Annual report of working children program 2011


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Annual report of working children program 2011

  1. 1. 1 EDUCATION IS OUR RIGHT STOPPING CHILD LABOR IS OUR FIGHT WORKING CHILDREN PROGRAM Project No: DCV320-014/2008 Funded by: Caritas Germany ANNUAL REPORT 2011RIGHT STOPPING CHILD LABOR IS OUR FIGHT EDUCATION IS OUR WORKING CHILDREN PROGRAM Project No: DCV320-014/2008 Working Children Program is working with child labour and their parents through evening education centers and parents cooperative societies. Through income generating program parents are working on small business and earning money and in the result of IGP CHILD LABOUR IS REDUCING.P.O.Box572 Bishop‟s HouseRailway Road Faisalabad PakistanTel+92 41-2623837Fax+92 41-2615417E-mail: wcp@caritasfsd.orgWebsite: Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  2. 2. 2Contents1. Executive Summary2. Location of the Project3. A glance at the Activities undertaken 2011  Marketing Survey format  TOT Marketing Survey training  Monitoring visits  Planning of syllabus for six months  Survey of working children in 12 target areas  Monthly Meetings with teachers  Cooperative formation  IGPs Status  Distribution of Mari Hafazat books  Basic Education and Working Children Program  Visits to education center in chak 9/4.L Okara  Monitoring visit to education center in chak Jhumra4. Celebration of World day against children labor 20115. Report by UC NEWS6. Meeting with parish priest in Francisabad7. Review of education syllabus for WCP8. Training on Marketing Survey9. Market Summary  Market Analysis  Promotion Strategies10. SWOT Analysis11. Meeting regarding Recovery in 9/4.L  Decisions  Recommendations12. Income generating program IGPs  Present recovery status  Recommendations13. Revolving recovery in Bilal Nagar Faisalabad14. Monitoring visit in Jaranwala15. Three days cooperative credit basic /advance training  Aim  Goal  Objective of trainings  Contents of training16. Total Cooperative and IGPs members17. Revolving of Recoveries in IGPs areas18. Assessment visits  Meetings with cooperatives  Meetings with parish priest19. Annual evaluation by Caritas Germany20. Program Impacts21. Achievements22. Sustainability23. Publication24. Challenges faced25. Recommendations for Working Children26. Loaning distribution in Jaranwala and Shorkot27. Teachers „Refresher Course28. Study Tour for working children education centers Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  3. 3. 3Executive SummaryWorking children program (WCP) is designed especially for the children who working at variousplaces as carpenter, auto workshops, shops, restaurants and as daily wages laborers. The numberof these children is increasing day by day. This is only happening due to poverty andunawareness is a moving force for its prevailing. The small hands, who should hold pencils andpapers, ruin their future in the streets and on the roads. As a result of working in such placesthey suffer from serious lung diseases, as well as from Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis.Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad, observing the current conditions started a working children programwith the help of Caritas Germany with special focus on their education. This is indeed achallenging task to motivate the parents to take their child away from job and to send them toschool. This is a fact that, parents feel themselves economically strengthened with the amounttheir child is earning. But Caritas believes that education is the basic right of a child and above allhe/she cannot be deprived of this right.To solve this problem, Caritas started a parent’s cooperative program, for IGPs which helpedthe parents to start a small business and to send their child to school instead of sending him towork.At present 12 Education centers are working with those children who are working in 12 parishesin the diocese of Faisalabad. They are attending evening classes regularly. Income generatingprogram IGPs is running with working children parents through cooperatives societies.Each center has 30 students, who are regularly attending the evening classes. The teachers areplaying an effective role for their education and awareness. We are hopeful to bring a positivechange for children as well as their parents.The children are the future segments of the society who should not be ignored. Because they arethe one to be the leaders and asset to the country for its progress. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  4. 4. 4 LOCATION OF THE PROJECTSerial No Name of Area Name of Parish1 Dawood Colony – Holy Rosary 213 / R.B. Fsd.2 Qauyum Town Faisalabad Holy Rosary 224 / R.B Warispura Fsd3 Chak# 51/G.B Khushpur Faisalabad St.Fidelis Church4 Nasart Colony Jaranwala Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral Fsd.5 Chak Jhumra St. Pius Church Jhumra6 Bilal Nagar Faisalabad Nalkakohala parish.7 Shadman Colony Pir Mahal St. Eugenede De Mazenod chak# 678 /19 Shadman colony Peermehal8 Chak No 9 / 4-L Okara Our Lady of Mercy Ch. 6 / 4-L9 Chak No 26 / 4-L Okara St. Anthony Ch. 10 / 4-L10 Peer Kuriana Shorkot St. Francis Ch. 500 / J.B.11 Chak No 42 / 12-L Chichawatni Assumption Our Lady of the Church Chichawatni12 Gulzar-e-Mustafa colony Our Lady of Fatima Renala Khurd Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  5. 5. 5BASIC EDUCATION & WORKING CHILDREN PROGRAM Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  6. 6. 6 Working children are getting Education in evening classesACTIVITIES UNDERTAKENMarketing survey format  Meeting with teachers regarding Marketing survey format and survey  Discussion with different expert about marketing survey format  Visits small business in different market in places  Designed a Market Survey formatTOT Marketing Survey Training  Meeting with different NGOs for resource persons  Selection of working children parents for this training  Boarding and logistic arrangement for the trainees  Reporting for this training and sent to donor  Marketing survey completed in all areas where project is located  Working with Finance manager about training expenditures  Selection of Topics and Resource persons for this trainingMonitoring Visits:  Meeting with teachers and education committee in the areas  Meetings with parishes priest regarding working children program  To check record and other things in evening classes  Number of students and present in education center  Working on Recovery and maintained cooperative record.  Meeting with defaulters where IGP is workingPlanning of Syllabus for six month  Planning with teachers according to first and second part for next six month.  How many working children are now on first and second part?  Monthly planning of teacher according to planned syllabus  Arranged a meeting and prepared test papers with teachers  Arranged examination in all education centers whit teachers  Papers test checked by teachers and prepared a result  Examination result announce in office by program manager Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  7. 7. 7Survey of working children in all areas  All education centers completed a survey of working children through a format.  Meeting with these children who are working and earning money  Meeting with teachers in caritas office regarding survey for working children  Completed working children survey in written of all areas.Monthly Meeting with teachers:  Prepared a letter for monthly meeting and sent to teachers  Prepared an agenda for this monthly meeting  Reporting of teachers and planning for next month.  All teachers submit monthly reports and plans  Reporting on monitoring visitsCooperative formation:  Revolving recovery in five areas where IGP is working with new members.  Selection for new two areas next Loaning  Thirty working children parents will get new loan in this year 2011  Meeting with area priest and cooperative members regarding revolving program  New IGP membership will be completed in Bilal Nagar for new loaning  Opening new account of cooperative for new loaning in Jaranwala and Shorkot  Meetings with bank manager where cooperative account is operating  Two cooperative training basic /advance in new areas Jaranwala and Shorkot with the parents of working children.IGP Status:  Meeting and visit cooperative about bank statements and deposits receipts.  Meeting with Recovery officers about defaulters and outstanding amount.  Prepared Result Sheet of five areas and send to Caritas Germany Islamabad office.  World Day against Child Labor Day 2011  Meeting with WCP staff for planning of this program in caritas office Faisalabad.  