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Project update - João Fernandes


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Presentation by Joao Fernandes, ARCHIVER project coordinator

Published in: Software
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Project update - João Fernandes

  1. 1. ARCHIVER – Project Update Open Market Consultation 5th of June - CERN João Fernandes Project Coordinator CERN
  2. 2. Pre-Commercial Procurement 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 2 Focus: Archiving and Data Preservation Services using commercial cloud services Procurement Budget: 3.4M euro Starting Date: 1st of January 2019 Duration: 36 Months Coordinating Partner: CERN
  3. 3. Consortium Includes Buyers and Experts in the preparation, execution and promotion of the Procurement of R&D 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 3 Procurers - Public organisations committing funds to contribute to a joint-procurement Experts – Partner organisations bringing expertise in requirement assessment and promotion activities, not part of the Buyers Group
  4. 4. Challenge Data volumes and complexity growing; Communities Growing; Needs of advanced functionality increase Objective: perform R&D to demonstrate long-term preservation and archiving services for scientific data in the PB range under F.A.I.R. principles, using commons solutions, while research groups keep total stewardship of their data sets Scalability: PB data volume of multi domain scientific data; High sustained ingest rates (1-10 Gbps) OAIS, FAIR and European Regulation (GDPR) European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) integration Reduce fragmentation expanding existing solutions to several scientific domains Access through GÉANT network; Federated AAI support Cost-effective and transparent business models: range of purchasing and deployment options, stimulating uptake by the wider research community 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 4 Basic Scientific Data Archiving & Bit Preservation
  5. 5. Cost-effective Business Model Taking into account: - Scale - Ingest rates - Archive lifetime - # of copies - Exit strategies - Portability - SLAs Regulation & Legislation - Auditing - Self-assessment - Data Retention - GDPR R&D Challenge 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 5 Data integrity/security; cloud/hybrid deployment; data volume in the PB range; high, sustained ingest data rates; ISO certification: 27000, 27040, 19086 and related Archives connected to the GEANT network. OAIS conformant services: data readability formats, normalization, obsolesce monitoring, files fixity, authenticity checks, etc.; ISO 14721/16393, 26324 and related standards User services: search, discover, share, indexing, data removal, etc.; Access under Federated AAI Layer 1 Storage/Basic Archiving/Secure backup Layer 2 Preservation Layer 3 Baseline user services Layer 4 Advanced services High level services: visual representation of data (domain specific), reproducibility of scientific analyses, etc.; Minimum R&D Objectives Added value R&D Fundamental aspect of the challenge
  6. 6. Market Potential 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 6 ESFRI Landmarks RIs already implemented or in an advanced Implementation Phase. ESFRI Projects RIs in a preparation phase selected for scientific case excellence and maturity.
  7. 7. ARCHIVER & European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 7 ARCHIVER Services can be procured 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 EOSC vision: To give the European Union a global lead in research data management and ensure that European scientists reap the full benefits of data-driven science ARCHIVER Objective: to make resulting services available in the EOSC catalogue EOSC Rules of Engagement evolving: will be presented during the the project
  8. 8. ARCHIVER timeline 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 8 Suppliers to sign a framework agreement in order to participate in the call-offs Goal: Services to be commercialized after the end of the PCP We are here
  9. 9. Summary of ARCHIVER activities so far 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 9
  10. 10. Open Market Consultation Kick-Off event – 8th of April 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 10 70 participants from 26 companies physically present Digital Preservation Experts, Cloud Providers, Software integrators 42 participants connected remotely (via webcast) Initial list of deployments and challenges presented Initial planning poker to assess Value vs. Risk in a direct dialogue with companies All material available at:
  11. 11. Demand side activity 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 11 EOSC-hub week demand side event Overview of current EOSC activities Session on role of Procurement in the EOSC context State-of-the art and landscaping discussions Number of organisations expressing interest in ARCHIVER Early Adopters OAIS Webinar – 9th of May All material available at:
  12. 12. Open Market Consultation event – 7th of May Barcelona 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 12 40 participants from 17 companies physically present Digital Preservation Experts, Cloud Providers, Software integrators Focused planning poker in a subset of atomic use cases All material available at:
  13. 13. Value vs Risk (Planning Poker) 04/06/2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 13 • Management of scientific datasets • Portability of Archives / Exit Strategies • On-prem deployments • Replication of archives on multiple sites • Very high sustained ingests • Personal data management
  14. 14. Barcelona Feedback 04/06/2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 14
  15. 15. Open Market Consultation event – 23rd of May Stansted (UK) 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 15 40 participants from 15 companies physically present Digital Preservation Experts, Cloud Providers, Software integrators Focused on technical details of deployment scenarios All material available at:
  16. 16. Network connectivity Overview of the GEANT network connectivity options Current List of peers 04/06/2019 16 Source: Enzo Capone, (GÉANT) Peer Name Location Capacity AWS Vienna, Frankfurt 10G + 10G T-Systems Frankfurt, Amsterdam 10G + 10G Dimension Data Amsterdam 20G Exoscale Geneva, Frankfurt 10G+10G Microsoft Vienna, Dublin, London 10G+10G+ 10G All material available at:
  17. 17. Federated AAI 04/06/2019 17 All material available at: Source: Hannah Short, (CERN on behalf of the GÉANT Project)
  18. 18. Stansted Feedback Webinars from Suppliers The Buyers Group encourages potential bidders to show their current state-of-the-art via recorded webinars 04/06/2019 18
  19. 19. Draft Tender Documents Published Draft versions of the tender documents are available during the OMC process, including: RfT, Framework Agreement and Functional Specification; Annex 2 (Selection Criteria); Annex 4 (Award Criteria); Initial list of Milestones and Deliverables; Q&A from the OMCs also publicly available The Buyers Group encourages you to make comments 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 19
  20. 20. Preparation of a technical summary for each deployment Problem to solve Lifecycle and workflow characteristics Including basic and “bonus” mapping on the 4-Layer high level architecture Authentication and Management Data and Metadata description Interface Compliance requirements Cost-effectiveness requirements Some including minimum cost thresholds 04/06/2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 20
  21. 21. Timeline for what’s left before publication 5th June: OMC Consolidation event 6th of June: Update of draft tender documents available online 10th of June: Publication of technical summaries of each use case/deployment 14th of June: Deadline to receive comments on the tender documents 21st of June: Deadline to receive recorded webinars of the current state of the art 21st June - 05th July: Draft documents internal Buyers Group reviews. All FAQs to be published on the ARCHIVER website. Early October: PCP Contract Notice published 04/06/2019 21
  22. 22. Agenda for Today DESY/XFEL Deployment Scenario, Martin Gasthuber/Sergey Yakubov (DESY) Deployment Scenarios Summary, Vaggelis Motesnitsalis, Technical Coordinator (CERN) Q&A on Deployment Scenarios and Functional Requirements 15.00 - 15.30 – Coffee Break Tender Process and Requirements, Joshua Luke Davison, Procurement Officer (CERN) Overview of the EOSC, Bob Jones (CERN) Wrapping up and Next Steps, Marion Devouassoux (CERN) Event ends at 17:00 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 22
  23. 23. Summarizing, what’s in it for you? 07.05.2019 ARCHIVER Project Overview 23 Demonstrate archiving & preservation services for petabyte data volumes, high ingest sustained data rates (1-10 Gbps per day) for multi-disciplinary scientific data Diversify your offer and commercialize resulting services by the end of the project Support the open data movement Offer services via the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Catalogue Access the public funded European Research Infrastructures (RIs) as a new market segment
  24. 24. ##SAISExp1 24