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Project Report(Final)(Compatible)


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Project Report(Final)(Compatible)

  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to acknowledge and extend my gratitude to the following persons who have made the completion of this project possible: First of all I would like to thank our Project Coordinator Prof. Ms. Monica Thakur for her great help. As she is being my Project Coordinator she provided me very necessary and important guidance and support until the submission of my project. Secondly, I would like thank Prof. Ms. Shivali Dhingra, Head of Amity Global Business School, Chandigarh to provide us such an exciting opportunity and for their good help to provide a better coordination and control among all the activities related to completion of the project. I also want to thank Mr. Anand Dani, Head Acquisitions (Airtel) and Mr. Saurabh Kalra, Marketing Manager (Airtel) to provide me right kind of training and information helpful to my project. I also thank all corporate world and friends to give me proper guidance and support for preparing the project. Inderpreet Kaur Ubhi [2]
  3. 3. ABSTRACT The project “STUDY TO UNDERSTAND PURCHASE BEHAVIOUR OF POST-PAID CONSUMERS IN TRI-CITY” describes about the behaviour of consumers who are using post-paid connection and the reasons why they selected that particular service provider. The study also includes the desired demands of the consumers, their perception about the various service providers and their advertisements. The project gives the detailed study that why Airtel customers prefer Airtel as their service provider and why other consumers using competitor’s brand, their satisfaction level from the brand they are using. According to latest statistics (reference:, Airtel has maximum market share all over India but in Punjab circle, the post-paid connection sales of Airtel is less than Idea and has close competition with Vodafone. Therefore, the focus of project is on Airtel, Idea and Vodafone. Consumers prefer Airtel because of its network coverage and services, whereas Idea is preferred for its tariffs (call charges). Vodafone is preferred by those consumers who want more talk time on a particular number or when preference of consumer is on a specific factor. It was very difficult to cover all post-paid consumers from a Tri-city, so the study is restricted to only 300 respondents covering retail consumers (individuals), corporate consumers including government sector also. The sampling technique used is Convenience sampling and data is collected from Questionnaire as primary data and secondary data is collected with the help of internet, official service provider’s website, posters etc. [3]
  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS SUBJECT PAGE 1. Introduction 1.1 Consumer 05 1.2 Company Profile 06 1.3 Product Introduction 08 1.4 Scope of the study 13 1.5 Objective of the study 13 2. Materials and Methods 2.1 Research Methods 14 2.2 Research Methodology 14 2.3 Details of research methodology 14 2.4 Data collection 15 2.5 Nature of the study 15 3. Analysis and Interpretation 3.1 Detailed analysis 16 3.2 Perception about Airtel 42 3.3 Review of Airtel customers 45 4. Findings and conclusions 56 5. Recommendations 57 [4]
  5. 5. 6. Limitations 58 7. Appendices 7.1 Analysis of Idea 59 7.2 Analysis of Vodafone 62 8. SWOT analysis 65 9. Bibliography 68 10. Questionnaire 69 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Consumer A consumer is an individual who purchase or has the capacity to purchase goods and services offered for sale by marketing institutions in order to satisfy personal or household needs, wants or desires. According to a statement made by Mahatma Gandhi, ‘consumer refers to the following, “A consumer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an outsider to our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so”. So consumer is like the blood of our business and also a satisfied customer is a word of mouth advertisement of a product / services. Consumer Satisfaction: Every human being is a consumer of different produces. If there is no consumer, there is no business. Therefore, consumer satisfaction is very important to every business person. According to Philip Kotler consumer satisfaction is defined on, “personal feeling of pleasure resulting from comparing a product’s pursued performance in relation to his /her expectations”. [5]
