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Copywriting Articles by Lorrie Morgan Ferrero

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  1. 1. Copywriting Articles by: Lorrie Morgan Ferrero
  2. 2. Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero BioLorrie Morgan-Ferrero founded Red Hot Copy in 1999 an effort to work anywhere, raise herfamily, and still make a good living.After studying closely with master copywriters, Lorrie has become a world-renowned and award-winning copywriter with her own unique style. She has an uncanny ability to make her copy bondand build relationships with the prospect…driving them to become loyal customers buying fromher (or her clients) over and over again. “It’s almost like she’s talking you through it,” said oneclient. “Lorrie keeps your attention from the first word to the last.”Lorrie’s words have sold products in a variety of industries including mompreneurs, professionalspeaking, the seminar business, hypnosis, health & fitness, nutritional supplements, biz op, andentrepreneurial services. After working closely with high profile speakers and entrepreneurs,Lorrie now focuses her passion on educating business owners in reaching the female market.She is a frequent guest speaker. Lorrie has written award-winning home study courses, conductsworld-famous copywriting trainings on how to sell to women, holds live workshops, and authoredthe original book, The She Factor based on her own She Factor Marketing System. This special report is brought to you free courtesy
  3. 3. Shes Got GameThe attraction of women always outsells anything else and that was demonstratedwhen 35 women were ousted at a recent World Cup game. Why were they singledout since 47.2% of all soccer fans are women? They were representing anunsponsored brewery wearing their distinctive marketing colors. Get theirattention! By using S.E.X. as in Seduction, Engaging, eXpression they wereconnecting with their target audience. Its the same in copy. But you can only gettheir attention authentically when you put your personality in the copy.Marketing is a process of getting there, closing the deal, and what happensafterwards. Every stage is incredibly important whether youre marketing to menor women. So get their attention by proving that you care. Do your own duediligence by studying your target market intently. You see, the thing about writingis a lot of energy has to take place before a single word is written. You have toknow the answer to these 3 questions: 1. Who are YOU? 2. Who are THEY? 3. What do they WANT? 2.The more you recognize it as a step-by-step process, the more successful youllbe in reaching the female market. An interesting thing happens as you emphasizethe benefits to women... men are also drawn to the more gentle persuasion.What sort of angle are you going to take in your copy? You need to figure it out.Heres a tip to help your decide on your hook. I personally love the OrientalTrading Company catalog just for ideas to develop a hook when I begin writingcontent for sales letters. Dont underestimate the importance of developing thathook. Female soccer fans spend 80% of all sports apparel dollars and that samepercentage goes for ALL consumer purchasing decisions. What a force! I guessyou can say with gusto...Shes Got Game!Award-winning marketer, world-renowned copywriter and creator of "The SheFactor", Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy has a reputation as the top
  4. 4. female copywriter in the info-marketing industry. She has written award-winninghome study courses, conducts virtual copywriting training, holds live workshops,and is authoring the original book, The She Factor based on her own She FactorMarketing System. Lorrie is dedicated to teaching the world it is possible to shiftfrom the hype-filled sales to a more modern written withauthenticity, trust, and rapport._________________________________________________________________ Find Her Wave-Length, Build Loyal ProspectsIf youre looking to reach the female audience, there are few things you mustunderstand about women.While these are broad strokes, what Im about to share is embedded in thefemale DNA. That isnt to say she cant override her instincts but many reactionsare triggered without her even realizing the source. When you, as a marketer,understand whats important to her, shell be much more engaged in what youhave to offer.Doing your due diligence is cheap insurance against consumer resistance. ItsNOT about what you want or think. Its all about her, your prospect.Be authentic by appreciating that universal principles underlie every factorbetween you and her. Women want to create a relationship which creates stabilityover time. So charm her by letting her see shes important to you.• Women are primarily interested in community, people, relationships - there isno winner...only a village.• Women base their opinions on personality whereas men base opinions more onspecifics (or features).• Storytelling is very powerful to building a connection with women.• Numbers, facts, and figures arent as important to women as they are to men.• Women just dont care about the mechanical details so spending a lot of time on
  5. 5. the features of a product wont turn her head.• Women love to weigh in and give opinions so things like quizzes, contests,surveys, and essays are good ways to draw her in.• Give her tips she can use with no strings attached.• Know what her values and priorities are.Women are high value customers because once they join your brand, they arelikely to keep spending their money with you. And they are extremely loyal withwho they do business with. Not only that they tell EVERYONE about theirexperiences, good or bad. If theyre happy, they tell. If theyre unhappy, they telleven more! So you definitely want to keep your female customers smiling.Award-winning marketer, world-renowned copywriter and creator of "The SheFactor®", Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy has a reputation as the topfemale copywriter in the info-marketing industry. She has written award-winninghome study courses, conducts virtual copywriting training, holds live workshops,and is authoring the original book, The She Factor based on her own She FactorMarketing System. Lorrie is dedicated to teaching the world it is possible to shiftfrom the hype-filled sales to a more modern written withauthenticity, trust, and rapport.5 Factors to Successfully Marketing to Women - Part 1 of 5Men and women have been trying to understand one another for thousands ofyears. Both genders are trying to get something from the other, yet we just dontspeak the same language, do we? The reason is because underneath it all,biologically were still hard-wired to be like our cave people ancestors. Its true!Think back a few million years ago (give or take) when we as human beings werejust emerging. Largely because of the drive to procreate and the differences inthe male/female bodies, certain psychological protections emerged. Those drivescontinue to live on today. One of the successes of our species is that men andwomen DO have this hardwiring. (Of course as weve developed over time, wehave more control over our instincts. But ignoring they exist puts any marketerlooking for success at a huge disadvantage.)What Im trying to say here is the secret to reaching women all comes down to a
  6. 6. word that rhymes with vex and starts with the letter s.Like this act, marketing is the process of getting there, closing the deal, and whathappens afterwards. Every stage is incredibly important to women - both behindclosed doors and in the marketing world. And the more you recognize it as astep-by-step process, the more successful youll be in reaching the femalemarket. (The male market too for that matter.)Imagine this . . .When a guy and a gal first notice each other and gaze fromacross the room, they get that little butterfly jump that they could be a match.Then theres flirting, getting to know each other, testing the waters, andeventually that major commitment. Of course if he doesnt call, text, or email heragain, their relationship ends right there. But the smart guy who follows up ismore likely to get a repeat performance.Now lets put this in marketing terms, k?You still basically have two people interacting . . . the prospect and the marketer.Once the marketer sees the prospect from across a sales page and realizes thiscould be a match, then he knows its okay to take the next steps.So you start by getting her attention, building rapport and trust, and eventuallyyou get her commitment . . . the SALE.Again, thats not the end of it. How you treat her AFTERWARDS makes all thedifference in whether or not youre going to get a repeat sale.Now can you see why those old hard-sell techniques are only marginally effectivetoday? Modern women expect more. They know they have tons of choices, so ifyou arent the right fit for them, theyll simply move on.There are FIVE FACTORS to successfully reaching the female market that Iveresearched and isolated. The first one is - THE FLIRT FACTOR. Today I want totalk about one way to use that one in your marketing.FACTOR NUMBER ONE: THE FLIRT FACTORThe first thing two potential matches do when theyre attracted to each other is tostart flirting. Flirting is that electric stage of the game when youre learning abouteach other, and deliberately trying to get the other person excited.Works in marketing too. The more you take the time to learn about yourprospect, the more connected youll be.Heres the challenge though. Women are vastly different from one another, and fitin multiple categories like married, unmarried, divorced, with kids, without kids,blue collar worker, entrepreneur, white collar worker . . . . the list is practicallyendless. That makes market research A LOT MORE challenging.
  7. 7. One of the things I figured out a long time ago is when youre writing copy or anymarketing materials, you need to be very specific about who youre talking to. Sorather than writing to a mob of people - your target market - I recommend youwrite to a SINGLE PERSON - your TARKET. Tarket is the term I coined as thesingular of target market. Its like your persona or character or avatar who is arepresentative of the majority of your ideal customers.This technique is extremely connecting and relationship-building which iswhat women in particular look for. When you read copy that uses this device, itsalmost as if the writer were in the same room talking to the reader. Copywriting isactually an interactive activity. There is the writer or marketer - you - and thereader or prospect. As soon as the prospect doesnt feel connected therelationship is over.This is one of a five-part series on how to market to women. Next week well talkabout the second factor in the process of marketing to women - THE TRUSTFACTOR.Copywriting guru Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero has been helping entrepreneurs andcopywriters get their marketing messages razor sharp since 1999. She is thecreator of the She Factor Marketing System where she shares the secrets tomarketing to a female audience. Successfully Marketing to Women - The Trust Factor (Part 2 of 5 Series)Last week I talked about the *Flirt Factor* - the first step to take to find yourshare of the female market. Today, were going to cover a very important piece ofthe puzzle, the *Trust Factor.*FACTOR NUMBER TWO: THE TRUST FACTORTrust and authenticity are notjust good ideas but critical to women in particular. Now I want to back up a littleand give you a reference thats going to help you in all your marketing decisionswhen it comes to reaching either the male or female market. It comes down tohow both genders are hard-wired to make not just purchasing decisions, but ALLdecisions.Ready?