Printing of slogans against child labor for this program  Three programs planned for celebration in three regions with education centers.  Meeting with executive secretary caritas Faisalabad about this program  Preparation of working children as speech ,songs ,play on education by children  Prepared invitation and send to different NGOs and individuals and priests  For reporting meeting with UCA News and local press reporter about this program  Selection of resource persons from different NGOs who are working on child labor  News of this program shared WCP staff members and send to different NGOs and Caritas Germany. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  8. 8. 8Distribution of Mari Hafazat Books:  Distribution of Mari Hafazat Books to all working children education centers  Meeting with education commission Faisalabad about Mari Hafazat Training and MaterialProject Targets 2011  TOT training on Marketing Survey  Refresher Course for teachers  Purchase and printing syllabus and other things for education centers.  World day against child labor 2011  Loaning for two new areas in Gojra and Faisalabad regions  Revolving recovery in five where IGP is working  Cooperative training Basic/Advance Jaranwala and Shorkot with cooperative members.  Monitoring visits in all areas  Exposure of teachers in Caritas Germany Islamabad  Outing of working children  Reporting to Caritas Germany.  To prepare IGPs Result sheet 2011  Planning of syllabus for evening classes  Review on Syllabus  Annual Evaluation of working children programCompleted activities  TOT training on Marketing Survey for cooperative members  Completed Marketing Survey forms in all areas of WCP  Monitoring visits in done in IGP areas  IGP Result Sheet is completed  IGP Sheet sent to Caritas Germany Islamabad  World day against child labor 2011  Planning on Six month syllabus has been done  Seven monthly meetings had been done  New membership is completed in IGPs areas for new loaning  New account has been opened in Jananwal and Shorkot.  Loaning Ceremony has been done in Bilal Nagar, Renala khurd, Chichawatni, 9/4.L  Review on Syllabus of education centers.  Briefing on working children program to diocesan priests.  Annual Evaluation of working children program  New loaning distribution in Jaranwala and Shorkot with 30 working children parents.  Teachers’ Refresher Course  Study Tour for working children education centers in Lahore Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  9. 9. 9Ongoing Activities:  Meetings with teachers and cooperative members in all areas  Monitoring visits in 12 areas where project is located.  Visits in evening classes and working children houses with teachers  Monthly meetings with teachers and planning on next three months.  Monitoring visit in three regions  Printing syllabus, stationary, and things as poster .blackboard, chairs table carpet  Exposure Caritas Germany office Islamabad  Working on Recovery and meeting with cooperative members  Meeting with parishes priests where project is located  Meetings with Executive Secretary Caritas Faisalabad.Total Beneficiaries of Project:Number of total beneficiaries 360 working children and 360 working children parents.BASIC EDUCATION & WORKING CHILDREN PROGRAM Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  10. 10. 10VISIT TO EDUCATION CENTRE IN 9/4.L OKARAThere are 30 Working children who are attending evening classes regularly. The monitoring teamvisited the education centre. Teacher Shahnaz is teaching the working children in the church of9/4.L Okara. The written record regarding education as attendance register admission, dischargeregister, visit book, note books and syllabus books were checked. Children seemed interestedand happy to learn in the education center. Teacher gave briefing about the teaching methodsand ways to motivate the children towards education. She also shared about the need of the classas black board, table, and chair. The team also met the children and asked them about theirlearning.MONITROING VISIT TO EDUCATION CENTRE IN CHAK JHUMRADate: 24-5-2011Place: Chak Jhumra FaisalabadTeacher: Ms. RubinaMonitored by: Program ManagerIn Jhumra parish Ms. Rubina is working as a teacher in child labor education centre. Being ahardworking person. She is an expert teacher and has participated in teacher’s training coursesorganized by CRS. In this education centre 33 working children are attending evening classesregularly after work. Being a backward area parents and children have to work at different placesto run their families. Several people do no have jobs, so they have to work on daily wages. Alarge number of parents work on brick kiln and their children too help them to increases theirwages.In this center children are completing their second part of syllabus. With it parents of workingchildren were also present there for cooperative meeting. Teacher Rubina introduced the teamwith working children and their parents. Teacher said that child labor education Centre is veryimportant in this area because no other school is working here. Many children are coming in thiscentre and their parents are satisfied from their learning.This centre is utilizing the building in two ways. The centre is open for those children who arenot working as labor; the number of these students is 45. The students for evening classes are33.Teacher also shared about the visit of the Faisalabad Department of Education and appreciatedits work, which is being done for the welfare of the working children. Education Departmentbeing satisfied with working patron recommended that this centre should be registered withEducation Department Faisalabad. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  11. 11. 11The team also found few children who had skin diseases due to the unsatisfactory workingcondition.The picture below can give a clear idea about the health being affected in their jobs.The children expressed, ”If our parents were not poor, we would not be working in thesecondition” or “From my work, I can support my family, and one day, my parents will be benefitfrom my business” The picture below can give a clear idea about the health being affected in their jobs.The record regarding education centre was updated and maintained by the teachers in files. 23women and 6 male of the working children parents were present in this meeting who are also themembers of the cooperative. The Program Manager shared about Income Generating Programand process of loan and installments through cooperative. He raised few questions to know thathow they can work on IGP, since this area could be successful for the implementation of theIGPs.After discussion it was observed that there are other NGOs and banks who are involved withthem regarding loan. But these poor parents of working children cannot take loan from thesebanks, because their interest rate is very high. It was suggested to parents that it is possible forthem to take loan through parent’s cooperative society, without any property guarantee.Recommendations:  Meeting with parents and parish team should be conducted on regular basis.  Cooperative members should meet twice a month  Promotion of saving and IGPs.  First cooperative should be organized effectively.  Written record should be prepared. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  12. 12. 12 CELEBRATION OF WORLD DAY AGAINST CHILD LABOR, 2011World day against child labor is celebrated globally. June 12, is dedicated for these children whodo not have the opportunities and basic facilities of life. Their small hands work to earn insteadof holding pencils, school bags and books. In this connection, working children programorganized three programs regarding world day against child labor 2011.In the month of June, a program was organized on regional level in the diocese of Faisalabadregarding world day against child labor 2011. First program was organized in Sahiwal region on24th June, 2011 in Renala Khurd parish in the school hall.The speakers of the program, Sister Nusrat said that, education is basic right of workingchildren. The second speaker Mr. Aslam Sajad (president of interfaith harmony of district Okarashared his views on “What is Child Labor”. 