  6. 6. Consumer attitude measurements are taken on either potential buries or existing client’s buries in order to identify their characteristics. Why should the competent market engineer conduct consumer research? Consumer’s surveys can provide the researcher with a wealth of information, valuable of the marketing function. Detailed information regarding the customer in a market will provide the basic platform for all marketing decisions. Marketing decision maker needs descriptive information about the total potential unit and dollar sales in each segment. Perhaps the most important one is that a seller needs to be aware of the relevant objective and need of consumer and how their objectives might best be served by the products. Importance of consumer satisfaction: The needs to satisfy customer for success in any commercial enterprise is very obvious. The income of all commercial enterprise is derived from the payments received for the products and services supplied to its customers. If there is no customer there is no income and there is no business. Then the core activity of any company is to attract and retain customers. It is therefore no surprise that Peter Drucker the renowned management Guru, has said “to satisfy the customers is the mission and purpose of every business”. Satisfaction of customer is essential for retention of customer’s and for continuous sales of the products and services of the company to customers. This establishes the needs for and the importance of customer satisfaction. The satisfaction of consumers is different from one to another. Became, each consumer has the different behaviour in their life. So, the marketer satisfies the consumer, he must very well know the behaviour of consumer. Consumer behaviour: The term consumer behaviour may be defined as the behaviour that consumer displays in searching for purchasing, using, evaluating, producing, services and ideas which they expect will satisfy their needs. In other words, “It is a study of physiological, social, physical, behaviours of all potential customers as they become aware of evaluation, purchase and consumption and tell other about products and services”. 1.2 Company Profile: [6]
  7. 7. INTRODUCTION BHARTI AIRTEL Telecom giant Bharti Airtel is the flagship company of Bharti Enterprises. The Bharti Group has a diverse business portfolio and has created global brands in the telecommunication sector. Bharti has recently forayed into retail business as Bharti Retail Pvt. Ltd. under a MoU with Wal-Mart for the cash & carry business. It has successfully launched an international venture with EL Rothschild Group to export fresh agro products exclusively to markets in Europe and USA and has launched Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd under a joint venture with AXA, world leader in financial protection and wealth management. Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited, India’s largest integrated and the first private telecom services provider with a footprint in all the 23 telecom circles. Bharti Airtel since its inception has been at the forefront of technology and has steered the course of the telecom sector in the country with its world class products and services. The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into three individual strategic business units (SBU’s) - Mobile Services, Airtel Telemedia Services & Enterprise Services. The mobile business provides mobile & fixed wireless services using GSM technology across 23 telecom circles while the Airtel Telemedia Services business offers broadband & telephone services in 95 cities and has recently launched India's best Direct-to-Home (DTH) service, Airtel digital TV. The Enterprise services provide end-to-end telecom solutions to corporate customers and national & international long distance services to carriers. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand. [7]
  8. 8. BRAND AIRTEL Airtel was born free, a force unleashed into the market with a relentless and unwavering determination to succeed. A spirit charged with energy, creativity and a team driven “to seize the day” with an ambition to become the most globally admired telecom service. Airtel, in just ten years of operations, rose to the pinnacle to achievement and continues to lead. As India's leading telecommunications company Airtel brand has played the role as a major catalyst in India's reforms, contributing to its economic resurgence. Today we touch people’s lives with our Mobile services, Telemedia services, to connecting India's leading 1000+ corporate. We also connect Indians living in USA, UK and Canada with our call home service. Vision & promise By 2010 Airtel will be the most admired brand in India: 1. Loved by more customers 2. Targeted by top talent 3. Benchmarked by more businesses • We at Airtel always think in fresh and innovative ways about the needs of our customers and how we want them to feel. We deliver what we promise and go out of [8]
