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How to stop friends from stopping your quit efforts


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Ever wondered how to stop friends who want to stop your quit smoking efforts? Find an answer in this presentation.

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How to stop friends from stopping your quit efforts

  1. 1. How to Stop Friends from Stopping Your Quit Smoking Efforts By
  2. 2. Introduction• A recent study conducted by pharmaceutical giants, Pfizer, revealed that a third of smokers have confessed to interfering with other peoples’ attempt to stop smoking.• Their reasons for disrupting other people’s quitting attempts include guilt about their own addiction, envy, and longing to have a smoking “partner”.
  3. 3. Study Reveals Smokers Sabotage Others• During this study, Pfizer allegedly collected statistics from 6,300 present and ex-smokers and discovered that 31% of smokers have wrecked the cessation attempts of other persons. In conclusion, the study states that 72% of smokers who have attempted to quit thought that someone has destroyed their quitting efforts.
  4. 4. Study Reveals Smokers Sabotage Others(2)• Even though one is won’t to treat this study with a pinch of salt (coming from Pfizer, a manufacturer of quit smoking products with a clear bias against cold turkey quitting), I have decided to rather focus on how to prevent friends or fellow smokers from sabotaging your quit attempt. I just hope you enjoy the article.
  5. 5. Don’t Allow a Friend Sabotage Your Efforts• Now, I’ve always said smoking cessation is tough but it can be done with adequate preparation, planning and dedication. The challenges of quitting can be tough and you don’t want a friend sabotaging your efforts after you’re one week or so gone. So, what can you do to prevent such intrusion into your stop smoking plans and efforts?
  6. 6. 10 Situations That Can Cause a Relapse• According to the Public Health Agency, activities that can be linked to a relapse include:• having too much alcohol and forgetting you’re trying to quit smoking;• going out of the house for a chat with smokers;• keeping a packet of cigarettes in the house;• a traumatic and stressful situation such as the loss of a dear one or sickness in the family.• These and 6 other situations must be avoided by smokers to prevent a return back to cigarettes and smoking.
  7. 7. How Smokers Can Prevent a Relapse• Having identified what and what can be done to prevent a relapse, let’s take a look at more pre-emptive measures on the part of smokers, intending to quit.• Know your smoking triggers and avoid them. If you know going out with friends will make you smoke, by all means avoid it. Does stop smoking mean you should avoid having fun and hanging out with friends?
  8. 8. How Smokers Can Prevent a Relapse(2)• Yes and No. Yes, because, it could cause you to lose all the ground you have gained by quitting smoking and holding up for a while. It could even cause your death because smoking has been linked to so many killer diseases like COPD, Lung Cancer, Emphysema et cetera. No, because you can still have fun in other ways. Having fun is not restricted to going out with friends.
  9. 9. How Smokers Can Prevent a Relapse(3)• When you’re quitting smoking, watch who you talk to and weigh the advice you receive. If it doesn’t tally with your stop smoking resolve, please avoid such companionship and advice. In fact, I wouldn’t say avoid, I’d say flee. Yes, run with all your might because such could be dangerous. What you hear, see and digest during quit smoking period has to strengthen your resolve and not weaken it.
  10. 10. How Smokers Can Prevent a Relapse(4)• In an earlier post, I talked about taking a vacation to your favourite vacation spot and leaving friends who can influence you back to smoking behind. This helps you get through the worst stage of smoking cessation as you have only your mind to listen to. If you work, you can save and plan to get a vacation before dropping off cigarettes. This way, you have enough money to indulge yourself and distract your mind from smoking cigarettes.
  11. 11. How Smokers Can Prevent a Relapse(5)• If possible, change your friends immediately you kick the smoking habit. Surround yourself with friends who will urge you on the quit smoking path, instead of discouraging you. Also, get an accountability partner (preferably someone who has successfully quit smoking) to keep you accountable.
  12. 12. How Smokers Can Prevent a Relapse(6)• Instead of hanging out with smoking friends, join a gym to exercise, if you think you cannot exercise alone. If you can exercise alone, start with walking briskly around the house and then graduate to running short distances every blessed day (preferably 30 minutes daily). Once you have mastered this, you can graduate to running longer distances. Exercise is really beneficial to smoking cessation and I even advise you establish a daily exercise routine before dropping off cigarettes. For exercise to really help you, make sure you break a sweat and also do it consistently.
  13. 13. How Smokers Can Prevent a Relapse(7)• Exercise and smoking are 2 incompatible habits, so, indulging in one will make you loathe the other.• By all means, avoid alcohol and useless chatter. You don’t have anything to prove to anybody. Alcohol has been proven to enhance the taste of cigarettes and must be avoided to prevent a relapse. If you also find you smoke immediately after drinking a cup of coffee, please avoid coffee for a while.
  14. 14. How Smokers Can Prevent a Relapse(8)• I’ve always maintained stop smoking starts with a change in your thinking and if you think you need your old friends to survive after quitting, you would fall pray to their whims and caprices. So, shift your thinking and reprogram your mind to effectively quit smoking. Tell your mind you don’t need any old friend to successfully quit. Rather, join a support group of people who recently quit. They’ll help you stay on course.
  15. 15. How Smokers Can Prevent a Relapse(9)• As part of the mind change, force your mind to stay focused on the quit smoking journey. Avoid distractions at all costs. Look at the end result, carry your ‘reasons-for-quitting-note’ with you and read it loud to yourself every time you have the opportunity to do so. Constantly remind yourself about the benefits of quitting; it helps to strengthen your resolve.
  16. 16. How Smokers Can Prevent a Relapse(10)• Change things up. Disrupt your daily routines so you’re less likely to reach for a cigarette without thinking. If you used to go to work with smoking friends, start going to work alone. If you used to smoke while driving to work, start going by public transportation.
  17. 17. How Smokers Can Prevent a Relapse(11)• At every stage in your smoking journey, talk to people who urge you on; people who encourage you; people who show you the way out of tricky cigarette withdrawal symptoms. Don’t, because you want to avoid smoking friends, avoid people totally. It’s not everybody out there who’s sabotaging quit attempts. There are people out there who are prepared to help. Reach out to them anytime you feel like talking about your stop smoking challenges.
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