  8. 8. Psychology Today says, "We inhabit our high-tech world with Stone Age mindsbecause there has not been enough time to change our psychology to match ourenvironment."In other words were just cave people driving around in fast carsand talking on cell phones. So heres how Id like you to think of the two genders.Trust me, this is a huge observation because it speaks volumes about how toreach either gender, but particularly women.His Drive: Fight competition for tribe status and survival, plus win choice of mateand pass on genetics. Thats his instinct. The more conquests, the better forsurvival of DNA.Her Drive: Survive by being taken care of by provider, not being difficult,bonding with other females to create community & raise healthy offspring. Thatsher instinct.Take time to choose mate because women dont have as many potentialpregnancies/options in life. Naturally men are more single-focused on theindividual. Its about getting ahead and winning. Women are more communityfocused on the group. Women dont want to see a loser. Everyone wins. Kumbaya.Another thing you should keep in mind when youre marketing to women is wemake decisions very differently than men because our brain circuitry is verydifferent. Both genders have the same number of brain cells by the way... theyrejust set up differently. Not to be offensive, but womens brains are like pinballmachines - all over the place - and mens brains are like Pong - single focused.Women use both lobes of the brain and spend more time picturing things in theirminds before making a decision.They have 11% more neurons for language and hearing as well as a larger hubfor language and emotions. Men use only one side of the brain at a time and have2 ½ times more brain space devoted to sex than women do. Men also have largerprimitive areas of the brain that trigger fear and aggression. I find this stufffascinating and face it, marketing is largely based on psychology so the more youknow, the stronger your marketing can be.Understanding biology is key to success in marketing. This is all literally aboutmasculine versus feminine energy. Neither is bad or good. They just are. Andwhats so wonderful about our world today is men are embracing more of theirfeminine or conscious side and women are experimenting with their masculine orpower side. So we really have the best of both worlds. Yet, you cantunderestimate the hard-wired difference both genders will ALWAYS have withcommunication. So you want to come at your target market speaking the samelanguage. With women, that language is about trust. This is the second of a five-
  9. 9. part series on how to market to women. Next week well talk about the thirdfactor in the process of marketing to women -THE CLOSE FACTOR. Successfully Marketing to Women - The Close Factor (Part 3 of 5 Series)Last week I talked about the *Trust Factor* - the second step to take in catchingyour share of the female market. Today, were going to talk about getting paid,the *Close Factor.*FACTOR NUMBER 3: THE CLOSE FACTORYou may have heard the phrase, "The more you tell, the more you sell." Well withwomen, the more you SHARE the more you sell. In order to close her and get herto want to buy from you, a lot of triggers have to be included in your copy andmarketing. Here are some devices you can use in your marketing right now toincrease your close rate with women.Remember, women are primarily interested in community, people, relationships -there is no winner...only a village.Women base their opinions on personality whereas men base it on specifics. Itmakes sense when you go back to our instincts of what is important to a cavemanversus cavewoman. Caveman is single-focused in order to procreate his DNA.Cavewoman is multi-focused in order to preserve her children & the security ofthe village.This makes storytelling very powerful to women. Storytelling works with womenAND men. While its been a nice marketing device for awhile, women seem toNEED it more than men. It deepens the connection because they can relate toyou.Numbers, facts, and figures arent as important to women as they are to men.Women would much rather hear how someones life was improved by a product orservice than by what percentage. Think back to making your copy more story-
  10. 10. oriented.Women just dont care about the mechanical details so spending a lot of time onthe features of a product aint gonna get our attention. YALE STUDY: Testedcollege students ability to program a VCR from written instructions. 68% of themen did it on the first try. Only 16% of the women did it. My husband thinks Imjoking when I cant remember how to use one of 5 remotes to work the TV versusthe DVD versus the radio versus the Tivo. Its enough to make my head spin.Women love to weigh in and give our opinions...quizzes, contests, surveys,essays...we love it! So using interactive media works great to hook women in.Give her tips she can use with no strings attached. So infuse your copy withuseful statistics or fascinating facts she can tell her friends. You want to build arelationship over time. Just like dating. You dont just want to jump into bed...wellmaybe the guy does. But women want to be romanced and trust needs to bebuilt.Know what her values are. Making a difference in the world is a stronger positionthan looking younger/better (for a male...get it?) Womens aspirations accordingto the Grey Advertising Study. Make the world a better place: 85%; See kidssuccessful 83%; More time for me 82%; Travel 72%: Wealth 62%; Attractive53%; Career 48%.Also women like to know your business is out to make a difference. Like to knowyoure involved in outreach programs beyond making money. So if you donate toa cause by all means let her know.This is the third of a five-part series on how to market to women. Next week welltalk about the fourth factor in the process of marketing to women -THE AFTERFACTOR.If youre ready to reach a brand new league in marketing, you want to take a lookat The She Factor Marketing System where I show you how to market to thefemale demographic.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. 11. Copywriters - The New Athletes"No Risk; No Reward" was the tagline for a boxing match between James Toneyand Samuel Peter. And it reminded me-copywriting is a lot like boxing.At first blush it may sound ridiculous to compare a hard-slugging athlete primedfor pain to a solitary marketer pecking away at the keyword. But there actuallyare many similarities. Let me explain: 1) Both require a strong mental game.If a boxer is not mentally prepared, he is toast. He can be his own worst enemyin the ring as he stops punch after punch with his face. Same with marketers.Just try to work on your marketing when you are not in the mood. Tough, aint it?The words come out all wrong. Your marketing is dull, limp, and lifeless. So yoursales suffer. It is all on you to keep your head in the game. 2) Both require systematic training.Sure a boxer can study tapes of former fights and talk to other boxers over timeabout what they did to become champions. But sooner or later without aneffective coach to show him how to eat, how often to work out, what exercises todo and so on, the chances of being a winner are slim to none. Learning toeffectively market and write copy can also be learned by studying the mastersand talking to other marketers - eventually. But it will take years of heartacheand mistakes. It is so much easier to follow a system that already works forsomeone who has been there so you can avoid the pitfalls. 3) Both require decisive action.At the end of the day, you are the RESULT of what you have put into your goals.In other words, everything you are today is because of choices you made in yourpast. Those decisions all added up to whatever your station in life is today.Whether you are a boxer by himself in the ring, or a copywriter putting together akick-butt marketing campaign, to get results, you must decide what you wantfirst, then go get it! You cannot just HOPE for results. No matter what your goals,you must take action and put in your training time.There arent any shortcuts.
  12. 12. Gary Halbert and MeYou probably already know the story of how I became a copywriter, but Ill bet thepart Im about to reveal today you DONT know. The reason I think you dontknow is because I havent told very many people. But before I launch into thenew stuff, let me review the old stuff briefly, okay? Okay, here it goes -In 1999 I took a leap of faith and left my corporate job as a secretary to stayhome and raise my two young sons. (One of them was learning disabled and bothmissed me very much.) So I hung out my shingle as a freelance writer in thevirtual assistance world. Leaving a steady paycheck was a huge financial strain. Iwasnt really sure how to get clients or build a business at all - just a devotedmom.Fortunately I landed a client right away who introduced me to the world ofcopywriting. He had a successful network marketing business but he hated towrite. So he sort of talked me through what he wanted and showed me sometemplates. Copywriting was like nothing I had ever seen before. (Well, I had seenit, but I didnt realize people actually got PAID to do it.)Because I was so passionate about it, I kept getting better and better veryquickly. But soon my client didnt need any more writing - and I didnt haveanyone else lined up. Bummer. So my family started living off credit cards. Myhusband and I fought like cats and dogs. It sucked.Thanks for your patience - this is the NEW partUnder the weight of our circumstances I reluctantly started looking for a newdaytime job. In 2002 I found a listing on Craigs List to write copy for a stockcompany. (I knew nothing about stocks.) They were looking for someone to writein "Gary Halberts style". "Who?" I asked. That was the first time I had heardGarys name.I didnt get the job. They claimed to love my samples but sensed I just didntwant another "office job." That was their excuse. I think it might have been myconfession about Gary. But their decision saved my life. I couldnt have gone onto get my feet under me and really grow Red Hot Copy if I had gone done thatroad.