4 education centres participated in this program andpresented speeches, poems, comedy play and songs.Mr. Asher Nazir (Program Manager) said that we are working with working children throughevening classes and with their parents on income generating program. He said that, withoutincome generating program we cannot reduce child labor. He also gave a presentation onworking children program with goal, aim and objectives and future plan.Sr. Naseem (The superior of Franciscan Sisters) appreciated to working children program forefforts in the field of education and IGP program for their parents. At the end of the programprizes were give to the children.Second and third program was organized in Warispura parish Faisalabad. Eight working childreneducation centres participated from Gojra and Faisalabad regions. In this program workingchildren parents also were present. This program was organized in Ibn-e-Mariam hall (warispuraparish) Faisalabad.Fr. Khalid Rasheed Asi (Vicar General Faisalabad Diocese) was the chief guest of the program.Many other organizations as Harmony foundation, Star foundation, and Human developmentcentre were also present with staff and they also present different items regarding this programon child labor day 2011.For news coverage Mr. Naeem Express newspaper and Ms. Sara John from UCNEWS were alsopresent. Celebration of this day News was published in different Pakistani newspapers. Oninternet this report published on UCNEWS web site and you can also read and see this reporton net.It was suggested that working children should come with their parents in the programs like thisand must prepare their students for these types of programs. Participants from differenteducation centres presented items to highlight the importance of this day. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  13. 13. 13Program detail:Date: 14th July, 2011Venue: Ibn‐e‐Mariam Hall, Holy Rosary Parish Warispura FaisalabadSpeakers:Sr.# Name Designatio Organization Topic n1 Fr.Iftikhar Parish priest Catholic Church Education is basic right of children Moon Warispura Fsd2 Mr.Atif Jamil Director Harmony Foundation What is a child labor and how we Pagaan can ordinary people reduce child labor3 Mr.Taswar Director Star foundation What is child labor Rights4 Ms.Rafia Deputy Human Development What is the role of parents to Ashfaq Director centre reduce child labor.Reported by Ucanews and here is the link: Child workers perform during a Caritas Pakistan event at Holy Rosary Church in Faisalabad Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  14. 14. 14Event promotes better educational opportunities and programsWorking Children Program on July 15, 2011Child workers perform during a Caritas Pakistan event at Holy Rosary Church in Faisalabadyesterday. Church social workers vowed to renew their commitment to end child labour andalleviate poverty during a seminar commemorating this year’s World Day against Child Labouryesterday.The event, held at the parish hall of Holy Rosary Church in Faisalabad and involving CaritasPakistan, was a follow-up to international celebrations held last month and brought togetherabout 250 working children and their parents.Rafia Ashfaq, director Human Development Centre, stressed the importance of education andthe tracking of school drop-out rates.“The diocesan Catholic board of education should incorporate this in their annual surveys. Itwill help in assessing the socioeconomic situation of Christian families,” she said at the event.Caritas, the social arm of the Catholic Church, has been supporting the poor through its workingchildren program since 2007. The project funds 12 non-formal education centres in all 12parishes of Faisalabad in Punjab province.Currently 360 children attend three-hour classes held after they finish work, and Caritas hasincorporated 84 alumni into Catholic schools.Engaging the parents of working children required a more practical approach, said Asher Nazir,manager working children program.“While they had to give up the daily wages earned by their children, financing schooling posedanother challenge.”The Church has attempted to solve this issue with an income-generating program for smallbusinesses, which offers 15,000 rupees (about US$336) in loans to parents with an interest rateof 10 percent per year. Ninety-five families have received loans from the program so far.Munir Masih, one of the loans receiver, now runs a shoe repair shop. His three young daughtersassist him in the morning prior to attending classes at the Caritas centre in the afternoon.“I could not study after the tenth grade, but I have hopes for my children,” he said. “We aregrateful to the Church for this source of income.”Media reports have claimed that there are 3.3 million child laborers in the country, while morethan 12 children were killed because of injuries sustained from torture at the hands of theiremployers, mostly in Punjab province. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  15. 15. 15MEETING WITH THE PARIST PRIEST OF FRANCISABADDate: 12-8-2011Place: Shorkot FrancisabadProgram Working Children ProgramTeam members: Program Manager (WCP)  Status of evening classes and teacher in Shorkot  Income Generating Program with working children parents  Record keeping Regarding IGP  Saving of cooperative and opening joint account in bank  Concerns of parish priest about education center and teacher.Working children program is working with the community of Francisbad since 2007. There is aneducation center in Shorkot for working children education. Miss. Nazia Bota is working with30 who are working in different places as vegetable market, workshop, working in rich familieshouses and some children go to factories to earn. In this area most working children parentshave no job and their financially condition is not good.So with these parents who are now cooperative members and giving regular to cooperative?These parents are interested to work on (IGP) income generating program.Fr. Younis shared about the improvement of the activities about evening classes. Parents ofworking children also expressed about the progress of their children.Program manager said that is a good act for teacher to be in a good contact with Parish Priestand parish team regularly to share the activities regarding the evening classes and incomegenerating program.It was suggested that the education centre for working children should be in church not in thehouse of a teacher.The Program Manager Mr. Asher Nazir told the parents about starting of the parentscooperative in their respective area. Saving of these parents in cooperative is Rs.7000. Beforeloaning we want to open joint bank account for this cooperative. Parish priest too advised theparents of working children to work on Income generating program. He recommend to WCP togive loan in November, 2011 for IGP.Recommendations: 1. Teacher should work with honesty 2. Written activities report be submitted to the parish priest 3. Regular meetings with parish priest. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  16. 16. 16 4. Teacher should visit working children and their parents regularly. 5. Cooperative Credit basic and advance training with these parents should done in September,2011REVIEW OF EDUCATION SYLLABUS FOR WORKING CHILDRENWorking children attend classes for three hours daily, in which they get familiar of how to readand write, pronunciation and religious teaching. The teacher as a whole and individually paysattention to each student in their learning. There are several tools used to convey the message tostudents as they feel difficult to understand things due to the lack of time and resources due towhich they could not get opportunity to go to a formal school.Monthly meetings with teachers to guide them to interact students effectively. Refresher coursesevery year is the climax of the training and learning for teachers, where they learn to getacquainted with the right tools of teaching and later on practice in their own target areas, wherethey are busy with working children.THE BARRIERS FOUND IN THE PREVIOUS SLLABUSIn constant meetings with teachers, it was observed that the course followed for theimplementation of the educational activities contains several barriers, which is not helpful forlearning.  It is not student friendly.  It is difficult for Students to learn things as fast as they should.  It is not practical due to difficult vocabulary lessons.  Thus, the targets were not being achieved.As a result, an expert in the field of education was consulted to review and design neweducational syllabus for working children. According to her expert views:  This syllabus is not updated according to the present time.  It is higher then the mental level of a child, very especially of a working child.  The vocabulary (words) used in the previous syllabus do not give direct message to clear the concepts.  Right images and explanation is lacking in the book.  