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Stay away from nicotine after smoking cessation


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Discover how to stay away from nicotine,in any form,after you have successfully ceased smoking cigarettes.

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Stay away from nicotine after smoking cessation

  1. 1. Stay Away from Nicotine After Smoking Cessation By
  2. 2. IntroductionIf you have successfully dropped offcigarettes, one advice we want to give you is:don’t feed your body nicotine again. If you doso, you will take your body back to squareone. Seriously, this is one advice you mustn’ttake with a pinch of salt. Cling to it as if yourentire life depended on it. In a way, your lifedepends on it because nicotine kills.
  3. 3. You Don’t Need NRTs to Quit• Everyday, we get bombarded by adverts of nicotine replacement products and most smokers have fallen prey to such adverts. The truth is: you don’t need a nicotine substitute such as the patch, gum, inhaler, lozenge to cease smoking. You can achieve a non-smoking status without them. Nasty cigarette cravings are the reason most smokers turn to nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) but they (cravings) can be overpowered with these natural methods.
  4. 4. Why You Should Not Feed Your Body Nicotine Again• Simple: if you have been able to shun cigarettes, a source of nicotine, you don’t need nicotine in another form (patches, gum, inhaler, lozenge) to get through smoking cessation. Now, come to think of it. How can you use the same substance you’re trying to abstain from to successfully cease smoking? There’s a sort of contradiction here. I just hope you’re able to see it.
  5. 5. Why You Should Not Feed Your Body Nicotine Again(2)• Secondly, you and I know how painful the withdrawal process is. It turns many a smoker trying to quit into a wretch. The first 72 hours after smoking cessation is usually the worst with one craving coming up immediately after another. It feels like the end has come. Most times, the withdrawal drags for 2 weeks and if you’ve successfully gone through all that and come out triumphant, why do you want to subject your body to another withdrawal torture?
  6. 6. Why You Should Not Feed Your Body Nicotine Again(3)• Thirdly, the use of nicotine substitutes throws up common side effects like nausea, digestive problems, dizziness, heartburn, headaches and inability to sleep. Skin irritation can also occur with the patch. So, what are talking about here? Is this not a case of, from frying pan to fire? You’re trying to avoid a substance by stopping smoking but the prescribed drug to help you quit also brings up several side effects!
  7. 7. Why You Should Not Feed Your Body Nicotine Again(4)• Another thing is; NRTs are a drain on your financial resources. When you get addicted to them, they draw you back by hundreds of dollars. Stop wasting your hard-earned money on nicotine alternatives. they simply don’t work.• As you try to abstain, you may find though the idea of smoking just one cigarette seductive, but just know that, that single puff can lead you back to where you are coming from – your 2-pack-a- day habit within a week or less.
  8. 8. Why You Should Not Feed Your Body Nicotine Again(5)• The usual thing is to think you can get away with that single puff, but, you cannot. You’re dragging yourself back to square one. So,don’t put nicotine into your body, or you will lose everything that you fought for in the blink of an eye.• In the same vein, nicotine replacement products should be avoided at all costs. If you’re going to use the nicotine patch, gum, inhaler, or lozenge, don’t even bother. Just go smoke cigarettes. They are no different.
  9. 9. Why You Should Not Feed Your Body Nicotine Again(6)• Your body doesn’t recognize the nicotine as coming from a cigarette, patch, gum, lozenge or inhaler. It doesn’t even care where the nicotine comes from once its’ desire for nicotine is assuaged. So, you may as well just smoke and stop deceiving yourself about quitting a substance and still finding another way to put it into your body.
  10. 10. Why You Should Not Feed Your Body Nicotine Again(7)• Do NOT feed your body nicotine in any form. Ultimately, nicotine replacement therapies will lead you back to cigarettes if you try to use any of them. This is because you have not dealt with the core connection you have with tobacco.• The only reason why you smoke is nicotine addiction so staying addicted to nicotine (by using NRTs) is going to raise your inclination to want to smoke and put yourself back to square one – a smoker.
  11. 11. NRTs Don’t Work• If you are not addicted to nicotine, you will have no desire to smoke. So, the primary thing is to severe the bond between you and nicotine, instead of just going ahead to apply nicotine alternatives.• As if to add salt to injury, a recent study claims nicotine replacement therapies don’t work. This prompted our earlier article questioning the effectiveness of NRTs or otherwise.
  12. 12. NRTs Don’t Work(2)• Even though the patch, gum or lozenges are said to be devoid of the injurious chemicals cigarettes have, it’s still not safe to use them. They are best avoided. Even though they sell over a billion dollars yearly, they are just as addictive as cigarettes and many a smoker who used them ended up complaining about being addicted to them.
  13. 13. Avoid NRTs At All Costs• Avoid them at all costs, see them the same way you see cigarettes and treat them the same way you would treat a cigarette. The drug in them is no different. Nicotine is highly addictive, no matter the form in which it is delivered. My message to you therefore is: don’t just quit cigarettes. Quit the substance that is found in cigarettes. Stop using nicotine. This is imperative. This is vital.
  14. 14. Avoid NRTs At All Costs(2)• Don’t just quit smoking or chewing tobacco…..stop using the drug found in cigarettes altogether. Avoid using nicotine in any form.• Don’t feed your body nicotine, ever again.• Quit cigarettes and tobacco, abstain from using nicotine, and go live a happy and healthy life of freedom; freedom which knows no bounds.
  15. 15. Enjoy Your New Found Freedom!• Freedom with your money, time, health, relationships, you just name it. That is what you stand to gain from smoking cessation, so, please, don’t sabotage it.• I bet you didn’t know the benefits of smoking cessation; if you did, you would guard your new found freedom and happiness jealously instead of risking it with nicotine substitutes.• A word to the wise, they say, is enough!
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