Bonehead Club in Dallas, Texas


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Bonehead Club in Dallas, Texas

  1. 1. An Old Compiled by:Brad & Jan Angers March, 2007 Click to advance slides Ref l ect ions
  2. 2. Int r oduct ion I came as a guest of Dr Henry Nuss to put on a comedy magic show for the Bonehead Club in1960. Grover Keeton was Big Chief .... A part of my act required a member of the audience to holda 25 pound block of ice while I ignored him. Towards the end of my act (about 20 minutes or solater, at the request of the members I turned my attention to the member holding the ice. He wasR.C. Rains, one of the largest men in the club. His fingers had melted a good four inches in the ice.He never said a word. His eyes though were filled with blood & daggers. I said I almost forgotabout you ... you can set it down now . His hands were blue and wet. I said Here .. lets dry offthose hands. I then cut off his tie to wipe them. The group rolled in laughter. R.C. Still was quiet ...almost too quiet. The next day R.C. called me and asked that I be at theirnext meeting. I had no idea what I was in for ... but I went.When the meeting began I was asked to come to the headtable where Dr. Grover Keeton & Dr Layton Bailey, Jr. saidthat I had been proposed for membership. I had beenasked to join a group of the cream of Dallas businessmen.I was overwhelmed. For the next 37 years I attendedmeetings, had fun and put out the Pithy. I rose thru the offices of Scribbler, Money Grabber andLittle Chief. J .Howard Payne had asked me to take over theoffice of Archives. And I carried those duties with gusto. Iwas officially sworn in as Big Chief in 1977. And along withthe many programs the Boneheads had, I added TheBonehead of the Year Awards. Working with my goodFriend Dr. Daugherty for over 24 years. My wife Jan & I leftDallas and moved to Florida in 1997. I have been an activemember of the Bonehead Club for over 37 years. Br adf or d J. Anger s
  3. 3. Who Are We??? Classifying the Boneheads would be like explaining how no two snowflakes are alike. A Bonehead loves life. He has learned how tolaugh at life and is always ready to venture into unknown worlds. Only in the Bonehead Club would one find a man like D.Harold Byrd, who on a whim, charters a couple of planes and takes theBoneheads to Mexico just to be a little different. A group that would don overalls, acquire a couple of trucks, park them in anintersection outside the Adolphus Hotel. Then with compressed air jackhammers. break a 4 ft by 4 ft hole in the middle of commercestreet, (while uniformed police that were afraid to ask why) directed traffic around the area. Soon as a 4ft hole was opened, a secondtruck backed up and the Boneheads planted a tree in the intersection an jumped in the trucks and drove away. Only the Boneheads could block the runways at Love Field and hold up traffic for two hours to settle an issue. (The airline had to flyin 20 hostesses to take the club to breakfast before they relented) Only the Boneheads could give a Bonehead trophy to the President of The United States and get enough of a laugh out of him tohave him call upon Mickey Mantle to fly to Dallas to get his trophy. The pre-presentation party the night before, the President called.A waitress came in and asked “Is there a Brad Angers in here” I stood up and she “said some nut says he is the president wants totalk to you.” It was his acceptance of the trophy. Only the Boneheads would get up and walk out on Bob Hope as he rose to speak. (When other clubs were paying $10,000. for just10 minutes of his time), get their laughs from a couple of disk jockeys who were walked out on and decided to get even. They went aweek without shaving, and in wrinkled clothes, mussed hair and a sleepless appearance were at the Bonehead rostrum talking asthough they never left. The Boneheads loved it and made them honorary members of the Club. Only the Boneheads would lay honor on the first team to lose a Superbowl, or get a judge in Las Vegas to issue a subpoena tohave Jimmy The Greek appear at a meeting. Only the Boneheads would hold a silver service, candle-lit dinner in a McDonalds, or get the city to turn over an old fire departmenthook and ladder truck so that they could repair, repaint and renumber it #57 then give it back to the city so they could take them tothe State Fair of Texas to close the gates………….. But the memories live on.In The Beginning....... One summer in 1919, A few of Dallas’s most famous and influential leaders were havingbreakfast in the coffee shop in the old Oriental Hotel,(later to be called the Baker Hotel) agathering which had become a ritual. Among them were Joe Bailey, you know, the Mobile Oil guythat owns that building with the big flying Red Horse on top, W.C. Evertt, an executive with“The Official Family”, Texas Sunday School Association and later the first Big Chief of TheBonehead Club. Newspaper man, Lewis Bailey, Judge W.C. Graves, S.M.U. Dean, E.D. Jennings, J.Howard Payne, Journalist J. J. Taylor, and Newspaper man George Webster. Joe Bailey casually asked the waitress if their group was getting too big. She retorted, “Ienjoy listening to you boneheads” That remark struck home and all agreed they really wereboneheads and even began referring to themselves as such.
  4. 4. J. J. Taylor said they should form a club and have formal meetings. They all agreed and askedJoe Bailey and J. Howard Payne to go to Austin and file corporation papers for the club. In Austin they faced a mild mannered clerk who was to file the necessary papers. He asked“What do you call your organization?” J. Howard Payne said “The Bonehead Club of Dallas”. Theclerk kept a straight face and then asked if they had their Resolutions. Joe Bailey said I guessso, and said “Resolved, to learn more and more about less and less, until eventually we shallknow everything about nothing”. Again the clerk kept a straight face and finished the filingprocedure. The Bonehead Club of Dallas was now official.THE MEETINGS: The Club met for a few years at the Baker Hotel and later took up residence in theAdolphus Hotel across the street, where it met for over 65 years. During a major remodeling of thehotel they began meeting at various hotels and clubs.THE MEMBERSHIP: The membership was limited, by charter, to 57 (Fifty-seven) members. The reasongiven was that in 1919 Heinz had advertised their 57 varieties of became the 57varieties of NUTS. The members elected to wear a derby as a part of their dress.Becauselimitations placed on membership and the desire of many Dallasites wanting to be members (one hadto be sponsored for membership) and a desire to keep everyone happy, the club created the class ofwant-to-be’s as a “Half Baked” list where they could attend meetings and have lunch but were notallowed to vote on issues. They would be admitted to active membership as a place became availablebasis. The Club has a Big Chief as President, Little Chief as Vice President, A Money Grabber asTreasurer and a Scribbler as Secretary.RECOGNITION The Dallas Morning News in October of 1927 devoted an entire section of their paper(12 pages) to the Bonehead Club. This paper was later reprinted by Dr. Brad Angers.BONEHEAD BULLETIN The derby covered osseous make-up of a Bonehead’s bean has been referred to amass of pithy knowledge, thus the instinctive naming of their bulletin as The Pithyossious. Most ofthe time it has little to offer, other times the Pithy runneth over.HISTORICAL FIRSTS: The Bonehead Pea Knife Corporation was founded by Dr.’s Craig Dunlap, J.Howard Payne, John Collom and Dr. George R. Angell. Dr. Payne said that peas should be eaten witha knife. Dr. Joe Bailey said that “I eat my peas with honey, I’ve done it all my life. It doesmake the peas taste funny, but it keeps them on the knife”. The Pea Knife has a slot running thelength of the blade to align the peas. 57 shares of Stock was issued with a par value of$1,000,000.00. Among the antics of the Club, A few stood out. “Annual Look Up Day” This began on a Friday abouta half hour before their meetings. A few members arrived early and stood on the corner looking andpointing up at the hotel. As others arrived they also began to look up. Pointing and meaninglessdialog such as “Is he going to jump?” etc. soon other people began to gather and as the crowd
  5. 5. grew, the members went into the hotel for lunch and their meetings. After lunch as they returnedto the street they usually found a massive crowd, each with their own interpretation of what isgoing on. Fire trucks, an ambulance and police were trying to keep order. Oh well.CLOSING OF THE STATE FAIR: It occurred to the membership that every year the State Fair ofTexas had an opening day ceremony. Ribbon cutting and all that. Well, how can one condone anopening of an event that had never been officially closed. Well it didn’t take long for theBoneheads to talk the Dallas Fire Department to drive the Club to the park the day before theopening so they could have a closing ceremony. It drew a lot of Dallas residents to cheer theBoneheads riding the fire truck thru downtown Dallas on the way to the park. A tradition that isstill observed.BONEHEAD OF THE YEAR: In 1963 Dr Brad Angers and Dr Ed Daugherty were having lunch when newscame over the radio about a great winning year for one of Texas teams. Ed said it’s a shame thatonly winners get all the honors. Someone should recognize the losers because without them therewould not be winners. Real Bonehead logic at work. Dr Angers suggested that a trophy be made andgiven to a loser. This great brain power followed with a trophy but no one to give it to. Thenin a burst of luck, the Cotton Bowl had a real loser. The midshipmen from The United States NavalAcademy came to Texas and lost to Texas 28 to 6. Wow! What an opportunity. Dr Angers called Admiral Charles C. Kirkpatrick and told him that he was to receive TheBonehead of The Year Award. Admiral Kirkpatrick Called Capt. Burris Wood, a top Naval Officer,Capt. William Racette, Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Station, Capt. Jimmy E. Savage, Dir.Naval Recruiting and Clarence Talley, Pres. Navy League. Capt. Kirkpatrick advised the Club thathe was sending a group of Cadets to bring the trophy to Annapolis. The Admiral asked if we were going to make this a permanent award to the Academy. Dr Angerssaid that if anyone does anything as silly, we would take the trophy back and award it again. Well as history shows, The following year Jim Marshall a Minnesota Viking scooped up a fumbledball and ran the wrong way for a touchdown giving points to the opposing team. The Boneheads hada real loser, and so the story goes as you will see on the following pages. But first, a little more of the Bonehead historical history. >
