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Short film distribution ( version 2 )

A level media course work

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Short film distribution ( version 2 )

  1. 1. Short film distribution
  2. 2. Short Film Award Festivals These are the top 5 short film festivals - • Sundance Film Festival (USA) • Cannes Film Festival (France) – for shorts under 15 minutes only • Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films (USA) • Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France) • Aspen Shortsfest (USA)
  3. 3. UK short film festivals – • Raindance Film Festival - Oscar qualifying • London Short Film Festival • Edinburgh International Film Festival • London Short Film Festival • Manchester International Film Festival • Encounters International Short Film Festival - Oscar qualifying • Leeds International Film Festival • Aesthetica Film Festival
  4. 4. London Short Film Festival • 6th- 15th January 2017 • This year was the 13th annual festival they have hosted Awards included – • Best British Shot Film • Best International Short Film • Best Animated Short Film • Best Experimental Short Film • Best Cinematography These are just a few
  5. 5. Some Venues – • ICA • Hackney Picture House • Oval space • You have to pay to be in the Festival 2016 – • 0ver 10,000 tickets sold • 1500 UK and international submissions • Over 450 films screened
  6. 6. Online distribution Short films can be distribute in many ways, often they don’t go straight to cinemas because of how niche audiences can be and especially because of the length of some of these films. Short films can be easily found on sites online such as YouTube, this is free for the producers and allows for the films to be seen globally. It is not yet common for Short films to be on streaming sites such as Netflix, obviously this could change if a short film was a massive success. Distribution of short films depends on whether any distribution companies are willing to for short films that may not ever be recognised globally or create much success.
  7. 7. Award Winning Shot Films SELFIE – • 2015 production • Aghaaz productions • Selfie is a short film based on daily incidents faced by every 'common man'. It shows how what people thing of us effects us and can change how we feel about ourselves.
  8. 8. Mermaid – • Nominated for an Oscar in 1997 • Directed By Aleksandr Petrov • ‘An elderly monk, while training the young novice who will succeed him, recalls the mysterious lost love of his past – just as his young successor appears to be encountering her himself.’ • This was a Russian short film • It was a silent animation
  9. 9. Short films can be used as a pre-sales technique to fund future feature films. An example of this would be lights out. Lights out – was turned into an American supernatural horror film in 2016 it was based on Sandbergs 2013 short film with the same name. This is the famous 2013 short film
  10. 10. Short films tend to be only recognised globally/ internationally when they get turned into successful feature films that can be shown in cinemas both multiplex or independent. The success from the short films can be used to fund the success of the longer feature films, because these short films may have established an audience already it makes the producers of the feature film aware of what sort of audience they are targeting and this can help them to make the film as successful as possible.