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EIVA Brochure


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Eiva Brochure

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EIVA Brochure

  1. 1. Solutions for a blue planet
  2. 2. Rental 24/7 support Training Software Integrated system solutions Equipment Optimising the businesses of offshore and shallow water professionals with sustainability as our beacon The world is seeing a steady increase in operations at sea in the energy, construction and science industries. This increase brings with it a need for solutions that will streamline the operations of organisations specialising in the opportunities offered by a ‘blue planet’, as well as ensure that these opportunities do not come at the expense of the environment.
  3. 3. Whatever you need ... we make sure you’re fully equipped International provider of high-end equipment and software for virtually any offshore and shallow water application More than 35 years’ experience in the offshore and shallow water industry In-house, experienced staff of software and hardware engineers, surveyors and technicians A partner you can trust OIL & GAS • Site surveys • Rig installation • Pipeline inspection • Rig move and decommissioning • IMR surface and subsea positioning • Rig safety OFFSHORE WIND • Wave and current measurements • Site surveys • UXO surveys • Installation vessel positioning • Template and foundation installation • Cable lay • Cable inspection • Scour monitoring CONSTRUCTION • Site surveys • Dredging, excavation and reclamation • Wave/current/water quality monitoring • Jack-up barge positioning/monitoring • Element positioning • Structure inspection • Scour monitoring OCEANOGRAPHY • Wave and current measurements • Environmental sampling • Geological surveys • Environmental hazard monitoring • Waste water monitoring • Ocean studies HYDROGRAPHY • Seabed mapping • Shallow water surveys • Waterway surveys • Harbour surveys Courtesy of A2SEA A/S • Mine counter measure (MCM) • Hazard route surveys • Waterway and coastal security • Search and recovery operations DEFENCE AND SECURITY
  4. 4. Multi-beam surveys and seabed mapping Shallow water surveys – NaviSuite Kuda Side-scan surveys Permanent monitoring − NaviSuite Edulis Subsea positioningStructure and harbour inspection Pipeline and cable route inspection – NaviSuite Nardoa Courtesy of Statoil and DOF Subsea Water column monitoring Courtesy of Fugro Chance Inc. Advanced software ... making data headway Cable lay Dredging – NaviSuite Uca Offshore and shallow water construction – NaviSuite Pelta Rig move and anchor handling – NaviSuite Beka NaviSuite
  5. 5. Acquisition Post-processing Raw data Interfacing Planning Navigation Recording Quality control Time tagging Positioning Cleaning Validation Modelling Analysis Reporting Metadata Geodesy Processed data Optional number and location of surveyors working with the data at the same time 2D 3D 4D GIS Non-sequential workflow revolving around raw data NaviPac Navigation and positioning NaviScan Sonar data acquisition NaviEdit Survey data editing NaviModel 4D modelling and visualisation NaviPlot Chart production
  6. 6. NaviSuite Nardoa Advanced pipeline & cable route inspection ... with 3D functionalities Online surveyors (On board) Optional number and location of surveyors working with the data Offline surveyors (On shore) Courtesy of Statoil and DOF Subsea On-shore servers Sonars NaviSuite Edulis Automatic 3D scour monitoring 24/7 ... all year round Courtesy of Statoil and DOF Subsea
  7. 7. Real-time 3D view of operation ... and with a cable lay option Cable and vessel route planning Real-time cable lay monitoring NaviSuite Beka Efficient anchor handling operations ... with advanced catenary simulation
  8. 8. Barge position sensor Leg position sensors Crane position sensors Air gap radar Element motion sensor Total station NaviSuite Pelta High-precision construction operations … available with all relevant sensors LiDAR Combine several data types during acquisition and post-processing NaviSuite Kuda Deep feature list for shallow water surveys ... matching the budget of small companies
  9. 9. Authorised representative of any type of equipment from the strongest manufacturers in the industry Wide equipment portfolio ... riding the newest waves of technology Innovative solutions based on an R&D process with high customer involvement Single pieces of equipment or complete system solutions installed and commissioned on site Standard products or one-off tailored solutions offering a perfect match for your needs
  10. 10. ScanFish III Affordable & flexible ROTV range ... with the possibility of tailored solutions ScanFish III models ScanFish Katria Intelligent wide-sweep ROTV for magnetometer surveys ScanFish Rocio Multi-purpose ROTV for oceanographic surveys ScanFish Konia Cost-effective ROTV for sound velocity profiling ScanFish Tropheus High-speed ROTV for UXO operations Control the position of your sensors in the water column via the terrain-following and full water-column operation modes
  11. 11. ToughBoy Panchax Wave buoy with lowest possible total cost of ownership Competitive purchase price together with low service and communications costs State-of-the-art, integrated ADCP and thoroughly-tested, advanced wave sensor From harbour monitoring, subsea engineering pre-surveys to wave energy studies and any type of wave and current measurement surveys in between Monitoring/ overview Client web access EIVA server GSM/GPRS UHF GPS Iridium ToughBoy Panchax ... cutting costs without compromising data quality
  12. 12. Renting ... could be your most profitable buy Try before you buy Long list of solutions to choose from, covering software, hardware and system solutions – basically everything you see in this brochure, including technical assistance We do not rest until you've set sail with the optimal solution We're ready to help 24/7 ... if the wind is taken out of your sails 24/7 hardware and software support, all year round, by a dedicated team operating from Europe, the US and Asia. Qualified team of surveyors, technicians and engineers who know the drill On- or off-site assistance for mobilisation and as part of a project, depending on your needs
  13. 13. ... and eLearning,  teaching you the ropes Upgrade your skills whenever and wherever you want through an annual subscription Track and document learning progress and achievements Get your crew on board at a reduced price via a corporate account Software classroom training courses Maximum benefit from your software Standardised and tailored classroom training throughout the world – also at your premises Experienced instructors and international network of strategic training partners
  14. 14. Headquartered in Denmark Founded in 1978 Privately owned In-house R&D department and training course facilities Financially strong ISO 9001-certified Want to further explore the EIVA sea? Visit or call us at +45 8628 2011 EIVA offices EIVA representatives EIVA support offices
  15. 15. T +45 8628 2011 • • eiva.comVersion3.02016