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Wrapping Up and Next Steps¶


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Presentation by Marion Devouassoux, CERN

Published in: Software
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Wrapping Up and Next Steps¶

  1. 1. Wrapping Up and Next Steps Marion Devouassoux Project Analyst CERN IT Department
  2. 2. Feedback 05/06/2019 2
  3. 3. Project Timeline 05/06/2019 Tender Procedure and Requirements 3 We are here
  4. 4. What should you do next? Get additional knowledge on the project and the requirements: Check out the Technical Summaries of the deployment scenarios - Publication date: 10 June Accustom yourself with the Draft Tender Documents Comment on the Draft Tender Documents – Deadline: 14 June Help the ARCHIVER Team getting to know your company’s state-of-the-art solution(s): Send your Webinar to the ARCHIVER Team - Deadline: 21 June Prepare for submitting your bid: Build your consortium Create a lightweight account in the CERN’s e-tendering platform Attend the Bidders’ information session - November Submit your bid - Deadline Early December 05/06/2019 4
  5. 5. Build your Consortium 05/06/2019 5 Area dedicated to ARCHIVER => Exchange with companies interested in bidding for the ARCHIVER tender • Free of Charge • Not mandatory Crowdhelix = a networking platform
  6. 6. Send your recorded webinar 05/06/2019 6 The Project Team encourages potential bidders to send recorded webinar By email to Deadline: 21st June No live webinar Duration: 40 min Topic: which layer(s) your solution(s) addresses and how? Webinars will be: Shared with the ARCHIVER team Published on the ARCHIVER website
  7. 7. Early Adopters Programme Objective: Encourage wide deployment of solutions developed during the project National libraries, Digital Repositories, Universities… 05/06/2019 7 Key Benefits: Be consulted for feedback on the tender documents before publication Access R&D materials produced by the contractors Access the services during the pilot phase for testing purposes Expressions of interest received so far: SURFsara Jisc Awaiting confirmation from 8 additional organisations Next steps: Information webinar – End of June Deadline for expression of interest: 30th June For more information: Leaflet Webpage: adopters-programme Email to be added to the relevant mailing list Early Adopters will be listed on the Request for Tender
  8. 8. Stay up-to-date ! Mailing list Want to add a contact? Email 05/06/2019 ARCHIVER Open Market Consultation 8 ARCHIVER website: Request for tender will be published on this website Check our FAQ: Submit additional questions via the website
  9. 9. Thank you for your participation in the ARCHIVER Open Market Consultation