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Phase 2? Anna Spenceley


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Presentation made at the CBD/IUCN TAPAS Group meeting on "Tourism partnerships and concessions in protected areas: Cooperating for success" meeting in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park

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Phase 2? Anna Spenceley

  1. 1. Phase 2? 2nd June 2017 Block 16 Anna Spenceley
  2. 2. Discussion groups: Wish list •  What other topics need more detailed discussion / up-skilling? •  What other tools are needed? •  Other countries / regions to participate? •  Are there other people in your countries? •  Mentorship? •  Exchange visits? •  Network sustainability? (SADC? TAPAS?)
  3. 3. Wrap up: Your reflections on 4 days •  Were your expectations met? •  Highlights? •  Areas for improvement? •  Gaps? •  Did you find a ‘buddy’?
  4. 4. Wrap up •  Next steps (June/July): – Finalisation guidelines – Namibia and Mozambique – Development of follow up project •  Other TAPAS Group initiatives: – Journal special edition: Concessions – Sustainable tourism conference: Seychelles – Nov 2017