No exercises or activities were given for student to practice.  Sequences of the lessons is missing.  There is no division of time period and syllabus. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  17. 17. 17RECOMMENDATION FROM THE REVIEWERAccording to reviewer, the syllabus needs to be reviewed on the following grounds:  Working children need most direct messages in the form of picture and objects.  They come to the center for short time, therefore learning must be fast. To make it fast, we need to keep the subject material simple, easy, understanding and interesting.  The syllabus should be designed, observing the environment and his attitude for learning.  We need to consider the mental level of the student. He is working and earning. So his major interest is working. Therefore, interesting activities needs to be added.  Simple vocabulary and language must be used in the book.  Right images for right alphabet and digit is necessary.  Interesting activities should be included, where teacher can help him/her to learn. It can even be done while playing and interacting other students.  This book must also be a teacher friendly.  The sequence of lessons and classes needs to be considered, because, ultimately they will be promoted to the formal schools.  The education given to working children must be in connection with the formal school syllabus that they may not feel strange while studying in middle grade.IMAPCTS OF THE NEW SYLLABUSThe new syllabus will have the following impacts upon the minds of the students:  It has been considered the capacities of the working children while designing the new syllabus.  Students for sure will take keen interest in their studies due to comfortable approach adopted during its designing.  Students will understand the lessons more easily.  Daily used objects and figures have been added for visual understanding of the student.  All the grades are inter-connected.  Easy vocabulary and word building has been added for quick learning.  The syllabus is according to the formal educational program.  It has been simplified to help the students to learn and remember it forever.  Class exercises and activities included in the syllabus will help students to grow as good reader and learner. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  18. 18. 18PLANNING FOR ITS IMPLEMENTATIONThis syllabus has been divided in 3 terms. It has been divided in term, monthly and weekly plan.Teacher will follow the instructions and the manual to teach the students. This will help theteacher to assess his/her own capacities for effective implementation of syllabus. The lessonplanning will motivate the teacher to teach with love and concern.In the same way, monitoring team will have a measurement scale to check the progress of thestudents as a whole and as individual. The planning will help three segments collectively. 1. The teacher will know how many lessons he/she is going to teach during a week. 2. The students too will know that they are going to be assessed on term planning. 3. The monitoring team will monitor with some preparation to assess the progress or regress of the working children. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  19. 19. 19TRAINING ON MARKET SURVEY Organized By: Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad Supported By: Caritas Germany  360 working children from target areas of the Faisalabad Diocese will have completed their basic primary Education through evening classes.  The parents of 360 Working children will have increased regular income to provide their children with basic facilities through their income generating schemes. Date: 30/3/2011 Venue: Caritas Conference Hall Bishop house Faisalabad Participants: 55 (male 28 female 27)Participants group photo with Executive Secretary Mrs.Yasmine Joseph and Fr.Bonnie MendesA one day training on Marketing Survey was organized for the cooperative members of all theareas where project is located. This training proved to be beneficial, particularly for those whohad been eligible to get loan as well as for those who were willing to get loan under thisprogram. Mrs. Yasmine Joseph diocesan Executive Secretary welcomed all the participants andshared about the main purpose of this training and the basic rules & methodology to start smallbusiness. The participants were introduced with each other and resource person gave a briefintroduction of the training.BACKGROUND OF THE TRAININGTraining on marketing survey was a basic need of IGP members, because they have noexperience in business. Working children program has been especially designed to work withchildren working as labor and their parents. Through this program, children are attendingevening classes and their parents have established cooperative societies. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  20. 20. 20It was observed, that most of the women are free after doing household work.So in order to make their time valuable asset, there is need to make them aware and train themto start home based small in this business. In this way they can use their spare time to get profitin order to make their families socially and economically harmonious.BACKDROP OF AWARENESSDuring visits and training it was discovered the following:  A large number of cooperative members is uneducated & is very poor.  They are unaware of the profit and loss of business.  Which is suitable business and what are the latest trends and demand going on in market.  How to analyze the market and its trends.  What are the Current needs of people in rural and urban areas.  How affectively they can reinvest the profit in business and to cut down the extra expenditures.  How to systemize the business.  How to manage for business and household work.Presently Caritas Faisalabad is working with 12 cooperative societies. The Total number ofIncome generating program (IGP) members is 360.The result of survey showed that most of the IGP members are in the same business in sameareas due to which profit margin has gone down and there was no variety as well for theconsumers.So the marketing survey was indispensable to enhance their business, to access the communitiesfor the success of the program.Aim:Right business should be started at a right market at a right time by a right person.Objective:  To enhance understanding of business among the beneficiaries.  The prime objective of this training was to analyze advantages and disadvantages of a business and its demand in the area before it is initiated.  How you can reinvest of profit.  What should be Methodology and attitude for successful business?  List of small business that are suitable for them.  To differentiate business for male and female.  Reduce poverty and increase income through small business. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  21. 21. 21Expected Result:  Increase in the income of IGP members.  The right business will be selected.  Less expenditures and more profit.  Right use of surplus budget.  Enhance understanding of small business.Impact:  Understanding of the small business will be enhance.  The IGP members will be able to select suitable business.  The income of IGP members will increase as the result of applying the rules of small business learnt through this training  The family of IGP members will get better socially and economically.Proceeding:Marketing Survey training was organized in Bishop John Joseph youth hall. Participants camefrom different areas for this training and majority of this training were females. Along With thisall teachers of working children program were also present. Mr. Shafique (from Khushali Bank)facilitated this training. At the beginning of training, Mr. Asher Nazir (Program Manager) ofworking children program ivited Mrs.Yasmine Joseph to welcome all the participants. she sharedabout the background of the training and appreciated all the cooperative members who hadcome from different areas to attend this training. She thanked the female participants who werepresent and were interested in small business. She said that she has visited the areas and is wellaware of the economic condition and as an extreme they are force to send their children to workto earn. She further said that this training is a tool through which you can start a businesssuccessfully and eradicate poverty.Mr. Shafique is an expert in marketing survey. He started his session with a story of a businessman who was facing many difficulties in his business. He divided the participants into eightgroups and gave them some question for sharing and participation.Topics of this Training  Market Summary  Definition of Business  Business Cycle  Market Analysis  Promotion Strategy  Product development Strategy  Target Market Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  22. 