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What is empower network and how it works


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What is empower network and how it works

  1. 1. What is Empower Network and How ItWorks – A ReviewIn this age of technology where everything becomes viral with a mouse click, I bet you have personallyexperienced the “Empower Network blast”. Well, I am not surprised because with a lot of people making100% commissions out of it, how could anyone resist spreading the word?Stumbling upon my blog, I bet you are in your personal search for light regarding joining EmpowerNetwork or not. I salute you for taking the time to carefully research about Empower Network beforesigning up instead of doing it impulsively and quitting sooner. On the other hand, if you have alreadyjoined and you want facts to back up your decision of joining the Empower Network System, hang on. I’llbe providing herein everything you need to learn about Empower Network and you decide whether it isreally the opportunity for you.What is Empower Network?The Empower Network System is the result of the smart thinking of David Wood and David Sharpe (ashort biography of them in this post), which they officially launched back in October 31, 2011 (yes, it wasthe biggest online surprise in last year’s Halloween!).Within just 72 hours of it going live, it has directly deposited over $250, 000 + in affiliate commissions toits members’ bank accounts. The overwhelming audience reception, in fact, caused several websitecrashes and snafus. However, with just a little adjustment, Empower Network was able to skyrocket in theInternet marketing arena, and is now creating crowds of 6-figure income earners!
  2. 2. Check out the two Empower Network founders giving an overview of the Empower Network System inthis videoAffiliate Income Update from Empower NetworkAs of October 3, 2012 (a few weeks before Empower Network turns 1-year old), it has put in a total of$14,455,603 to its affiliates’ bank accounts.1. Viral Blogging System ($25/month):…………………………………….$3,650,703.002. Inner Circle Membership ($100/month):……………………………..$4,945,675.003. Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive ($500 one-time payment):.$2,967,182.194. The 15K Per Month Formula (one-time $997 payment):………$2,892,043.00Search Engine Ranking of Empower NetworkToday, the Empower Network website ranks top 1,200 worldwide, and is one of the top 500 sites in theUnited States. This is a truly impressive standing for a website that has only been around for about a year.
  3. 3. Is Empower Network The Opportunity You’veBeen Looking For?I won’t play hypocrite here and give you a solid yes answer because in reality, your success in EmpowerNetwork depends on you.Just like any other business opportunity, the amount of hardwork you put in Empower Network dictatesthe outcome you’ll reap.If you are looking for the newest type of proven affiliate program offering an exemplary high potentialincome and you’re willing to exert effort to be successful at it, then Empower Network fits you well!However, if you are drowning in debt and you would gamble your remaining cash with the hope ofbagging $1,000 the next day, I’ll burst your bubble and say outright that Empower Network is not whatyou’re searching for.Check out this video and decide if Empower Network’s the opportunity for you.Understanding The Empower Network System – ItStarts With $25Okay, so you’ve been enticed by this affordable $25 sign up fee but you are wondering how your $25works to your advantage. Let me put it in simple terms here so you can arrive at a wise decision to pursueyour Empower Network membership.It’s true that Empower Network’s magic begins with your $25. For as little as $25, you can earn as muchas $625 per sale on the front end and lots more on the back end. All your earnings will be paid instantlyinto your bank account. Here’s how:
  4. 4. It only costs $25 a month to join the Empower Network System, which brings you in the loop and sets youup your own search engine optimized blog (you know how difficult it is to achieve high site ranking). Onceyou have signed up, you got nothing to install and just do a few alterations on how you desire your photo,biography and name to appear. The social media elements like “share this” and RSS feed is coded as well.The only things you gotta do are to blog daily, spread the word, and make money. That simple!What Is Empower Network e-Wallet?To be able to make money out of the Empower Network program, you must sign up for an e-walletaccount, which will cost you another $19.95 monthly. This is actually something that is not disclosed untilyou have opted-in for the $25 viral blogging system (monthly).The e-wallet works like PayPal. Empower Network handles and processes all the orders and refunds anddeposits 100% of the commissions you earned once a week. You can then use your e-wallet to send you acheck or transfer your monies (sales) directly into your bank account.Watch this video to know how you actually get paid and how transactions are processed through your e-wallet accountEmpower Network And Affiliate MarketingOne of the easiest and fastest ways to start earning a significant income online is through affiliatemarketing. Affiliate marketing is simply selling another people’s products or services to earn acommission. The challenge with affiliate marketing though is finding a marketable product or service.Affiliate marketers hence are faced with the dilemma of promoting the product or service on a consistentbasis on an extended period of time.
