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Oer slides fall 2013


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Oer slides fall 2013

  1. 1. By Wayne S
  2. 2. • Affordability/student cost-savings in face of ever rising textbook costs • Wide access to educational/classroom resources form a wide variety of HE Institutions such as: MIT, Univ. Cal Berkeley, Yale, Stanford, etc. • Opportunity to share best practices globally
  3. 3. • Assurance to Users of Quality (even accuracy, and legitimacy) • What Does the Future Hold for OER? (Uncertainty) • Public and HE Establishment not too familiar with OER, and how to best find/use resources • One you choose to utilize CC License you can’t revoke/change • Finding/locating the OER resources is time consuming and often challenging
  4. 4. • • open-educational-resources-have-not-noticeably-affected- higher-education-and-why-we-should-ca • fg •