22. 22MARKET SUMMARYWe possess good information of market and know a great deal about the common attributes ofthe customers. This information will be most beneficial to understand who is served, what theirspecific needs are, and how we can better communicate with them.Market AnalysisFaisalabad, a renowned city known for industry, is the third largest city of the Pakistan. It playsits vital role for the industrial progress. Unfortunately, its literacy rate is 40% and as a result ithas to face many difficulties to meet the growing need of human resources. In order to achievethis very objective.GEOGRAPHIC MARKET SEGMENTATIONDiocese FaisalabadUrban-rural Urban, suburbanDemographicsAge above15, 15-25, and 25-40Gender both male and femaleFamily life cycle Bachelor, marriedSocial class Upper class, upper middle, lowers upperEducation Metric and aboveOccupation Students, Professional, managers etc.Target Market:Our segmentation strategy clearly defines our target market. Our target market is each individualfrom 15 to 40 years old. Most of the organizations do not have any HR department for theiremployees training and development. Our main focus is on the major three social classes for thesake of profit. These three classes are Upper class, upper middle, Lower Middle.Our Product/ Services:With reference to the market needs at the start we are offering our service:Promotion Strategy:  Book keeping training  Consumer’s attitude analysis  Small business training  Skill enhance training regarding small business Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  23. 23. 23S.W.O.T ANALYSISThe following S.W.O.T analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within thecooperative members, and describes the opportunities and threats facing. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats“Entrepreneurs are risk takers, willing to roll the dice with their money or reputation on the linein support of an idea. They willingly assume responsibility for the Success or failure of aventure.”Innovation is specific instrument of entrepreneurship…the act that endows resources.Future plan:Evaluation after every three months to understand the weaknesses and strengths in time and tomake plan to alleviate the root causes of failure.MEETING REGARDING RECOVERY STATUS OF 9/4.L OKARADate: 2/2/2011Venue: Caritas Office FaisalabadParticipants:Executive Secretary FaisalabadFr. Bonnie, Program Manager, Coordinator, Recovery officerA meeting was held on 2nd February 2011 regarding IGP status village 9/4.L Okara withRecovery officer Mr.Saleem Gulzar in caritas office Faisalabad. This meeting was called by Fr.Bonnie and Ms. Yasmine Joseph. The Program Manager Mr. Asher Nazir, Coordinator RaziaShoukat and Recovery officer Mr. Saleem Gulzar were present in the meeting.Decisions:  Saleem Gulzar will deposit amount before 15th April, 2011  He will prepare written record regarding IGP Program.  He will be responsible to collect and deposit recovery with cooperative members and will deposit receipts in the office  Written reports and plans must be submitted in the office regularly. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  24. 24. 24Recommendations:  Recovery record should be updated.  Meetings with cooperative members should be held regularly.  Recovery should be written in pass book regularly.  Program Manager will visit 9/4.L Okara on 15th April, 2011 and will give report to executive secretary.INCOME GENERATING PROGRAM (IGP)With it Mr. Saleem Gulzar is working with IGP members in 9/4.L, and 26/4.L Okara regardingcollection of recovery and record maintain. Mr. Saleem Gulzar is working as a recovery officer inthis program since January, 2011. When he was working in animation and development then9/4.L was his target area. We were facing problems of recovery in this area. So this was targetarea of Mr.Saleem and he will achieve more recovery and reduced recovery difference in threemonths.In the month of June, 2011 we have completed our (12) installments in the area of 9/4.L Okara.But still we are facing problem of recovery with big difference Rs.90500 according to Mr.Saleem. In this meeting (10) members of cooperative society were present with pass books ofrecovery. All participants were aware about his recovery status (8) members were clear and theyhave paid (12) installments to cooperative regularly. Seven members who were not clear andtheir amount was outstanding Rs.32430 but through Bank statement and deposit receipts we arefacing amount difference is Rs.90800. who will responsible of this amount Rs.61370 this isquestion for this cooperative. Members of the cooperative said that we have paid recoveryinstallments to Mr. Saleem then why not deposit this recovery amount in Bank account ofcooperative. Mr. Saleem Gulzar said that I am responsible of this difference because I havecollected these recoveries from cooperative members. He said that I shall deposit this amountRs.90500 in the last of June, 2011. As soon as possible Mr.Saleem deposits this amount then weshall plan to revolve this amount for next (15) members.Recommendation  Written record of recovery and other documents should be maintained.  Cooperative members should have meetings twice a month  Field officer should follow up with cooperative members and groups leaders  Recovery should be deposited in bank  Field officer should give more time in areas and show result in recovery deposit. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  25. 25. 25REVOLVING RECOVERY IN BILAL NAGAR FAISALABADDATE: 26/8/2011Area: Bilal Nagar FaisalabadVenue: Catholic Church Bilal NagarLoan Amount: Rs.15000 per memberGive Loan to: (12) 12x15000 = Rs.180000Honorable guests:Parish priest: Fr. JamesExecutive Secretary Caritas Faisalabad Ms. Nadia SanaProgram Manager WCP Mr. Asher NazirPress reporter Mr. Naeem (Express newspaper Pakistan)Bilal Nagar is in Faisalabad region education center is working for the education of childrenworking at various places. There is also a parent income generating program which is runningthrough parents’ cooperative society. In first phase loan was sanctioned to (15) cooperatemembers and in second phase loan was sanctioned to (11) cooperative members for smallbusiness. After collection of recovery in cooperative account new members were selectedthrough cooperative society to take loan from deposit recovery in Bilal Nagar Faisalabad.The team paid visits and meetings with this cooperative society about new loan. The amount of1, 84000 were lying which had come in from parents cooperative savings and recovery. It wasdecided with parents cooperative society to sanction the loan amount of Rs.15000 to (15)parents who are the permanent members of parents cooperative society.Before loaning, the process was completed with the cooperative members.Parish priest Fr. James said prayer for working children and their parents who were getting loanfor income generating program. He appreciated the Working Children Program of CaritasPakistan Faisalabad. He said that working children parents are working on small business andnow they are earning and their children are going in the formal schools. Working against povertyand child labor and working on small business is a good sign of change. The beneficiaries ofloan were given cheques.Executive Secretary Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad Ms. Nadia Sana said that, she is happy to seeworking children and their parents to make a change and to stand on their own feet. In additionto this, children are our future and without education they can not be successful in life. Thisraises a question for the parents who are present and today getting cheques for small business. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  26. 26. 