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Presentation ict3992


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ict form 4

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Presentation ict3992

  1. 1. Prepared by : HANIN WAJIHAH BAHARUDIN  INTAN NUR BALQIS AMIRUDIN :D Presentation ICT Impact of ICT on Society Malaysian Cyber Law andElectronic Government Law
  2. 2. Meaning Of Cyber LawAny laws relating to protecting theInternet and other onlinecommunication technologies
  3. 3. Needs For Cyber LawIntegrity and Security of InformationSecurity of Government DataIntellectual Property RightsPrivacy and Confidentially ofInformationLegal Status of Online Transactions
  4. 4. DIGITAL SIGNATURE ACT 1997 Why the Act exist:- Transactions conducted via internet increasing.- Identities and messages can falsified- Need purchaser and seller identity for the integrity of messages.- Removing doubt and possibility of fraud What the Act is about?- Provides for regulation of public key infrastructure.- Make digital signature legally valid and enforceable as traditional signature. COPYRIGHT (AMENDMENT) ACT 1997 Why the Act exists:- To protect expressions of thoughts and ideas from unauthorized copying alteration.- Creative expression is being captured and What the Amended Act is about?- Clear protection accorded to multimedia works.- Transmissions of copyright works over the Internet clearly amount to infringement.- Technological methods of ensuring works and authorship info are not altered or removed is protected.
  5. 5. TELEMEDICINE ACT 1997 Why the Act exists:- Healthcare systems and providers around the world are becoming interconnected.- Unclear quality healthcare advice and consultation from specialist because doesn’t have truth value- To regulate practice of teleconsultations in medical profession. What the Act is about?- The Act provides that any registered doctor may practice “telemedicine” but other healthcare providers must first obtain a license to do so. COMPUTER CRIMES ACT 1997 Why the Act exists:- As computing becomes more central to people’s life and work, computers become both targets and tools of crime.- To ensure misuse of computers is offense. What the Act is about?- Offers to:* Enter or attempt into computers and computer systems without authorization. * Damage or alter data/information in computers or computer systems by planting viruses.
  6. 6. COMMUNICATIONS AND MULTIMEDIA ACT 1998 Why the Act exist:- Convergence of technologies is driving convergence of telecommunication, broadcasting, computing and content. What the Act is about?- A restructuring of converged ICT industry.- Create and define a new system of licenses- Provide communication and multimedia services.- Provide the existence of the Communication and Multimedia Commission. POLICY OBJECTIVES OF CMA To regulate for the long-term benefit of the end user. To promote consumer confidence in service delivery. To ensure equitable provision of affordable services. To create a robust applications environment for the end user.
  7. 7. WHY THE ELECTRONIC GOVERNMENT EXIST: Government is working on individual departmental projects rather than creating a general framework to take it forward There is strong belief in electronic government To control bloggers and prevent from spreading "disharmony, chaos, seditious material and lies" on websites Registering bloggers help prevent controversy in the government and help promote harmony in the countryWHAT THE ELECTRONIC GOVERNMENT IS ABOUT? Electronic government is already in many departments; in fact, ahead of most of Europe are in electronic governance Electronic government needs to be more central steering,“The government isnt against it, but it certainly isnt championing it”. Ecommerce will radically reshape government over the next five years.
  8. 8. ELECTRONIC GOVERNMENT DATABASES American GovernmentCurriculum based reference database for government that includes daily UPI stories, annotated bibliographies, interactive topic exploration, and political commentary from Robert Novak and Bill Press. Facts on FileCollection of databases on history, geography, science, and health. Includes career and curriculum resources as well as personal and business forms. FirstSearchCollection of fifteen databases including WorldCat, Medline, WilsonSelectPlus that provide both citations and full-text. WorldCat is the largest international database featuring more than 54 million items from the 50,000 plus OCLC member libraries. Edgar DatabaseDatabase of searchable SEC filings such as annual and quarterly reports. Search by company name, SIC code, etc. Obtain mutual fund prospectuses, as well as archived information.
  9. 9. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACT 2000Relate to electronic form which filing, issue, grant or paymenteffectedRelate to manner and format which electronic records be filed,issued and method of payment of feeRelate to security procedure for purpose of creating secureelectronic record and secure digital signatureRelate to other standards observed by Controller of CertifyingAuthoritiesRelate to fee to be paid to Certifying Authority for issue of a DigitalSignature CertificateRelate procedure for investigation of misbehavior or incapacity ofPresiding OfficerRelate to any other power of a civil court required to be prescribedRelate to any other matter which is required to be, or may be,prescribed.Relate to maintenance of database containing disclosure record ofCertifying AuthorityRelate to conditions and restrictions subject which Controller mayrecognize any foreign
  10. 10. THE INDUCE ACTSupported by Senate Judiciary Committee ChairmanOrrin Hatch, R-UtahMake manufacturers of such software liable forinducing people to commit copyright infringementConsumer complained that the bills language is toobroad and could apply liability to legitimatetechnologyRepresent sides to propose own compromise incongressional session and are given tight deadline,according to condition of anonymityNecessary after a federal appeals court; manufacturerof file-sharing software of liability committed bycustomers was cleared
  11. 11. REFERENCES Teacher’s handoutsThe Malaysian Cyber Laws Internet* .htm*,39024852,110027 86,00.htm** ooking_to_Quiet_Bloggers* tm*
  12. 12. CONCLUSIONFuture Cyber Laws must recognizes the people developmentcomponent-crucial for a K-Economy.The existing Cyber Laws created the necessary impact… butconstant review is necessary.Technology innovations# Business innovations# “Criminal” innovations# GlobalizationAn exclusive legislative process may shorten review cycle.Malaysian Government envisions to reinvent governance activitiesthrough e-Government projects and applications.Several test-beds are already in place to provide ICT whichenabled solutions such as e-judiciary, e-passport and tele-healthcare. Such e-applications inevitably come with legal impediments thatwould slow down the reinvention process unless they are properlyaddressed and solved.