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Micro strategy rest api setup guide


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How to setup MicroStrategy Rest API in the local Environment for use to fetch the JSON directly from MicroStrategy Intelligence Server and Integrate Third Party Applications

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Micro strategy rest api setup guide

  1. 1. MICROSTRATEGY REST API Setup and user guide By @Abhishek Mallick
  2. 2. CONTENT • Setup MicroStrategy Rest API • Connect the Rest API • Use the Rest API
  3. 3. SETUP MICROSTRATEGY REST API Requirement • Need Java installed in the machine and environment setup • MicroStrategy Intelligence server 10.4 and greater • MicroStrategy Rest API download with same version as Intelligence server Configuration • Download the MicroStrategy Rest API and Unzip in a drive • Go to the configconfig.yaml in the extracted folder • Make changes as per the requirement and follow the link for changes: click here
  4. 4. CONNECT THE REST API • By default no changes are needed • Now just run the start-api-server.bat/ (.bat in windows/.sh in linux) • Open the browser and put the in syntax as <protocol>://<server-ip>:<api-listening-port>/json-data-api/ • <protocol> is either http or https • <server-ip> is the ip-address of the server with the API • <api-listening-port> is the port address from the config.yaml set for http or https
  5. 5. CONNECT THE REST API Screenshot from browser (the look may change as per your version)
  6. 6. USE THE REST API • Expand the “Session API” • Expand the “Create new Session” • Fill the details asked like: • X-IServerName (it is the intelligence server Name/IP(depends on API version and support)) • X-Port (it is the intelligence server port default is 34952) • X-ProjectName (a project name) • X-Username (username used to access MicroStrategy) • X-Password (password used to access MicroStrategy) • X-AuthMode (Standard Authentication mode = 1, LDAP Authentication Mode = 16) • Click “Try it out!” • This is generate you the “authToken” which will be used further
  7. 7. USE THE REST API • Expand the “Cube API”, “Dataset API”, “Report API” as per need • Expand the Sub-parts as per data requirement • Fill the details asked like: • X-MSTR-AuthToken (is the token generated while creating session) • Click “Try it out!” • This will give you desired output
  8. 8. THANK YOU