26 Program Manager Mr. Asher Nazir talked on working children program and he said that working children parents should think about their children who are working with you to earn. Today the loan amount is only sanctioned for small business, which must be used for small business only. If you will work on small business, then you can change your economic condition to reduce poverty. He said that this is our dream that working children go to formal schools. He thanked the parish priest Fr. James, Executive Secretary Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad Ms.Nadia Sana, workingchildren and their parents, who participated in this loaning ceremony.MONITORING VISIT IN JARANWALA CHAK NO 238A meeting was held on 29 August, 2011 with Fr. James, the parish priest Jaranwala parish aboutworking children program. The team shared about the activities of working children programthat were going on in 238 Jaranwala with working children and their parents.He was told that there is an education center for working children, where 30 working childrenare getting education from this center. Along with this there is a parent’s cooperative which isworking well. People are depositing savings in cooperative for income generating program.Working children are singing a song Meeting with working children parents for IGPsMr. Imran is a working as a teacher in this education center and he is very hardworking andhonest teacher. This community is accepting him as a teacher because he is working withworking children for their education. A large number of parents do not have jobs and businessand they are very poor because they have no resources for food and education of their children.Women and girls have to work in agriculture fields or have to work as maids in rich familieshouses. Young girls have to face many problems as sexual harassments and violence. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  27. 27. 27In this village Christian and Muslims are living together from many years but Muslims are inmajority and they have many resources. They have land for agriculture and business. There areseventy Christian families, living in this area and they have many children but unfortunatelychildren are not getting education and they have to work with their parents to earn.To fulfill the need of education Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad opened an education center afterconducting a survey. Now children are attending the education center regularly after work. Theirparents understand the need of education which is the basic right of children.Being newly appointed as parish priest, Fr. James appreciated the actions taken by the Caritas asworking children education program and parents cooperative. He insured for his cooperation asmuch as possible.Mr. Imran presented the activities report and about working with children and their parents.TITLE OF TRAININGThree days Cooperative Credit Basic and Advance training with the Parents ofworking childrenVenue: Shorkot parishParticipants: (48) parents of working children (15 Male 33 female)Resource persons: Mr. Asher Nazir Mrs. Razia Shoukat)Parish priest: Fr. Younis ChannanOrganized by: Working Children Program Caritas Pakistan FaisalabadCaritas Pakistan Faisalabad is working with working children in the diocese of Faisalabad since2007. It is working with 12 education center in 12 parishes. Five education centers are workingin Sahiwal region, three in Gojra region and five education centers are working in Faisalabadregion. There are 30 working children who are getting education in evening time after theirwork. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  28. 28. 28 TheOrganization in collaboration with Caritas Germany began working with the above target groupsin 12 areas of the Diocese. As a result of this collaboration, 12 education centres have beenestablished and functioning. Credit Cooperative training have been conducted in 5 target areasand parents have been established. Loans have been given in 5 target areas and incomegenerating schemes have been initiated for the economic development of these parents. As aresult 96 children have been promoted in formal schools.Aim:  360 families in 12 target areas have increased income through IGPs, and their children need no longer to go to work  To enable people to become self-reliance Goal: Improved economic conditions of the parents of working children has reduced child labor in the diocese of Faisalabad Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  29. 29. 29Objective of the training  To impart community the basic and advance knowledge and working skill to form and run a democratic Co-operative societies.  Enable the community to communicate the knowledge gained through seminars programs and workshop to other members of the community.  To enable people to form a small group of common people in their own areas for establishing Co-operative parents of working children.  To impart the skill of conducting monthly meeting and motivate people to join Co- operative movement.  To provide practical skill and techniques of organizing the Co-operative society.  How to frame by-laws?  Scheduling regular meeting as well as annual general meeting.  Record keeping  Motivate people and prepare for compulsory saving on regular basis.  Assisting working children parents to start their own small business.  To help people to be self-reliantCONTENTS OF THE TRAINING  History of the Cooperative movement  What is a Credit Co-operative Society?  How to organize a Co-operative society  Structure and management of Co-operative society  Communication and motivational techniques  How to conduct a meeting  Account and book keeping  How to conduct general body meeting  Duties and functions  How to frame by-laws of the cooperative society  Saving promotional techniques and effective loan policy  Exposure of various Co-operative societiesEvening classes in this area are functioning actively. Income generating schemes are needed touplift the economic situation of the parents of these working children. Therefore, there is a needfor an IGP to be initiated, to establish a credit cooperative society where people could start asmall business. 106 parents of working children have already taken loans through thesecooperative societies for income generating program.Basing on all the above mentioned reasons, a three days cooperative training was organized bythe working children program in Shorkot parish. The training resource persons, Mr. Asher Nazirand Mrs. Razia Shoukat shared on how to increase their saving and improve income generatingprogram. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  30. 30. 30Through this IGP program working children parents can take a loan of 15000/- to smallbusiness and will return in twelve installments to cooperative. All parents of working childrenwere agree to work with cooperative to start a small business for the improvement of theireconomic condition.Executive Secretary, Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad Ms. Nadia Sana was also present. She thatCaritas wish to eradicate child labor, but this is not possible without the help the parents. If youwork on IGPs, then your poverty will decrease and then your children will get rid of labor.On second day of training, parish priest Fr. Younis Channan said that Caritas Pakistan isworking for change and Caritas is a light for our community. He further said that if you changeyour economic condition then you have to work on IGPs with working children program.In the last day of training, program manager Mr. Asher Nazir told the participants that, CaritasPakistan Faisalabad will give Rs.15000 per member. He said that in the beginning Caritas willgive loan to 15 cooperative members in the month of Oct, 2011.With it a joint account of thisparent cooperative society will be opened in UBL Bank Shorkot for recoverydeposit and loaning. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  31. 31. 31Programs and ActivitiesRe-loaning in IGPs areas:SR.# AREAS MEMBERS LOAN TOTAL LOAN YEAR AMOUNT AMOUNT PER MEMBER1 RENALA KHURD 15 10000X15 RS.150000 20112 CHICHAWATNI 19 13000X19 RS.247000 20113 9/4.L OKARA 17 13000X17 RS.221000 20114 BILAL NAGAR 11 15000X11 RS.165000 2011 TOTAL REVOLVING TOTAL 62 AMOUNT RS783000 Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  32. 32. 32ASSESSMENT VISITDate: 26th October, 2011Place: Chak # 42/12.L ChichawatniTeacher: Mr. PatrasTeam: Mr. Asher Nazir (Program Manager) Ms. Razia Shoukat (Coordinator)Program Working Children ProgramPurpose:  Assessment visit before loaning  Meeting with cooperative regarding IGP  Meeting with parish priest Fr.Yousaf  Meeting with Faysal Bank Manager Chichawatni.Meeting with cooperative:A meeting was held with parents’ cooperative society in chak # 42/12.L, where WCP is workingwith child labor and their parents. 2 years classes evening have been completed along with 1 Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  33. 33. 