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  • @Kim Davis Barnes I want to clarify and reply back to what your concerns are with joining organo gold. " a product this wonderful and with health benefits too why not just take it to the public main stream? Why this way?" this is a network marketing company. they are one the fastest growing companies in creating a revenue of $1b. public main stream goes through different means of distribution.. again ours is sold through personal clients and spreading out into other networks all depending on the distributor and how they work with their success team. this may be confusing
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  • My husband and I attended a meeting at my former co-worker's house last week. There was a representative there also, he spoke of all the potential money that can be made of course. My co-worker was so highly enthusiastic about this I wanted to support her and hopefully join in to make $$$ too. However I had my own observation first, a product this wonderful and with health benefits too why not just take it to the public main stream? Why this way? Secondly, I needed to do research which is mandatory before any deals are made with my money. Well now I need to figure out how to warn her I hate to be the 'barrier of bad news' then again she might think I'm being negative or hating'. I will figure out something... Thank you
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  1. 1. ORGANO GOLD ENTERPRISES, INC. 150-6191 Westminster Hwy. Richmond, BC V7C 4V4 ∙ Toll Free # 1-877-674-2661 ∙ Fax # (604) -288 5488October 4, 2012 NOTICE OF NON-COMPLIANCEMrs. Annetta Powell43422 WEST OAKS DR286NOVI, MI48377USADear Mrs. Annetta Powell :The Company’s Policies and Procedures constitute part of the Independent Distributor Agreement youentered into with OrGano Gold. As an Independent Distributor, you are thus contractually obligated tofollow the spirit as well as the letter of said Policies and Procedures.We write today to address violations related to use of trademark, advertising and representation as well asother violations that may represent a breach of our contractual relationship.We have become aware of the content you manage on the Internet: - containing the video Organo Gold Scam Review marketing strategy might be well intended however it is causing irreparable harm to the company.The content is misleading and is easily interpreted as libel. This behavior is not only confusing formembers of your organization but also for new customers and potential distributors conducting researchon our company.Our review of your case indicates that you are in non-compliance with the following policies andprocedures:Distributors may not use, reproduce or disseminate the Company trade name, logo or any trademark or servicemark except those found in literature published and made available by the Company. This includes, but is notlimited to, using the term “Organo Gold” (or any derivative or confusingly similar variation thereof that mayconfuse someone into believing that they are dealing with the Company), the corporate logo, and all marks orslogans designating products or services offered by the Company. Section IX.B Advertising.
  2. 2. Distributors may only create their own websites independent of the websites available from the Company, providedthese have been previously approved in writing. Section IX.C Internet Advertising.Distributors will not disparage, demean, or make negative remarks about the Company, its Distributors, products,Compensation Plan, officers, directors, or employees Section IV. Distributor ObligationsDistributors may not charge any for-profit fee for any services, trainings, literature, materials, websites,memberships, or other Company-related material. Section IX. RestrictionsAll these examples constitute serious violations of our commercial relationship, potential breach of yourcontractual obligations, and potential infringement of other laws. Please note that this letter does notpurport to be a complete statement of the law or facts, and is sent to you without prejudice to OrGano’slegal and equitable rights, which are expressly reserved.The purpose of this letter is to attempt to resolve these violations in an amicable and proactive manner.Given the gravity of the situation and the irreparable harm being suffered by OrGano and its distributors,we demand that you immediately cease all such activities and desist from engaging on them goingforward. Specifically, we request that you do the following: 1. Cancel and remove any content, from the website or any other internet-related pages managed by you currently bearing unauthorized content in violation of our Policies and Procedures. 2. Provide a notarized letter of commitment stating that you will cease and desist from engaging in these violations going forward. Your letter must include acknowledgment that a new offense will lead to the termination of your distributorship status.Your account will remain suspended until such time on which we receive a written response from you.Said written response must include confirmation that aforementioned issues have been addressed,accompanied by proof. You may send your response via email to or fax(604) 288-5489.Should we not receive your response and the required proof thereof, OrGano may be forced to takefurther administrative and legal action. We look forward to your timely reply.Kind regards,Compliance Corporate Files Personal Sponsor Upline Diamond