  13. 13. So thank you, Gary. That was the first life-changing moment you wereresponsible for in my life. There were many others to come.As soon as I got home after that interview, I did a search on "Gary Halbert" andabsolutely fell in love. Every carefully chosen word drew me into his copy deeper.I couldnt stop reading! His copy was so raw and full of personality. He was like anold, salty dog not caring what you think, while driving you like a speeding cartoward the call to action. So in-your-face. So irreverent. So testosteronal. And Iwanted to write JUST LIKE HIM.What youre used to reading from me is a departure from his style but trust me,even though Im no Gary Halbert, I learned to write in a similar tone. How do Iknow? He called me a few years later on the phone and told me so. But Imgetting ahead of myself.When I first met Gary at a seminar in 2003 it was like meeting a rock star! I wasso in awe of him. He was with his gorgeous girlfriend, Sirian, who is truly one ofthe most genuinely sweet women Ive ever met. Gary was different than his brashpersona. You could tell he had that side, yet he had such a vulnerability andhonesty to him.Over the years weve had sporadic contact. I wouldnt go as far as to say we wereclose but he offered me advice semi-regularly via email and phone. I wouldoccasionally show him sales copy. He would give me honest feedback(which wassurprisingly more gentle than his buddy, and one of my favorite mentors, JohnCarlton - you lovingly brutal beast, you).The last time I saw Gary in person was in 2005 at his Root Canal Seminar. Hewas brilliant, naturally. But somewhat of a lost lamb since his trusted assistantTeresa had retired. Poor guy even got lost on his way to the bathroom - but hehad enough sense to ask for someone to find him through his mike, which hehadnt turned off. I met his two sons Kevin and Bond there too - really cool guys.At the end of the first nights event, I invited him to have dinner. He declinedsaying he was tired. Frankly he looked as if he were ready to crash and I knowhow much throwing an event can sap out of you. Then about 20 minutes later hesurprised us by joining a few of us in the bar. He said he had changed his mindabout being tired. He gave up booze long ago but had a couple of cokes andshared our pizza. I wish I could have recorded that night. Some of it Ill NEVERshare. But he was so open and candid, I felt like Id known him for years. That isone of the lessons I got from Gary. Be vulnerable and be yourself. Because thereis nothing worse in life than being BORING or inauthentic.
  14. 14. Gary, you were never boring. You have secured your place in history as one of thegreatest marketers of ALL TIME. You lived life right. Give em hell, Gary. You wereone in a billion.In closingId like to quote an excerpt from his online newsletter about his Halbert Index:"The Halbert Index is a totally unique way of classifying people. To be at the topof the Index you must have the following: 1. You must have a life, and 2. You must have a sense of humor, and 3. You must have intelligence and be an independent thinker, and 4. You must be a generous and giving person but... at the same time... 5. You must refuse to take sh!t from anyone who doesnt have a gun to your head, and 6. You must be willing to take chances and cheerfully accept losses, and 7. You must have the capacity and courage for true intimacy with your loved ones, friends... and sometimes... even your associates and strangers, and 8. You must be wealthy always in your mind... and therefore... very often... in your pocket, and 9. You must be honest and have integrity not defined by laws but rather, by the inner-core of your being, and finally 10. You must have a relationship with a higher power (nicknamed "God") that does not necessarily include and/or often transcends any association with an organized religion."Lorrie will be a guest speaker at this year’s AWAI Fast Track to SuccessCopywriting Bootcamp & Jobfair where she’ll be sharing the secrets of selling towomen.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. 15. The Average Day of a Successful EntrepreneurI was having a conversation with fellow speaker Ari Galper ofUnlock the Gameat arecent event we spoke at. We were talking about how copy is in absolutely EVERYaspect of your marketing. A lot of people think copy is something they will get toeventually. Or they will hire someone to do it for them. But Ari put it in a way thatI really had not thought of before. He said, "We are ALL in the publishingbusiness. You should share with your list what an average day is like for you andhow important writing is on every level." Okay, Ari. Good idea. Here is myaverage day (if there is such a thing):  5:30am Get ready for the day, get the kids to the bus, walk the dog  7:30am Drive to and from Tae bo, shower  10:30am Write emails (COPY)  11:00am Write article for ezine (COPY)  12:30pm Lunch  1:00pm Write promotional email for list (COPY)  1:30pm Write affiliate email (COPY)  2:00pm Meditate  2:30pm Write promotional (COPY)  3:00pm Write landing page copy (COPY)  3:30pm Write emails (COPY)  4:00pm Phone calls  4:30pm Boys come home, FAMILY TIME So of my working hours, OVER HALF of my time requires copywriting skills. Yes,Im a trained copywriter, but all entrepreneurs should really be spending thismuch time marketing. In other words, you should be spending this much timeWRITING COPY.Think about ways you can improve your copywriting skills this year. Pay attentionto your junk mail. Raise your awareness to how other marketers are trying to getyour attention. Study the works of those who have already cracked thecopywriting code. Every year you dont have copywriting under your belt dollars
  16. 16. are slipping --no, pouring -- away. The good news for you is its never been moreeconomical to get this skill down solid in record speed. Take a look at The SheFactor Program.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Hot Spots to Tweak for Higher Conversion RatesAll successful marketers know the sale comes from the words or the copy. Whilethe traditional definition of copy is salesmanship in print I actually take a broaderapproach. Copy is used in ALL your promotional sales and marketing material.That means any place there are words about your business there is copy. So itsEVERYWHERE. Some people will drop loads of cash on website design or graphics,but balk at learning the one skill thats a veritable silver bullet when it comes toboosting income fast - tweaking the copy. Dont make that mistake. Your businessis too important.Here are 5 targeted hot spots any entrepreneur can tweak copy to start raking inthe green.Home Page Website CopyYour home page or index page is the most important one on your site for tworeasons. First, its your welcome mat. It explains what the visitor is going to findon your site. Hopefully theres enough information to entice him to stick aroundand check out other pages on your site. Second, the home page carries the mostweight with the search engines. Good copy can attract search engines whilestrategically sprinkling keywords and keyword phrases around that get yourmessage across.Things to tweak:  Headline  Opt in form for ezine, etc.  Privacy policy on opt in  Add audio
  17. 17. Sales LettersA good sales letter is at the center of most successful marketing campaigns. I callsales letters the mother of all marketing because they have all the elements youneed for effective promotion. You can chunk it up to use it for descriptions aboutyour product on the back cover, in ads, in mailings ... the possibilities are endless.But you have to walk a fine line between over-the-top hype and grabbing aprospects attention. Theres a definite art to writing a successful sales letter, butits not rocket surgery, as I like to say. (Im famous for unknowingly mixing mymetaphors.) There is a specific pattern youll notice if your study other salesletters - which I recommend you do. Things to tweak:  Headlines  Sub-headlines  Opening  Price  Bonuses  Call to Action  P.S.ArticlesWhen people see your name enough times they come to recognize it (can yousay, free advertising?) Best of all, you become known as an expert in your field.Post articles on your website and watch your search engine rankings improve.Just be sure to indicate your name and contact information must stay on anyforwarded material. In general, people are pretty cooperative if you just ask.Things to tweak:  Titles of articles  Length  Update shirttails (about the author)EbooksEbooks (or electronic books) are completely downloadable files usually created ina format thats difficult to copy like PDF. And they are fast becoming the newstandard for printing. Microsoft projects that within five years, over 50% of allnew books will be in e-book format. They are a great way to make some passiveincome. Spend some time brainstorming your idea. Check online bookstores to see whats in the marketplace already. If you want some helpJames Roche, the Info Product Guy is uncanny atyanking the product right out of you. Things to tweak:  Titles  Subtitles
  18. 18.  Back cover copy  About the authorEzinesOne of the best ways to stay in contact with your clients is through an ezine or"electronic magazine," like this one. These are newsletters emailed out on aregular basis with valuable information people want to read. You can alsoannounce new products, contests and specials. As long as you provide somethingof value, people allow you to market to them. But beware. The minute your ezinebecomes nothing more than one long ad, youll lose subscribers by the boatload.Need help getting started? My gal pal, Alexandria Brown , the Ezine Queen cantutor you through the process.Things to tweak:  Put content at top  Dont overwhelm with ads  Add stories and observations  Provide useful tipsRemember, never stop improving your copy. Little tweaks go a loooong way whenit comes to increasing pr0fits.Lorrie will be a guest speaker at the AWAI Fast Track to Success Bootcamp &Jobfair where she’ll be sharing the secrets to selling to the female market.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copywriting and "The Force"My inner geek re-emerged after seeing Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of theSith.The original came out in 1977 before the days of VCRs and small recordingdevices.(By the way, the title was Episode IV - A New Hope my sons inform me.NOT Star Wars as I foolishly thought.)As a teen, I paid to sit through it 15 times.My cousin and I even snuck in a cassette player and recorded the whole movie ontwo 60 minute cassettes, memorizing every line. Told you I was a geek!Watching the final installment of the series come full circle last week, I realizedthere are similarities to the good and evil in the world and the good and evil ofcreating out-of-this-world copy.
