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High Performance Databases


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Learn more about the high performance databases available on Amazon Web Services.

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High Performance Databases

  1. 1. Low Administration High Performance Databases in the CloudDavid PearsonBusiness Development Manager
  2. 2. set-up operate EFFORTscale differentiated?
  3. 3. differentiated effort increases the uniqueness of an application
  4. 4. Database Ad security documentation, licensing & planning scripting & training coding 5% 5% install, upgrade, 40% 25% performancepatch and migrate tuning backup & recovery, data load & unload
  5. 5. scaling up outinfrastructure reads writes
  6. 6. infrastructure scaling Bigger Servers cpu + memoryMore Throughput storage + network
  7. 7. how much capacity to deploy? Actual Usage Capacity Predicted Usage Waste Time
  8. 8. benefits of No Up-FrontCapital Expense cloud Improve Agility & Time-to-Market computing deploy Pay Only forLow Cost What You Use Self-Service Easily Scale Up/Down
  9. 9. managed databasesIn the cloud
  10. 10. Amazon RDS easy to scale reliablefully managed relational database service simple to deploy cost-effective
  11. 11. Amazon RDSproductivityperformanceprotection
  12. 12. Amazon RDSproductivityperformanceprotection
  13. 13. automationeliminatesundifferentiatedheavy lifting ~70% of a DBA’s time Deployment
  14. 14. Amazon RDS Automatic backupproductivity Point-in-time-recovery Synchronous replication w/MAZ • Backup and DRperformance • Monitoring CloudWatch • High Availabilityprotection Automatic host replacement Automated failover and recovery with MAZ (production workloads)
  15. 15. Amazon RDSproductivity • Push-Button Scalingperformance • Provisioned IOPS • Read Replicasprotection
  16. 16. Push-Button Scaling scale up or down to the desired instance class scale up to an 8-core server with 64GB of RAM
  17. 17. Multi-AZDeployment one-click DRProvisioned IOPSconsistent throughput to 10,000 IOPS
  18. 18. Case study“in the past, we have invested hundreds of days in time- consuming and costly code-based performance tuning”“with Amazon RDS Provisioned IOPS we were able to exceed those performance gains in a single day” Adam Kierce - Director, Shine Technologies
  19. 19. scalingREADS scale-out with master-slave one or more read architecture servers Use Cases Reporting and ETL Discrete read/write transactions (browsers vs buyers)
  20. 20. scalingREADS Tech tips • Optimize master for OLTP and read slaves for table scans • Resize slaves as needed to boost reporting performance • Use short-term slaves to save cost during monthly reporting
  21. 21. scalingREADS Amazon ElastiCache hot items small, frequently-accessed items are candidates for read caching Application Server • Reduce server-side latency to microseconds • Eliminate “hot spot” performance barriers • Offload heavy read activity from database
  22. 22. Case study • 6 months to deploy a real-time, socially relevant magazineChallenge • Constantly changing user interests • Ability to change all hardware and software elasticallyArchitecture • Frequently changing system requirements • Complex queries on user and relevancy dataApp needs • Milliseconds count. So, does uptime Solution RDS MySQL + ElastiCache
  23. 23. scaling WRITES Databaseshared-nothing sharding complex toarchitecture plan, implement and maintain splits large partitionable tables across multiple, smaller database servers
  24. 24. scaling application is WRITES shard-aware Application Serveradditional challenges shards may require• key management periodic rebalancing• query aggregation A-G H-P Q-Z• cross-shard queries multiple, small servers are fast, inexpensive, and easy to manage
  25. 25. status check… Low Administration High Performance Databases in the Cloud
  26. 26. Performance
  27. 27. DynamodNoSQL Database Service consistent, low latency SSD = single-digit ms  Fast & Predictable Performance  Seamless Scalability from hundreds to hundreds  Zero Administration of thousands of operations/sec
  28. 28. new appSuper Bowl promotion new data storeMillions of interactions over arelatively short period of timeBuilt the app in 3 days, fromdesign to production-ready Fruit Ninja Frenzy facebook game Moved game data into DynamoDB Grew from 1 million to 8 million active monthly users in two weeks
  29. 29. Scaling Relational DB’s with DynamoDB move simple, high-scale workloads Application Servercandidates for workload migrationtables with high transaction volumes (esp writes)primary key-only is preferred (one non-pk index ok)no dependencies (fk’s, triggers, procedures)
  30. 30. Summary • Scaling database performance requires EFFORT • Differentiated EFFORT is a good investment • Scale up with more hardware • Scale reads and writes across multiple servers • Amazon RDS makes it easy to set-up, operate and scale relational databases • DynamoDB provides an option for existing and new apps to achieve extreme levels of performance
  31. 31. Get started today AWS Free Usage Tier
  32. 32. questions? thank you