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Trends that will shape mobile app development in 2018


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Go through the document and find out the latest Trends that will shape Mobile App Development In 2018.

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Trends that will shape mobile app development in 2018

  1. 1. Mobile App Development hacks for Everyone The stand of Mobile App Market By the year 2020, with the help of App advertising and stores, Apps are speculated to generate revenue of around 189 billion dollars, creating a great opportunity for a Mobile App Development Company to capitalize on. So, yes the Mobile App market is undoubtedly booming and that too at an unprecedented rate. Today, people spend most of their online time not on browsers but, Apps. So, it is evident that the preference of the users is changing with changing technology and thus, the trends shaping Mobile App Development are also evolving with time. Mobile App Development Trends of 2018 2018 waits to become another successful year in terms of the App economy. The Mobile App Development Services are simultaneously waiting to profit from it. But, for that, the companies need to be updated on the latest Mobile App Development trends that are going to rule this year. This is crucial because today, mobile has become a mainstream channel that companies across industry rely on to reach more and more audience and boost their existing revenue.
  2. 2. Android App Development Companies in USA need to be at par with the consistent emergence of the new trends. The cutting-edge tools and techniques have to be embraced for companies to be at the top of the game. Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI will play a massive role in Mobile App Development in 2018 and beyond. AI in the mobile space is being bet on hugely by the industry giants. For instance, with AI implementation Apps like Mobile Apps will get smarter and easily determine the kind of music that the users prefer during a certain time of the day by connecting the recognized patterns in artist, style, genre, and tempo of the music. Other Mobile Apps will also experience a boost in their capabilities. The powerful insights that were earlier inaccessible to businesses will now be provided by AI. This has led the big shots like Facebook and Google to invest in hiring iOS App Developers who are AI experts. Internet of Things (IoT): All IoT solutions requires a dedicated application that will allow users to manage their smart devices. Thus, IoT will evidently shape the trends of Mobile App Development. The iPhone App Development Company needs to take note of that. By default, the Internet of Things is usually innovative and is often needed to be integrated with niche services and devices. The smart home technology is at a rise this year. The developers need to integrate backend infrastructure and
  3. 3. complex mobile platforms for a unified experience by sharing of data between all devices. Virtual Reality (AR) & Augmented Reality (AR): Both of these are not new to the Mobile App Development trends. Their use has been particularly revolutionary in the entertainment & gaming industries. Consumers can be highly influenced to engage in meaningful ways. Such is the potential of AR technology and many famed games like Sky Siege, Pokemon Go etc stand proof of it. Mobile App Security: Smartphones house a huge amount of personal data. No wonder there’s a need for Mobile App security. Thus, more and more Mobile App Development Companies will adopt this trend to deliver better user experience with advanced security features. For enquiries and details, contact SynLogics Inc Website: Email: Phone: +1 (302) 440 0387