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Sune Stilling on Dare to Matter

Sune Stilling's presentation from our 100th Morgenbooster celebration on the topic Dare to Matter

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Sune Stilling on Dare to Matter

  2. 2. Classification: Internal Through +110 years, Maersk has been an impressive entrepreneurial growth story…
  3. 3. Classification: Internal TRANSPORT & LOGISTIC THE BEGINNINGS ACCELERATED GROWTH CONGLOMERATE FOCUS Bulk Brokerage Ship-building Fishing Engine and tractor manufacturing Banking Tankers Whaling Sugar plantation Terminals Marine and container repairs Refinery Property Casting and model machinery Brakes and conveyor belts Oil & Gas Polythylene & Plastics Retail Product tankers Offshore supply services Medical Passenger airline Car carriers Data Gas tankers Drilling Offshore services Warehouses Rail Trucks Forwarding Tug boats & salvage Ferry Services Air cargo Emergency Response Vessels Container manufacturing Intra-services FPSO LNG à1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 20101904 Liner Container Liner
  5. 5. Classification: Internal DEVELOP & LAUNCH NEW BUSINESSES HOME FOR IDEAS ENTREPRENEURIAL NEXUS OUR PURPOSE Growth is the Corporate Venture arm of Maersk. We partner with, invest in, build future businesses We have a major asset in our 80,000 colleagues and strong brand, and we want to leverage that through a structured process and platform that makes it easy for both intra- and entrepreneurs to bring forward ideas, and to enable an agile and focused execution on those ideas The outcome of all our efforts is to develop new business models and revenue streams, that can evolve into substantial new businesses for Maersk – either via investments, partnerships or Maersk-driven build-efforts Through exploring new ways of working and collaborating with the start-up and venture ecosystems, we want to be part of reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit in Maersk and infuse the core strength of our business with more speed, agility and founder’s mentality.
  6. 6. Classification: Internal WE PROVIDE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS We are a strategic investor with strong emphasis on our non-cash value-add CAPITAL ROCKET FUEL Traditional investors Provide financial value Corporate Partners Provide strategic value + We invest on typical investor terms, provide value through strategic input, building management teams and driving operational efficiencies We provide strategic value through unlocking our unique non-cash value add from our position as the leading transportation and logistics company globally GROWTH MAERSK
  7. 7. Classification: Internal OUR PROPRIETARY GIFT The core of our offering is the “Maersk Growth ABCDE” Leverage our large asset base incl. modern vessels and terminals ASSETS Leverage the power of our global presence and reach of our brand BRAND Access our global +100,000 customer base and volumes CUSTOMERS Get access to our detailed data covering 20% of global trade DATA Tap into our deep industry expertise across our ~80,000 employees EXPERTISE
  8. 8. Classification: Internal B U I L D I N G T H E F U T U R E O F T R A D E Portfolio of Maersk Growth A machine learning / AI technology company, that develops hyperspectral imaging software used within the food industry. A platform to make food logistics easy, efficient and free of worries for everyone through digitization, automation and innovation. Combining advanced trading capabilities and an unrivalled transportation network to develop new solutions within agricultural commodity trading. Startchy’s mission is to help farmers and retailers through their innovative organic and edible coating that extends shelf life of produce . A solution that combines mobile apps, sensors and smartphone connections to make real shipment visibility attainable and simple. A digital trade documentation solution enabling SMEs to create, communicate and collaborate in real time to overcome informational constraints. Industrial IoT company that uses a combination of wireless sensors and data tracking to help improve the food supply chain, with a current focus on grains. Creating full supply chain visibility in food, essentially creating the blockchain of food. Improving coordination, optimization and more. Changing the way that wasted food is handled, forever. The software analyzes waste and suggest reduction tactics. A digital asset-free freight service provider aiming to create the best freight-forwarding experience for global customers through state-of-the-art technology Platform to receive instant quotes, book a truck in seconds, and track your shipment from pickup to delivery. An end-to-end omnichannel tech solution managing the entire logistics of fashion brands and convert data into business insights to boost growth. A Trade Finance platform for SMEs connecting trade partners and using AI to automatically handle credit assessment and KYC. A global return logistics platform helping brands and retailers to manage the return and re-sale of products domestically and internationally. Global cellular operator for IoT, working to connect and simplify enterprise grade connected services across the globe to enable a more secure, cost efficient and scalable connectivity option