  19. 19. 1)Like "The Force", copy is EVERYWHERE. It is in all of your marketing andpromotional materials. Whether youre talking about emails, websites, brochures,back cover product copy, ezines, blogs, flyers, even business cards...they all relyon copy to get your message across. Obi Wan Kenobi was right when he said, "Itsurrounds us. It penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together." He just didnt realizehe was also talking about copy!2) Persuasion techniques are just as prevalent in copy as they are in the old JediMind Trick. Copy is salesmanship in print so naturally you need to overcomeobjections, put yourself in the shoes of your target market and move the prospecttoward the sale. Get them thinking like you do. If they come to believe it wasTHEIR idea instead of yours, all the better! 3) Copy and lopped-off limbs can always be repaired. Jedi and Sith Lords have a habit of taking off one anothers limbs with light sabers. But never fear. They can be replaced with stronger, mechanical versions. Same with copy. Dont be afraid to cut and edit your words. In the end your message can be more powerful. 4) Good copy and the Death Star pull the prospect in like a tractor beam. Whether the prospect consents or not, when the copy is on target and compelling, it should suck the reader in like it has gravitational pull. If your copy is doing the job, there is nothing else the prospect would rather do than read it right NOW. As earthling Gary Halbert put it, "Copy can never be too long. Only too boring."5)Just as Anakin Skywalker had a reason to turn to the Dark Side, you shouldhave a reason "why" youre giving such a great deal.(By the way, how hot isHayden Christensen who plays young Darth?! Sizzling, I say!)Darth Vader didntbecome the Dark Lord because he WANTED to be evil.He had a darn good reason for turning. You, too, need to have a darn goodreason why youre making the exceptional offer youre making. Did you make toomany widgets? Are your partners coming for back pay? Do you have to liquidateyour cassette product supply? Be honest, but let the prospect know "why" thisdeal is a no-brainer.May "The Force" be with you.
  20. 20. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do They Read Long Copy?One of the more popular questions I get about copy from subscribers is, "Dopeople really read all that copy?" Of course they are talking about the online longcopy sales letters you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find outhow much it costs. These letters can be from 5-15 pages or more in length andthey flat out bug some people.The answer to the question is, "No. Yes. And maybe." It all depends on whereyour prospect is mentally in the buying process. Ill get to that in a minute.First lets take yourself as an example. Are you currently in the market to buy acar? If youre not chances are you dont pay a lot of attention to the carmarketplace right now (unless of course you are a car aficionado). So it wouldntmatter much to you if a certain car got better gas mileage over another or camewith an Island Blue paint job. But when the time comes to get serious aboutbuying YOUR car you will focus intently on every little detail. You will scour everyword you can get your hands on about the specific make and model you wantparked in your garage.So back to them - will your target market really read all that copy?
  21. 21. 1) No. Some people will not ever even find your copy in their universe. Billy Joe in Iowa is more concerned about his next day off from the construction site so he can party with his friends. Billy Joe is not your target market and there is no reason to waste time trying to reach him. I only bring up Billy Joe to illustrate everyone has some natural drop off of potential customers. Everyone can NOT be your customer.2) No. Some people will simply not be interested in doing business with you for whatever reason. Jane is in the market for a water filtration system. You sell them. Unfortunately Jane will only purchase from Pygmy goat farmers in Norway and you dont qualify. Go figure. You cant do anything about it.3) Yes. People read your copy when they begin to recognize a need for your product/service. This is called the peripheral interest stage. They may not be focused on buying what you sell today but on some level they are interested in how you can benefit them in the future. Say you sell a vitamin supplement for hair growth. Your prospect, Archie, has noticed some premature thinning but hes not overly concerned about it yet. If he stumbles onto your sales page he will skim through your copy, looking for nuggets that will help him make a buying decision later. For now he may just buy a hat and continue to check out options as he comes across them. Hes just not urgently motivated right now.4) Yes. People read your copy when they are ready to make a buying decision. This is called the deep investigative stage. These are the serious contenders. And they will read all that copy because they are ready to trade dollars for your product/service. It doesnt matter whether the purchase is for $37 or $397 or $3997. No one likes to make a bad investment. Veronica has been looking for a business coach. If you provide that service and she finds you online, remember you are not there personally to answer all her questions (but she will no doubt have them). Thats the job of your copy - to fully represent you when youre not there. So you need to make sure you overcome all of her objections IN WRITING. She will have an internal dialogue in her head of frequently asked questions. Your copy had better anticipate and answer every one. Trust or mistrust is conveyed through your copy too. (As you know, no one will do business with someone
  22. 22. they do not trust). She must visualize how her life will improve with your service.Your copy can convey that by focusing on the benefits. Do you have a guarantee?Are there sign up bonuses? Who else have you helped? When you are thorough itdoesnt take long for the copy to get lengthy. There is a distinctive pattern tokeeping your prospect informed while maintaining interest. As advertising frontman David Oglivy said, " The more informative your advertising, the morepersuasive it will be." 5) Maybe. If Betty stumbles onto your site out of the blue without a predisposed idea to buy what you sell. Your copy is informative, interesting, and entertaining. She finds herself mesmerized, pulling her credit card out of her wallet to rush and order your product. This is a rather rare, though not unheard of, action. Especially when the copy follows the proven formulas of the masters.Long sales copy exists because it works. If it didnt work it would go the way ofthe dodo bird. As it is, it shows no signs of losing its effectiveness. In test aftertest long copy outperforms its short copy brother. The Wall Street Journal has been sending out a four-page direct mail sales letterwith great results for decades. Then just a few years ago they pit the four-pageragainst a longer letter to see which one pulled in more subscriptions. The longerletter won. In fact in every industry the long copy format has been introduced ithas been a rousing success. Again to quote David Ogilvy, "If you tell, you willsell."Long copy can work in your industry too. But I have to let you in on a little secret.A long copy sales letter is the kingpin of your marketing campaign, but it does notperform on its own. By itself it is not strong enough to get the cash flowing foryour business. There is also support copy that is often ignored in the copywritingprocess yet it is just as critical to the overall success of the sales letter.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. 23. 5 Ways to Avoid Hype in Your CopyCopy is salesmanship in print, but does it have to be a greasy used-car salesman?The answer is, "No!" Follow these 5 tips and watch your prospects trust level rise. 1. Make it believable. Face it - we are just smarter nowadays than we were several decades ago. In fact, were jaded. Weve seen it all. Bought the miracle pills (and felt stupid for believing the charlatans). We all know its impossible to lose 25 pounds over night. So why even go there? Once you lose credibility, youve lost your prospects attention too. Respect your prospect with honesty and you have a much better chance of doing business together. (Psst. A great way to build trust is to actually reveal a flaw in your product. We all know nothing is perfect - so show us where its not and we believe in you.) 2. Easy on the adjectives. Great copy is "verb-heavy," not laden with adjectives. In fact ad man great, Leo Burnet (of Green Giant ad fame, among others) wanted to discover why 62 of his ads failed. So he had his staff separate out the parts of speech. Heres what he found - of the 12,758 words in the 62 failed ads, 24.1% were verbs. His conclusion - if the failed ads had more verbs, they probably would have done better. Take my advice. If you havent already, go to Amazon and buy Richard Bayans copywriting thesaurus, Words that Sell. And keep it by your desk when writing. 3. Write in your prospects language. Make sure you understand their particular jargon. For example, in general chiropractors have a bit of a rivalry with medical doctors. But chiropractors are "real" doctors. If you slip up and say otherwise, you have alienated them. But you would only know that by deeply studying your target market. An excellent resource to learn more about various inner languages is at They have special reports on markets from real estate agents to radiologists to attorneys.
