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Combicut DJ/NC Accessories


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Combicut DJ/NC Accessories

  1. 1. DJINCMA Manual inclination of the saw blade Manual inclination of the saw blade from 0° to 90° by actuating the handwheel; the inclination angle is displayed through a mechanical position indicator. N.B. The accuracy of the end product is strictly correlated with the flatness of the surface of the piece to be cut. Accessories
  2. 2. DJINCM Motorized inclination of the saw blade Motorized inclination of the saw blade from 0° to 90° by entering the cutting angle on the monitor; it is possible to cut single pieces programming the cutting angle for each side. N.B. The accuracy of the end product is strictly correlated with the flatness of the surface of the piece to be cut. Accessories
  3. 3. DJRF Complete refrigerator for KMT Complete refrigerator for KMT Classic waterjet unit installed on the standard machine, to be purchased in case of room temperature higher than 32°C. Accessories
  4. 4. DJWHP Complete KMT Standard waterjet unit Complete KMT Standard waterjet unit, provided with very high pressure (3.800 bar) and complete with refrigerator, replacing the KMT Classic waterjet unit which is foreseen to be installed on the standard machine. Accessories
  5. 5. DJSASPA00 Automatic system for worktop exchange (replacing the standard worktop fitting the machine) This system enables to prepare a slab to be cut while the machine is processing another slab, i.e. to exchange automatically the two worktops, thus increasing the machine efficiency. The system includes: 1 roller system, installed on the machine, used to handle the worktop. 1 system to exchange the worktops, with roller movement and unit to lift one worktop, thus allowing the transfer of the other. 1 station moving on rollers for the loading / unloading of worktops: the slab to be cut is loaded on the empty worktop and machined pieces are unloaded from the worktop removed from the machine. 1 software controlling the automatic system. – the system conforms to the CE standards. N.B. This accessory implies the purchase of both the DJPLACA00 second mobile worktop (in addition to the worktop outfitting the standard machine, provided it has not been previously supplied). Accessories
  6. 6. Accessories DJSASPA00 Automatic system for worktop exchange
  7. 7. SADBC Bar code manual reader with automatic transmission of the working program to the machine . Accessories
  8. 8. FOTO2035 Slab scanning system with digital camera Accessories The system includes hardware and software for the scanning of the slab image which is displayed on the 15-inch touch-screen colour video. The operator marks the slab outline and the contour of any possible surface defect with the mouse. So defined profile and defects will be the basis for both the optimization of the slab and the programming of cuts while the machine is working. The digital camera is installed on a special support. N.B. The "slab support top" accessory must be purchased if there is no conveyor supporting the slab. N.B. In order to create the ideal environment for taking digital photographs, the arrangement of the correct light intensity in the area of the camera, the removal of any possible luminous interference as well as the removal of all patches of shade and environmental reflections, shall be at the customer’s care and expense.
  9. 9. FKPAIL Inclined slab support top Inclined slab support top, outside the machine Accessories
  10. 10. OFFMACCAM Software licence to be installed on a PC of the customer linked with the machine through Ethernet net; this software enables the drawing, the import of pieces to be realized from DXF format, the automatic optimization of the piece positioning inside the slabs to be machined (which are sensed by the operator using the FOTO2035 accessory, not included in the price) and the realization of the relevant production programs. Accessories
  11. 11. STIJ Printer of labels with bar code Printer of labels with bar code, linked with the computer numerical control (CNC) of the machines. Labels are to be manually glued on the pieces. Accessories
  12. 12. STPCST PC station + printer of labels with bar code The PC, with the colour monitor and printer, is housed in a sheet metal cabinet, while the keyboard and mouse are placed on the bolster, under the monitor. Labels must be glued manually to the pieces Accessories
  13. 13. DJSPACC Pair of lateral steel shoulders Pair of lateral steel shoulders for the sliding of the spindle-holding beam, replacing the concrete walls (for machine without foundations). N.B. This solution implies the construction of a concrete slab (including slopes for water collection, cable ducts and support basement suitable for anchoring both the shoulders and the table) to be built according to Breton’ specifications. Accessories
  14. 14. DJPALA00 Horizontal top to support the slab Horizontal top to support the slab, to be matched up with machines equipped with manual worktop exchange Accessories
  15. 15. DJPLACA00 Mobile worktop Mobile worktop, same as the one outfitting the standard machine, to be positioned over the machine tank, in order to load the slab and unload the cut pieces outside the working area of the machine. The worktop is equipped with "gradually deteriorating" blades to support the slab under machining. Blades are provided with a plastic support enabling to use the saw blade Accessories
  16. 16. DJKITMU Kit of easy-wear pieces Kit of easy-wear pieces for the cutting head and the pressure intensifier of the "Combicut" machine Accessories