  9. 9. 2. MATERIALS AND METHODS Search of knowledge, a careful investigation or enquiry, systematic effort to gain new knowledge are called as “Research”. Research is a movement of knowledge from known to unknown from the available place to the required place. According to Clifford Wode, research is defined as “Defining and re-defining of problems, formulating the hypothesis, collecting, organizing and evaluating data. Making detections and reaching conclusions to determine whether fit the formulating the hypothesis”. The purpose of research is to find out solutions to the problem, which has not been discovered by anybody. 2.1 Research methods: Those methods which are used by the researcher during the course of studying are research problem are termed on research methods. 2.2 Research Methodology: The research methodology, not only the research methods are but also consider the logic behind the methods. They are in the contest of our research studied. And explain why we are using a particular method or techniques and we are not using others. [9]
  10. 10. 2.3 Details of Research Methodology: • SAMPLING TECHNIQUE: Random Sampling • SAMPLING UNIT: Corporate and Retail Customers in Tri-city and the locations nearby • SAMPLE SIZE: 300 respondents • RESEARCH PERIOD: 3 to 4 weeks 2.4 Data Collection: • PRIMARY SOURCES: The data has been collected directly from respondents with the help of questionnaires. • SECONDARY SOURCES: The secondary data was collected from internet like official sites of different service providers, hoardings, posters, pamphlets etc. 2.5 Nature of the study: In this study primary data are used. COLLECTION OF DATA: The data were collected from the respondents through the distribution of questionnaire. AREA OF STUDY: This study covers Tri-city and areas nearby. SAMPLE SIZE: The sample size of this study is 300. TOOLS FOR ANALYSIS: [10]
  11. 11. Along with the usual statistical tools such as tables, percentages, bar chart etc., the correlation technique is used for analyzing the data and arriving at the conclusion. . 3. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION 1.1 Detailed Analysis: 1. Occupation: Student 58 Job 107 Business 98 Housewife 24 Retired 10 Unemployed 3 3% 1% Student 8% Job 19% Business 33% Housewife 36% Retired Unemployed [11]
  12. 12. The study is performed on 300 respondents out of which the post-paid connection is used or preferred by mostly Businessmen, employed followed by students. The percentage as shown in diagram, shared by each of them is 36%, 33% and 19%. The rest weight age covered by housewives and retired people. 2. How much is your monthly income? <Rs 15,000 79 Rs 15,000 - Rs 30,000 116 Rs 30,000 - Rs 45,000 89 > Rs 45,000 16 5% < Rs 15,000 26% Rs 15,000 - Rs 30,000 30% Rs 30,000 - Rs 45,000 39% [12] > Rs 45,000
  13. 13. Income plays very important part because it gives a rough idea about the plan consumer can select. It also helps the service providers to make plans according to the demand and affordability of the consumer.Consumers who mostly prefer post-paid connections are those who earn more than Rs 15,000. 3. Which service provider you are currently using? Airtel 88 Vodafone 74 Idea 94 Tata Indicom 12 Reliance 13 BSNL 19 4% 5%6% Airtel 29% Vodafone Idea 31% Tata Indicom 25% Reliance BSNL [13]
  14. 14. The study is done on 300 respondents and the figure above shows the number of people using Airtel, Idea and Vodafone. The percentage shared id 29%, 25% and 31%. There is a close competition in these three major service providers. 4. You are using your connection since: 0-3 months 8 3-6 months 3 6-12 months 92 > 12 months 197 2%1% 0-3 months 3-6 months 31% 6-12 months 66% > 12 months [14]
  15. 15. 66% weight age clearly analyze that consumers are using their post-paid connections for more than a year and therefore, give an indication that either the they are satisfied from their service provider or no recent plans made them to shift from one service provider to another. How much is the monthly expenses on mobile 5. connection you are using? < Rs 150 0 Rs 150- Rs 350 11 Rs 350-Rs 500 78 > Rs 500 211 0% 4% < Rs 150 26% Rs 150- Rs 350 Rs 350-Rs 500 70% > Rs 500 [15]
  16. 16. The monthly expenses depends on two things:- first is usage and second is rental. This data shows that consumers who are using post-paid connections pay more than Rs500 monthly but surely no one pays less than Rs150 or Rs200. 6. How many minutes you use monthly? < 200 27 201 – 400 78 401 – 600 103 > 600 92 9% < 200 31% 201 - 400 26% 401 - 600 34% > 600 [16]
  17. 17. This information is very important because it is the tendency of a consumer to select a plan where they get some free air time of few rupees or free minutes or some special discounts. It also gives a picture that whether person is interested in more calling, or in sending text, or in availing services etc. The minutes mostly utilized by consumers is more than 400 resulting the bill amount exceeding Rs500. 7. How many text messages do you send? < 25 53 26 – 50 82 51 – 100 69 > 100 96 [17]
  18. 18. The usage of text is less with businessmen whereas it is very much in demand in students and with employed consumers to some extent. Text messages help service providers to make plans for a specific target audience. Which feature of your service provider 8. forced you to use it? Advertisements 88 Connectivity 97 Schemes 50 Goodwill 65 Advertisements 22% 29% Connectivity 17% Schemes 32% Goodwill [18]
