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Wrapping up and_next_steps_stansted


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Wrapping up and_next_steps_stansted

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Wrapping up and_next_steps_stansted

  1. 1. Wrapping Up and Next Steps Marion Devouassoux Project Analyst CERN IT Department
  2. 2. How are we doing so far ? 22/05/2019 2
  3. 3. What’s in it for you? 22/05/2019 ARCHIVER Open Market Consultation 3 Demonstrate archiving & preservation services with petabyte data volumes and high and sustained ingest rates (1-10 Gbps per day) for multi-disciplinary scientific data Diversify your service offer while keeping the ownership of the results Support the Open Data movement Offer services via the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Catalogue Access the public funded European Research Infrastructures (RIs) as a new market segment
  4. 4. Early Adopters Programme Objective: Encourage wide deployment of solutions developed during the project 22/05/2019 4 Key Benefits: Be consulted for feedback on the tender documents Access parts of the R&D produced by the ARCHIVER Contractors across all phases of the project Access to limited capacity made available by the Buyers Group during the pilot phase to test the services developed Early Adopters will be listed on the Request for Tender (RfT) Engage with a group of “Early Adopters”: Public organisations having a need for innovative digital archiving and preservation solutions
  5. 5. Overview of the Tender Timeline 22/05/2019 ARCHIVER Open Market Consultation 5 PCP Contract Notice Drafting Process Finalize the PCP Contract Notice Tender open for 60 days Companies invited to bid Tender evaluation Tender Publication Tenderers notified of results Closing the Tender April 2019 June October December January 2020 Disclaimer: this timeline is for information only and is subject to change Open Market Consultation input for
  6. 6. PCP Contract Notice Drafting Process Draft tender documents available on our website for consultancy 22/05/2019 ARCHIVER Open Market Consultation 6 Comments and suggestions welcome (the Buyers Group does not commit to take comments into consideration) Publication of new draft versions: when considerable edits are made Between April and June 2019 Transparent and open process
  7. 7. Open Market Consultation 22/05/2019 ARCHIVER Open Market Consultation 7 Open dialogue on R&D challenges of the Tender Upcoming event: Afternoon event Presentation of the outcome of the initiatives part of the Open Market Consultation Registration open: https://www.archiver- consolidation-event
  8. 8. Build your Consortium 22/05/2019 8 Wide-ranging R&D objectives Tenderers are required to have expertise allowing them to develop Solutions that address all challenges Project team encourages companies/ organisations to form viable consortia Book a room at CERN on the morning of June 5th !
  9. 9. Build your Consortium 22/05/2019 9 Area dedicated to ARCHIVER => Exchange with companies interested in bidding for the ARCHIVER tender • Free of Charge • Not mandatory Crowdhelix = a networking platform
  10. 10. Stay Updated ! Mailing list Want to add a contact? Email 22/05/2019 ARCHIVER Open Market Consultation 10 ARCHIVER website: Check our FAQ: Submit additional questions via the website
  11. 11. Thank you and we hope to see you at the Consolidation Event ! (5th June – Geneva)