.   Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  15. 15. 15Three days Cooperative Training Basic /Advance Working Children Program  Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad Date: 20th -22nd July, 2010Venue: Chak#42/12.L ChichawatniTotal participants: 33 (male –female)Group photo with Cooperative society in 42/12.L Chichawatni parishProgram manager Mr. Asher Nazir and Coordinator Razia Shoukat are taking sessionThree Days Cooperative Credit Basic/Advance training was held from 20th -22ndJuly, 2010 in Chak#42/12.L Chichawatni for working children parents. Child laboreducation center teacher Mr.Patras and LDC did arrangement for this cooperativetraining.(33) male and female participants were present. Mr. Asher Nazir (programmanager) and Ms.Razia Shoukat (program coordinator) of working children Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  16. 16. 16program arranged and organized this workshop in the collaboration of parishteam.The main purpose of the training workshop was to enable the community membersto understand the importance of Cooperative Society a participatory beforelaunching of loaning scheme for the parents of working children here. Contents of this training  History of the cooperative movement. Concept, principal and philphospy of the cooperative movements What is a credit cooperative society? How to organize a Co-operative society. Structure and management of cooperative society. Communication and motivational techniques. How to conduct a meeting. How to conduct general body meeting. Duties and functions of managing board. How to frame by-laws of the cooperative society. Account and Book keeping. Saving promotional techniques and effective loan policy.We decided that in the first week of September, 2010 working childrendepartment will give loan to (15) members and loan amount limit will be Rs.15000per members. So total loan amount for (15) members is Rs.225000. Fordistribution of this loan Executive Secretary of Caritas Faisalabad and parish priestof Chichawatni parish will come in this area. Program manager said that this loanamount we shall give to them through checques. Every member will return thisloan amount in (12) installments. Coordinator Ms. Razia Shoukat said that afterloaning ceremony you should work on small business. Program manager said thatyour saving should be in bank account and this account should be is joint accountbefore loaning ceremony. So in the last of this cooperative training Mr.SaleemJohn president of this society thanked to all cooperative members and caritasFaisalabad staff.         Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  17. 17. 17Loaning Ceremony for Income Generating Program Working Children Program Caritas Pakistan FaisalabadParish – Chichawatni date: 1-9-2010Area --- Chak#42/12.LIn Chak#42/12.L Chichawatni working children program is working with child laborand their parents from science two year. In this village thirty working children aregetting education in our education centre. Their parents are members ofcooperative society and are giving saving in this society. Their economicallycondition is very poor and they have no permanent job and their children have towork with them. So for it we organized a cooperative society for working childrenparents. After cooperative basic and advance training we planed incomegenerating program with these members.We decided that in first phase we shall give loan to (15) cooperative members andloan amount will be Rs.15000 per member. With parish priest of Chichawatniparish Fr.Yousaf George we shared all things regarding this program. In FaysalBank cooperative society has joint account in Faysal Bank Chichawatni and theirsaving is Rs.7500 in this account and their saving account number is 225-150-000.This loaning ceremony arranged by working children program caritas PakistanFaisalabad in village chak#42/12.L Chichawatni on 1st September, 2010. Withprayer of fr.Yousaf George we began this ceremony. Cooperative presidentMr.Saleem John welcomed to all guest and told about cooperative and workingchildren education center. He said that with the help of this amount we can starthis business now. Before we have no regular job but now with the help of caritasFaisalabad we can establish his business. Program manager Mr. Asher Nazir andcoordinator RaziaShoukat said that for us working children are very important and we want thatwith this amount you should start his business and your children should leave hislabor and got admission in formal school for education. Your success is only smallbusiness and if you do not work on small business then you will lose this money. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  18. 18. 