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Five Simple Rules to Avoid Marketing Failure


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Lisa Trosien, presents on marketing failure at the 2010 AIM Conference.

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Five Simple Rules to Avoid Marketing Failure

  1. 1. AIM 2010 <ul><li>Five Simple Rules to Avoid Marketing Failure </li></ul><ul><li>presented by Lisa Trosien </li></ul><ul><li>Multifamily Consultant, Educator, Speaker </li></ul>
  2. 2. #1. Sometimes a Name Change Is in Order
  3. 5. #2. Know Your Audience
  4. 6. Is there a class divide online?
  5. 7. People in more affluent demographics are 25 percent more likely to be found friending on Facebook, while the less affluent are 37 percent more likely to connect on MySpace.
  6. 8. #3. You’re Ultimately Responsible for What’s Out There
  7. 9. Trademark Infringement
  8. 10. OOPS!
  9. 13. #4. Beware the Rogue Marketer
  10. 14. Let’s use a “Twilight photo”…no one’s using those!
  11. 16. #5. If You Ask for Help, Make Sure the “Help” Knows What It’s Doing…
  12. 18. What the broker is showing…. What the property really looks like
  13. 19. For Rent Front Cover Spring 2009
  14. 20. For Rent Spring Standard Ad 2009
  15. 21. For Rent Winter Standard Ad 2009 - Hired New PR/Ad Firm -Redirected demographic marketing
  16. 22. For Rent Front Cover Winter 2009