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Robotics in Finance - What it is and will it effect me?


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Robotics - has met a lot of scepticism in the past especially Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Its novelty on the market and the missing case studies and real-life examples were lead to a generally believe that RPA is just another automation strategy by Software vendors or your IT Department with benefits to good to be true.

The truth is that at this moment only roughly 40% of business use RPA and not many of those have real strategies in place to leverage the power and potential of RPA for their business model or services. This leaves half of the market place to be conquered by PMs who understand the benefits and the potential of RPA to significantly save cost and generate operational benefits for your organisations.

What you will learn:


Main Question: Will Robots steal my Job?
What is Robotics RPA and why should I care (as a PM)?
What does the robot need to work
Limitation of the Robot?
Two relevant Business Cases which will cover:
The motivation for RPA
Which objectives were achieved?
Which goals weren't?
Lessons Learned
Relevance for project managers?

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