  6. 6. Typical Bonehead Members Awards
  7. 7. BONEHEAD CLUB of DALLASMOTHER CLUB OF THE WORLDBONEHEAD UNIVERSITY Shortly after the Bonehead Club was chartered SMU, the leadingeducational institution in this area, was obviously suffering from lack of a topflight faculty. We know this because the President, Vice-President andleading professor were members of our September body. Realizing the void(I can’t spell vacuum), the members established bonehead University, aninstitution dedicated to providing infinite knowledge of the nonessentialincluding, but no limited to, the dispensing of intelligent and refreshingnonsense. Every university needs a building. therefore, the Boneheads immediatelybegan construction of a 57 story edifice with one floor for each professor.Each member is a professor, of course, because after, the club waschartered as an educational institution by the State of Texas. Each wasallowed his own style of architecture. Therefore, the 2nd floor is Baroque, the3rd floor Byzantine, the 4th French Gothic, and so on up to the 57th which isRakookoo. Architects might insists the later style be spelled “rococo” butbelieve me, our architecture must be spelled with a “k”. As is the case of anywell run institution, the Board of Directors assumed complete responsibilityfor the construction. And as is the case in many institution, the Chairman ofthe Board, being our Big Chief., appointed committees and made them fullyresponsible. Two members were assigned to plan each of the four sides ofthe building. One is hang wall construction, another concrete block, another Naturally, the first day of the school year is called thebrick and the fourth side is bamboo and balsa, which allows for a certain “Commencement”. Can you imagine, some institutionsamount of sway, It stands today as an architectural marvel. call the last day of the school year the You might have a little difficulty finding the campus inasmuch as we don’t “Commencement.” and they call us “Boneheads”.have one. Actually the original site was intended to be in Letot, Texas, but his This progressive institution is the only graduate schoolwas the subject of great controversy. Therefore only 56 stories, the 2nd in the world to award the degree of Cerebrum Ataxiathrough the 57th, are now being completed, When we find a suitable campus, (confused brain). Many have made application for thisthe first floor will be constructed. In the meantime, the building just hangs degree, many wives have nominated their husbandsaround in various locations. Each year in April the building committee meets (and vice versa) and many voters have nominatedand insists that the big Chief complete the first floor, which of course is for the leaders of opposing parties. However, this departmentuse of the Big Chief. So far each Big Chief has immediately call the club is filled to capacity with members of the club, each oftogether for what he calls a Christmas party, then resigns and turns the whom finally is awarded this degree. BU has anotherproblem over to the Little Chief, who is then sworn in as big chief. He, of distinction not shared by any other school, it is thecourse, can do nothing until the building committee makes it personal report home of the mother chapter of the fraternity Deltato him. The building committee only meets in April and is repeated. Kappa Nu (DON’T KNOW NOTHING).
  8. 8. Fifty-seven is a magic number to the DallasBonehead Club. Fifty- seven members make upthe local gaggle of gangsters. They callthemselves "fifty--seven varieties of nuts."Thats why the club couldnt stand by and watchol 57 go to the bone yard. Especially since theobsolete and old 57-foot Dallas fire truck that wascommissioned in 1957 and assigned to FireStation 57. So members pitched in and bought thedecommissioned hook-and-ladder tractor-trailer.They agreed to return it bright and shiny as a giftto the Fire Department. Veteran firefighterswarned the Boneheads that restoring it to formerglory could cost up to $100,000. "Thats about what it took," says club archivistBrad Angers. That includes the generosity of localbusinessmen and 3,000 hours of Boneheadpower. Members provided nearly all the labor. Fora year, they worked on the truck nights andweekends in a Carrollton warehouse. On Friday, opening day of the State Fair (when The Bonehead Pea Knife Corporation was founded by Dr.’s Craig Dunlap,Boneheads traditionally hold closing ceremonies), J. Howard Payne, John Collom and Dr. George R. Angell. Dr. Payne saidol 57, bright and shiny, will go home to stay. "It that peas should be eaten with a knife. Dr. Joe Bailey said that “I eat mywas a labor of love," says Angers. But if any peas with honey, I’ve done it all my life. It does make the peas tasteBonehead dares to suggest restoring another old funny, but it keeps them on the knife”. The Pea Knife had a slot runningfire engine, he can forget it. Once is more than the length of the blade to align the peas. Dr. Arthur A. Everts issued 57 shares of stock with a par value of $1,000,000.00.enough.
  9. 9. Sunday, August 21,1966 DALLAS TIMES HERALDNothings Fine For BoneheadsBy TOMMY AYRESStaff Writer While others strive for such commendable goals as ending all war and buying: band uniforms, one stalwart group of Dallasites finds itsInspiration in the motto: "To learn more and more about less and less until, eventually, we know everything about nothing." Many are their contributions to the civic and social well being of Dallas. Among the more noteworthy are: The Bonehead Building- a 56-floor architectural marvel because It was supposed to have 57 floors and the first floor has yet to be completed. The creation of Bonehead University - the worlds only educational institution dedicated solely to providing an infiniteknowledge of the nonessential. Sponsorship of the Most Useless Citizen Award - presented annually to Dallas "most useless citizen." Few are the Dallasites who have not heard of the colorful shenanigans pulled by the Bonehead Club of Dallas over the years. Yet few areaware of the serious goals which motivate their actions - mostly because there are none. "The Bonehead Club," explains Howard Payne, the only remaining charter member, "was organized that gentlemen might get together andIndulge in a bit of wit and humor. "EVERYTHING WE DO is strictly in fun," he says. "We leave service to the service clubs." In reality, most of the Boneheads are deadly serious civic workers in other organizations. But each Friday at noon they blot out all worldly cares,let down their hair (those who are so fortunate) and have a knee - slapping good time. It all began back in 1919 when a gent named W. C. Everett decided such an organization was needed in a world beset by such awesomeproblems. His idea was well received it soon became apparent the club would have to set a membership limitation. AFTER MUCH thought and discussion. it was decided the number would be 57 - only coincidental was the fact a popular dilly of the dayadvertised 57 varieties of pickles. The club gained early fame by actually doing a good deed. It all started one day when the city police and fire commissioners unceremoniously began poking one another with doubled fists, … but … Unbeknownst to the combatants, the Boneheads elected themselves mediators and invited both to their next meeting. There, two club membersarmed themselves with cotton - stuffed black stockings and engaged in a donnybrook equaled only by War II. The commissIoners doubled inlaughter. shook hands and became famous friends. The Boneheads gained national notoriety in the 1940s after Elliot Roosevelts dog replaced a soldier on a flight from England. They hauled anarmy of yelping mutts to the airlines Dallas office and demanded passage for them. "Elliots dog aint no better than ours,"They argued. WHEN THE COUNTRY was without a vice president back in 1945, the Boneheads offered Truman his choice of any or all of their 56 years. A major Bonehead contribution to science came when club members unquestionably proved a chicken is a vegetable . After much research it was determined - "a chicken is a hen . . . a hen manufactures eggs . . . therefore a hen is an egg factory…….. A factoryis a plant…so being a plant ... , a hen has to be a vegetable" - …or logic similar thereof. Bonehead University was created, (say the Boneheads) because Southern Methodist University was suffering from a lack of top flight facultymembers. BONEHEAD UNIVERSITY confers degrees of Doctor of Cerebrum(brain) Ataxia. (confusion) in an effort to upgrade the SMU faculty. In 1963 the Bonehead of the Year Award was established by the award-conscious Boneheads. Last years recipient was Jim Marshall,Minnesota Viking end who endeared himself to the August body by running the wrong way or a touchdown. Marshall lived up to his "wrong way" title by boarding the wrong plane and being in Chicago while the trophy was presented to him in Dallas. "The only fellow to get something on us," recalls Payne was Weldon Owens (Times Herald columnist). He walked out on us first--but were stilllaying for him."
