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Quarterly Report Jan-March2010


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this report from Asher Nazir program Manager of working children program cairas paksitan faisalabad

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Quarterly Report Jan-March2010

  1. 1. -1047750-2952752010Program Manager Asher Nazir Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad30/03/2010Quarterly Report Jan-MarchBasic Education and Working Children Program547370293370Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad<br />461010095250Quarterly Report (Jan to March 2010)<br /> Working children program<br /> Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad<br />Activities undertaken<br />Prepared forms for IGP and Evening classes <br />Assessment visit in six areas<br />Prepared monitoring visit plan for (Jan-March2010)<br />Prepared Assessment visit report <br />Invitation letter for teacher meeting<br />Monthly Teacher meeting<br />Prepared Reporting Format<br />Working on Caritas Review <br />Meeting with concerned animator regarding working children program<br />Prepared Annual Report<br />Six months planning for syllabus with school teachers<br />Meeting with Sahil about TOT training for teachers <br />Participated in monthly meeting of CRC Faisalabad<br />Meeting with Executive Secretary (CPF) office<br />Meeting with EDO for primary school teachers training by Sahil<br />MOU signed with Sahil and planning for Training <br />4015105391160Human trafficking and advocacy workshop for working children and community leaders.<br />Monitoring visits <br />In Feb-March2010 program manager of working children program and coordinator paid visit for assessment of the evening classes and IGP where the project is Located. Five areas were visited and evaluated during this assessment. Twelve centers are working with those children who are working and earning money and they are coming in evening classes regularly and getting education. In Faisalabad Diocese basic education for working children program is working in twelve parishes. Income generating program is working through cooperative society in three areas with parents of working children who are working on small business and are earning money form these small business and they are improving their economically condition. In the result of small business those children who before were working and earning money now they are going in formal schools and they have left their labor. Cooperative of working children parents has joint account in different banks and from cooperative they are taking Loan for IGP and are giving installments to cooperative. <br />Visited areas<br />1Chak#42/2.R Chichawatni 2Chak# 26/4.L Okara 3Chak#9/4.L Okara 4Peer kuriana Shorcot Cantt5Chak#678/19 Peer Mehal<br /> <br />Name of parishes where working children program is located <br />Serial No Name of Area Name of Parish 1 Dawood Colony – FaisalabadHoly Rosary 213 / R.B. Fsd. 2 Qayume Town FaisalabadHoly Rosary 224 / R.B Warispura Fsd3Chak No 7 / J.B. FaisalabadArooj-e-Mariam Ch.7 / R.B. Faisalabad. 4 Nasart Colony FaisalabadSts. Peter & Paul Cathedral Fsd. 5Chak Jhumra FaisalabadSt. Pius Church Jhumra 6 Bilal Nagar FaisalabadNalkakohala parish. 7Shadman Colony PeerMehal chak# 678 /19St. Eugenede De Mazenod Shadman colony Peermehal 8Chak No 9 / 4-L OkaraOur Lady of Mercy Ch. 6 / 4-L 9Chak No 20 / 2-L Renala khurdOur Lady of Fatima Renala10Chak No 26 / 4-L OkaraSt. Anthony Ch. 10 / 4-L 11Peer Kuriana ShorkotSt. Francis Ch. 500 / J.B. 12Chak No 42 / 12-L Chichawatni Assumption Our Lady of the Church Chichawatni 13Gulzar-e-Mustafa colonyOur Lady of Fatima Renala<br /> <br />440055078105 Assessment Visit <br />Date: 19th February 2010 <br />Place: Chak # 9/4.L<br />Animator: Mr. Saleem Gulzar<br />Team: Mr. Asher Nazir (program Manager working children program)<br /> Ms. Razia Shoukat (program coordinator working children program)<br />Program Basic Education for Working Children Program<br />Purpose 1. Assessment visit before loaning <br /> 2. Meeting with cooperative members regarding this IGP form and house visit with animator.<br />Sr. No.Name of memberSaving of member in society Children Involved in laborType of laborIn come from labor Trade for businessI.D Cardphotos<br /> Assessment form for working children parents<br />Report: <br /> <br />Sr. No.Name of child Age of the childBrother / sistersInvolved in laborType of laborIn come from laborDate of joining evening classLevel / GradeWhich are not involved in laborTotal numbers of brothers/sistersphotos<br />Assessment form for working children <br />Observation <br /><ul><li>Cooperative members were not parents of working children.
  2. 2. Understanding and perception of parents was not clear about project.</li></ul>Recommendations <br />Credit cooperative training for parents before loaning should be done. <br />Selection for IGP should be must. Only working children parents will be beneficiaries.<br />Only Working children should attend evening classes.<br />List of children should be made involved in labor through assessment form.<br />Action taken<br /><ul><li>Monitoring visit has done in this area.