18 Program Manager and parish priest are giving cheque to cooperative membersSo in this loaning ceremony we gave cheques to fifteen (15) members and loanamount was for pre member Rs.15000. Total amount for this cooperative fromcaritas Faisalabad was Rs.225000 which we sent in cooperative saving account inChichawatni through caritas office. Parish priest Fr.Yousaf George gave cheques tocooperative members and said that caritas Pakistan Faisalabad gave to us a way ofdevelopment and on this way we can develop you through income generatingprogram. He said that this work is very excellent for our poorest communities.In the last of this loaning ceremony program manager Mr. Asher Nazir said that in(12) installment you can return this amount and every installment will be Rs.1410for per month. So in this cooperative society we have three groups and in everygroup we have five members. Every group leader will be responsible for thisrecovery and group leader deposit this recovery amount in society bank account.With cooperative members this is final that every cooperative member will givehis installment in the first week of every month.In this cooperative society male and female member also took loan for smallbusiness. Parish priest Fr. Yousaf George appreciated that here male and femalemember together and all members want to work on small business and this is verypositive. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  19. 19. 19         Pakistan Independence Day                          14th August            parish Renala khurdWorking Children Program Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad celebrated Pakistan Independence Day 14thAugust with working children in Renala khurd parish. In this program Christian and Muslimscommunities were present and children sang national songs. Many government official were invitedin this program as TMO Renala khurd, Chairman market committee, ex union councils Nazim andwith it parish priest Fr.Samson peter also. Many children women and young people were presentand they participated in this program. Program manager Mr. Asher Nazir said that caritas PakistanFaisalabad is a social institute of Catholic Church and caritas Faisalabad is working for all needyand poorest communities.Mr.Nadeem is working here as a teacher in child labor education center and he arranged thisprogram with working children and parish team. Community cataract screening camp also arrangedby caritas Pakistan Faisalabad with this program and 96 people came in this camp and theychecked his eyes so here we find 26 cataract patients.  Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  20. 20. 20World day against Child Labour Date 12/6/2010Day Saturday Venue   Caritas Conference HallProgram Detail Prayer Halda (Teacher ) Welcome Asher Nazir (Program Manager ) Working children program Razia Shoukat (Coordinator ) Case study Nasira + Ishrat (Teacher) Group participation Education centre ( Nasira + Halda + Ishrat +Praveen ) What causes child labour today? Yasmine Joseph (Executive Secretary ) What do child labourers do? Sadaqat Sardar (Animation coordinator) Why should we care Thair Masood (Coordinator ) What are solutions to child labour? Zikria (Admin) Thanks by Asher Nazir (Program Manager)In caritas conference hall department of Basic Education and working childrenprogram celebrated world day against child labor with working children, teachersand caritas staff. In this program Mr.Asher Nazir program manager (working childrenprogram) welcomed to all children, teachers and caritas staff .Fr.Khalid Rasheed Assi(vicar General Faisalabad diocese) and Yasmine Joseph (Executive Secretary caritasFaisalabad) were Chief Guests for this program. Many children were present in thisprogram and they came from different areas where working education centers andIGP are working. Children did dance, Sang songs and play on Mari Hifazat. Mr. SadaqatSardar (animation coordinator) talked on what do child labours do?He gave present situation of child labor in Pakistan in figures. He said that mostlyworking children beaten and injured by his master.Mrs.Yasmine Joseph (ExecutiveSecretary caritas Faisalabad) talked with detail on what causes child labor today? andshe asked to children about their jobs and bad experiences.Fr.Khalid Rasheed Assi(Vicar General Faisalabad diocese) appreciated to caritas Faisalabad and specially Mr.Asher Nazir (Program Manager) and Mrs.Razia Shoukat(Program Coordinator) for this Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  21. 21. 21program. He said to children that today I am not happy because this time for youreducation and all of you are working at different shops, factories, and workshops. Hesaid that you are so innocent and you need to care by parents but you are earningmoney for his family. Achievements:  (41) Working children got admission in formal school and they have left job and now they are going to school regularly. 