  5. 5. The Empower Network’s System affiliate program works just the same. You must learn how to promotewhatever you are selling. What makes Empower Network an exceptional affiliate marketing program isthat it equips you with a fully functional and fully optimized blog. Just like what I’ve mentioned, you onlyhave to blog daily, market daily and start earning money.Watch my video below to know how blogging can earn you a 6-figure incomeHow You Can Use Empower Network For NetworkMarketing?You can use Empower Network as for lead generation, as a funded proposal system. You can use highly-targeted keywords to your blog and promote it well so you can rank positively on search engines. Becomea resource person for other frustrated network marketers and share how they can benefit from EmpowerNetwork in terms of generating leads daily and making affiliate commissions both in the front and backend.I Have The Empower Network Blog, What Now?Signing up and getting the Empower Network blog kickstarts your goal of making money online. Since itis a fully-optimized blog, you don’t need to battle with already established blogs. You instantly get thesearch engine ranking you need for a great beginning.You probably know that building a website is the easy part. However, ranking in search engine is thedifficult part, which requires you to put in a lot of SEO techniques and efforts. A brand new domain orwebsite will not rank until 3 to 6 months more.The good news is when you join Empower Network, you automatically get an authority blog that ranks!
  6. 6. It doesn’t matter whatever you are selling or promoting. Identifying yourself with an authority blog makesall the difference! Your chances of succeeding are exceptionally higher than those who set up their blogsfrom scratch.The Empower Network Compensation PlanOnce you have availed of the Empower Network System’s viral blogging platform at $25 a month anddecided to add up another $19.95 monthly for the e-wallet account, you will be able to participate in theEmpower Network Compensation Plan. Here’s how:• Create the content you want and promote whatever you want in your blog.• We teach you how to promote your blog posts to achieve good search engine rankings.• People will find your blog and get to know more about what you are promoting.• Out of your visitors, 15% will tick the link about Empower Network because they wantto learn more about it.• Out of the 15% who clicked the Empower Network link, 2 – 5% will join your team andyou earn 100% monthly commission.Let me remind you, however, that you must purchase any of the Empower Network products yourself aswell as the e-wallet account for you to earn a commission on them.The Empower Network Products• $25 per month Empower Network Blog• $100 per month Inner Circle Marketing Training• $500 one-time – Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive Training• $997 one-time – $15,000 Per Month Income Formula
  7. 7. The Benefits Of Joining Empower NetworkIf you have been doing affiliate marketing for such time now, you got the idea on how tough it is toresearch, write and publish your own content on a consistent basis. It requires a lot of effort and admit itwe’ve been lazy writing stuff since high school.This is the coolest thing about Empower Network. You don’t have to worry about the “selling” thing, theydo it all for you. You don’t have to face your fear of explaining anything to anyone, and you don’t have tostretch the truth to make things sound much, much better. You just have to be yourself and watch howeffective this whole thing is. The emails and videos are readily available. You won’t have to be frustratedand overwhelmed with all the technical stuff because they make it easy for you plus you keep all themoney to yourself. You also don’t have to resort to lying because they lay the truth bare. Not only you canbenefit from all these Empower Network perks. Every person you sign up into Empower Network canavail of these resources too! So what else are you waiting for? Join Empower Network NOW andexperience the financial and time independence that you have always dreamed of!