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SW week12 Section A


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SW week12 Section A

  1. 1. Section A ・ 5 Keywords- encryption- scytale- key- symmetric-key- hashing algorithm
  2. 2. ・ 3 sentences from the article● Information security is provided on computers and over the Internet by a variety of methods.● The Greek historian Plutarch wrote, for example, about Spartan generals who sent and received sensitive messages using a scytale, a thin cylinder made out of wood.
  3. 3. ・The important thing about a hash valueis that it is nearly impossible to derivethe original input number withoutknowing the data used to create thehash value.
  4. 4. ・Why are these sentences important?・The ssentence is very important .First sentence is explaining aboutencryption works .There are a whole lotof information .Fof example,Credit-cardinformation,SocialSecuritynumbers,Privatecorrespondence,Personaldetails,Sensitive companyinformation,Bank-account information .
  5. 5. ・Secound sentences is writing aboutsymmetric key.User uses individualsecret key ( cord ).It is sent over thenetwork to another computer ,and thekey join another secret key.This way isvery safety and very convenient.・Third sentences is writing abouthashing algorithm. The key in pbulickey encryption is usig on a hashvalue.A hashing algorithm is usig it of allothers.It is important for us to
  6. 6. to derive the original input numberwithout knowing the data used to createthe hash value.So,I think that the 3 sentences areimportant.