  3. 3. Meeting with parents through house visits.
  4. 4. Verification of working children in evening classes with teacher and animator.
  5. 5. 3486150214630Plan of action for cooperative training Basic /Advance in 9/4.L Okara.</li></ul>Achievements:<br />40 working children got admission in formal school and they have left job and now they are going to school regularly. <br />5 Cooperative Societies have been established <br />65 parents of Working Children Program are running their small business successfully.<br />Total amount of PKR. 90,000 @ RS. 10,000 per needy beneficiary were sanctioned as loan in Renala khurd and this amount was take from recovery which for revolved nine members of Naya Rasta Cooperative Society.<br />3543935286385 12 members from Bilalnagar Fsd. took loan from deposit Recovery 10,000 per member. <br />Ratio of defaulters is 1%<br />Total amount of PKR. @15,000 per member 15,000x15=225,000 were sanctioned as a loan in chak#26/4.L <br />Cooperatives of working children parents opened bank account in two areas. <br />Teachers of the program have improved their teaching skill in the result of refresher courses conducted under this program. <br />The Students of Working Children Program have made decoration pieces from the waste material.<br />Human Trafficking Advocacy Workshop with children and parents of the project<br />1559560149860<br /> <br />Executive secretary Ms. Yasmine Joseph took a session on Human Trafficking Advocacy workshop with working children and their parents in village 42/2.R Chichawatni. In this workshop number of participants was present and children and female participation was very high. Christian and Muslims participants were present and this is good sign for this village. More than 140 participants children /female/male were present. Ms. Yasmine Joseph said that most of the time parents have no permanent job and economically they are not strong, therefore they send children to other cities for working. So in the result of this process children have to face many difficulties physically and mentally. She said that children are innocent and we should take care of our children. How we can save our children from being abused by other people was also shared by her. She further told how we should meet others out of family and other friends. So this workshop was very successful and participants gave full attention and showed interest for this workshop. <br />In this workshop parish priest Fr.Yousaf George and Dominican sisters were also present with union council Nazim. They were also interested in this workshop and parish priest said that I am happy with the working of caritas Faisalabad and especially today for this Human Trafficking Advocacy workshop by Executive secretary of caritas Faisalabad. He said that with the help of caritas Faisalabad today we are looking forward for a positive change in this community.<br />Union Council Nazim said that this topic was new for me but things are not new for us still we are exercising these things in our families and society so today with the help of this workshop we know many things and now we shall work against it in our families and village. He said that in this village Christian and Muslims we are together and we shall give information to other community members in this village.<br />Human Trafficking Advocacy Workshop with children and parents of the project<br />Pictures Gallery <br />Networking with other NGOs<br />Sahil <br />Global Vision Pakistan <br />Spark Islamabad <br /> CRC (Child Rights Commission)<br />IMPACT<br />360 boys and girls are getting education <br />40 working children have been enrolled to primary school after completing their course from these centers 20/2.L Renala, <br />26/4.L Okara and Bilal Nagar.<br />Four Cooperatives have been established and they have opened bank account and deposited saving.<br />Strength<br />Regular monitoring and evaluation of the project.<br />Implementation of project according to the schedule.<br />Future plan<br /><ul><li>Monthly Teachers meeting.
  6. 6. Caritas Board meeting.
  7. 7. TOT training on sexual abuse by Sahil organization for working school teachers.
  8. 8. Golden Jubilee of Faisalabad Diocese.
  9. 9. Assessment visits in Faisalabad Region.
  10. 10. To Prepare Reports regarding IGP and Evening classes.
  11. 11. Cooperative training for chak# 9/4.L Okara.
  12. 12. Loaning for (15) cooperative members in 9/4.L Okara.
  13. 13. To Prepare Quarterly Report.
  14. 14. To participate in the meeting of coordinator/ animator.
  15. 15. Government primary school teacher training by Sahil.
  16. 16. Selection area for IGP.</li></ul>Prepared by <br />Asher Nazir<br />Program Manager (working children program)<br />