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  1. 1. MARCOM STRATEGY OF IDEA Cellular Presented by, ALOK PRATAP SINGH M.B.A(Final Year) 0936370004
  2. 2. MARCOM STRATEGY Marcom (sometimes spelled "marcomm") is an abbreviation for "marketing communications." Marcom is targeted interaction with customers and prospects using one or more media, such as direct mail, newspapers and magazines television, radio, billboards, telemarketing, and the Internet. A marketing communications campaign may use a single approach, but more frequently combines several.
  4. 4. Objective of the study To make a understanding about the Company IDEA CELLULAR LTD. To make a understanding about the product and services which they providing. To know the marketing communication strategy of the IDEA CELLULAR LTD.
  5. 5. SCOPE oF THE STUDY  To know about the customer base of the IDEACELLULAR. To know the growth of the company in last years. To know how to reach the target customer in the most perfect way. To create a better understanding about the company and their product.
  6. 6. LIMITATION OF THE STUDY  This study is done in the few area like lucknow Raibariely. That’s why it will not give the clear picture of the thinking of mobile subscriber about the company and its products. Limited database and short time span for the project. Lack of professional approach since researcher are student.
  7. 7. METHODOLOGY The purpose of methodology is to describe the process involved in research work. This includes the overall research design, data collection method, the field survey and the analysis of data. For our project we did a small survey based on the 50 people in the Alwal, Lothkunta and few more area of Secunderabad.
  8. 8. MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGY ADOPTED BY THE IDEA TV Commercials  Radio  Websites  Brand Endorsement  Print media  Out door billboards
  9. 9. DATA ANALYSIS Q:1 ) Have you heard about the Idea cellular Ltd.? A) yes B) No Interpretation: Most of the person are known about the Idea Cellular Ltd. 80 20 awareness yes no
  10. 10. Q: 2 .) From whom you come to know about this? A) Family B) Colleague C) Friends D) Advertisement Interpretation: Advertisement is played a important role to spread the awareness. Whereas other medium are also helped. 10 25 25 40 family colleagye friends advertisement
  11. 11. Q:3 Any time you used the service…… A) Always B) Most of the time C) Sometimes D) Not at all always most of the time sometimes not at all INTERPRETATION: Awareness about the idea is good but still it is not able to create the credibility for the brand in market. This is the reason they have less no. of customers.
  12. 12. Q:4 Did you liked that services? A) Highly Satisfied B) Satisfied C) Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied D) Dissatisfied E) Highly dissatisfied 5 20 30 25 20 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 highly satisfied satisfied neither satisfied nor dissatisfied dissatisfied highly dissatisfied satisfaction level INTERPRETATION: Subscriber are not that much satisfied with the coverage of Idea.
  13. 13. Q:5 Are you aware about the different products of the idea cellular A) Yes B.) No 60 40 yes no INTERPRETATION: 60% people are aware about the different product like data card, idea radio but 40% are only known about the mobile network.
  14. 14. Q:6 .) From where you come to know about the product line of idea cellular. A) Family B) Colleague C) Friends D) Advertisement 10 25 35 30 family colleague friends advertisement INTERPRETATION: About the different product, friend then advertisement and colleagues helps to spread the awareness.
  15. 15. Q:7 If from Advertisement, then how would you rate that advertisement…… A) Very good B.) Good C.) Neither good nor bad D.) Bad E.) Very Bad 20 40 20 10 10 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 very good good neither good nor bad bad very bad INTERPRETATION: People like the advertisement very much, even they able ti recall the captions like walk when you talk, ek idea jo badal de apki duniya .
  16. 16. Q:8 Did you think that it was effective enough to communicate the message? A.) yes B.) No 70 40 yes no INTERPRETATION: They able to communicate the message but still they are less effective in the compare of Airtel, Vodafone.
  17. 17. Q: 10 Any suggestion which you want to suggest to the company to improve the advertisement or marketing communication effort? • Most of the subscriber suggested that the advertisement was good enough to communicate the message but lastly the service provided by idea will work. So, there is need to improve the coverage of Idea . • And other suggestion which given by the subscriber that they liked Abhishek Bacchan more as Brand Ambassador for IDEA.
  18. 18. FINDING AND SUGGESTION: • People are known to the IDEA CELLULAR LTD. and its products. • Advertisement is good that means marketing communication is good. • Subscriber are not very much satisfied with the service. So, there is need to improve the coverage.
  19. 19. CONCLUSION: • Communication strategy of idea is very good because most of the person are well known about the idea and its product. Being very new company in telecom industry, people still having some hesitation to go for it. And other reason that the subscribers are not opting for this is that competitors of idea are very much powerful in communicating as well as providing the service. • And one thing which come into the focus is that Brand Ambassador is also a key part to get the attention from the subscriber because most of the people told that they liked Abhishek Bacchan more than Sariya Saran.
  20. 20. What an idea ? THANK YOU!
  21. 21. Idea can change your life ?