  19. 19. As shown in the chart the connectivity, goodwill and advertisements are the main factors which attract any consumer and therefore, majorly responsible for the maximum sales of the connection. What all services you use in your post-paid 9. connection? CLIP 38 Roaming 14 Missed call alert 56 Call conference 89 GPRS 84 ISD 8 Others 11 2% 4% CLIP 12% 5% Roaming Missed call alert 28% Call conference 19% GPRS [19] ISD 30% Others
  20. 20. This data helped in a way to understand that what services are in demand and what all services a consumer is getting from their present service provider with respect to their monthly expenses. The percentage shared by call conference and internet clearly state that technology is attracts the consumers and is a part their daily routine. Do you think that you are spending more on your 10. mobile bill according to the usage? Yes 168 No 132 44% Yes No 56% [20]
  21. 21. Many consumers think that they are spending more on their mobile bills and this indicates that either the consumer using wrong plan according to the usage or they concentrate more on services than usage. Is advertisement the reason to choose 11. any service provider? Yes 123 No 177 41% Yes No 59% [21]
  22. 22. Many consumers prefer brands because of their favourite stars or their liking towards the concept or audio etc. but mostly consumers prefer any service provider because of its goodwill or connectivity or schemes or some existing customer suggested using that service provider. Which type of advertisement mostly influences you to 12. choose any service provider? Newspaper ad 31 TV ad 76 Existing User 113 Reference 80 10% Newspaper ad 27% TV ad 25% Existing User 38% [22] Reference
  23. 23. As it is clearly shown in the chart that existing user very well advertise the brand. It’s an indirect way of publicity but it is only possible if the service provider maintains that relationship with their customers and provides them full assistance. 13. If you are permitted to retain your mobile number you have, would you change your current mobile service provider? Yes 133 No 167 44% Yes No 56% [23]
  24. 24. Those consumers who feel that they are paying more for their mobile bill or not satisfied from company, they prefer to change the service provider. 14. If yes, which brand will you prefer? Airtel 40 Vodafone 28 Idea 32 Tata Indicom 11 Reliance 14 BSNL 8 6% Airtel 11% Vodafone 8% 30% Idea 24% [24] Tata Indicom 21% Reliance
  25. 25. Consumers who do not want to change:- Airtel 59 Vodafone 35 Idea 53 Tata Indicom 7 Reliance 5 BSNL 8 Airtel 4% 3% 5% Vodafone 35% Idea 32% Tata Indicom Reliance 21% BSNL If we analyze both the charts, the similarity is that consumers using Airtel post- paid connection done want to shift their brand and those who want to change their service provider, they also prefer Airtel the most. So, it is very much clear that existing users publicize the brands they trust. 15.Ranking of various mobile phone service provider on the basis of priority:- Airtel 81 Vodafone 74 Idea 70 Reliance 32 [25]
  26. 26. Tata Indicom 21 BSNL 22 Airtel 7% 7% 27% Vodafone 11% Idea Reliance 23% 25% Tata Indicom BSNL Brands Airtel, Vodafone and Idea share a close competition in the Punjab. Airtel is known for goodwill and network coverage, Vodafone for its services whereas Idea is known for its call charges and plans. So, these 3 service providers are preferred in Tri-city. While making purchase decisions, rank the factors you 16. considered in order of preference:- [26]
  27. 27. Network Coverage 65 Monthly Rental 63 Tariff (Call charges) 68 Services (VAS) 28 Roaming Facilities 20 Customer Care 40 Schemes & Promos 16 Network Coverage 5% Monthly Rental 13% 22% Tariff (Call charges) 7% Services (VAS) 9% 21% Roaming Facilities Customer Care 23% Schemes & Promos The most important part of the project is study of these factors. According to the respondents, majority of them prefer tariffs, rentals and network coverage out of which the highest priority is the plan i.e. Monthly Rental and tariffs contributing 44% approx the total followed by Network Coverage with 22% weight age. [27]
  28. 28. What is the preference of customers on the basis of 17. network coverage? Local level 97 State level 101 National level 86 International Level 16 5% Local level 32% 29% State level National level 34% International Level Consumers in tri-city prefer plans where they prefer local tariffs than that of national roaming. This is the main reason why consumers prefer Idea in Punjab rather than Airtel or Vodafone. [28]
  29. 29. What is the preference of customers on 18. the basis of rentals? High rentals 74 Mid rentals 134 Lower rentals 92 High rentals 31% 25% Mid rentals 44% Lower rentals Consumers prefer mid rentals mostly because there they avail full calling value which is used mostly by employed and students whereas businessmen prefer high rental and corporate prefer low rentals. The chart explains the weight age shared by each. [29]