33phase hase of loaning with (15) working children parents. All recovery amounts with markuphave been deposited in cooperative bank account. None of the problem has been faced in regardto recovery.Working children program is operating exclusively in line with the project, but few of itsmembers had some confusion regarding loan mark up and recovery installments. But it wascleared about the loan mark up and saving with detail. At this now cooperative members aresatisfiedPresident of the cooperative Mr. Saleem said, that in this second phase there are (6) newmembers are other (11) members are the same as last year. So now in second phase we havetotal (17) members who want to take loan. It was announced about the transaction of loan inNovember, 2011.Meeting with parish priest:In Chichawatni parish a meeting was held with the parish priest Fr. Yousaf George anddiscussed about the IGP program and new loaning for the parent’s cooperative society.He appreciated the cooperative society for this good work being done in the parish. He alsothanked the working children program Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad to start this project. But hewas interested in meeting the cooperative. He wanted to ask few question to the members forthe transparency of the loaning from the side of members, who were creating some problemsfor the other members of cooperatives.Observation:Some cooperative members were not parents of working children.Understanding and perception of parents was not clear about project.Recommendations:  Need of Credit cooperative training of parents before loaning.  Selection for IGP compulsory for parents of working children only.  Only Working children are legible to attend evening classes.  List of children who are involved in labor through assessment form.Actions taken:  Monitoring visit has been done in this area.  Meeting with parents through house visits.  Verification of working children and their parents with teacher.  Meeting with parish priest Fr. Youssef George Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  34. 34. 34 ANNUAL EVALUATION OF WORKING CHILDREN PROGRAMBy: Caritas Germany staff IslamabadEvaluation Team: Mrs. Yasmine JosephVisit date: 12, December – 16, December 2011Mrs.Yasmine Joseph visited IGPs members and evening classes during annual evaluation with WCP staffSr.# Date Time Activity Place1 12/12/2011 10:00 am Briefing on WCP Caritas office Faisalabad 2:00 pm Visit for education centre Madian Town Meeting +visit for IGP Bilal Nagar Fsd2 13/12/2011 10:00 am to Field visits and Reloaning 1. Renala Khurd 5:00 pm in 9/4.L Okara + Renala 2. 9/4.L Okara Khurd Meeting with Finance 1. Caritas office3 14/12/2011 10:00 am 12:45 department Regarding Faisalabad pm WCP After lunch 2. Chak #238 1:00 pm -5: 00 pm Meeting + center visit Jaranwala4 15/12/2011 10:00 am to Meeting with parents 1. Chichawatni 5:00 pm Field visit for IGP and education centers 2. Shorkot5 16/12/2011 10:00 am to 1. Meeting with WCP 5:00 pm staff 2. Debriefing Caritas office Faisalabad 3. Christmas celebration with WCP Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  35. 35. 35REPORT OF THE ANNUAL EVALUATIONAn annual evaluation of Working Children Program was conducted from 12th December to 16thDecember for the year 2011 by Caritas Germany. Mrs. Yasmine Joseph was the evaluator.Working Children Program arranged the visit in these areas where project is located.On first day WCP department gave briefing about this program with written record in Caritasoffice Faisalabad. Later she visited the area of Madina town and Bilal Nagar to assess theprogress of IGPs and evening classes. Working children and their parents warmly welcomed herin Madina town. She talked with working children and their parents about this program. With itshe checked the written record also. She visited small business started by the beneficiaries andmet the working children parents who are the members of IGPs.Children shared, that they are getting education in these centers in the evening. They said thatnow they are interest in getting education. Before this education was a dream for us. But nowwe feel dignified after coming into the center. We are happy and our parents are also happy.Children of these centers presented the plays and poems.Parents of working children shared their success in the result of IGPs. Some of them shared thatit was impossible for them to think to send their children to school in their life. But WorkingChildren Program has lit a candle for their children. Today now you can see a big change in ourlife in the result of this program. Now we have a way. Before this there was only darkness. Butnow we have hope of successful life for our children because now we are earning in the result ofIGPs and for us this is a way to success. As this written in the Holy Bible “Knock and it will beopened for you, Search and you find” Mrs.Yasmine Joseph is giving cheque to Working Children Parents for Small Business Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  36. 36. 36Furthermore parents shared that, through this program they achieved much knowledge intraining as cooperative basic and advance, training on Marketing survey, training on smallbusiness and training on record keeping. They had been tools for development them.“Since we are uneducated and do not have experience in business and with this we arealso poorest” beneficiaries said, but now we are running successful small business and throughthis business we are earning to support our families. This is a big change in our life and now wecan be proud of our business.Now we are honored in our society and family. Our children are getting education and theirfuture is bright.Mrs. Yasmine Joseph appreciated the program and achievements of its objectives. She wassatisfied after assessing the program and recommended the team to continue it with same spiritand humanly services.Rev. Fr. Khalid Rashid Asi (Vicar General Faisalabad Diocese) shared his views by admittingthat he is happy that children are getting education through this program and at the same timeparents have stood on their own foot by joining parents cooperative societies to start smallbusiness to earn for their families and the promotion of children education.Sustainability:We believe after experiencing several facts that no project is successful unless it is sustainable.To make working children program sustainable we have set the mechanism of revolving therecoveries. The project sustains the impact benefit of the primary education completed by thesetarget children, as the economic condition of their parents has improved through initiating IPGs.The loan committees in the target communities will have taken the role, in ensuring that their Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  37. 37. 37IGPs are running successfully. These target communities will developed the habit of saving andthe revolving fund in each target area will be rotated among the families to expand their businessthrough parent’s cooperative societies. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  38. 38. 38Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  39. 39. 39Challenges faced:  Communities are critic about the IGPs.  Several parents aspire to join the IGPs, their children are not working as labor as well they are not going to school, but they are deserving to join this program.  Participation of people increased.  Syllabus for children seemed unclear for children.Recommendations for the working children:During monitoring visits we found children infected with different disease as T.B, skin diseaseand polio. With it working children program observed that most of children are unaware abouttheir basic safety during working. These children are working in hazardous atmosphere and areprone to get above mentioned diseases. More children in cities are working in cotton factoriesand they are becoming T.B patients and more infected with chest disease. In monitoring visits,we observed in rural areas that more children are working with agriculture in fields. For us thisvery terrible experience that the children are doing pesticide spray on the crop and as the resultof this exercise they have to face a lot of respiratory disease. Now we can understand that healthcare is extremely important for these children because many children work for long hours, whichare hazardous to their physical and mental health. Medical check-up and medical treatmentfacilities is must for them. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  40. 40. 