Motivate yourself to quit smoking


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Discover different ways to motivate yourself to cease smoking.

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Motivate yourself to quit smoking

  1. 1. Motivate Yourself to Quit Smoking By
  2. 2. Introduction• Motivation is important, if you want to stop smoking. Without it, you can’t attain your stop smoking desire. So, how exactly can you motivate yourself to quit smoking?• Two things: Use public pressure and make things enjoyable. I will explain.
  3. 3. Public Pressure• Public pressure (either negative or positive) can help anyone to achieve a set goal. For instance, a sales employee who has just been employed stands the risk of being fired because of non – performance. Such an employee is served a warning letter and told to buckle up. Without being told, the employee stars waking up early to creatively think of ways to market, does cold calls, emails prospects, goes out for sales dates, et cetera.
  4. 4. Public Pressure(2)• These are things the employee is not used to but has been forced to do for fear of losing his or her job. It is public pressure motivating the employee to go the extra mile. If he doesn’t do them, chances are, he’d be scolded publicly or even fired. But he does them and as the chores become a daily habit and he sees some of his goals being achieved, he starts enjoying the things public pressure has thrust upon him. At this point, he is more than motivated to follow this route.
  5. 5. Public Pressure(3)• Even though people see pressure as a bad thing, it can lead to excellent results, if applied correctly. Do not apply pressure in too negative a way and too high a level. Keep things upbeat and at a controllable intensity, and things will move as you planned.
  6. 6. How to Use Public Pressure to Quit Smoking• Tell all your co-workers, friends and family you’re going to stop smoking and report to them frequently on your steps forward.• Email your family and friends, telling them about your quit smoking goal and asking them to be your accountability partners. Email them regular updates, and tell them about your progress when you see them.
  7. 7. Using Public Pressure to Quit(2)• Post your smoking cessation goal on your blog and post regular updates. It’s imperative that you not just post the goal but also stay accountable with the updates. Encourage people to inquire about your goal if you don’t report your advancement.• Join a stop smoking online forum related. Make yourself known, strike up acquaintances, inform them about your goal, request for help when you need it, and give an account of your triumphs and disappointments.
  8. 8. Using Public Pressure to Quit(3)• Write a regular column in a publication on your quit smoking goal. It creates a lot of positive public pressure as people will always want to know how you are faring. It’s understandable if you cannot write a column for a newspaper, but you could do it for a newsletter, group blog or some other sort of periodical.• Post your goal and a chart of your progress up in your office or other public place.
  9. 9. Using Public Pressure to Quit(4)• Post pictures of your progress every day. You can even create a video. It makes it all the more exciting.• There are many other ways to use public pressure to motivate yourself. All you need do; is to sit down quietly and come up with your own ideas.
  10. 10. Enjoy Your Smoking Cessation Goal Activities• Motivating yourself to cease smoking, using positive public pressure won’t work for long if you don’t enjoy it. You just must enjoy it for you to stay motivated to remain smoke-free. You may not know but there are several ways to get satisfaction and pleasure in smoking cessation — the key is to concentrate on the pleasurable or enjoyable parts. Focus on the positive. Be optimistic.
  11. 11. Ways to Enjoy Your Smoking Cessation Goal Activities• Having a tough time exercising before kicking the smoking habit? Find exercise or physical workout that’s entertaining for you. If you don’t like cycling, try running, try swimming or basketball or baseball. If you don’t like to lift weights, try doing some dancing exercises. Walk with friends and chat the whole day. If you don’t like to exercise alone, register at a gym. Just find a way to make your exercise activity pleasurable and enjoyable for you.
  12. 12. Ways to Enjoy Your Smoking Cessation Goal Activities(2)• If your challenge after smoking cessation is eating, uncover healthy foods you find irresistible. Try out new recipes and have fun testing them out.• Is going to the movies to distract you from cigarette cravings tough because it’s not pastime you particularly enjoy? Take an exciting non-smoking friend along and choose to watch a movie that will make you sit on edge till the very end. Make sure you have enough to treat yourself, so, going to the movies will be enjoyable for you.
  13. 13. Ways to Enjoy Your Smoking Cessation Goal Activities(3)• Discover the enjoyable parts of any activity, and concentrate on those. As time goes by, you can really learn to love activities you used to hate. Or better still, switch to activities you love more and stick to them.• These two principles, when used simultaneously, can be potent motivators. Suffice to they’re the motivation you’ll ever require in most cases.
  14. 14. Use Rewards to Motivate Yourself• Yet another way to motivate yourself is to look for rewards that can propel you to quit.• These rewards have to be things you love doing like going out to watch a movie, or indulging yourself at a fancy restaurant.• You can give yourself goals, say, if you cut yourself to smoking only four cigarette sticks a day, then reward yourself by watching the latest movie.
  15. 15. Use Rewards to Motivate Yourself(2)• If you totally quit cigarettes for a whole week, you’ll buy yourself a Gucci bag or something. Try to reward yourself with things you really like and have been looking forward to, for a long time. Because you know you stand to gain something by quitting, you’ll be more than motivated to go along with it, no matter how tough it might seem.
  16. 16. Scare Tactics May Not Work• Remember scare tactics don’t always work, but encouragement can. Viewing the pictures of cancerous lungs and reading stories of celebrities who died of smoking may work with some people, but in most cases, it doesn’t. Use the public pressure, rewards and enjoyment approach. You’ll register success sooner than you expected.
  17. 17. Motivation Is a Daily Exercise• Motivation is a daily exercise and you must find ways to motivate yourself towards your stop smoking goal each day. American motivational Speaker and Author, Zig Ziglar concurs: “people often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”
  18. 18. Conclusion• In life, nothing moves until you move it, so start moving towards the achievement of your smoking cessation goal by motivating yourself today!
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