5 Cooperative Societies have been established with joint bank accounts. No Area Members Amount in Total Loan Year of loaning Bank 4 20/2.L 24 Rs.144000 Rs.150000 2008 Renala 5 Bilal Nagar 26 Rs.170000 Rs.150000 2008 Faisalabad 2 26/4.L Okara 15 Rs.215000 Rs.225000 2009 1 9/4.L okara 15 Rs.134000 Rs.225ooo 2010 3 42/12.L 15 Rs.90000 Rs.225000 2010 Chichawatni Total (5) 95 IGP Rs.753000 Rs.975000 cooperative Members 95 parents of Working Children are running small business successfully. Ratio of defaulters is 1% Total amount of PKR. @15000 per member 15000x15=225,000 were sanctioned as a loan in chak#9/4.L Okara Total amount of PKR. @15000 per member 15000x15=225,000 was sanctioned as a loan in chak#42/12.L Chichawatni. Total amount of PKR. @15,000 per member 15,000x15=225,000 were sanctioned as a loan in chak#42/12.L Chichawatni in this year. Cooperatives of working children parents opened bank account in two areas. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  22. 22. 22 First in 9/4.L Okara and other in 42/12.L Chichawatni parish in the year of 2010. Teachers of the program have improved their teaching skill in the result of monthly meetings and Refresher course. The Students of Working Children Program have made decoration pieces from the waste material. Cooperative training Basic/Advance has been completed in Chak#9/4.L Okara and chak#42/12.L Chichawatni. Before loaning we opened two joint account in bank for the cooperative societies of chak# 9/4.L Okara and chak# 42/12.L Chichawatni. Recovery from these cooperatives societies is being deposit in bank account regularly.IMPACT 1. 360 boys and girls are getting education in working children education centers. 2. 41 working children have been enrolled to primary school after completing their course from these centers 9/4.L Okara, 26/4.L Okara and 42/12.L Chichawatni 3. Five Cooperative has been established and they have bank account and saving and their members are working on IGP. 4. In the year of 2010 after Cooperative training basic/advance and loaning (30) parents of working children are working on IGP from 9/4.L Okara and 42/12.L Chichawatni. 5. Rs.450000 has been given to cooperative of 9/4.L and 42/12.L Chichawatni for (15+15=30) members. 6. Monitoring visits has done by program manager and coordinator in (12) centers. 7. In this year (30) new IGP members are working on small business and earning money and in the result of IGP (41) working children has been enrolled to primary school. 8. (12) Teachers of education centers have been refreshed from Annual Refresher Course and they got knowledge and teaching techniques.Strength Regular monitoring and evaluation of the project. Implementation of project according to the schedule. Five cooperative have joint account and recovery is being deposit regularly. 95 cooperative members earning money through small business. 83 working children has been enrolled in formal school and getting education. In this year 41 new working children replaced in education centers. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  23. 23. 23             Success story of working children program                                     Mr. Shoukat Masih Area: 20/2.L Renala Khrud. Monitoring visit for his small grocery shopMy name is Shoukat Masih and I belong from the cooperative of 20/2.L Renala Khurd. I havefour children and I am a patient of T.B. My health was not good and I was jobless and my wifeand my children were working for my medicine and food. I was thinking that I can not workbecause I am weak and I am also T.B patient. More time I can not take my medicine and mychildren were not going to school because we were very financial weak. With my health myfinancial condition was also very weak. My big son he is 12 year old and he was working invegetable market and earning money for us. In our village 20/2.L Renala khurd CaritasFaisalabad is working against poverty and child labor. For those children who are going forworking in different factories, workshops, and vegetable market they opened a workingchildren education center. My big was working in vegetable market and second time he goesin working children education center for getting education. One day team of caritas staffcame in my house and they told to me about working children education center and IGPs(Income generating program). They said that your son is coming in working children educationcenter so we want that you become a member of working children parents CooperativeSociety. From this cooperative you can take loan amount Rs.15, 000 for small business. I saidthat I want to start his work and I want to do work for his children and if I success in hisbusiness then my children will not work. I want my children got education. CooperativeSociety gave to me fifteen thousands rupees loan for small business. With this amount Iopened a grocery shop. God grace was with me and my family and I earned money from thisshop and I helpful for family .Now I do not feel that I was a T.B patient now from this profit Ican take medicine and now my children are getting education . Every month I am givinginstallment to cooperative society. Now my shop is working successfully and my family issatisfied from to me. My big son is going in formal school and every morning when he goes toschool I feel proud as a father. This is a big change in my life and with the help of workingchildren program Caritas Faisalabad I found new life before this I was as a dead man. I amvery thankful to Caritas Faisalabad because from working children program I was motivatedand I felt that I can do every thing for children if I have hope. Now I himself againstchild labor I am happy now my children are going to school and in this village myshop is very important and now I am working with caritas Faisalabad against childlabor in 20/2.L Renala khurd. For monitoring and evaluation caritas Faisalabadteam come regular in my shop and they guide to me for improvement. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  24. 24. 24 Assessment Visit in 4th QuarterDate: 15-11-2010Place: Chak #9/4.L OkaraMonitored by: Program ManagerProgram Basic Education for Working Children ProgramPurpose 1. To assess the evening classes 2. To assess the Income Generating Program 3. Record keeping Regarding IGP 4. Present Status of Recovery in bank through deposit receiptsReport:In this area Income generating program and education center is working with childlabor and their parents. After Sept, 2010 (Animation and Development program) ofcaritas Faisalabad has been stopped by Caritas National Office. So for the recoveryof small business caritas office Faisalabad appointed to Mr.Saleem Gulzar asrecovery officer for the areas where IGPs is running, So this monitoring visitarranged by recovery officer. In this monitoring visit first I visited small business inthis village. I met to Mr. Shamaoun he is cooperative member and from loan heopen a Saloon shop (Hair cutting and Shaving) in this village. Before this no Saloonshop (Hair cutting and Shaving) was in this village. So he told to me that he isearning Rs. 400 rupees daily. Mr.Shamaoun Qazi in his shopFor this shop he built a shop and in this shop he has three bath room and tools forhair cutting and shaving as chair for hair cutting and shaving, comb, shaving creamand etc. He said that he is happy with this business and he is earning and givinginstallments to cooperative regularly. Before this business he has no job andbusiness and he was very poor. Their children were uneducated and they are notgoing in school and now after six months of this business now his son is enrolled ina formal school. Before this his son is coming regularly in education center after hiswork. Now Mr.Shamaoun feels proud on his business and his families also satisfythat he is earning and his children are going in school. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  25. 25. 25This is Naymath and he belongs from 9/4.L Okara and he was also very poor andwas not job and business. He is aged and his children were working and they haveto work because their father is an aged and he has no job. So his son is coming inworking children education center for getting education in evening after his work.Mr. Naymath came in meeting of working children parents and became acooperative member. After cooperative training Basic/Advance he got loanRs.15000 from cooperative and he opened a shop of grocery in his house and nowhe is earning and happy for this business. His wife is also helping and together theyare working. He is permanent member of cooperative and from this business he isgiving installments to cooperative. Now his son is going in formal school and he isearning money from this shop. So this is big change in their life in the result of IGPs(income generating program) and working children program. Mr. Naymath in his Grocery ShopIn this area we have given to loan for 15 members and loan amount was Rs.15000and these all members are working on small business and this is a good sign forchange. After small business I did a meeting with cooperative members and in thismeeting (9) cooperative members were present. Four were male and five werefemale and they said that told to us about our recovery status because we do notknow about this. They said that we are giving installments regularly to cooperative. Female members of cooperative in 9/4.L OkaraSome members have no pass book and they said that for the record this is ourneed. Then I told to them that from caritas office has given to Mr. Saleem then whynot you have this is question. Routh Bibi said that my two installments could not Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  26. 26. 26deposit but other all members were clear. Mr.Saleem said that I have collectedeight installments and from this recovery I have deposited Rs.6800 in bank. Saleemsaid that more amount of recovery has been collected by Murad and today he is notpresent but he will deposit this amount before coming installment.Recommendation Written record of recovery and other documents should be maintained by field officer. Cooperative members should do meetings twice a month Field officer should follow up with cooperative members and groups leaders Timely recovery should be deposit in bank Field officer should give more time in areas and show result in recovery deposit.Changes in Income / Education / Awareness andEmpowerment Income 1. Increased prosperity 2. Small business established 3. 