  10. 10. D al l as M orni ng N ews ,1964.BONEHEAD CLUB HONORS Thursday,January 16, 1964NAVY WITH GRID TROPHY The Dallas Bonehead Club will award its annual football trophy to TheUNITED STATES Naval Academy Friday in the Cafe DOr room of TheSheraton Dallas Hotel at their regular noon meeting. Receiving the award for the Navy will be several Dallas area officersappointed by Adm. Charles C. Kirkpatrick, Naval Academy Superin-tendent. The award is being presented to Navy for their Bonehead stunt ofchallenging the entire State of Texas in the Cotton Bowl. The BoneheadClub is Dallas leading fun club. It searches out the unusual and paystribute to the hapless. "This Is our sincerest form of tribute to a gallant Navy team that despitetheir numbers invaded Texas, and against overwhelming odds weresoundly beaten." The trophy, a beautiful walnut and silver creation istopped by a large silver nut. The Bonehead Club can speak with authority on football as theirschool, Bonehead University, has a football team that has goneunbeaten and untied since 1919. (Of course it has never played a DUBIOUS HONOR FOR NAVYgame). Capt. Burris D. Wood Jr., center, ranking Naval officer in the Dallas area, accepts the "Bonehead of the Year" award. The award was presented in its usual zany tradition by the Dallas Bonehead Club to the Naval Academy for making the mistake of challenging Texas in the recent Cotton Bowl Game, which Texas won, 28-6. Capt. Burris went along with the gag to accept in behalf of the Academy from Bonehead Club Big Chief Tom Eggleston, left and Little Chief Glen Galbraith.
  11. 11. 1964 Middies’ Reward A Navy Kernel? Are They Nuts? A large silver nut supported by atrophy was to be presented to the U.S.Naval Academy at noon Friday in thelatest nutty affair staged by the DallasBonehead Club. The award, says theclub, is being presented to Navy for its"Bonehead" stunt of challenging "theentire State of Texas in the CottonBowl."! Receiving the award in theSheraton-Dallas Hotel were to beofficers appointed by retiring AcademySupt. C. C. Kirkpatrick: Capt B. D.Wood, inspector of naval material;Capt. William A. Racette, commandingofficer of the U.S. Naval Air Station;Capt. Jimmy E. Savage, director ofnaval recruiting for the SeventhRecruiting Area; Clarence Talley,President of the Navy League, andseveral enlisted men. The BoneheadClub says its presentation "is oursincerest form of tribute to a gallantNavy team that, despite their number,invaded Texas and againstoverwhelming odds were soundlybeaten." The trophy is a silver andwalnut creation. Members of theBonehead Club, an organizationdedicated to unusual stunts, are Program Chairman Dr. Brad Angers shaking handsleading citizens of Dallas. with Capt. Burris Wood, USN
  12. 12. Viking Late at Valhalla A Day for the Boneheads Jim Marshall pulled the bonehead play of the 1964 football season. The Minnesota Vikingdefensive back picked up a San Francisco fumble ran with it - the wrong way. He journeyed for60 yards to score a safety for the 49gers. For this classic play Marshall was selected as Bonehead of the Year by that famous bunch ofDallas - nuts, the Bonehead Club. Friday Was Marshalls day. The award that last year went to 1965Navy for its decision to play Texas in the Cotton Bowl went to Marshall. The Boneheads gathered en masse Friday morning at Love Field to meet their good-naturedhero. A host of beautiful girls was on hand. A police escort was around to lead Marshall to theAdolphus Hotel luncheon in his honor. There were signs kidding Marshall. The best one read: "Jim Marshall ... Welcome Back to SanFrancisco." But Marshall didnt laugh . Jim Marshall did it again. He missed his airplane inMinneapolis. Pictured: Minnesota Vikings” Jim Marshall, left, and Reed May, “Coach of Bonehead University”, got together upon Marshall’s” belated arrival in Dallas yesterday. Friday, January 22, 1965.February 1, 1965Jim Marshall, as having “a first-rate mind, a winning BONEHEAD CLUB TO HONORdisposition and a community-wide reputation”. On that last VIKINGS’ WRONG-WAY ENDpoint there can be no doubt, Marshall is the Minnesota The Dallas Bonehead Club will award its annual football trophy toViking defensive end who picked up a fumble and ran 66 Jim Marshall, defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings, Friday in theyards the wrong way, thereby scoring a safety for San Century Room of the Hotel Adolphus at their regular noon meeting.Francisco. His other activities have included making 34 The trophy was awarded to the Naval Academy last year and isparachute jumps without once putting the harness on being returned to Dallas for its representation.upside down, shooting himself in the stomach with a Marshall, a graduate of Ohio State, is the lad who ran the wrongrevolver he as unloading and peddling wigs. He also in the way for a touchdown while his team was playing the San Franciscosame Marshall who was to fly to Dallas recently to receive 49ers, a play well worthy of his being nominated “Bonehead of thethe bonehead of the Year award. Taking the wrong turn off Year.”the expressway to the airport, Marshall screeched up to the Marshall will receive presentations at the luncheon from the Juniorterminal late for his flight, raced out to the boarding area Chamber of Commerce and other groups was well as the trophy. Aand - that’s right -- wound up on a plane for Chicago instead host of Dallas Cowboys (football variety) will also be present.of Dallas.
  13. 13. Marshall Victim of Aerial BonerBy Walter RobertsonNews Sports Editor If and when one of the big movie companies gets around to filming “The Adventures ofJim Marshall” --- and surely one of them will --- they’ll throw away the scripts. 1965 No script writer could write it the way the big Minnesota Viking defensive end plays itfor real. MARSHALL, you’ll recall with side-splitting laughter, is the man who picked afumbled pass reception off the ground against the San Francisco 49ers this past autumnand raced it back for a score --- for the 49ers. He sped joyfully into the Viking end zoneonly to see the referee woefully signal 49ers safety. And Friday he added an almost unbelievable chapter to his wrong-way tale. He left his Minneapolis home bound for Dallas to receive an award from the Dallasbonehead Club and ended up in Chicago. The boneheads, who had planned to present Marshall their second annual “Boneheadof the Year Award” at a noon luncheon immediately were suspect in planning it that way.but it turned out that not even the famed Dallas high-jinx club could match with anyscheme what happens to Marshall without trying. MARSHALL left Minneapolis Friday morning chuckling at the thought of anotherlucrative fringe-benefit of an endless string of them that have come his way since hebecome the most famous wrong-wayer since Roy Riegel and Wrong-Way Corrigan. But a few minutes from the Minneapolis airport his cab became snarled in a traffic jamcreated by an accident up ahead. Traffic was rerouted ---- the wrong way, naturally ---and when Marshall finally raced breathlessly toward his plane at the airport, it taxied awayfrom him down the runway and lifted off toward Dallas. Sympathetic airline officials quickly put him aboard the plane to Chicago and assuredhim he could make a connection there that would put him in Dallas shortly after noon, stillin plenty of time for the bonehead program. AND IT would have, too. Except for a 45-minute delay while mechanics fussed overa troublesome engine, finally giving up and transferring all the passengers to anotherplane. Smooth sailing, now? Not as long as Marshall was within a 66-yard run of the newplane. Now came a 2-hour wait while the new plane’s crew was sent over from Detroit. Marshall finally stepped off a plane at Love Field at 3:35 p.m. but he still was laughingand allowed that he would as long as football fans laughed with him ... and offeredhandsome fees to get him to retell his story of the 66-yard run to immortality.