  30. 30. What is the preference of customers 19. while choosing tariff? CUG 55 Local calls 88 STD calls 70 ISD calls 25 Roaming 62 CUG 21% 18% Local calls 9% STD calls 29% ISD calls 23% Roaming As it is clear from the analysis that consumers prefer local calls or STD calls because it is best for businessmen and employed as well as local calls usage is more by students. [30]
  31. 31. What is the preference of customers 20. while choosing local tariff? On net 129 Other mobile 115 Landline 56 19% On net 43% Other mobile 38% Landline Students use plans where they prefer free airtime or calling value. Businessmen or corporate use plans where call rate to any mobile do not cost more. [31]
  32. 32. Where is the usage of STD calls 21. more? Northern India 174 Rest of the India 126 Northern India 42% 58% Rest of the India Plans mostly offered by service providers are such where call charges of STD numbers is cheap but local calls are quite expensive. Tata Indicom and Reliance offers best plans in the market when focus is on national plans or STD calls to specific service provider. [32]
  33. 33. What is the preference of customers when 22. they are travelling (i.e. roaming)? Lower Incoming rates 131 Lower Outgoing rates 169 Lower Incoming rates 44% 56% Lower Outgoing rates When consumers are on roaming, they prefer lower outgoing calls because as such incoming is only preferred by students or people went on vacation. [33]
  34. 34. What services customer prefer in their 23. post-paid connection? Missed call alert 81 Hello tunes 68 Call conference 76 Voice SMS 47 Others 28 Missed call alert 9% 27% Hello tunes 16% Call conference Voice SMS 25% 23% Others The working environment has changed a lot and so the needs of consumers. Therefore, call conference and missed call alerts are lot in demand. But a consumer expects less charge on such services. [34]
  35. 35. How many times have you called 24. customer care in last 3 months? 1-2 times 152 3-5 times 135 more than 5 times 13 4% 1-2 times 3-5 times 45% 51% more than 5 times Calling customer care is good at sometimes and bad when customer calls a lot many times for problems. At one time it is important because it helps company to realize what customers expect from them and what they think about the brand. But more calls to customer care also portraits a wrong impression in consumer’s mind about the brand and services. [35]
  36. 36. What is the preference of customers on the 25. basis of schemes and promos? Lucky draw 39 Free gift 86 Free connection 78 Add-on 97 13% Lucky draw 32% Free gift 29% Free connection 26% Add-on It’s consumer behaviour that they prefer a service where they can get some extra advantage or special discounts. That is why, free gift or add on packs are mostly preferred by consumers. [36]
  37. 37. What do you do when you receive promotional 26. scheme calls from your service provider? Disconnect it 117 Discard it 96 Hear it partially 70 Hear it completely 17 6% Disconnect it 23% 39% Discard it Hear it partially 32% Hear it completely The promotional calls made by service provider hardly convince consumers because they feel they are disturbing. So maximum number of respondents either disconnects such calls or discards them. [37]
  38. 38. 3.2 Perception about Airtel: 1. Rating of Airtel on various parameters by consumers: Coverage 61 Rental 55 Call charges 52 Roaming facilities 45 Schemes 25 Customer Care 52 Entry Cost 10 4% Coverage 17% 20% Rental Call charges 9% Roaming facilities 18% Schemes 15% Customer Care 17% Entry Cost According to consumers interacted, they think that Airtel is best known for its coverage, rentals or call tariffs and customer care service. To make stand in the market, it’s important to care for your customers and clients. [38]
  39. 39. 2. Consumer’s perception on Airtel advertisements: Very Well 176 Somewhat well 103 Undecided 19 Not at all 2 6% 1% Very Well Somewhat well 34% 59% Undecided Not at all It is very much clear from the data chart that Airtel advertisements catch attention and is liked by all which helps in brand visibility. [39]
  40. 40. 3. Order of media which influences consumers to select service provider: Electronic 79 Press 62 Radio 69 Internet 36 Handouts 54 Electronic 18% 26% Press 12% Radio 21% Internet 23% Handouts Advertisements which gains attention and visibility to brand is electronic and radio followed by press or newspaper by informing about company’s new ventures, business deals or events etc. [40]
  41. 41. 4. Consumers who wish to use Airtel in future: Yes 158 No 142 47% Yes No 53% According to the research done, consumers want to use Airtel as their service provider but some of them feel that the usage they are looking for is not supported by the service provider like: National plan etc. [41]
