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USAID introduction concessions workshop Robert Layng


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This presentation by Robert Layng was delivered at the 'Concessioning tourism opportunities in conservation areas and maximising rural development' workshop, held in Maputo between 19-22 March 2012 (Day 1, Session 1, Introduction)

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USAID introduction concessions workshop Robert Layng

  1. 1. Background and Justification • Tourism is a labor-intensive industry = job creation • Tourism makes up about 2.0% of Mozambique’s GDP Tourism Concession Opportunities in compared to 9.7% for Tanzania, 6.9% for sub-sahara Africa and about 10% globally conservation areas and maximising rural • Tourism sector growth (demand for conservation products) and development: conservation management (supply of tourism attractions) are closely linked Lessons and the way forward for Mozambique and • Accelerated private sector expansion in Tourism is essential other Southern African countries for tourism sector growth • Concessions are way to achieve both private sector engagement and improved conservation management Robert Layng • Focusing on this sector responds to GRM priorities and USG 19-22 March 2012, Maputo, Mozambique development priorities for MozambiqueUSAID Support to Conservation and Tourism USAID SPEED Project• USAID has focused on this sector since 2005 – Gorongosa National Park • Works with the government and the private sector to – Lake Niassa Reserve address major obstacles to trade and investment, with an – Arco Norte Tourism Investment Promotion Project emphasis on agriculture, tourism, and access to finance – Tourism policy and enabling environment – Strengthen private sector participation in the policy process• Future support proposed for: – Identify strategic priorities for reform – Gorongosa and Lake Niassa – build a consensus for these reforms – Conservation Science – Move forward on adopting the reforms and ensuring effective – ANAC and BIOFUND implementation – Tourism enterprise strengthening – Tourism policy and enabling environmentWhy a concessions workshop and why now? The Challenge and the Way Forward • GOM: Protect natural assets through private sector• Concessions are a tool for improved conservation engagement – Engage like-minded private sector partners – Define specific objectives and strategies for use of concessions – Clarify process for concessions process and train• Recent experience with concessions • GOM entities and staff – Niassa Reserve and Gorongosa Park • Interested private investors – Arco Norte and Anchor Projects • Strengthen environment for private sector engagement – Other examples • Private Sector: Expand and diversify products & locations• Sector reforms – Coordinate and engage GOM on tourism sector reforms – New Conservation Law – Attract new funds into Mozambique tourism – Establishment of ANAC and BIOFUND – Expand within Mozambique and connect with the region
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