Using stop smoking aids


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Discover all you need to know about using stop smoking aids to drop off cigarettes.

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Using stop smoking aids

  1. 1. Using Stop Smoking Aids By
  2. 2. IntroductionFor a long time, stop smoking aids have helped many people get off cigarettes. This article explores 5 different ways to quit smoking.There is no doubt about the fact that smoking contributes to a lot of illnesses including cancer, respiratory diseases and cardio-vascular diseases. Wikipedia says: “Tobacco is the single greatest cause of preventable death globally.”
  3. 3. WHO Smoking StatisticsThe World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that tobacco caused 5.4 million deaths in 2004 and 100 million deaths over the course of the 20th century. Similarly, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes tobacco use as “the single most important preventable risk to human health in developed countries and an important cause of premature death worldwide.”
  4. 4. WHO Smoking Statistics(2)Despite all these horror facts, why do people still smoke? Tobacco contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. Nicotine addiction creates both physical and psychological dependency. If a person must drop off cigarettes, his or her dependency on nicotine needs to be broken.To achieve this, several stop smoking aids can be used but in the lines below, I will discuss 5 different ways to quit smoking.
  5. 5. 5 Different Ways to Stop SmokingOne way to stop smoking is through water therapy. By drinking lots of water when you are considering quitting smoking, you will be able to flush out residual toxins and nicotine which are in your body from smoking cigarettes. Secondly, water therapy will put a stop to your cigarette cravings when you gulp down water each time you feel the need for a cigarette. Thirdly, it will make you to feel full, thereby reducing food cravings, a common feature when quitting smoking.
  6. 6. 5 Different Ways to Stop Smoking(2)Whether you quit smoking or not, drinking plenty of water will help your body to absorb nutrients better and regulate body temperature. By drinking plenty of water a day, you will be well on the road to quitting smoking too as you will be more aware of your health. So start drinking up to 8 glasses or more a day.
  7. 7. 5 Different Ways to Stop Smoking(3)Some experts even advise you take water immediately you get up from bed before brushing and breakfast. They insist that aside flushing out toxins from your body, this energizes you in the morning and puts you in high spirits, thereby leaving no room for drowsiness or nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
  8. 8. 5 Different Ways to Stop Smoking(4)You can also use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to quit smoking. For starters,what is Nicotine Replacement Therapy? Wikipedia says: “Nicotine replacement therapy (commonly abbreviated to NRT) is the remedial administration of nicotine to the body by means other than tobacco, usually as part of smoking cessation. ”
  9. 9. 5 Different Ways to Stop Smoking(5)Even though research has shown that this is not the best effective way to stop smoking and can be used for a short time, about 18-38% of smokers find success using this method. This therapy includes wearing patches, chewing gums containing nicotine and using nicotine nasal sprays or inhaler.
  10. 10. 5 Different Ways to Stop Smoking(6)The Gum is good for many smokers because it gives your mouth something to do while kicking the smoking habit. With most nicotine gums, you chew the gum a few times and store it between the lip/cheek and gum. The nicotine is then released through your gums and cheek. This is a powerful way to quit smoking because you satisfy the chemical and psychological dependency of smoking.
  11. 11. 5 Different Ways to Stop Smoking(7)On the whole,this method is beneficial because it reduces the cravings for cigarettes in users.A research work called the Cochrane Review study conducted in 1996 and updated in November, 2007, discovered that nicotine replacement therapies like the patch, gum or inhaler shot up chances of quitting by 50% to 70%.
  12. 12. 5 Different Ways to Stop Smoking(8)Cold turkey is another way to stop smoking. This is the most popular method even though it’s not an effective way to drop off cigarettes. The success ratio,per try,is between 5%-10%. Cold turkey,according to Wikipedia, “describes the actions of a person who gives up a habit or addiction all at once — that is, rather than gradually easing the process through gradual reduction or by using replacement medication.”
  13. 13. 5 Different Ways to Stop Smoking(9)Most times,smokers, who want to quit cold turkey, rely on their will power and determination. It takes more than a trial for smokers to succeed with this method.Hypnotherapy: This is a brand new smoking cessation technique which basically deals with using hypnosis to assist smokers get off cigarettes. Hypnosis is “the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction.”
  14. 14. 5 Different Ways to Stop Smoking(10)Even though many people have misgivings about trying this method,the few who have tried say it has a high success rate!Varenicline is another quit smoking aid that has a high level of success. Marketed by Pfizer,it is sold as Chantix in the US,while it is generally known as Champix in Canada,Europe and other countries. It is a medication that blocks the brain’s receptors responsible for nicotine addiction. It is said to be very effective and has minimal side effects.
  15. 15. ConclusionUsing any of these stop smoking aids can help you quit smoking. Just approach your quit smoking goal with a lot of positivity and go for it. It’s definitely not going to be easy considering the great lengths tobacco companies go to make sure that their clients are forever hooked. Just make up your mind and determine never to give in. The first few days will be like hell but it will get easier as you detoxify and create a habit of not smoking. Whenever you feel like giving in, quickly affirm to yourself:”I’m a non- smoker. Nicotine can no longer control me.”
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