  14. 14. DALLAS TIMES HERALD DALLAS DICK HITT 1965 People, Places & Furthermore --- Modern world dept.:the Internal Revenue Service now offers a “Drive-In Tax Service” window... You probably read on our sports page (where it really belongs) thatthe boneheads were to give their annual awards Friday to JimMarshall, the pro footballer who made a wrong-way touchdown run.When the jetliner landed at Love Field Friday, Marshall of course wasn’ton it, having missed the connection flight somewhere aroundMinneapolis or Chicago. Which tended to reduce the effect of the big,beautiful sign Braniff Airways had painted for the Love Field arrival. Thesign said “Montreal” .... The Bonehead award, by the way, is a big (and expensive silver trophythat is topped by a silver-plated walnut. Last year’s winner, the NavalAcademy, actually displayed it in its Annapolis trophy case all year untilturning it back in so it could be awarded to another victim... BLACKIE SHERROD Jim Marshall, left is greeted by a couple of admirers, Bypassing the Cowboy back Amos Marsh, Center, and Bonehead Busch League “Coach” Reed May. FAR BE IT from this timid soul to correct the Bonehead Clubbers of Dallas, these people are pranksters deluxe and we have no desire to find soap flakes in the hominy and smoke bombs under the hood for the next calendar year. On a single-point, however, we would differ. The Boneheads held an election the other day and Jim Marshall of the Minnesota pro footballers won it. We would have voted another way, Marshall picked up a fumble and run for the wrong goal in one of life’s embarrassing moments. the boneheads voted him bonehead of the Year and certainly his deed, or misdeed, deserved recognition. Still it is difficult to see how Marshall or anyone else finished ahead of August Busch in any sort of boner competition.
  15. 15. 1966 Twin Telecast Wins Bonehead of the Year AwardBONEHEADS DALLAS (UPI) -- The Dallas Bonehead Club “Bonehead of theFrustrated Year” award will be presented FridayTwin TV to the NBC news department for itsBit Cited broadcast of a professional football The National Broadcasting Co. received game and the gemini 7 launch Dec. 4the 1966 Bonehead of the Year Award from on the same screen at the same time.the Dallas club Friday for its broadcast of a William B. Monroe, NBC Washingprofessional football game and the gemini 7 -ton bureau chief, will accept thelaunch on the same screen at the same trophy of walnut and silver topped bytime. a large silver nut. Bob Gould, TV Program Director and A secondary award, presented for the first Roy Bacus, General Manager of WBAPtime in Bonehead Club history, went to Clint TV, our local NBC affiliate station,Murchinson, Jr., the owner of the Dallas accepting the Bonehead of the YearCowboys. “Words Fail Us” read the plaque award that was presented to theplaced on a one of a kind trophy composed Network.of Darwin’s monkey contemplating a skullwith a cowboy helmet on it. The two awards were presented at theBonehead Club’s luncheon. William B. Monroe, NBC WashingtonBureau chief, accepted the award, a walnutand silver creation topped by a large silvernut. “This is our only way of expressing thesorrow we have for those poor souls in theNBC-TV news department who must havesat up many a night trying to decide whichprogram should have priority, then in amoment of complete frustration, threwcommon sense to the wind and blundered The proud peacocktheir mistake across the screens of millions lays an egg.of unbelieving television viewers,” theBonehead members said.
  16. 16. 1967 1968 SCALPED CHIEF RECEIVE ‘LOSERS OF YEAR’ AWARD Members of the Kansas City Chiefs, the first football team to lose the national AFL-NFL championship, were honored Bonehead Trophy Friday by the Dallas Bonehead Club. Goes to Aggies The club, which does, about Coach Gene Stallings everything backwards, award- ed the annual Bonehead of the Texas A & M has won again in Dallas Year trophy to the Chiefs’ The Aggies have been named winners of the “Bonehead of the owner, Lamar Hunt, and the Year. When asked why the Aggies won, the Boneheads said “for team Friday at the clubs no reason they could think of except Gene Stallings, who luncheon at the Adolphus coached the Aggies into the Cotton Bowl while cadets and their Hotel. girlfriends just stood around in the bleachers.” The trophy will The award was presented be presented Friday by the Dallas Bonehead Club. because of a “deep feeling” the Accepting the award at the noon session in the Terrace Room Boneheads have for losers. of the Baker Hotel will be Aggie assistant athletic director Marvin Members of the club include Tate and members of the student body. The Dallas A & M Club leading citizens who take pride also will be present. in a good sense of humor. Last year, the trophy went to Lamar Hunt. His Kansas City The trophy is a walnut and Chiefs had been the first team to lose in the Super Bowl. Other silver creation topped by a winners have been Navy in 1964, Minnesota Vikings JimChief’s Owner Lamar Hunt large silver nut. Marshall and the National Broadcasting company.
  17. 17. 1969The Dallas Morning News Wednesday, January 22, 1969 Super Bonehead Snyder Odds’ on Choice for Title The odds were 75-1 that it was inevitable. Jimmy (The Greek)Snyder famed Las Vegas oddsmaker who officially establishedBaltimore an 18 1/2-point favorite over the Jets in the SuperBowl game, has been named "Bonehead of the Year" by theDallas Bonehead Club. Snyder will come to Dallas Friday to accept the award, awalnut and silver trophy topped by a large silver nut. The affairwill begin at noon at the Baker Hotel Crystal Ballroom. "This prediction literally led millions of loyal football fans downthe primrose path to financial ruin." the nationally feared Dallasfun-poking organization declared. The club originated its "Bonehead of the Year” award in 1964."”to pay proper tribute" to the Navy football team following itsdecisive loss to Texas in the 1964 Cotton Bowl game. Theaward subsequently has gone to Minnesota Viking Jim (WrongWay) Marshall. the National Broadcasting Co .. Kansas CityChief owner Lamar Hunt, and last year to Texas A&MUniversity. Snyder, who reportedly has been vacationing incognito inCalifornia since the Super Bowl, has promised to make the Jimmy the Greek had a rabbit in the hat, butscene in Dallas for the presentation and to display the the Super Bowl turned the bunny to sourBonehead trophy in Las Vegas the rest of the year. grapes. The oddsmaker received the And hes booking 12-5 money that hes the most deserving bonehead of the Year award today.recipient the awards has known.
  18. 18. 1969BONEHEAD CLUB of DALLASMOTHU Club Of THE WORLDAdded to His FameDALLAS TIMES HERALD, Friday. Jan. 24, 1969 Greek loves Jets?By STEVE PERKINS Dimitros Synodopoulos sipped his glass of ouzo and demanded: "When do theJets play the Cowboys here?" Sept. 6 was the answer. “I guarantee -- you Ill be here," said Dimitros. "Sweet vengeance! It was not the ouzo talking. Rather It was Jimmy The Greek, the fellow who wasmost famously hoist on Joe Namaths petard." I MAKE the Cowboys a 13-point favorite," said Dimitrios - Jimmy. "Theyll be atleast a solid 10." So spake the man who was to he honored today by the Dallas Bonehead Club asthe "Bonehead of the Year" for his 171/2 - point spread on the Baltimore-NY JetsSuper Bowl contest. The countrys recognized odds maker (not bookmaker), who establishes thenational betting line each week from his Las Vegas public relations office, figuresthat the wrong call on the Jets was a bonanza for his business. "How could youget more publicity than that?" he asked. "Only if your name is Joe Namath," heanswered. Jimmy The Greek Snider ("I Wish I had kept the Dimitrios, but what are yougoing to do with Synodopoulos?") has no tear of damaging his pro reputation. Hehit on 76 per cent of his betting tips this past season and all eight "specials" hesent to the subscribers of his $400 (per annum) Sports Newsletter. He picked onebowl game and advised one and all to "send it in." The game was the CottonBow] and the team was Texas. BUT THERE is a personal mailer here, and so the Greek will look forward to theCowboy-Jet game In September. "But I wont pick Dallas to win it all next year the way I did last year," he said."They need more togetherness before they can be a champion. Ill wait and see ifthey get It. In fact, Im going to make the Cowboys so mad at me . . . Im going tomake them so much of a dog by the time they play , the Jets, theyll tear emapart." The press and the TV men, gathered at the party in his honor thrown by UlyssesVlamides, owner of the Majestic Steak House, in "Ulies" private club adjacent tothe restaurant on Elm, pressed The Greek for his call on the Cowboys-Jet ifMeredith or Morton were the quarterback. "Is there a difference?" he asked. "I dont think so. Maybe Ill make it a pointmore if Meredith Is quarterback, a point less if Morton. No more than that."
