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Ameena Manuel CV


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Ameena Manuel CV

  1. 1. Ameena Manuel – Curriculum Vitae     ADDRESS: 44 Voel Street Belgravia Estate Athlone TEL. NUMBER: 082 620 0798 DATE OF BIRTH: 18:08:1986 I.D NUMBER: 8608180060081 HOME LANGUAGE: English, Afrikaans NATIONALITY: South African DRIVER’S LICENCE: Yes, code 8 MARITAL STATUS: Married BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS I am an energetic, hard-working, driven individual with the will to succeed and to constantly improve myself. I have obtained a vast amount of knowledge and skill sets through my experience as an auditor as well as persuing the full accounting function. I believe in facing challenges head on, and will strive to see it through to the end. Personal development is extremely important to me as an individual as well as in the work environment. I would love the opportunity to utilise the skills I have obtained in the companies which I have been previously employed at as well as to acquire the necessary knowledge, to perform my job to the best of my abilities.
  2. 2. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Institution: Cedar High School Highest Grade: Grade 12 completed in 2003 Subjects passed: English (HG); Afrikaans (HG); Business Economics (HG); Economics (HG); Accounting (SG); Maths (SG) TERTIARY EDUCATION Institution: Stellenbosch University Course: BCom Financial Accounting 2004 – 2006: Completed degree 2007: Bridging course (Completed the BAccounting third year subjects) 2012: Course on VIP HR and ESS 2014: VAT: Back to basics workshop EMPLOYMENT HISTORY May 2014 – Present: Position: Consultant/ Accountant Company: KPMG Description of the duties and responsibilities: ‐ Co‐ordination and carrying out the full managed services function;   ‐ Managed services includes processing financial information from bank statements for  various clients on a monthly basis within clients deadlines as well sending the respective  clients the monthly management accounts ‐ The preparation of Annual financial statements ‐ I have recently switched to a junior consultant role within my department. August 2012 – April 2014: Position: Accountant Company: Primedia Online Description of the duties and responsibilities: ‐ Co‐ordination and carrying out the full debtors function, including following up with  overdue debtors.  ‐ Co‐ordination of the full creditors function, including capturing invoices, preparing  creditors recons and setting the payments up after authorisation by the financial  executive and CEO  ‐ Preparation of the Publisher revenue schedules based on the monthly billings as well as  liasing with them regarding any queries. 
  3. 3. ‐ Reconciliation of monthly revenue to Billings schedule, determining any differences and  reasons for such differences  ‐ Maintenance of the Fixed Asset Register and calculation of depreciation  ‐ Preparation of monthly Balance Sheet Reconciliations, and reviewing the Trial balance  ‐ Review of monthly income statement and identifying any accruals required for the  month as well as determining the completeness of expenses by reviewing expense  accounts  ‐ Preparation of standard monthly Journals and Accruals  ‐ Preparation of all required statutory returns and payment of all associated taxes (PAYE,  VAT, SDL, WCA etc), as well as the IT14SD recons  ‐ Preparation of monthly payroll, maintenance of the HR and ESS programs  ‐ Co‐ordination of annual BEE certification;  ‐ Reporting to the Financial Executive and liasing with the sales and traffic teams in order  to resolve debtors queries.  ‐ Actively identify areas of opportunity for cost savings and if necessary monitoring and  reporting on such areas on a regular basis;   ‐ Assist finance team with preparation of monthly management accounts; and   ‐ Assist in completion of Internal and External Audits for the year  February 2008 – August 2012: Position: Trainee Accountant Company: LPH Chartered Accountants Inc. Description of duties and responsibilities: ‐ Preparation of the Annual Financial Statements with Caseware including the importing of  the trial balance.  ‐ Processing the client’s corrective journal entries based on recalculation thereof.  ‐ Preparation and maintenance of fixed asset registers and the calculation of depreciation.  ‐ Recalculating clients PAYE in line with the tax legislation, performance of the PAYE  reconciliation .  ‐ Performing debtors’ reconciliations.  ‐ Performing VAT recons for the client to ensure that the VAT liability is correct.  ‐ Attending and performing inventory counts with clients, preparing stock working papers  as well as compiling stock listings with inventory pricing, using various costing methods  namely FIFO, LIFO and weighted average.  ‐ Revenue and trend analysis as well as Sales versus cost of sales analysis and identifying  unusual trends.  ‐ Deferred tax calculations.  ‐ Auditing the bank reconciliations of clients and I have experience in the performance  thereof.  ‐ Identifying areas of risk within various industries and performing audit procedures  suitable to address the identified risk.  ‐ Microsoft office word, excel, powerpoint and outlook.  ‐ Reporting to the Audit manager and co‐ordinating junior staff members.  ‐ Following up on queries raised and finalising the audit file.   
  4. 4. REFERENCES Name: Corn’e de Witt Position: Manager at LPH Chartered Accountants Inc. Phone number: 0733629430 Name: Paul Sadler Position: Finance Executive at Primedia Online Phone number: 0724715278