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Young Glory January "Wikipedia"


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January entry for Young Glory 'Wikipedia"

Published in: Business, Education, Technology
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Young Glory January "Wikipedia"

  1. 1. Young GloryRound 4“Wikipedia”Give us an inch, and we’ll give you milesATJC
  2. 2. Wikipedia has the potential to be a greatresearch tool for students. However, because anyone can write and edit an article, Wikipedia cannot be used as an academic source.
  3. 3. But some students use Wikipedia as a starting point, and will attempt to find the sources used in the article.
  4. 4. The problem is that the majority of thesesources are not free, and even if a student’s university subscribes to online journaldatabases, many sources are still difficult to find.
  5. 5. Wikipedia will create an extensive online database consisting of the most popular academic journals. Students will be able to search and read full journals on a range ofsubjects, and Wikipedia articles will have links to the appropriate sources.
  6. 6. We can fund this new service as well as the main Wikipedia project by targeting the heads of universities and other places of tertiary education.
  7. 7. Some universities spend more than $20 million a year on their sports teams. So why not use some of this money instead to benefit all of their students?
  8. 8. Give us an inch, and we’ll give you miles.
  9. 9. By donating to Wikipedia everysemester, tertiary institutions will be helpingout their own students by allowing Wikipediato provide them with a near-endless amount of knowledge.
  10. 10. To coincide with the campaign, annual funruns will be organised at select campuses. Students are encourage to dress up as a person or character from their favourite Wikipedia page.
  11. 11. Photos will be uploaded online, and students can compete with other institutions for prizes.The events will be held to gain support from the community and to promote the campaign.
  12. 12. This idea would transform Wikipedia into an effective and simplified way for students to excel in their studies.The benefits received by students would far outweigh the contributions of their tertiary institutions.