95 cooperative members are working on IGP for against poverty and child labor. 4. (5) Cooperative of working children parents has been established for IGPs. Education / IGP 1. Community is giving priority to education and IGP. 2. 41 working children enrolled in formal school in the year of 2010. 3. 30 cooperative members got loan in this year and loan amount limit was for per member Rs.15000 4. Rs.450000 has been given to two cooperative in this year. Awareness and Empowerment Critical awareness raisedDocumentation and Bookkeeping:The members have been given passbooks in which they record their accounts,regarding the loan amount and repayments. The record is also being maintained atthe office on registers and in addition to that record is also being kept of the depositslips (installments being deposited in the bank) and bank accounts statements. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  27. 27. 27Three days Teachers Refresher Course Date: 19th-21st December, 2010Venue; Caritas conference hallTotal participants; 16 Male (4) Female (12)Resource persons: Mr. Akbar Ms. Kalsoom from (TRC) Toba Tek SinghOrganized by; Working Children ProgramWorking children program organized Three days Teachers Refresher Coursein caritas office Faisalabad for working children education centers. In thisrefresher course all education centers were present and they participated inall sessions. In the opening of refresher course Program Manager Mr. AsherNazir and program coordinator Ms.Razia Shoukat welcomed to allparticipants and resource persons who were came in this refresher course.So with the prayer of Ms.Halda we began this refresher course. Fr.Bonnie Mendes with teachers Fr.Bonnie Mendes is checking group workTopics for this refresher course1 Importance of education Mr. Akbar (TRC) Toba Tek Singh2 Use of spelling and Urdu vowels Ms. Kalsoom (TRC) Toba Tek Singh3 Preparation of teaching tools Mr. Akbar (TRC) Toba Tek Singh4 Urdu phonics Ms. Kalsoom (TRC) Toba Tek Singh5 Role of teacher Mr. Nadeem6 Use of teaching kit and preparation of teaching Ms. Rubina material7 Management of class Room Ms. Halda8 Management of class Room Mr. Patras9 Shearing on all session Fr.Bonnie Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  28. 28. 28Resource persons Mr. Akbar and Ms.Kalsoom who came from (TRC) Toba Tek Singhafter introduction of participants Mr.Akabar took session on importance of education.He asked to participants why education is must for working children and is educationneed of their children. So before this sharing Mr. Akbar and Ms. Kalsoom make threegroups of participants. All resource persons used participatory approaches with theseteachers because these teachers are working with child labor. Mr. Akbar andMs.Kalsoom taught with the sound of words. So this method is verybetter for teachers.Group photo with Executive secretary CPF photo of teachers in sessionSo in this refresher course a session was for teachers that how fill up admission anddischarge register. These exercise teachers did in group work and then theypresented. Fr.Bonnie Mendes was also present in this refresher course in the last offirst day he asked about sessions and what teachers learnt from these topics he talkedwith detail.Executive Secretary of caritas Pakistan Faisalabad Ms.Yasmine Joseph said to teachersthat we hope that in this refresher course you will learn more things and you are veryimportant for caritas Faisalabad because now you are very experience teachers. Shesaid that after this refresher course your work with working children will be better. Sowith working children your attitude should be friendly.In the last of refresher course program manager and program coordinator thanked toall teachers and resource persons.Lesson learntWe found in the monitoring visits some children who are infected with differentdisease as T.B skin disease and polio. With it working children program observedthat most of children are unaware about their basic life skill education. Becausethese children are working in hazardous atmosphere and are prone to get abovementioned diseases. More children in cities are working in cotton factories and theyare becoming T.B patients and more are infected with chest diseases. In monitoringvisit we saw in rural areas that more children are working with agriculture in fields.For us this is very terrible experience that the children are doing pesticide spray onthe crop and as the result of this exercise they have to face a lot of respiratorydisease. Now we can understand that health care is extremely important for thesechildren because many children work for long hours, which is hazardous to theirphysical and mental health. Medical check-up and medical treatment facilities isvery must for them.Photos Gallery of working children program Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  29. 29. 29Prepared by Submitted byAsher Nazir Yasmine JosephProgram Manager Executive secretary Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad