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The CFAI has organised a Guinness World Record Attempt for consecutive penalties for Feb 2012.

This presentation provides some basic information for prospective event sponsors for the event.

For more information, visit http://www.charitypenaltykick.org

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Sponsors Presentation

  2. 2. Contents• Background• Objectives• Sponsorship and Funding the Event• Format• Organising Committee• Charity
  3. 3. Background• Established in 1972, the College Football Association of Ireland is the largest third level football representative body with over 40 member colleges• Teams currently compete in the Colleges & Universities Football League (CUFL), the Umbro Cup and the Bob Eustace Cup competitions.• The current record for “Most Consecutive Soccer Penalty Kicks” was set by the MLS on the 25th July 2011 in New York. David Beckham was one of the 742 penalty takers which set the Guinness Record.• In order to mark the 40th anniversary of the association, the CFAI want to smash this record with a minimum of 1,000 penalty takers as part of a charity event.
  4. 4. Objectives of Event• Raise money for charity – Link with College Student Unions which regularly involve themselves in charity fund raisers – I propose linking the event with the charity “Sari” and the Children’s Hospital in Tallaght• Raise the awareness and profile of the CFAI, IT Tallaght, Tallaght Stadium and Sari – Aim to get full media coverage and promotion of the event – Celebrity Goalkeepers and Penalty Takers• Offer a football event– however small and minor to all students, not just the elite players of each college• Offer a CFAI competition – Ultimate Penalty Taker to crown a champion
  5. 5. Sponsorship• The aim of the event is to raise money for charity but the event will incur costs and therefore sponsorship will be required for the event• We are looking for a major event sponsor who alongside the CFAI will receive major billing for the event i.e. Your Company/Brand Name – Charity Penalty Challenge etc.• We are working with Magnum Events to ensure the event is organised and executed in a professional manner.• 98FM will be broadcasting live from Tallaght Stadium for the duration of the run which will mean a full day’s radio promotion for your company/brand.• As the event is in aid of charity, association with the event will attract a lot of positive publicity for your brand/company
  6. 6. SponsorshipEvent Sponsor• We are aiming to have several celebrities involved in the activity combined with radio and television coverage this should mean excellent publicity and airtime for both the event and your brand.• A large portable screen has been hired for the day which will permanently display the main event sponsor’s name at the top.• The event sponsors name will be included in all press releases, radio interviews and event programmes etc.• While this may be short notice, the Republic of Ireland’s qualification for Euro 2012 represents an opportunity to create a buzz around soccer in a similar way to Italia 90 etc.• We are hoping that the major event sponsor can contribute €5,000
  7. 7. Tallaght Stadium GATE to 2nd Pitch East Exit StandB. Penalty as part of Record Attempt1. Players receive a ball in groups of C. Main Pitch 10 1. Potentially colleges international2. Each group will match during course of the day South take penalty 2. Ireland v Wales 3. Otherwise to be kept clear Stand against the same goalkeeper3. A referee and an official from Guinness will be present to record each penalty Warm Up Area A. Registration 1. Players will register to take a penalty kick outside stadium Exit 2. They will wait in the stands to be called into their group to Main take kick Stand
  8. 8. Warm-Up Pitch B. Mini Goal Challenge • Members of public need to score five out of five goals to winA. ULTIMATE PENALTY TAKER• Sudden Death Penalty Shoot Out C. Cross Bar Challenge • Members of public can attempt to hit the crossbar for a prize and t-shirtExit GATE main stadium
  9. 9. Format1. Registration – Players to register at a registration desk located at main stadium. – Event is open to all but third level students actively encouraged to participate – players will enter a draw for raffle prizes. – Players will be given a number at registration which will determine their Grouping – Cash or Money Raised should be paid over at this point into a turnstile or secure location – Players will then move to the stands to watch competition and also wait to be called into their groups – Penalties will be taken off the main pitch but still in view of the stands, this area will be referred to as the ‘Penalty Zone’ – Volunteers will be required to man the registration desk, relay information from registration desk to the penalty zone, ensure players stay in the stand until called and then to call out the next group
  10. 10. Format2. Penalty Kicks – World Record Attempt – Players will be called from stand into groups of ten, they will be provided with footballs (by ball boys or the keepers not currently in goal) – Players in each group will take a penalty against the same keeper – A referee, a volunteer and a representative from Guinness will be present to record the number of penalties being taken – At the very least, it is hoped to get a celebrity to take the 1st, 743rd and the 1,000 penalties – After taking a penalty, individuals can exit or proceed through to a secondary area for more activities (to be confirmed)
  11. 11. Format3. Goalkeepers – 10 Goalkeepers selected from member colleges will serve as the main goalkeeping force for the record attempt – The 10 Keepers will be divided into two shifts of 5 Keepers – A roster will be set out for the keepers and their roles will involve • Goalkeeping • Ball Retrieval for Groups (Max 4) – If possible, a celebrity to act as a goalkeeper for a group will be sought – The group will exit the pitch before another group is allowed on.
  12. 12. FundraisingFund Raising Ideas• Corporate Donations – Seek donations from companies and businesses• Raffles – Look for prizes and donations to be included in raffles – Raffle tickets available• CFAI Ultimate Penalty Taker – CFAI event, two penalty takers sent by each college to participate Target: €20,000
  13. 13. Organising CommitteeOrganising Committee• A separate organising committee to be formed comprised of at least – 2-3 members of the CFAI committee – 1 member of Sari – 2 members of IT Tallaght (Staff and Student Union) – Event Manager
  14. 14. Dates• February 15th 2012- Provisional – Availability of a venue – Time to organise event – Submission to Guinness for World Record – Link to Rag Week dates of IT Tallaght
  15. 15. Participants• The event is already part of the IT Tallaght Rag Week, it is hoped mini buses will be running a shuttle service between the Stadium, the Square and IT Tallaght• Primary Schools will be sending students by minibus/coach during the mornings• While the event will fall on the mid term break for secondary schools, it is hoped that local teenagers will attend the event and register online
  16. 16. Rough Estimate TimetableTime Penalties Goalkeepers08.30 -09.30am 120 Shift A09.30 -10.30am 120 (240) Shift A10.30 -11.30pm 120 (360) Shift A11.30- 12.30pm 120 (480) Shift A12.30- 01.30pm 120 (600) Shift A01.30- 02.30pm 120 (720) Shift B02.30- 03.30pm 120 (840) * Shift B03.30- 04.30pm 120 (960) Shift B04.30- 05.30pm 40 (1,000) Shift B
  17. 17. THANK YOU FOR READINGhttp://www.charitypenaltykick.org