  19. 19. Monday, January, 1969 -- DALLAS TIMES HERALD 1969 T he D allas M orning N ews Dick Hitt Bonehead’s to honor The Greek An Evening With Jimmy “the Greek Snyder must have a good sense of humor. the Greek If not, he wouldn’t be coming to Dallas JIMMY THE Greek Snyder was a household name to be named ‘Bonehead of the Year.”long before Spiro Agnew, at least in the countrys That’s the honor he’ll receive Fridaymore sportive households. His non public name isDimitrios Synodopoulos, and he is the noted from that bunch of local nuts, theoddsmaker. He stands an inch or so above the six- Bonehead Club.foot level, and hes husky, crisp and dark with a rare Synder, who works out of Las Vegas,kind of clean cut swarthiness. Looks a little Greek, is the originator of the national bettingas a matter of fact. line. As the leading odds merchant, it Jimmy was in Dallas, as you have read by now, to was Snyder’s job to set the line on thereceive the Bonehead Clubs top award of the yearfor his choice of the Baltimore Colts over the New recent Super Bowl game betweenYork Jets. By 17 1/2. He hardly ever makes Baltimore and the New York Jets. Hemistakes of that magnitude, and when he does it tabbed Baltimore by 17 1/2 points. Newqualifies him to be Bonehead of the Year. York won by 9 points.
  20. 20. Joining Losers 1970 T he B irm ingham N ews Sun., Jan. 25, 1970 DALLAS (UPl) - That foolish old American Football Bonehead League. First, it pays $18 million dollars to join the National Club Football League. Then, after paying all that money, it goes out and beats Awards the tar out of the NFL in the Super Bowl. AFL For paying $18 million for "the rather dubious privilege of joining a bunch of losers." the Dallas Bonehead Club That foolish old American Football League. presented its annual "Bonehead of the Year" Award Friday First, it pays $18 million dollars to join the National Football to the now non-existent AFL.League. Lamar Hunt, founder of the AFL and owner of the Super Then, after paying all that money, it goes out and beats the Bowl Champs Kansas City Chiefs, accepted the trophy fortar out of the NFL in the Super Bowl. the entire league. For paying $18 million for “the rather dubious privilege of The Dallas Bonehead Club annually presents the awardjoining a bunch of losers”. The Dallas Bonehead Club for the biggest ”Bonehead stunt" the previous year in thepresented its annual, “Bonehead of the Year award Friday to world of sports.the now nonexistent AFL. Las Vegas gambler Jimmy the Greek won last years Lamar Hunt, founder of the AFL and owner of the Super Bowl award for picking the Baltimore Colts by 17 points over thechamps Kansas City Chiefs accepted the trophy for the entire New York Jets in the 1969 Super Bowl.league. The Bonehead Club said there were many top candidates The Dallas Bonehead Club annually presents the award for for bad moves in 1969. Some of the runners-up included:the biggest “Bonehead stunt” the previous year in the world of --Dallas Cowboy Kicker Mike Clark for completelysports. missing the football while trying an onside kick against the Las Vegas gambler Jimmy the Greek won last year’s award Cleveland Browns in the Eastern Conference playofffor picking the Baltimore Colts by 17 points over the New York game.Jets in the 1969 super Bowl. --Penn State Coach Joe Paterno and his bowl-choosing The Bonehead Club said there were many top candidates for committee " for passing ~ up the chance to play top-bad moves in 1969. One of the runners-up included: ranked Texas in the Cotton Bowl and thereby remaining --Dallas Cowboys kicker Mike Clark for completely missing No.2.the football while trying an outside kick against the Cleveland --The extravagant Super Bowl half-time show ……..…Browns in the Eastern Conference playoff game. ….that "flopped." .
  21. 21. Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1970 DALLAS TIMES HERALD Saturday, Jan. 24, 1970 Bonehead Club 1970 Turns Needle On the AFL The annual "Bonehead of the Year Trophy" will go to the now non existent American Football League. Lamar Hunt, founder of the AFL and owner of the world champion Kansas City Chiefs, will accept the award Friday from the Dallas Bonehead Club. The trophy is being presented to the AFL for their "bonehead stunt" of paying the National Football League $18 million for "the rather dubious privilege of joining a bunch of losers," officials said. Runners~up in the balloting included Mike Clark of the Dallas Cowboys, who whiffed an onside kick in the NFL Eastern Conference playoff against Cleveland; Joe Pattern and his Penn State bowl choosing committee; and the extravagant Super Bowl half-time "flop". T he D allas M orning N ews This years Bonehead, Lamar Hunt"Lamar Hunt, founder of the American Football HAPPINESS IS:League and owner of the world champion Kansas The annual "Bonehead of the Year Trophy" willCity Chiefs, is shown with the Bonehead of the go to the now non-existent American FootballYear Trophy presented by the AFL by the Dallas League. Lamar Hunt, founder of the AFL andBonehead Club. The AFL was awarded the owner of the world champion Kansas City Chieftrophy for "paying the NFL $18 million for therather dubious privilege of joining a bunch of will accept the award Friday from the Dallaslosers." Bonehead Club.
  22. 22. 1971Tuesday, Jan. 1971 DALLAS TIMES HERALD Boneheads Pick Saints Kicker The Dallas Bonehead Club will present its annual"Bonehead of the Year Trophy" award Friday noon toTom Dempsey, the New Orleans Saints place kickerfor his 63-yard bonehead kick that booted the Saintsout of getting pro footballs No. 1 draft pick.Dempseys record-shattering kick beat Detroit andthat victory dropped the Saints behind the BostonPatriots in the National Football League draft as onlythe second worst team in the 26-team league. The club, which annually presents a beautifulwalnut and silver trophy topped by a large silver nut,said Dempsey won out by a narrow margin overthese other nominees: The University of Texasscouts for their analysis of Notre Dame prior to theCotton Bowl. George Blanda, the Oaklandquarterback-kicker who doesnt seem to know hestoo old to be running around with a bunch of kids halfhis age, and mostly because he does it so well. DICK HITT * ・・And, Jimmy, "The Greek" Snyder, the Las Vegasoddsmaker and the 1969 winner, for his consistentlywrong Super Bowl predictions. The Bonehead trophy was first presented in 1954 to * Brings you the rest of the news ・・・ Las Vegas Jimmy (The Greek) Snyder once again shows upthe Naval Academy football team and since then to for the Dallas Bonehead Club awards day Friday-which goesJim "Wrong Way" Marshall of the Minnesota Vikings, this time to Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints, forthe National Broadcasting Company, the Kansas City kicking a 63-yard field goal, Which kept his team from finishingChiefs, Texas A&M and to the American Football in the cellar, which in turn kept them from the rights to aLeague. Dempsey and Snyder definitely will be on number-one draft pick, Snyder is a consistently high finisher inhand for the occasion and Blanda is trying to work the Bonehead judging due to an apparently unbreakable habitout a conflict so he can make it. of picking the Cowboys to win in the playoffs . ..
  23. 23. 1971Boneheads Pick T he D allas M orning N ews Four Jimmy (The Greek) Snyder,Tom Dempsey, University ofTexas opponents scouts andGeorge Blanda have beennominated for the "Bonehead ofthe Year" award given annuallyby the Dallas Bonehead Club. Nominations were based on Sam Blairthe following reasons: Snyder,Las Vegas bookmaker: for hisvery consistently inconsistent,rightfully wrong Super Bowl Wednesdaypredictions. Feb. 10, 1971 Tom Dempsey, New Orleanskicker: For booting the Saintsout of their No. 1 draft choicewith a record 63-yard field goal. Biggest BootTexas scouts: for their analysisof Notre Dame. And the winner is: ……. George Blanda, OaklandRaiders quarterback-kicker: for THE BONEHEAD CLUB’S Man of thenot knowing that he is too old Year, New Orleans kicker Tom Dempsey,for throwing passes and running registered only the second longest fieldaround with a bunch of youngkids goal of 1970 with his NFL record 63 Lamar Hunt, last years winner, -yarder. A 5’- 6”, 180-pound schoolboy inwill present the trophy to this Salt lake City, Ross Caputo, kicked a 64-years winner -- to be yarder with a tremendous wind at his back.announced January, 22nd at His coach called for the kick on the theorythe awards banquet in TheTerrace Room of the Baker that the ball might be downed near theHotel at noon. opponent’s goal line rather than risk a punt carrying into the end zone. He watched in amazement as the ball sailed long and true and his team won, 3-0.
