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DigaForce Deck


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Published in: Technology, Business
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DigaForce Deck

  1. 1. Know Your AudienceDigaForce
  2. 2. Mission“To measure and categorize anathlete’s social following toincrease endorsement earnings”
  3. 3. Problem-Athlete’s struggle to increaseendorsement potential-Only vanity metrics availablewhen negotiatingendorsement contracts
  4. 4. Solution“the Nielsen of social” Crawls Facebook & Twitterfollowings Analyzes unfiltered data – NoSurveys! 19 socio-demographicmeasurements 5 personality trait categorizations
  5. 5. Why Now“As sponsorship becomes more importantboth for the sponsor and the sports body,the need for accurate measurement willincrease.” – PWC ReportDigital Ad Spend$113 BillionIncrease Social Ad Spend64% US Advertisers40%Nike TV/Print
  6. 6. Value Athletes: Increase NUMBER of sponsorshipactivations Increase AMOUNT of sponsorshipactivations Increase EFFECTIVENESS of sponsorshipactivations NFL Players Association: Better understand athlete / brand fit Increase revenue opportunities
  7. 7. ProductSocio-DemographicsDigaForceAnalysisDelivery ToBrand/AgentPsychometrics
  8. 8. Business ModelMonthly SubscriptionRevenue Share
  9. 9. Team Anthony Pompliano – Founder and CEO Previous exit from The Community Corkboard Former US Infantry Sergeant Background in Sports and Military Intelligence Wade Minter – Lead Architect Red Hat, WebAssign, Rackspace, CTO atTeamSnap Matt Cotter – Senior Engineer 8+ years of algorithmic design Expert at UAV Tracking Software development
  10. 10. ContactAnthony 523 - 7750