  42. 42. 3.3 Review of Airtel customers:  Ranking of factors considered by Airtel customers in order of preference:- Network Coverage Monthly Rental 9% 20% 17% Tariff (Call charges) 16% 13% Services (VAS) 11% 14% Roaming Facilities Customer Care Schemes & Promos Airtel customers mostly prefer Airtel because of its best coverage followed by courtesy, availability and resolution capability of customer care service. [42]
  43. 43.  Preference of Airtel customers on the basis of network coverage:- Local level 9% 34% 31% State level National level 26% International Level When considering network coverage, Airtel is known as India’s leading telecom company because of its presence all over the country and, therefore, this hold acts as major strength for the company. [43]
  44. 44.  Preference of Airtel customers on the basis of rentals:- 21% High rentals 35% Mid rentals 44% Lower rentals Airtel customers interacted for the study are those who are mostly using mid rental plans for their post-paid connection. So, according to analysis, the sales are mostly because of such plans. E.g. Airtel 325 plan. [44]
  45. 45.  Preference of Airtel customers while choosing tariff:- CUG 19% 17% Local calls 11% 31% STD calls 22% ISD calls Roaming As it is very much clear from the analysis that Airtel customers prefer tariffs related to local calls because the plans mostly used by the customers are mid rentals where the local tariff is the main focus along with special discounts. E.g. free minutes or free calls of certain value. [45]
  46. 46.  Preference of Airtel customers while choosing local tariff: On net 14% 48% 38% Other mobile Landline The data analyzed clearly shows the demand of Airtel brand in the market. Therefore, the plan demanded or preferred by the customers is one where the call rate should be reasonable and with free calling value to Airtel local numbers at least. [46]
  47. 47.  Services preferred by Airtel customers in their post- paid connection:- Missed call alert 24% 16% Hello tunes 10% 22% Call conference 28% Voice SMS Others (e.g. GPRS etc.) Respondents covered for the study are mostly businessmen, employed and students. The most common nature noticed is that they want instant facilities. So, demand for GPRS, Airtel live, call conference etc. is quite high with them. [47]
  48. 48.  Number of times approximately Airtel customers calls customer care in last 3 months:- 1-2 times 14% 27% 59% 3-5 times more than 5 times “CUSTOMER IS KING” and therefore it’s important to maintain good relations with the customers. It helps the company to improve more and gives them vision to look beyond customer’s expectation and provide them better services and facilities. [48]
  49. 49.  Preference of Airtel customers on the basis of schemes and promos:- lucky draw 28% 9% Free gift 40% 23% Free connection Add on Consumers mostly prefer enjoying free gifts with their mobile connection or they prefer an additional facility like free calling value to a family member. [49]
  50. 50.  Customers of other service providers who want to shift to Airtel: Vodafone 13% 30% 7% 5% Idea Tata 45% Indicom Reliance It is very much clear that customers of Airtel biggest competitors want to become a part of the company. But the usage of consumers may not be satisfied by the Airtel. [50]
  51. 51.  Airtel customers who want to shift to other service provider: - 0% Vodafone 10% 7% 45% Idea Tata Indicom 38% Reliance BSNL Many Airtel customers want to shift to other service provider. This may be because they are not satisfied from the service or they may be feeling that other service providers can fulfill their usage demand better. [51]
  52. 52. 4. FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS • According to the survey, Airtel Punjab is doing quite well providing their customers the best quality services. • The survey also shows that maximum numbers of the customers are satisfied from their mobile service provider as they are associated with them from more than one year. • The purchase behaviour depends upon various factors such as: NETWORK COVERAGE, MONTHLY RENTAL, TARIFFS, SERVICES, ROAMING FACILITIES, CUSTOMER CARE AND SCHEMES & PROMOTIONS / ADVERTISEMENTS. • Airtel provides the best network coverage in state and country as well. • But when it comes to monthly rentals or tariffs, Idea place its mark as it provides cheaper plans in comparison with Airtel and Vodafone. • Various value added services (VAS) are provided by all the service providers but still Airtel is known for best quality services. • When roaming is concerned, the biggest competitor of Airtel is Vodafone. Various special / discount packs /toppings are floated in market by the service providers especially focussing on national and international roaming. • Comparing customer service or schemes / promos, Vodafone is the better service provider than Airtel. • Consumers are well impressed and convinced from the advertisements broadcasted by Airtel, as advertisements provide Brand visibility. • Over all customers are satisfied from the plans, discount packs, services etc. provided by mobile service providers. [52]