  24. 24. 1971 THE DALLAS TIMES HERALD SPORTS Friday, Jan.. 22, 1971 Vikings Early Super Bowl Choice By STEVE PERKINS Jimmy The Greek Snyder, undaunted soul, was consecutively honored by the Bonehead Club Friday --despite the fact that he just about called the recent Super Bowl game on the nose. "I had it even for the betting line, and it stayed a point or two that way to game time," Snyder said. "but my newsletter had Baltimore by three - and you cant get any closer than that." SNYDER SAYS he has given up on educating the public about, the difference between setting all opening betting line and "picking" the winner. One is for betting purposes, to balance the book" with equal bets on each side of the line. The other, the personal pick, is a guide to Snyders newsletter subscribers on which way to go. Snyder was in town Thursday night to be honored guest at Ulyssess Vlamides party in the latters private club at the Majestic Steak House. Snyders correct handle is Synodopolous, so the Pictured from left: Tom Dempsey, returning the trophy he reception was apt. won in 1971 for his “Bonehead Play of the Year”, Program HE IMMEDIATELY complied by looking ahead at the 1911 Chairman Brad Angers, Mickey Mantle, who was chosen by season, and labeling the Minnesota Vikings the 6-1 favorite to win President Nixon to receive the 1972 award in his behalf, the next Super Bowl. He lumped Dallas with Oakland, San Texas Governor Preston Smith and Program Co-Chairman, Francisco, LA Rams and KC Chiefs as 8-1 shots. Ed Daugherty. "How do you know Andrie, Lilly, Pugh and Cole are going to do Bonehead Football Team Has Never Lost A Game the same job?" Snyder said. The oddsmaker feels that the Cowboy front four is the key to continued Dallas success.Bonehead University is proud of their athletic The Bonehead Club was to honor Friday its top awardee, Newdepartment. In fact one amazing fact that is that Orleans place-kicker Tom Dempsey, for his 63-yard field goalmany times overlooked by the sporting public, is which defeated Detroit in the last seconds.that The Bonehead University football team, headed The Bonehead point of view is that Dempseys kick deprived theand coached Dr. Layton Bailey, Sr.and Dr. Reed Saints of the first pick in the upcoming draft, which is expected to be quarterback Jim Plunkett of Stanford. If Dempseys kick hadMay is the only team with record better than the missed, New Orleans would have had the worst record in the NFLMiami Dolphins. This wonderful collection of and Boston would have had to pick second.exceptional athletes have gone unbeaten and Also to be honored in absentia was Oakland rub quarterbackuntied since 1919. (Of course it must he pointed out George Blanda for playing beyond the years any human wouldthat they have never played a game either.) reasonably expect to play.
  25. 25. Saturday, January 15, 1972 T he D allas M orning N ewsFor No. 1 Bonehead Mick Pinch Hits 1972 1972 President Nixon was busy getting his BankAmericardreprinted in Chinese, so he couldnt make it. And he wouldhave sent Vice-President Agnew in his place. but he was afraidSpiro might drop the thing on somebodys foot. And the White House sure couldnt afford to damage anymore feelings in Dallas. So by special Presidential appointment, Mickey Mantle, aman with good hands and an uncommitted block of votes,accepted the Bonehead of the year Award for Mr. Nixon Fridayat the Baker Hotel. It was the annual Bonehead Club of Dallas luncheonfoolishness, of course, at which the chief business of the daywas to honor, or dishonor, The President for his now famoustelephone call to Miami coach Don Shula. You know, the oneduring which he suggested a Paul Warfield pass pattern hethought could help the Dolphins beat the Cowboys in SundaysSuper Bowl. The President was in first-class Bonehead company, Previous T he D allas M orning N ewsawards have recognized such illustrious boneheads a Jim Dallas, Texas, Thursday, January 13, 1972(Wrong-way) Marshall, Jimmy (The Greek) Snyder, Lamar Nixon Announces AcceptanceHunt, and last year New Orleans place-kicker Tom Dempsey President Nixon will run his down-and-in pattern after all, andfor his record 63-yard field goal which cost the Saints the NFLs itll be in the general direction of the Dallas Boneheads.No. 1 draft choice, Jim Plunkett. Nixon has been in touch with Bonehead officials. the group The President accepted the award by telegram in the same announced Wednesday. and has said he will accept thefun spirit with which it was awarded. "Bonehead of the Year" award In the spirit in which if was But it was left for comedians Teter and McDonald, guest given.MCs, to bring one of the programs top laughs. Teter, Nixon. who won the award for offering the Miami Dolphins hismimicking The Presidents voice on an imaginary telephone own hand-designed play for use against Dallas in the Supercall, told the audience he was making up for the play he had Bowl. is said to be contacting a person of his choice to receivegiven Shula by a special appointment to a Dallas Cowboy. He the silver nut trophy In Dallas.was appointing Duane Thomas Honorary, President of the A formal statement will be issued from Washington Thursday.Silent Majority,
  26. 26. Boneheads Honor Footballer Nixon The Dallas Bonehead Club, which has 1972 Presidents Super Bowl Beau Geste Nixon Makes No Bones About Accepting Award DALLAS, Jan. 14 (UPI)- President Nixonpreviously honored such dignitaries as DALLAS - (UPI) - President Nixon today accepted the Bonehead of the YearJimmy "The Greek" Snyder, NBC and Jim says he feels so good about award "in the spirit in which it is given ... in"Wrong-way" Marshall, Monday named receiving the "Bonehead of the good humor."President Richard M. Nixon as "Bonehead Year" award that he is going to Nixon was awarded the trophy by theof the Year" for his recent involvement in give Dallas football Tom Landryprofessional football. Bonehead Club of Dallas for his backing of the his playbook for the Super Bowl. The club informed Nixon by telegram Washington Redskins against the Dallas Nixon received the trophy frominviting him to presentation ceremonies Cowboys during the regular National Football the Bonehead Club of Dallas forJan. 14. The President was assured his backing the Washington - Redskin League season, and for sending a play to thename "along with other sports great" would against the Cowboys during the Miami Dolphins coach, Don permanently enshrined upon the walnut regular season and for sending a The Bonehead Club is a group of Dallasand silver trophy adorned with a great silver play to Miami Dolphins coach Don businessmen that each year honors somenut. Shula, person connected with the sports world at a But the Bonehead Clubs "sports greats" "To properly express my dinner. The honor is meant in fun, and isall have fallen by the wayside. Nixon on appreciation for this singularapparently won the award by first picking usually accepted that way. tribute I have decided to make thethe Washington redskins to defeat the ultimate gesture," Nixon said in a LIFEDallas Cowboys during a regular season telegram yesterday, "You will begame and, after Dallas won, picking the pleased to hear that for the SuperMiami Dolphins over Dallas in the Super Bowl, I have offered Tom LandryBowl Sunday. my complete playbook," He also suggested by phone to Miami The President gave the Redskins An additional scoutingcoach Don Shula a play he thought would a play for their game against the report on the Cow-work against the Cowboys. He was yet to 49er"s, It was a reverse that lost boys was provided bycall the Dallas coaching staff. 13 yards. the President, who "You, Mr. President," the telegram said, Landry had a bad connection phoned Miami Coach”….as America’s No. 1 football fan, with President Nixon, but reportedunderstandably could not control your Shula at 1:30 a.m. to that the No. I fan was "very cordial.emotions. Whereas, without considering the suggest that Warfield He singled out our offensive lineoptions, you let your heart rule your better especially, It impressed him a should run a down-judgment and remembering Custer, picked great deal-and me, too," and-in pass patternthe Redskins to whip the Cowboys. Still He said Nixon didnt mention the against Dallas. Hisundaunted, you set out to become a coach, down-and-in pass he had previous suggestion, afor the Miami Dolphins. suggested Miami throw to Paul flanker reverse for the The award which we bestow upon you at Warfield. "No," Landry grinned, Redskins, lost 13this time is not to laugh at you, but to let "when your down and ins arent yards.the world know that you have learned to working, you dont say anythinglaugh with us." about them."
