Part 4: Open Call Step by Step

Oct. 29, 2018

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Part 4: Open Call Step by Step

  1. Open Call How to proceed
  2. Proposal writing Use template to fill in proposal Get support from L4MS to get partners Ask for feedback prior to submission Submit proposal before 30th of November. Consortium building Create a consortium of 2 or max 3 partners: (Manufacturing SMEs) + (other type of partner) Max funding per project is 250K Max funding per partner is 100K 1st stage (2 M): 3k 2nd stage (6 M) up to 247k 3rd stage (3 M) potential VC Opportunity recognition SMEs Support design & testing of automated logistics systems System Integrator: Simulations and OPIL facilitate IT implementation AGV manufacturer: OPIL as standard for connecting to factory IT infrastructure IT providers: New easy to market software functionalities for factories How to proceed? * * Funding up to €250,000 per consortium (up to €100,000 per party. Please note that Funding will not be awarded to individual legal entities that have already received more than 100,000 Euro via open calls (FSTP) from H2020 I4MS and SAE projects)
  3. L4MS: The timeline STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 Scale up boot camp Business support Technical execution Mentoring Loans... VCs investment Championship boot camp Technical and business proposal Match-making 2 months 8 months 11 months
  4. Open Call Eligibility Criteria
  5. Type of beneficiaries • Combinations of: • Manufacturing SMEs or MID CAPS • System Integrators(ICT or Manufacturing equipment) • Technology supplier or AGV Manufacturer • Research organization (CC, DIH, University) • Consortia applications: • Submitted by any of these entities • At least one manufacturing SMEs included • Individual applications: • Submitted by any entity • L4MS organizes brokerage services to create consortia Max 3 partners & at least 1 SME! Single submission per entity!
  6. Eligible countries • EU members • Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) linked to the Member States of the European Union • Countries Associated to Horizon 2020
  7. Funding specifications • Funding up to €250,000 per consortium - up to €100,000 per party • Funding not awarded to individual legal entities that have already received more than 100,000 Euro via open calls (FSTP) from H2020 I4MS and SAE projects) • No separate file with budget estimations is required • What we require is information about: • Resources to be used (demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of the resources assigned in order to get the objectives/deliverables proposed. • Please include the information about the requested amount of support from L4MS in Euros • The proposals should make an overall estimation of the project costs considering: • Personnel • Other costs: travel, equipment, other goods and services.
  8. What you CAN´T fund • The same cost twice (i.e. was previously funded with another EU project) • Cost that are not related to the project • For companies: Hardware, e.g. mobile robots or Automated Guided Vehicles • See also L4MS Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Other criteria • Show that planning and/or executions costs are reduced • Show alignment with L4MS objectives • Most ambitious projects will get funded • Language shall be English • Mandatory to submit the applications online at (not via email)
  10. Open Call The proposal
  11. 1. 2. FAQ, Guide for applicants Where to begin…
  12. Parts of the proposal 1. Excellence 2. Impact 3. Implementation 4. List of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 5. Appendix
  13. Part 1: Excellence Max 3 pages • Explain your logistic challenge • Address how OPIL and 3D simulations can solve it • Explain how will this make your organization more innovative than others by implementing this • Convince that you can produce tangible results • Explain how you plan to validate the project
  14. Part 2: Impact Max 2 pages • For your company: • Analyze market opportunity • Explain impact of project on your business model • Describe how it improves your position in the sector • Improve your EU networking • For the L4MS project: • How will this affect L4MS objectives • Will it help develop new functionalities?
  15. Part 3: Implementation Max 4 pages • Working plan: • List and timing of tasks • Deliverables • Milestones • Risks and mitigation plans • Team: • Members of project and roles • Profiles • Resource distribution: • Demonstrate that distribution is most adequate • Exploitation: • Expected collaboration with L4MS partners • How to scale up results
  16. Part 4: Key Performance Indicators Max ½ pages • Which KPI will be addressed • How much is expected to improve them individually • What is the impact of improving them for the organization
  17. Part 5: Appendix Max ½ pages Transversal issues •Try to determine if the project will: • Have a social impact • Reduce carbon emissions • Improve the environment • Improve safety of workers • Improve relations with suppliers/clients
  18. APPLY TODAY at! Send your proposal using this link! Deadline 30th November 12:00 CET Will it take too long? NO! Just 10 pages, fully online Do you need help? Just send your questions at
  19. L4MS network H2020 Innovation Action - This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 767642 Project Coordinator @L4MS_Eu L4MS @L4MS_Eu L4MS Twitter: @L4MS_Eu Linkedin: L4MS Slideshare: Youtube: L4 MS
  20. Thank you! @L4MS_Eu L4MS