  53. 53. 5. RECOMMENDATIONS • Airtel should bring up some plans with lower monthly rental with nominal call charges but with additional free minutes or free airtime of amount same as that of rental. • Plan targeting women population can be a profitable business. • Special facility should be provided at Airtel Relationship Centres (ARC), where customers can be guided about the advantages of post-paid connection over prepaid connection. • The demand of national, international, or STD plans is increasing with corporate as well as retail customer. • There should be no compromise on service and network facility. [53]
  54. 54. 6. LIMITATIONS • The research is limited to only 300 respondents covering the Tri-city (Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula) and nearby areas. • The study is based on only Post-paid consumers. • Comparison is done between the present leading mobile service providers of Punjab. • The leading service providers of Punjab are Idea, Airtel and Vodafone, therefore, concentration is on GSM. • This research is based on the present plans offered by all the service providers and can change the result obtained from the analyzed data. • The service provider is free to change their strategy any time, so this result is temporary generated from present portfolio of all the providers. [54]
  55. 55. 7. APPENDICES 7.1 ANALYSIS OF IDEA Ranking of factors considered by Idea customers in order of preference:- Preference of Idea customers on the basis of network coverage:- Preference of Idea customers on the basis of rentals:- [55]
  56. 56. Preference of Idea customers while choosing tariff:- Preference of Idea customers while choosing local tariff:- The usage of STD calls by Idea customers is more in:- [56]
  57. 57. Preference of Idea customers when they are travelling (i.e. roaming):- Services preferred by Idea customers in their post-paid connection:- Number of times approximately Idea customers calls customer care in last 3 months:- Preference of Idea customers on the basis of schemes and promos:- [57]
  58. 58. INTREPRETATION:-After analyzing the above mentioned charts, it is clear that Idea’s main focus is plan i.e. rental and tariff. The company’s strategy is to focus more on retail customers by floating plans like low rental with nominal call value or mid rental with full calling value and also providing free talk-time or free airtime for the same value as that of rental. 7.2 ANALYSIS OF VODAFONE Ranking of factors considered by Vodafone customers in order of preference:- Preference of Vodafone customers on the basis of network coverage:- [58]
  59. 59. Preference of Vodafone customers on the basis of rentals:- Preference of Vodafone customers while choosing tariff:- Preference of Vodafone customers while choosing local tariff:- [59]
  60. 60. The usage of STD calls by Vodafone customers is more in:- Preference of Vodafone customers when they are travelling (i.e. roaming):- Services preferred by Vodafone customers in their post-paid connection:- [60]
  61. 61. Number of times approximately Vodafone customers calls customer care in last 3 months:- Preference of Vodafone customers on the basis of schemes and promos:- INTERPRETATION: - From the above charts, the resultant is that Vodafone is best known its services and customer care facility. Vodafone gives tough competition to other service providers when corporate plans are concerned and now their prime focus are network coverage and retail customers. 8. SWOT ANALYSIS [61]
  62. 62. SWOT analysis is important for this project because it will help to compare the strategies followed by the service providers. As you know, this project is to understand post-paid consumer’s purchase psychology, so it’s very important to compare the plans floated by various service providers. Airtel has maximum market share as shown below but when only post-paid connections are concerned (in Punjab) then Idea stands at first place, Airtel at second and Vodafone at third place. The reasons are explained in SWOT of all 3 providers. Group Company wise % market share - June'2009 Name of Company Total Sub Figures % Market Share Bharti Airtel 102367881 32.42% Vodafone Essar 76449598 24.21% BSNL 49073929 15.54% IDEA 47088878 14.91% Aircel 21798731 6.90% Reliance Telecom 12401101 3.93% MTNL 4297218 1.36% Loop Mobile 2305640 0.73% All India 315782976 100.00% STRENGTHS [62]
  64. 64. THREATS [64]
  65. 65. 9. BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS:- • Marketing Research – G. C. Beri • Research Methodology – C.R Kothari • Principles of Marketing – Philip Kotler WEB REFERENCES:- • • • • aid/ • • • _nfpb=true&_pageLabel=IDEA_Page_ContentPostpaid • [65]
