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Laboratory incubator incucell 55 R

informasi spesifikasi laboratory incubator Incucell 55R dari MMM, German

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Laboratory incubator incucell 55 R

  1. 1. Laboratory IncubatorIncucell 55 R
  2. 2. Sourcing : Yakinkah anda mendapatkan Inkubator Laboratorium Mikrobiologi Yang paling Kompetitif ?
  3. 3. Manufacturer / Pabrikan Manufacturer / Pabrikan Munchen ,,German Munchen
  4. 4.
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  6. 6. Feature dan Spesifikasi Feature dan SpesifikasiNatural, precise – laboratory incubator55 –liter chamber volumeWorking temperature from +5 C overambient temperature up to 70 C /99.9C
  7. 7. Feature dan Spesifikasi Feature dan SpesifikasiNoiseless Operation and fine air flow in thechamber.High operation comfort, precise temperatureregulation and short time oftemperature recovery in the chamberafter the door opening
  8. 8. Feature dan Spesifikasi Feature dan Spesifikasi High quality and safe drying, heating and tempering of common laboratory materials in laboratories and industry; suitable for safe processing of microbiological cultures
  9. 9. Feature dan Spesifikasi Feature dan SpesifikasiStandar model with a Fuzzy-Logicmicroprocessor control system; controlelements situated on a foil keyboard, processinformation indicated on a LED Display
  10. 10. Feature dan Spesifikasi Feature dan Spesifikasi Wide range of optional equipment and accessories Output for a printer or PC connection Validation possibility ( Installation Qualification , Operational Qualification )
  11. 11. Technical Data Technical DataInterior od Stailess Steel material No. 1.4303Weight : Gross 66 Kg, Net 55 KgInternal dimentionDepth 370 mm, height 350 mm, width 400 mmExternal DimentionDepth 640 mm, Height 680 mm, width 620 mmElectricity – mains 50/60 Hz, 230 V
  12. 12. Untuk Informasi Harga dan alatUntuk Informasi Harga dan alat laboratorium lainnya : : laboratorium lainnya 0852-6727-7949 Alat2lab