  24. 24. 4.Write to one person with the "tarketing" technique. To really sound sincere andempathetic, do what I call "tarketing". Thats taking your target marketsdemographics down so far that youre actually referring to just one person. (See,a target market is a mob or plural while a "tarket" is ONE PERSON or singular.)Corporations take this approach all the time. For example, Volvos tarket is a 35year old mother of two. (Does that mean men dont buy Volvos? Of course not!)When you use the tarketing technique, not only is your writing more concise, butyour reader connects with you on a very deep level. After all, youre talkingdirectly to him or her 4. Think from the prospects point of view. You have to do your due diligence if you want to avoid the hype. This is where summoning up a little creativity goes a long way. Once youve got your tarketing technique in place, really drill it down. Get deep inside your prospects head and ask yourself some of these questions:· What magazines does he or she read?· What restaurants does he or she go to?· Does your prospect take vacations?· Who did your prospect vote for for president?· How would your prospect describe his or her life if they ran into a childhoodfriend they havent seen for 10 years?Are you beginning to see just how deep you can start to go? These questions area nick on the surface. I go on for pages in my workbook, but you get the idea.The best way to avoid hype is to genuinely connect with your prospect throughprewriting research AND respect. Youll be rewarded with customer loyalty andmany more sales.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. 25. Open Letter to Entrepreneurs - 5 Ways to Sell More by Using a CopywriterWhen I tell people Im a copywriter, I sometimes get a glazed-over look. "Whatkind of writer?" Or better yet, "A copyRIGHTER? Are you some kind of lawyer?"They just dont understand how a copywriter can help them. So heres the scoop.Basically, were salespeople with the time and expertise to make you look good onpaper.Sure, you can write your own copy...if you can find time in your gruelingschedule. (Hopefully it will sound professional). Maybe youre nervous aboutletting someone else create content that represents you. Thats understandable,but you have to get over it. Youre never going to make money with products thatexist only in your head.Worried that your copywriter doesnt have experience writing in your field? Dontbe. Heres why. Good writers research. They jump in and study all the materialsever written about your business. They check out what your competitors aredoing and how well their tactics are working. They understand your targetmarket. Plus, copywriters are schooled in proven techniques that entice people topull out the plastic.Here are five specific ways any entrepreneur can use a copywriter to package hisor her products, get to market faster and start raking in the green.HOME PAGE WEBSITE COPYYour home page or index page is the most important one on your site for tworeasons. First, its your welcome mat. It explains what the visitor is going to findon your site. Hopefully theres enough information to entice him to stick aroundand check out other pages on your site. Second, the home page carries the mostweight with the search engines. A good copywriter can strategically sprinklekeywords around that get your message across while simultaneously ranking yourpage higher in the search engines.
  26. 26. SALES LETTERSA quality sales letter piques an interested customer to read on. Not strongenough and the potential client surfs on. Over-the-top hype and you get the sameresult. Theres a definite art to writing a successful sales letter. This area shouldbe left to professional copywriters. (Side Note: Its amazing to me that people willdrop loads of cash on website design or graphics, but balk at hiring someone tofine tune their message. Copy *conveys* what youre all about. It should be a no-brainer.)ARTICLESA copywriter can ghostwrite these for you if youre short on time. Articles triggera few things. When people see your name enough times they come to recognize it(can you say, free advertising?) Also, you become known as an expert in yourfield. Post them on your website and watch your search engine rankings improve.(Just be sure to indicate your name and contact information must stay on anyforwarded material. In general, people are pretty cooperative if you just ask).EBOOKSEbooks (or "electronic" books) are fast becoming the standard for printing.Microsoft projects that within five years, over 50% of all new books will be inebook format. Spend some time brainstorming your idea. Check onlinebookstores like to see whats in the marketplace already. Finally,create an outline, some parameters on length, hire a copywriter and become alegitimate author overnight.EZINESOne of the best ways to stay in contact with your clients is through an ezine or"electronic magazine." These are newsletters emailed out on a regular basis withvaluable information people will want to read. You can also announce newproducts, contests and specials. As long as youve provided something of value,people will allow you to market to them this way. But beware. The minute yourezine becomes nothing more than one long ad, youll lose subscribers by theboatload. Copywriters can keep your ezine full of fresh content. Suddenly yourtime is freed up to promote your services. More importantly, your name will be infront of your subscribers regularly, which builds trust - and sales down the road.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. 27. Getting in the Mood"Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."~ NapoleonHillWhat lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to whatlies within us." ~ Ralph Waldo EmersonWhatever you feed your mind comes to fruition in your life." ~ Lorrie Morgan-FerreroIf you are in a bad frame of mind, I promise you, your copy will not work. Youredefeated before you get out of the gate, and that is a bad way to start. Its muchbetter to consciously put yourself in the right frame of mind BEFORE writingcopy...or before doing anything really. There are many ways to align your mindbefore writing. Here are a few that work for me.Take Care of Yourself First -Its so easy to let clients, colleagues, friends andfamily dictate how you will prioritize your day. Just like they tell you whentraveling with a small child on an airplane...Put on YOUR oxygen mask first, thenyour childs. You cant be of any use to others if you arent breathing (orfunctioning) well first. Dont put off what feeds you. It affects everyone aroundyou.Attitude of Gratitude- It is impossible to feel truly grateful for what you have andconstricted in the same moment. Each evening I like to think of 10 things Imgrateful for that day. Make this a habit and it will color your world each and everyday.Affirmations- Basically an affirmation is a positive statement you say to yoursubconscious to visualize the outcome you want for your future. I write them onpost it notes stuck around my office and on my bathroom mirror. Say youraffirmation as if you already have it using the present tense. Im no expert withaffirmations - I just know what works for me.Example, "I have fun effortlessly writing powerful copy that sell in record time."
  28. 28. Visualization, "Theatre of Your Mind" Style- This technique comes from Dr.Maxwell Maltz of Psycho-Cybernetics. Imagine yourself in an actual theatrecomplete with popcorn and drink holder. But this theatre is better than a real onebecause on the screen you can play anything you like. But for copywriting, I liketo imagine the success of completing the project, the sales it brings in, the happyclients, etc. I bring the emotion of it to life. I also use my theatre to visualizewhat I want in my life. Its powerful for me because it is in a controllablecontainer rather than as random pictures floating around in my mind. Have funcreating your own blockbuster!Write Out Your Success History- Take 15 minutes and write out 30 successes youhave had over your lifetime - no matter how big or small. Tap dance in a recital at3? Put it in. Launched your blog? Put it in. Add everything you can think of,whether personal or business. Then post it where you will see it often. I did thiswith my Elite Platinum group and they loved it. One of my two business coaches,Matt Furey, put it this way: Intensely Desired Goals + Imagination + Action =Success (If youre serious about success YOU should also have a coach or mentorin your life. Thats what keeps you sharp and edgy.)Top 20 Lifetime Goals- What do you have planned for the rest of your life? Writedown your goals and look at them regularly. It gives them more power when theyare written down. If you are too embarrassed to write it, youre probably tooembarrassed to LIVE it. So open your imagination and let er rip!Visioning Board- Create a collage on a large poster board of the things you wantin your life now and in the future. Cut out pictures from magazines ornewspapers. Print out pictures websites. Draw. Be as creative as you like. Youmay be surprised at how fast you get them when you face them each day.My ElitePlatinum group and I created our own visioning boards at a weekend Retreat. Itsbeautiful to watch other peoples thoughts and desires unfold into somethingphysical.I was surprised how important owning a horse was to many of the group- including me. Hmmm...Calm Body, Calm Mind- This is also a technique from Psycho-Cybernetics. Youcant create if you are uptight. You need to be in a relaxed state to perform atyour best whether its writing copy, exercising, or driving in traffic. Imagine yourbody is a balloon and slowly release the air (tension). Let your body melt intoyour chair (or bed if lying down). Tell yourself you have a "calm body, calm mind".Before you know it, you will. This works immediately under all stressful situations.
  29. 29. Blast Past Writers Block Like a Keg O DynamiteRecently I asked my list of copywriters and entrepreneurs what their biggestproblem with writing copy was. Wanna know what the overwhelming answer was?Fighting writers block. Yup, writers block seems to be an equal opportunity painin the butt. But plenty of stuff gets written. So how do others battle it? PeterDeVries (another writer) said, "I write when Im inspired, and I see to it that Iminspired at nine oclock every morning."Even Albert Einstein said this, "How do I work? I grope." You know it aint easywhen geniuses have the same problems as you and me. In fact, even as I sithere, supposedly writing, I keep getting distracted. Who emailed me? Whosonline? What other research can I do? Dont I need to call my mother? Boy, mydog sure needs to go out and play. Am I hungry? Nah, but thats okay. Ill checkout whats in the fridge anyway. Sound familiar? So in the interest of finding ananswer myself, Im going to share with you lessons I learned about banishing theblock. 1. ELIMINATE ALL (AND I MEAN "ALL") DISTRACTIONS At the beginning of each week, block an hour or two every day for your work. Do not schedule lunches, workouts, shopping trips or errands during that time. Youre on the clock, comrade. Turn off your email, instant messengers and phones. Do NOT allow yourself to be tempted. The writing gods will know if you cheat. 2. FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR TIMER Marketing master, Eugene Schwartz never went anywhere without his timer. He was partial to the numbers "3-3-3--3," which means 33 minutes and 33 seconds. He believed you can only hold your focus for a limited amount of time before your brain "drops dead on you." After you work straight for 33.33 minutes, youre required to take a 5 minute break.
  30. 30. 3. ZEN OF WRITING Ole Eugene also believed writers block was more of a Western world condition than an Eastern one. Thats because 4,000 years ago, Zen Buddhists came up with a simple routine. Sit down where youre doing your writing - on your computer or at a desk with a pad of paper. Are you sitting? Okay, thats what you get to do for the next 33.33 minutes (or whatever time chunk works for you). Now do nothing else. For the next 33.33 minutes, its all about you and the blank paper. You dont have to write anything. You can stare at the screen if you want to. Write gibberish. Begin the great American novel. But what you CANT do is anything else. You may NOT leave that spot for 33.33 minutes. Dont worry. Youre bound to get bored enough to get started -- and thats usually all we need. 4. STOP IN THE MIDDLE Some writers like to stop their creating in mid-thought or mid- sentence. Then youre not faced with a blank canvas when you return to your writing -- assuming you can remember what you were thinking about to begin with. 5. START IN THE MIDDLE Sometimes, we get so uptight about finding the brilliant hook to open the copy with, we paralyze ourselves. Stop it. Just dive in. Start writing. Edit later. The best copy comes from overwriting anyway. If you need a little inspiration, try writing out the features and benefits of your product.I hope some of these tips help jumpstart your writing. Theres nothing worse thanstaring down a wordless document.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. 31. Copywriting Tips- 3 Speedy Headline Templates for the Super BusyHeadlines are arguably the most important component to eye-catching copy. Ifyou dont have a compelling headline, odds are youve lost your prospect forgood.Ideally you should write anywhere from 50 to 100 headlines before choosing one.But sometimes you just dont have time. I have the solution. Swipe these 3templates, fill in the right words and ta dah! Instant headline! 1) How to ___________ (get) __________________ (the biggest benefit your product delivers) Example:"How to Make $87,000 Per Year As A Magazine Writer!"How to headlines are particularly attractive to people looking for information - which is their main activity on the Internet. 2) Quantify it with numbers. Example:"7 Easy Ways to Save Money On Groceries Without Clipping Coupons And Running All Over Town Just For Those Sale Items!" People respond very well to finite numbers in headlines - they want to know exactly how much information theyre going to get. (Note that you need to tear up the English teacher rule book here. No number is spelled out - its all numerals. In other words, forget about the one, two, three - its 1, 2, 3. Theres something psychologically powerful to our eyes when we read a numeral that just isnt there when we read a spelled out number). 3) If ________________________, then __________________! Example: "If Youre Looking for One Convenient Source for All Your Business Needs, We Offer a Huge Selection of Office Supplies". This format almost always works because it states a problem and the solution right there in the headline. Thats what people are looking for, the solution to some problem.
  32. 32. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Tragic Mistakes of "Green Marketing"When I say "green" I am talking about the environmentally conscious consumer,also called "Cultural Creatives" or the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health andSustainability) market which includes about 50 million people.If you are trying to reach them, ya gotta go green. They are all about a betterlifestyle for the planet over the long haul. They are interested in the environment,personal development, health, alternative therapies, and a sustainable economy.This growing market is relatively untapped.But like Marie Antoinette many marketers rush in and lose their heads. Whilethere are many errors committed make when trying to reach that sector, theseare the three worst mistakes made.Mistake #1: Dull, boring headlines. Its hard to keep awake long enough to readthe copy in those boring magazines and websites. Headlines like: "Make animpression and you can change the world" "Healthy. Happy. For Real" or "ANatural Partnership"...yawn. Look - The job of the headline is to cut through theclutter and grab your attention. We are exposed to more advertising in one daythan our grandparents use to get in an entire year. Youve got your work cut outfor you if you want to address anybody, and it starts with the headline. Stick withthe tried and true attention-grabbing formulas.Mistake #2: Ignoring long copy. I know you like to "think" the LOHAS market isjust too smart for all that long copy. After all they are made up of wealthy CEOsand soccer moms. Dont be ridiculous. They are a very educated segment of thepopulation which means they make informed decisions. Just like anybody, when itcomes down to making a buying decision, LOHAS want all the facts. Long copycontinues to prevail because it WORKS. Now long copy for the sake of being longis plain stupid. You want copy that overcomes objections, makes a solid case, andanswers all the questions in the prospects mind.
  33. 33. Mistake #3: Not capitalizing on celebrity endorsement.Ed Begley Jr. is a fixture in Studio City where I live. He has been known to ridehis bike to work way before it was cool to look at alternative fuel options. Now hehas launched his own environmentally safe cleaning products called Begleys Best.Eds endorsement means something. If you tie a celebrity to a green product, itmeans instant credibility so you have a much better chance of succeeding in theLOHAS market.Remember, you can market to the green folks, using many of the same marketingprinciples you would use for the regular joe. Come from an authentic position andbe respectful. Soon theyll be showing you the green.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Easy Ways to Put Personality In Your CopyThe late, great Gary Halbert once said something like copy can never be too long,only too boring. That is why you need to infuse it with character! Dont be afraidto put a little stand-out language in your copy. Know why? Because we are sobombarded with marketing messages all the time, now more than ever we needcopy that is a little - no, A LOT more interesting.But how do you get a sparkling personality down on paper?Here are five options you can try. 1) Create a "Yarket"- This is a play on my famous tarket technique where you establish your target market, then distill it down to one single person. When writing your copy, you write to him or her. A "yarket" is creating a persona that is YOU. For example, Do you want to be gruff? Irreverent? Approachable? Write out the qualities of how youd like to come across in your communications, frame them around you, then step into that character.2) Identity Theft- Find a larger than life character that you resonate with andmodel your copy after how that person would talk. For example, there used to bea comedian by the name of Sam Spade whose onstage persona was a gumshoedetective from the forties. All of his phrases and tone used language from theforties.
  34. 34. 3) Swipe an Identity- Read your swipe files and sort out the ones with personalityplus. If you find one with the qualities you want your copy to have, go ahead andoverlay that voice with your own. For example, if I am writing heavy-duty,testosterone-laden copy, I will first read Gary Halbert, John Carlton, or DanKennedy. My tone goes through their filter and comes out on the other end as aunique personality. 4) Get a Familiar- Dont restrict yourself to a human personality. You can also be more creative by using inanimate objects like your computer mouse, or even a pet. For example, copywriter Michele PWs dog, Nick, writes a column for her newsletter. Its fun to read (and fun to write - just ask Michele!) 5) Be Your Heightened YOU- Find qualities about yourself you already like and emphasize them. Act how you would at a party with a couple of cocktails under your belt. For example, I am pretty extroverted most of the time, but sometimes I am not into other people and vant to be alone, dahlink. Nevertheless, when I sit down to write my copy I am always careful to amp up my energetic side.Most of all please stop caring what others think. Sure you might offend a few bybeing edgy. So what?You wont make everybody happy unless you write boring, milquetoast copy thatseasy to ignore. The first recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, Herbert Bayard Swopewrote, "I cant give you a surefire formula for success, but I can give you aformula for failure: try to please everybody all the time." Nothing more need besaid on the subject.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. 35. Idea IncubatorsI firmly believe that all of us are creative. We all have unique thoughts, makedistinctive connections, and are capable of producing great things for ourbusinesses and for our lives...if we put our minds to it.Like your car engine, your brain works better when its warmed up. Here are afew cool ways to do that - and get closer to crafting killer copy!In Daniel Pinks very cool new book A Whole New Mind(no, I dont have asuperhuman ability to read books, but I do use a service that provides executivesummaries of the top business books, Soundview Executive Book Summaries® Ifound a great new way to get that creative motor running.Its fun and really simple. Go to a bookstore or library and pick up five magazinesthat youve never heard of in areas youve never chosen to read about. Flipthrough em, and (if youve bought em!) tear out some images or articles thatspeak to you in some way. Then, watch for breakthroughs.I gave this a shot and -wow! Its amazing what some time with Cat Fancy,Motocross World, Blender, andTeen Vogue can do for your creative juices. I cameaway with some new thoughts about a web project, ideas for more articles, and asense of amazement that there are so many niche markets out there in the world.Even if youre not wrestling with a particular form of block or working on aproject, spending just an hour doing this can make some creative connectionsand furnish a very economical - and portable- brain break.You can also get reading: other peoples copy.Find a few copywriters or styles of writing that resonate with you. Keep their stuffclose at hand and read a few pages before you start. Your brain will unwittinglystart to mimic their flow.
  36. 36. Look over a list of power words. As you know, certain words elicit a subtlepsychological response. The ones that inspire excitement and sales need to bepeppered in your copy. Here are some of them:  Accelerate  Achieve  Act  Boost  Burn  Capture  Deploy  Ensure  Finalize  Focus  Gain  Gather  Illuminate  Leverage  Manage  Overcome  Position  Reconsider  Shatter  Train  Unleash  WinThere are several sources where these words are already collected."Words ThatSell," by Richard Bayan is a popular one that I use religiously. Whatever it is thatyou do, the key is to DO SOMETHING. Set a timer for 20-30 minutes, turn off thephone and shut down e-mail. Give yourself a concentrated boost of creativetime...and watch what happens!
  37. 37. How to Run An Internet Business WITHOUT a WebsiteMy website been down for three long days now.That means no online sales. That means no email. That means brand, spankingnew web surfers looking for information about copywriting pull up a "Page NotFound" when they Google my website.I am not a happy camper.But life goes on. It has to. So how can an Internet marketer run an Internetbusiness without a website? Here are a few workarounds to keep you in businesswhile things get straightened out. 1)Keep an alternate email address in your back pocket. Sure it looks more professional to have your email address with part of your URL or website listed as the root. But having a free email address is also handy if your website isnt working. I recommend either Hotmail,, Yahoo,, or Google,, AOL is an option in the event of an emergency but I just despise them for working so hard to dumb down their subscribers and make them juvenilely dependent). 2) Invest in a shopping cart.My shopping cart at is my most valued piece of Internet marketing real estate. It is the reason I am able to contact you today, regardless of the fact that my site is down. You can use a shopping cart to send up a flare in the form of autoresponders, emails, and ezines letting them know youre still alive and well. You can even do promotions and make sales directly through the cart (if you have good copy). 3) Do direct mail, voice broadcasts, or faxes.I feel like Im time-traveling back to the dinosaur days but sometimes a postcard or an actual hard copy of a sales letter can cut through the clutter when an email cannot. Of course you cant send them to a website if yours is down. Have them call a phone
  38. 38. number. I usehttp://www.ureach.comto receive my toll-free number and faxes. If youre looking to send them or do a voice broadcast, contact my friend Ron Romano at Fortunately I have detailed information for many (not all) of my subscribers. If you havent been collecting addresses, phone numbers, and/or fax numbers I suggest you begin. 4) Find joint venture partners. Even if you dont have a website, you can find someone else who is selling a product related to your field. In the carrot- growing business? Why not joint venture with someone in the tomato business? If you have a database you can still survive a website crisis. I wouldnt advise going to your list too often to sell or you will lose many subscribers and a lot of good will.5)Back er up.You must have a back up copy of your website or you will be in aworld of hurt when it comes time to rebuild that puppy. I work with people whohave lost months just trying to get their site staked out online. My webmaster, myvirtual assistant and I all have a backup copy of my website. Wanna see? I wish Icould show you but my @#! server is having issues. So no site for me.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keys to Writing a Solo EmailThe day you hung out your shingle as an entrepreneur, you also took on the jobof marketer. The minute you stop marketing yourself is when your pr0fits dry up,so you may as well get used to your role. If you dont let people know what yourbusiness has to offer, you will NOT run a thriving business. You may not want tohear this - in fact it may even make you mad. But a great way to let people knowyou have something special for them is through a solo-mailing (an email with asingle offer sent to your permission-based list of subscribers).Solo-mailings are so prolific because they WORK. While I dont advocate abusingyour list by sending them more than a few times per month they ARE effectivewhen done correctly. They have kind of a bad rep because some marketers havea "buy or die" attitude. They send solos out daily or every couple of days until youeither buy or unsubscribe. They arent worried about building loyalty and trust.They just want a quick buck. (I do not share this philosophy.) Even when you
  39. 39. 0ffer something of great value Ive found three definite trends you can count onwith a solo-mailing: 1. You WILL get unsubscribes 2. 2. You WILL get hate mail 3. 3. You WILL make moneyIt is number 3 that I want you to laser focus on. See, I WANT you to makemoney. Since you have entrusted me with your email address, I consider it myjob to show you as many tactics as I have learned about how to run a successfulonline business. That being said, here are the 5 keys to making solo-emailingwork for YOU: 1. Attention-grabbing subject line. Do you sort through your email and select "delete" without even opening some? Me too. But if the subject line is intriguing the email is much more likely to get read. Its really the headline for your email. Also try to keep the number of characters on the short side so the words dont get cut off in the email program. Here are the maximum subject line lengths for some commonly used email programs:  Outlook: 64 characters  AOL: 52 characters  Hotmail: 45 characters  Yahoo: 80 charactersSome of my more successful subject lines were:  Im not that kind of girl  She didnt want me to tell!  May I critique your copy?  How to get *lucky* on Valentines Day  Are you in?Remember, youre competing with hundreds of other emails so make your subjectline strong. 2. Take it Personal. Studies show an increase in response when first names are used in the copy. Think about it. If you were in a busy airport and you heard someone holler out your name, wouldnt you turn to see who it was? Of course you would. Works in email too. (Techno Tip: The code looks like this: Linda but when it comes out it reads as the subscribers first name. You have to use a delivery system that supports this mail merge tactic. Personally I use Kickstart Cart but there are many other solutions out there.)
  40. 40. 4. Dazzle them with your hook. Nothing kills a sale faster than boring copy. So throw in a little soft shoe entertainment. Give your readers a reason why you are having this special sa!e or 0ffer. Tell them a (brief) story. Marketer Jason Potash ( does an excellent job with hooks. One email explains how he needs his subscribers help to get him out of the doghouse with his they should buy his product. Tellman Knudson ( caught my attention with a tale of how he was unable to sleep at I should buy his product. Perry Marshall ( spun a brilliant story of how as a kid he wanted a robot to do his chores for him but that was just a fantasy; today he knows copywriting is as close as you get to an effortless marketing you should sign up for his teleseminar. All of these hooks tie back into the 0ffer. A good story keeps them reading. 5. Dont forget the 0ffer! Lets have a little chat between the two of us, k? The purpose of your solo-mailing is to generate cash. So remember to ask for it. Allow me to grant you permission to ask for business. Poof! It is okay to ask for business. It is okay to market. It is okay to make m0ney. You, like me, are in business to make a living, correct? So marketing ourselves is a given. I expect to be marketed to...and so should you. Like the late, great Ray Charles said, "If you think in pennies, you get pennies. But when you think in dollars, you get dollars."5. Make your P.S. work harder. Your post script, or P.S. is a very highly read bit ofcopy. Its that last afterthought of the email. And our eyes are drawn to it like amagnet to steel. So this is a great place to encourage them to take action NOWand place the order link. Even scanners are likely to read the P.S.For better or for worse, we are all in sales. So face your fears, gulp hard and getout there and market!
  41. 41. Lower the Bar"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Ralph Waldo EmersonIm so excited. I got a cool new power point template with orange and yellowflames. Its not too much (well, maybe it is), but I dont care. I like it.So I transferred my regular presentation to the new template. I got somemesmerizing slide transitions like Jim Edwards used (spinning boxes and suchthat the audience at Big Seminar were oohing and aahing about). My handoutswere ready to go.Then I find out -- they dont have a projector where Im speaking.Bummer.So I freak out. I call my marketing buddies, who dont answer their phones(theyre busy marketing). I dial up my mastermind group. No go. I beg to borrowmy ex -husbands projector and big ol screen to drag on the one day roundtripflight. He says yes. I dont know how to set this up. Now my husband Johnusually goes with me. But since this is just one day, he opts to stay at home andtake care of the kids. So I figure I can just figure it out and follow the manual(never mind that techno geek John was unable to set this monster up at the lastevent and we had to borrow someone elses).My flight is an hour so Ill have to go through security, take off my shoes, get patdown by the female guard (those metal things are set so low now even my bellyring makes it beep) all while dragging around a 6 foot screen that weighs about45 pounds, a projector, a laptop and a purse.Hmmm. This isnt sounding like such a good idea.Finally, I whine to John. But hes used to me making a big deal out of little things.So he just waits for me to get a grip. Why is it so easy for him to not get mired inthe details? Because hes good at seeing the view from 10,000 feet. Hes a bigpicture guy, while Im stuck staring at blades of grass up close and personal.Handouts. We nix the projector idea and decide on handouts instead. "Well, therecant just be ANY handouts," I say!! "They have to be eye- catching and fancy. Iwant them spiral bound with a clear cover and black back. The front page shouldbe color. Oh and they have to be ready by this weekend, John. Thank you verymuch.""Lower the bar," he reminds me. He has an annoying way of remembering allthe chunks of wisdom I tell him then feeding them back to me. He reminded methat Tom Antion widely distributes a recording with some very bizarre backgroundnoises (thats a whole different story Ill tell you sometime). One of John Reesesmost highly acclaimed articles is about writing "cr@p" for the internet. My gal pal,
  42. 42. Alexandria Brown even told me sometimes those of us who care try so hard forperfection, we dont get anything done.Lower the bar. That does NOT mean under-deliver. Far from it. All it reallymeans is dont worry so much about perfection. I say this for you as much as Isay it for myself, because I know other people suffer from this same affliction.You are an expert in your field, right? So just share that information and peoplewill be able to improve their businesses. They dont need shiny covers on theirhandouts. They dont need eye-popping power point presentations. All they needis information. Information given to them from a place of empathy for what theirneeds are. And your expertise. So Im going to go to my event and share somedown and dirty information that will undoubtedly help them with their marketingand their businesses.Lower the bar enough to step into your own power.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cause and Effect"Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect." RalphWaldo EmersonWhat is the "unique selling position" in your market? Luck will not propelyou to success. Understand the "cause" of your markets problem by knowingyour target. Solving their problem is the "effect" they are looking for.Corporations have entire departments dedicated to finding out who buys fromthem so they can hone in on that market segment. They do that by profiling notonly who buys from them, but who is their competition. Successful marketingcampaigns listen to their market. Its about connecting a hidden desire or anexpressed desire in a market, a target market. Your job is to identify where thoseminds are, find them and then connect with them. You dont have to be acorporation. Its your job to do your own research and its available to youthrough your competition.Singularly look at writing to one person rather than a group. When you get thisone concept down, your copy will stick like glue to the reader because its just the2 of you in the room. Its a real easy thing to say "everybody is my targetmarket" but its not. Your target market is only those potential customers who aresuitable for your products or services. You really have to know exactly who youretalking to so you can provide the solution to their problem. Thats why I demolish
  43. 43. those roadblocks for you in my highly acclaimed workbook and audio CD, Red HotCopy to Woo Your Target Market.Copywriting is interactive between the reader and the writer. You want him or herto keep reading so you have to engage the reader. When you get in touch withyour TARKET, thats where you really make the sale. You need to know everythingabout who youre writing for. In other words, start with the catch in the mindinstead of the pitch.Remember that its not about you. Eugene Schwartz, Copywriting Master says,"The creativity is in your market and in your product, and all you are doing isjoining the 2 together. And the only way you can get the creativity out of yourproduct and your market is to dig it out. And the only way you can dig it out isdig it out more than anybody else digs it out."------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mastermind Your Way to SuccessWhat do Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Anthony Robbins, Andrew Carnegie,Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Ben Franklin have in common?They all leverage the power of the mastermind team.The mastermind works on the concept that two (or more) heads are better thanone. When you gather a group of like-minded people and focus on one particularproblem, a funny thing happens. Not only do you get intelligent feedback on blindspots you may not have noticed. But a truly phenomenal thing also happens witha mastermind group - the psychic aspect."The human mind is a form of energy, a part of it being spiritual in nature. Whenthe minds of two people are coordinated in a SPIRIT OF HARMONY, the spiritualunits of energy of each mind form an affinity, which constitutes the psychicphase of the Master Mind." Excerpted from Think and Grow RichSee, when a group is united in the same purpose, the number of ideas in theroom balloon off of other peoples ideas. I witnessed this personally last month ata networking meeting lead by Jim Bunch of Six Figure Practice. In groups of 6-8we brainstormed how to raise $10,000 in three days. The ideas were mindboggling. As we got more and more excited, our ideas became more and morebold. One group said they werent stopping at $10,000. They wanted to raise$1,000,000!
  44. 44. So how do you harness this kind of power for yourself? Masterminds are rathersubjective in that you must do what works for YOU and your lifestyle ultimately. Ihave been in my mastermind for a year now and I couldnt be happier. Mybusiness has hit an all -time high. And I credit the habit of masterminding withthe lions share of my success. Here are some of the qualities that work for us.  Keep the number small. My group is 4 people but we could comfortably increase to as many as 6.  Meet regularly. We meet by phone once a week to go over successes and challenges. Plus we put one person on the hot seat for special focus. Then we also meet in person for an all day retreat a minimum of 3-4 times a year.  Dont make anybody wrong. There is no such thing as a bad idea.  As soon as you begin attacking the creativity of the mastermind, the ideas will shrivel up. Keep the brainstorm going and youll be astounded at the new levels of insight you reach.  Treat each meeting as if you paid $100,000 a year to be a member. A mastermind meeting isnt a coffee klatch. The only way it can truly be effective is if everyone takes it seriously and shows up ready to focus.  Hold one another accountable. Got a goal? When do you expect to have that done by? Your mastermind team wants to know. There is great power in verbalizing your intention.Make a wish list of people you would like to be in your mastermind. Write out thequalities you would like to see in the ideal candidates. Be specific.A word of caution - be very picky about whom you choose to make thiscommitment with. You will likely be together for a long time. Make it a goal forthis year to be a part of a mastermind team.Be part of the copywriting event of the year – AWAI’s Fast Track to SuccessCopywriting Bootcamp & Jobfair.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  45. 45. 7 Tips to Make Your Order Page Work HarderSo your prospect, Mary, is sitting at the computer reading your compelling salesletter. Shes convinced she needs your product. So she clicks on the order link,with her credit card next to the mouse. Shes taken to the order page. What shesees next makes her change her mind and click away. Can you prevent bail out atthe crucial moment of ordering? You betcha!Here are 7 surefire tips to make your order page work harder for you... 1. Check marks the spot. Add a check box with a big, bold "Yes! Ill take it! I understand I get blah, blah, blah." For extra impact, consider adding a red border around the box so it stands out. 2. Repeat yourself. Remove all doubt about what the prospect gets for her moolah. List all bonuses and the guarantee (if there is one). Include directions on when and how the product will arrive. Hold her by the hand and take all the mystery out of the order. 3. Be kind. Remind. We all want to feel like we made a great choice. You already know how cool your product is. Let her know it too. Something as simple as, "Youve made a smart decision. Imagine how much your life will improve with this widget." 4. They like you! They really like you! The order page is a natural place for a stellar testimonial. As my friend Jonathan Mizel (one of the original Internet marketing pioneers) told me, "Its not over until they actually order." Consider adding audio as well like I do on Studies show it adds a human element to your testimonials.
  46. 46. 5. Type the easy stuff first. Psychologically the credit card fields should be at the bottom of the page after the prospects name and address. Once she starts typing, the sales resistance goes down and the buy in begins. (Note: One Shopping Cart does this by default.) 6. Give em options. Some people are still nervous to reveal their credit card info online. If you dont have alternate methods of ordering like by fax or phone, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. Marty Foley suggests you reassure your prospect that your security (SSL) has "bullet- proof encryption". 7. Wait! Dont leave! We all hate pop ups (and many are blocked - see the Resource below for an option). But they work. if the prospect clicks away, why not add a pop up box with another offer, like the downloadable version at a cheaper price? After all, shes leaving anyway. What do you have to lose? Tom Antion does this masterfully at improvements should take less than 30 minutes to put in place. Tinytweaks to your copy go a long way toward improving your sales. Never stopimproving.
  47. 47. Copywriter Trick Unveiled: How to Write Better Copy Faster"Talent alone cannot make a writer. There must be a man behind the book."Ralph Waldo Emersons GoetheIm going to share with you a method guaranteed to get your copy razorsharp in a hurry. Its an old trick I learned in journalism school, and it worksgreat to get those creative juices flowing. Since Ive been using it regularly again,I write circles around my former output times. The words are just at myfingertips.How did I do it?(More importantly, how can you do it too?) Well, you probablyalready know you must have curiosity to become a good writer. Take your naturalcuriosity to the next level and become an avid observer.When youre driving, look at the car next to you on the road. Pick up a can ofbeans in the grocery store. Check out your shampoo while in the shower. Noticethe colors and smells. What qualities does it have that set it apart? What wouldmake someone want to buy what youre looking at? Youre surrounded withopportunity to sharpen your writing skills. Its easy.
  48. 48. Heres how --  Describe appearance of product  Identify Features (look for complementary and contrasting qualities)  Single Out Main Benefit  Create your Benefit Statement or SummaryLet your imagination go. This is only an exercise. If it were a real product, ofcourse youd do your research. But our goal isnt to actually sell this copy to aclient. Its designed to open up and free your mind.THE RULES: 1. You dont have to write down your observations. Just practice doing them. Youll be amazed at how quickly your writing improves. 2. Limit yourself to five minutes on each "product." 3. Brainstorm. Do NOT edit yourself until youre done. 4. Stop on time.Heres a case in point. Today, I took Shadow, my border collie/chow mix, on ahike through the mountains. (I should say, he took me. If youve ever walked atrotting pony on a leash, you have an idea what its like to walk Shadow.) So,while being drug behind my dog, I noticed pretty yellow weeds lining the path. Ipicked those to represent my "product" and played my copywriting game.  DESCRIBE APPEARANCE: butter -colored spray of petals, braided green stem, burst of color, gently moving with the breeze.  IDENTIFY FEATURES: soothing, calming, appealing color contrast to trees, heaviest around the path as though guiding hikers  SINGLE OUT MAIN BENEFIT: Rejuvenating  BENEFIT STATEMENT: "After hiking with these soothing butter-colored wildflowers lining the trail, youll return rejuvenated and ready to face the day."Maybe not award-winning copy, but with practice Im sure Ill do better on ournext walk.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------