  27. 27. President Nixon Retires From Coaching 1972 Governor Unveils His "Ben Barnes Defense" DALLAS (AP) - Gov. Preston Smith President Richard M. Nixon, winner said today he does not know whyof the 1972 Bonehead Of The Year One fact stands out though, Mr. President Nixon wants to be a footballAward, retired from the thankless task Nixon, be he President of the United coach. "hes already a Republican andof coaching and play calling for the States or just another football fan. thats enough trouble for most people"Washington Redskins and Miami showed -- that he is human and a Smith addressed the Dallas boneheadDolphins. The President may have person with a good sense of humor in Club, which recently voted a Boneheadslipped a few plays to George Allen hill manner of accepting last years award to the President for suggesting aprior to the Dallas game but decided "Bonehead Of The Year" award. The play to Miami coach Don Shula, whoseto let George go it alone in The Super entire Bonehead Club wishes to Dolphins play the Dallas Cowboys in theBowl. The Redskins seemed to miss express its thanks, for his attitude Super Bowl in New Orleans Sunday.his calls and seemed to lose spirit and we are proud that our trophy will Smith said Nixon made himself "awithout big expertise. forever carry his name on the silver volunteer offensive coach for Miami. Coaching is a demanding chore and plate honoring his contribution to some Cowboys fans may add the wordwith all the other decisions that a "Boneheadism". very offensive. "His game plan seemsperson in his position has to make, to be clicking a little better with Johnone has to draw the line someplace. Connally in the lineup," Smith said,Now that the president has become "Funny thing about that Connally hadthe nations number one football FAN, never been noted before as a blockinghe faces the problems that have back.” John Connally, former governorfaced other fans for years. The of Texas, is a longtime political foe offootball blackout. His position was Smith. Smith sent a play to Cowboyeven more) frustrating than most. coach Tom Landry, also a defense,Would you believe his home at Camp which he now calls "my Ben BarnesDavid is under the Washington Defense." Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes, 33, isblackout, his Florida retreat at running against Smith, 59, in theBiscayne is under the Miami blackout Democratic gubernatorial primary thisand his home in San Clemente is year. Smith described the defense:under the Super Bowl blackout. Is it "You just hold your ground and let theany wonder the President had words young upstarts defeat themselves.”with Commissioner Rozelle?
  28. 28. Paul Crumes 1972 Big DSunday. January 16. 1972 LAS VEGAS SUN GOV. PRESTON SMITH attended that Bonehead Club luncheon during the week where President Nixon was presented the Bonehead of the Year award for his colossal ignoring of Cowboy superiority. As everybody knows, Gov. Smith is a Democrat. During the meeting, Ralph Curry was introduced to the governor as the republican nominee for governor back in the Eisenhower days. "Yes, Governor," said Curry, a true Bonehead if there ever was one, "and if it hadnt been for those Democrats, I would have been governor." Said Gov. Smith. the Democrat: "Thats the same group that has been giving me a little bit of trouble this year." NEW ORLEANS --- - To President Nixon Isay. "Welcome to the club," for being therecipient of a Bonehead of the Year Award.I won the Bonehead for making Super Bowlodds that had Baltimore 17 over the Jets in1969. I may be headed for another From James Collins,Bonehead myself this year., but heres the US Congressmanbreakdown on why I rate the Cowboys sixpoints over the Dolphins for Super Bowl VI - Normally, the Cowboys would receive theone point for Intangibles on the basis of theirexperience. But the Dolphins this year are tofootball what the Mets were to baseballwhen they upset Baltimore in the WorldSeries Thats why I awarded them theintangible point. " As you, Mr. President theDallas Bonehead Club might have wantedsee how your slant pass play In Warfieldworks out In the Super Bowl.
  29. 29. Nixon Gets Top Coach Aide Title 1972 President Nixon is getting another jab from Dallas for his advice to the Miami Dolphins on football strategy. On the heels of the Dallas Bonehead Club award, Dallas City Council members are sending an “award” to the President. Though not made a part of the official city records, Mayor Wes Wise and members of the City Council signed a document giving Nixon “a special award for outstanding assistance to Dallas Cowboys football fans through the giving of advice to that “other team’” and naming Nixon “assistant coach of the year.” “I hope he takes this in the right spirit,” commented Wise as he signed the Jesse Price - Proposed award. MEMPHIS, SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 15, 1972 Nixon Shares Dallas HumorDALLAS. Jan. 14. - (UPI) - President Nixon Friday accepted the bonehead-of-the-year award "in the spirit in which it is given ... in good humor." Nixon was awarded thetrophy by the Bonehead Club of Dallas for his backing of the Washington Redskinsagainst the Dallas Cowboys during the regular National Football League season, and forsending a play to Miami coach Don Shula. The Bonehead Club is a group of Dallasbusinessmen. that each year honors some person connected with the sports world.Former New York Yankee star Mickey Mantle, who lives at Dallas, accepted the awardfor Nixon and read a crowd of 250 persons a telegram sent the zany organization. "Tomy fellow sports fans and admirers of the Dallas Cowboys, I send my warmest, butthoroughly impartial greetings," the Presidents telegram said. "To properly express myappreciation for this singular tribute I have decided to make the ultimate gesture. andyou will be pleased to hear that for the Super Bowl, I have offered (Dallas Coach) TomLandry my complete playbook."
  30. 30. 1972
  31. 31. Monday, January 17, 1972 1972 T he D allas M orning N ews DALLAS TIMES HERALD Boneheads Cite President “This is an honor I would truly like to For Football Predictions share with anybody else, and I am especially grateful it is presented only once a year,” Nixon said in the President Nixon has done it again. telegram. He has been picked "Bonehead of the Year" by “To properly express my appreciation the Dallas Bonehead Club. for this singular tribute” the The annual "Bonehead of the Year" trophy will President’s message continued, “I be presented Friday during giddy noon have decided to make the ultimate gesture, and you will be pleased to ceremonies in the Baker Hotels Texas Room.THANKS, MR. PRESIDENT: Tom Landry learn that for the Super bowl VI have It is doubtful President Nixon will show up up chats with a “new” friend from offered Tom Landry my complete play for the ceremony. He was informed of the award Pennsylvania Ave. book.” in a telegram sent to the White House over the weekend. The telegram read in part:THE DENVER POST The "Bonehead of the Year" trophy isSunday, Jan. 16, 1972 presented each year to persons or institutions that have endeared themselves to the sports- Nixon Offers minded public by their desire to participate and lose. There are many trophies awarded each ‘Play Book’ year to persons who have won, but ours is the only trophy dedicated to honoring those who fallDALLAS, Tex. -- (AP) -- by the wayside. President Nixon late, Friday promised Dallas You, Mr. President, as Americas No. 1 football!Cowboy Coach Tom Landry his “complete fan understandably could not control yourplay book” for Super bowl VI in New OrleansSunday. emotions. Whereas, without considering the The President made the offer in a telegram options, you let your heart rule your betterwhile accepting good naturedly the Dallas judgment and, remembering Custer, picked theBonehead Club’s annual a bonehead-of-the- Redskins to whip the Cowboys. Still undaunted,year award. Nixon got the honor for sending you set out to become a coach for the MiamiCoach Don Shula of the Miami Dolphins a play Last year’s bonehead award went to use against Dallas in Sunday’s Super Bowl Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans The award which we bestow upon you at thisin New Orleans. Saints for kicking a record 62-yard field goal that beat Detroit. time is not to laugh at you, but to let the world Baseball great Mickey Mantle accepted theaward for the President. If Dempssy hadn’t kicked that field know that you have learned to laugh with us. The President also received some kidding goal, the Boneheads explained, New May you always have the ability to stir thefrom Gov. Preston Smith at the Boneheads’ Orleans would have received the first sporting publics emotions, and we will alwaysannual award banquet. pick in the collegiate draft. recognize you as Americas No.1 sports fan.
