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Dmitri Vail Remembered


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Dmitri Vail was well known in Dallas, Texas as the artist who painted Hollywood celebrities, noted politicans and people he liked. After he completed his paintings of people he would put on a elaborate party and invited everyone to attend. Spent many lunches at the Holiday Inn on Central Expressway dining at his special table that was always reserved. I was just one of many who had the honor and one of few who wanted charcoal drawing. You won't find much about this artist on the web. Dmitri Vail's oil and crisp sharp charcoal sketches "not for sale".

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  • I use to go in the Holiday Inn on North Dallas Expressway and here was "Dallas". I had an audition for the Roy Calhoun movie:"The Low Price of Fame" and spent my spare time looking at the people he painted. What happen to these potraits I have no ideas but Mike Ritchie of Channel 13's New Room exposed the film company as "Fly by night" and they skipped town. Does anyone else remember this era?
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Dmitri Vail Remembered

  1. 1. A tribute to Dmitri Vail
  2. 2. ….Also available in fine charcoal black and white sketches
  3. 3. “Easter Sunday” To be painted by Dmitri Vail is to live forever. Jan Angers In charcoal I am able to do things that I have found a totally different mediam of art.
  4. 4. DMITRI VAIL and Mrs Pat Liechy were married the other day in a private ceremony at the home of Brad Angers. The minister of the Northway Christian Church read the ceremony., "What did you say the name of the minister was?" Vail asked Angers later. "Patrick Henry." Said Vail" "Wasn't the famous for saying something besides the marriage service." Mrs. Patricia Ann Liechy became the bride of well-known painter Dmitiri Vail in a ceremony Sept.12 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Brad Angers, 7770 Goforth Circle. The Rev. Dr. Patrick Henry officiated. The couple will live at his address 4245 Armstrong. The new Mrs. Vail has been residing at 6738 Northport. Mr. and Mrs. Angers were honor attendants. The bride is a board ember of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce. Dmitri Vail School of Art was located at the European Crossroads 2829 West N.W. Hwy. Dallas, Texas in the 70's/80's. I was impressed with the unique way he had of directing your technique and keeping it your own while he helped you improve it. He believed that each artist should pursue his own inspiration