40 Loaning Distribution for Income Generating Program in Jaranwala & ShorkotWorking children program is working with the parents of working children. In every center 30working children are getting education established by Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad. Parents are themembers of cooperative society and are depositing savings in the society. Their economiccondition is very poor because they do not have permanent jobs. As a result their children haveto work to earn for them. Therefore, a cooperative society for working children parents wasorganized. It was decided to that 15000 /- loans will be sanctioned to 15 members in the firstphase to each member.For this purpose a loaning distribution was conducted, on 2nd February, 2012 in Chak # 238Jaranwala. Cooperative president welcomed to all the guests and shared about the cooperativeand working children education center. He said that as everyone knows the importance ofeducation. Because people of the area are jobless, but now this amount will help them to start asmall business. Fr. James Bahadur in his words said, that Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad has given away of development through income generating program, which is beneficial for the poorcommunities. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  41. 41. 41On 28th February, 2012 another loaning distribution was organized in Peer kuarina, Shorkot.Cooperative president Mr. Jamil welcomed all the guests and shared about the cooperative andworking children education center. He said that we must understand that current need of thetime is education and for these parents has to take some practical steps to support their families.Fr. Younis Channan appreciated the efforts of Caritas Faisalabad for the uplift of themarginalized segments of the society. He said that this is now the responsibility of the parents togive a positive start to their children.Program manager Mr. Asher Nazir and coordinator Razia Shoukat focused the major purpose ofthis program is to help the community to start a business that children could get rid of the laborto get admission in formal school for education. This amount will fulfill the objectives if it isinvested in right business. He shared that the beneficiaries will pay the loan amount in (12)installments. Each beneficiary will pay Rs.1410/- each month. This cooperative society isconsisted of three groups and each group contains five members. Each group leader isresponsible for the collection of recovery and he will deposit it in the society bank account.Then cheques were given to the 15 beneficiaries including males and females. Each cooperativemember committed to deposit the loan installment in the first week of every month. Nadia Sana(Diocesan Executive Secretary) appreciated members who wanted to work on small business forthe uplift of their families. Indeed this is a very positive sign as communities are getting awareabout the progress. She gave cheques to the working children parents for small business. Loaning distribution in Jaranwala with working children parents Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  42. 42. 42Teachers’ Refresher CourseWORKING CHILDREN PROGRAMCaritas Pakistan FaisalabadVenue: Grand Hotel FaisalabadDate : 15-17 March, 2012Total participants: 20 STOP CHILD LABOR, EDUCATE THEM!Working Children Program organized three days Teachers’ Refresher Course for workingchildren school teachers in Grand hotel Faisalabad. Program Manager Mr. Asher Nazirwelcomed to all working children education centers teachers and resource persons. He sharedthe objective of Teachers’ Refresher Course with teachers and resources persons.In opening ceremony, Vicar General Faisalabad Diocese Fr. Khalid Rashid Asi said, that throughworking children program and teachers, we are achieving better results in target communitiesregarding working children and their parents. Further he said that teachers should use the toolsof Love, Education and commitment against ignorance, poverty and child labor. Teacher is alight and spreads light for children and they are exemplary for the society. He said if they wantbetter results than first they need to learn and then they can teach better. Love with workingchildren because they need love. With these communities you should work for peace and love.Ms. Nadia Sana executive secretary Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad said that in this TeachersRefresher Course they will learn many things through experiences and skills of the resourcepersons. We hope that this refresher course will help to bring a positive change in their work.Teacher paid full attention in all the sessions. Four resource persons were selected from theDiocese of Faisalabad who are expert in their respective fields.Mr. Anthony shared about the Books Revised for WCP. He said that the new designed coursewill be a helping tool for them to learn to read and write more efficiently, because simple wordsand images have been used to transfer knowledge to the children. Due to the barriers found inthe previous syllabus, it was decided to make necessary amendments to improve its quality ofteaching and learning.Ms. Samar George focused the “Motivational Guidelines for teachers” through stories andgroup work. She said that through motivational skill we can change children’s attitude andbehavior.Sr. Angelina came from Gojra parish for her session and shared on importance of education with thetheme of “Importance of Education. We can identify between in good and evil only througheducation. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  43. 43. 43Mrs.Fardious taught with the sound of words and this method had been effective for teachers.Mrs. Naseem Anjum came from Renala Khurd for these sessions to teach through handicraft.She taught to use waste material for making things in class.Mrs. Yasmine Joseph was also present in Teachers’ Refresher Course for certificates distributionto working school teachers in the last day of Refresher course. She said that we hope that thisrefresher course has helped you to learn more things to implement in the society. She said thatafter this refresher course the improvement must be seen in their work, especially in regard tothe attitude which needs to be very friendly with the working children.She further said, that she impressed to see better arrangements and hardworking teachers andresource persons. She said that their work is wonderful and with this hope, Caritas Germany isalways with working children program. Group photo of all participants with Mrs. Yasmine Joseph and Executive Secretary Caritas Faisalabad Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  44. 44. 44Coverage of the Teachers’ Refresher Course in print media published in differentPakistan Urdu newspapers.With it please visit this links for the activity of Teachers’ Refresher Course Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  45. 45. 45STUDY TOUR FOR WORKING CHILDREN IN LAHORE PAKISTANDate: April 15, 2012Total working Children from 12 centers: 360Organized by: Working Children Program Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad. PLAY, LEARN AND GROW TOGETHERWorking Children Program Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad organized a Study Tour for working children whoare getting education in working children education centers. These vulnerable children often do not getopportunities to have any kind of entertainment due to work they are involved. It proved to be a betteropportunity for recreation for them. The major objective of the tour was to get children together toknow each other and be friends as they are of same age.Children from three regions namely Sahiwal, Gojra and Faisalabad 360 working children participated inthis study tour. Children of five education centers gathered in started their journey from Bishop’s HouseFaisalabad early morning at 6:30. Fr.Bonnie Mendes said prayer before leaving. Program Manager Mr.Asher Nazir gave important instructions about the tour, its importance and learning. He also gave a tourschedule to the teachers. It was decided that tour will consist of Shahi Qila, Minar-e- Pakistan, LahoreZoo and Wahga Border.After lunch children play different games and enjoyed their time. Children too enjoyed in zoo by seeinganimal, birds and other species. Most of the children got chance to visit Lahore for the first time. Thesechildren were very happy and very thankful to Working Children Program. Few of the working childrenparents also joined the team for tour. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad
  46. 46. 46Shahi Qilla Lahore Lahore ZooIt was in fact, a beneficial tour for the children for they learned and visited historical places. They gainedknowledge and enjoyed their time. They were happy at having such an excellent day.Report Prepared by: Submitted by:Asher Nazir Nadia SanaProgram Manager Executive SecretaryWorking Children Program Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad