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Sys specifications


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Published in: Technology
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Sys specifications

  1. 1. 360cellutions
  2. 2. Summary  Full range of reports  GUI based querying  Local universe  KPI and metric editor  Report builder  Palette editor  Excel export  User rights management
  3. 3. Full Range Of Reports  Panorama  Dashboards  Detailed view  Pixel  High level view  Comparison of multiple entities  Focus  Biggest offender cells  Criteria fully customizable
  4. 4. GUI Based Querying  GUI based user interface  No need for query building  User can extract info with easy to use menus and panes  Map view gives user easier option for cell selection
  5. 5. Local Universe  Users can backup data in local universe for working offline  Data can be selected in with GUI interface similar to reports  Users can select data based on their geographical areas of interest and time of year, to minimize backup time
  6. 6. KPI And Metric Editor  New KPIs can be created by users  Auto correction for editing using raw counters  Easy name give an alternative to standard vendor names for KPIs and metrics
  7. 7. Report Builder  New reports can be designed within minutes  All options are customizable like chart types, axis, colours and palettes for map view
  8. 8. Palette Editor  All reports can be viewed on map for selected dates  For each KPI a palette can be selected in report designer, to colour the cell with KPI value on a map  Multiple palettes can be maintained
  9. 9. Excel Export  All reports can be exported to Excel
  10. 10. User Rights Management  Users are given rights based on profiles  Users can maintain their own KPIs, Reports and Palettes  Admin rights users can make modifications on the server, other users can only make modifications on their machine locally