  66. 66. 10. QUESTIONNAIRE Full Name: _____________________________ Mobile No: - _____________________________ Sex: □ Male □ Female Occupation: □ Student □ Job □ Business □ Housewife □ Retired □ Unemployed Monthly Income: □ < Rs 15,000 □ Rs 15,001 – Rs 30,000 □ Rs 30,001 – Rs 45,000 □ > Rs 45,001 Details: 1. How many mobile connections do you have? □1 □2 □3 □ more than 3 2. Which type of connection you are using? □ Pre-paid □ Post-paid □ Both 3. Which service provider you are currently using? □ Airtel □ Vodafone □ Idea □ Tata Indicom □ Reliance □ BSNL □ Others 4. You are using your connection since: □ 0 – 3 months □ 3 – 6 months □ 6 – 12 months □ >12 months 5. Which present plan you are currently using on your post-paid connection? ______________________________________________________________________ 6. How much is the monthly expenses on mobile connection you are using? □ < Rs 150 □ Rs 150 – Rs 350 □ Rs 350 – Rs 500 □ > Rs 500 7. How many minutes do you use per month? □ < 200 □ 201 – 400 □ 401 – 600 □ >600 8. How many text messages do you send? □ < 25 □ 26 – 50 □ 51 – 100 □ >100 [66]
  67. 67. 9. Which feature of your service provider forced you to use it? □ Advertisements □ Connectivity □ Schemes □ Goodwill 10. What all services you use in your post-paid connection? □ CLIP □ Roaming □ Missed call alert □ Call conference □ GPRS □ ISD □ others ______________________ 11. Do you think you are spending more on your mobile bill according to your usage? □ Yes □ No 12. Is advertisement the reason to choose any service provider? □ Yes □No 13. Which type of advertisement mostly influenced you to choose the service provider? □ Audio – visual □ Print □ Audio 14. From which source was your decision to buy post-paid connection influenced? □ Newspaper Ad □ TV Ad □ Existing User □ Reference 15. If you are permitted to retain your current mobile phone number that you have, would you change your current mobile phone service provider? □ Yes □ No 16. If yes, which brand will you prefer? □ Airtel □ Vodafone □ Idea □ Tata Indicom □ Reliance □ BSNL □ others ______________________ 17. Rank the following on the basis of pricing (priority): PARAMETERS RANK Airtel Vodafone Idea Reliance Tata Indicom BSNL 18. While making purchase decisions, what are the factors you considered in order of preference: Parameter Rank Network Coverage Monthly Rental Tariff Services (VAS) [67]
  68. 68. Roaming facilities Customer care Schemes & Promos / Advertisement 19. What is your preferred ranking on the basis of network coverage? Parameter Rank Local level State level National level International Level 20. What will be your preferred ranking on the basis of rentals? Parameter Rank High rental with lower call rates Mid rental with full calling value Low rental with nominal calling value 21. What is your order of preference while choosing tariff? Parameter Rank CUG Local calls STD calls ISD calls Roaming 22. What is your order of preference while choosing Local tariff? Parameter Rank On net (Same operator) Other mobile Landline 23. Where is your usage of STD calls more? □ Northern India □ Rest of the India 24. What will be your preferred ranking when you are travelling (i.e. roaming)? Parameter Rank Lower incoming rates Lower outgoing rates [68]
  69. 69. 25. What services will you prefer in your post-paid connection? □ Missed call alert □ Hello tunes □ Call conference □ Voice SMS □ others _____________________ 26. How will you rate customer care service on the basis of the following: PARAMETER EXCELLENT V. GOOD AVERAGE FAIR POOR Wait time Availability Resolution Courtesy 27. How many times have you called customer care in last 3 months? □ 1 – 2 times □ 3 – 5 times □ more than 5 times 28. What will be your preferred ranking on the basis of schemes and promos? PARAMETER RANK Lucky draw Free Gift with every new connection Free Connection (No Activation charges) Add on (e.g. free calling to a family member) 29. What you do when you receive promotional scheme calls from your provider? □ Disconnect it □ Discard it □ Hear it partially □ Hear it completely 30. Do you get convinced from these calls? □ Yes □ No 31. Do you think these calls are often disturbing? □ Yes □ No 32. Describe the order of SMS usage on your connection. PARAMETER RANK Mostly Local Mostly STD Both 33. What rating will you prefer to AIRTEL services on various parameters: PARAMETER EXCELLENT V. GOOD AVERAGE FAIR POOR Coverage Rental [69]
  70. 70. Call charges Roaming facilities Schemes Customer care Entry cost 34. How well did advertisement of AIRTEL catch your attention? □ Very well □ somewhat well □ Undecided □ Not at all 35. Which order of media influenced you to select the service provider? PARAMETER RANK Electronic Press Radio Internet Handouts 36. In future do you wish to buy AIRTEL post-paid? □ Yes □ No 37. Any special comments or suggestions for AIRTEL: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Date:- Place:- Signature:- [70]