  32. 32. Ralph "Shug" Jordan 1973 Bonehead of the YearBy .JIM RODEN.~, Sports Writer, The Dallas times Herald 1973 Its a good thing for Auburn that Shug Jordan doesnt go along with the crowd. Otherwise, the Tigers might not havebecome the surprise team of the college football world in1972. When the football experts looked at Auburns chances,they decreed a dismal finish for the Tigers. No way Jordansteam could come close to matching the sparkling 9-2 markof the previous season, they said. After ail, hadnt Auburn lost its brilliant offensive punch ofHeisman Trophy winner Pat Sullivan passing to widereceiver Terry Beasley? To replace Sullivan at quarterback,Jordan had to insert Randy Walls, a little known sophomorewho was so nervous in his .. first starting assignmentagainst Mississippi State that he went out for warm-ups withhis jersey on backwards. As a passer, Walls wasnt even considered in the same A Shug from the Gov.league with Sullivan. But Jordan obviously is a man who canadapt. So he didnt have a proven passer. But he did have atremendous runner in tailback Terry Henley. He just Then it was the big one, the state championship game of Alabama with Jordan sending hisreconstructed his offense into a running game. Tigers against Bear Bryants Crimson Tide of Alabama. The Tide was ranked second in the While the guessperts were predicting all, sorts of dire nation and already had clinched the SEC crown. Bama carried a 16-0 lead into the finalthings for the Tigers, Jordan, starting his 22nd season as period. At that point, it seemed more a case of the tigers just being able to keep the scorehead coach at his alma mater, had the audacity to say that respectable.his team was going to surprise a few folks. In the last five and a half minutes the Tigers turned in two stunning plays by blocking a pair When he looked at the season before him, Jordan said, of Alabama punts and winning the game, 17-16."With all due respect to our opponents, and realizing it will A bid to the Gator Bowl already had been accepted but the Tiers were 11-point underdogstake a superb effort on the part of all the players and to Colorado of the Big Eight Conference. Another brilliant show and the Tigers pulled a 24-3coaches, we are not conceding anything." upset from their bag of tricks. So the Tigers, who were picked to finish in the second After it was over, Colorado coach Eddie Crowder said, "I admire Auburn as much as anydivision of their own Southeastern Conference, set out to team that I can remember. Auburn is a team totally dedicated, totally disciplined, totallyprove their point. They opened with a 14-3 win over motivated. They are a tribute to a great coaching job, especially by the staff and particularlyMississippi State, then had to struggle to get past weak by Shug Jordan.Tennessee - Chattanooga, 14-7 and everybody was ready Ralph Jordan, who got his nickname Shug because of his love for sugar cane when he wasto write the Tigers off. a youngster growing up in Alabama has a record of 156 wins, 69 losses and five ties since Next up was a Tennessee team rated highly in the nation taking over at head coach at Auburn in 1951.and thats when the Tigers began to make people look in He has had to overcome many obstacles in his career, including a winning flight withtheir direction. With a superb defense and a fine rushing cancer a few years ago. He took over at Auburn when winning was almost a forgotten word,performance by Henley, Auburn knocked off the Vols, 10-6. guiding the Tigers to a 5-5 mark his first season after an 0-10 record the year before heNext came an upset win over Mississippi, 19-13. arrived. Since that time he has seen his team win a national championship, an SEC title and A visit to the Tigers den at LSU brought a disastrous 35-1 go the nine bowl games.defeat but a spectacular fourth quarter rally the next week For taking a team that was barely favored to win more than one game and guiding it to aearned a 24-14 win over Georgia Tech followed by wins 10-1 record, Shug Jordans insistence that the prognosticators were incorrect has beenover Florida State, 27-14: Florida, 26-20; and Georgia, rewarded. He is the “Bonehead of the Year.”27-10.
  33. 33. Boneheads To Honor No-Shows New Orleans trumpeter AI Hirt will accept 1974this years Bonehead of the Year award onbehalf of more than a million pro footballfans who bought game tickets but nevershowed up for the games, the DallasBonehead Club announced Tuesday. Hirt was selected to accept the awardbecause he, the club said, is the fan-of-fans. The presentation will be made at noonFriday in the Grand Ballroom of Holiday InnCentral during a banquet attended bymovie actress Ruta Lee, singer FrankieLane, Jimmy The Greek Snyder andother celebrities and former recipients ofthe award.
  34. 34. 1975 1976 In 1974 The Bonehead of the Year trophy was sent to Al Hirt in New Orleans, where it resided inhis club for almost a year. When he was contacted in 1975 about returning it for representation toa new winner, We were told that it had disappeared. No trace was ever found. In 1976 Dr. Brad Angers & Dr. George Bushong contacted art classes at S.M.U. and had a threedimensional Bonehead emblem made. The metal working class made us several copies to beused on award plaques. It became the new Bonehead of the Year symbol.
  35. 35. T he D allas M orning N ewsSaturday, February 5,1977 Bonehead Coors may lead pack By AL ALTWEGG Business Editor of the News They laughed when Bill Coors arrived in Dallas to accept the Bonehead of the 1977Year award for his company’s new pop-top beer can opener that many peoplefind difficult to operate. But Bill Coors may have had the last laugh - because,after all, Coors is still selling all the Coors beer there is. His public relations department was aghast and appalled when it heard that hedaccepted the invitation to visit Dallas and accept the Bonehead of the Year honor,according to William K. Coors, President and Board Chairman of the AdolphCoors Co of Golden, Colo. Similarly, Raymond Willie .Ir .. President ofWillowbrook Inc., the nations largest Coors beer distributor serving the greaterDallas beer market. says he was opposed to the whole idea when Brad Angers ofthe Dallas Bonehead Club proposed it. But Bill Coors liked the idea. And, In the final analysis, hes the boss. Whatsmore, he says hes more of an engineer and production man and not a marketing But "theres a ground swell of public opinion" in favor of theman for Coors. but he knew. why he wanted to come to Dallas. mandatory deposit, Coors says. "We had to demonstrate that the What it came down to was that he thought he and the Coors company were aluminum can is preferable, before the bottle bills got passed.right, and he thought the Bonehead occasion gave him a chance to explain. "The industry can live with the mandatory deposit." Coors admitted, TO PEOPLE WHO object to their bartenders finger getting into their beer in "but it cant live with the returnable bottle.opening what Coors calls the two- holer, Press-Tab Two opener, Bill Coors told Asked pointblank whether he favored or was opposed to thethe Boneheads. that It just proved his beer was finger - licking good. mandatory deposit, Bill Coors was reluctant to answer. But then he When the Boneheads had a 4-year old chimpanzee by the name of Deena try manfully faced up to the question, .and fail to open a Coors can, Bill Coors said that just proved that "monkeys cant "I feel that in the best interests of our society its going to beopen it either." enacted. Its not in the best interests of our industry. The problem lies Coors also suggested to the Boneheads that history has been shaped by the with the retailers." The returnable bottle would create monumentalmonumental goofs by the boneheads of the past. problems for retailers. he pointed out. He cited as the Bonehead of All Time, Moses, who led his people out of "Its coming. Its inevitable. Were going to have to face up to it,"bondage and turned left instead of right. If he had just turned right, "guess who Bill Coors said, And he argues that the aluminum can with a non-would have had all that oil." removable opener would take the burden off the retailers, He cited the inventor of Indoor plumbing who is responsible for our water ASKED IF SOME peoples displeasure with Press-Top Two - whichpollution problems. He cited the Inventor of the automobile who gave us todays be claims can be opened easily and with almost anything, by rollingoil problem and air pollution problem - but the alternative, he noted, would have a golf ball over the top, by pushing down on the opening with a knifebeen "something like 5 billion horses." handle, a spoon, "almost anything, the corner of this desk" - had (The one-holer. Press-Tap One. had to be replaced because some ingenious caused economic trouble for Adolph Coors Co., Bill Coors quotedsoul discovered that two of the circles from it could be glued together and used as some figures he got from the Dallas distributor. Willowbrook.a dime on coin-operated machines. The Treasury demanded that Coors stop its Last year, Willowbrook sold 45 per cent of the Dallas beer market -counterfeiting.) 6,7OO,OOO cases of Coors beer, Furthermore, Coors said his company had done surveys and found an Last November, the first full month after introduction of Press-Taboverwhelming public support for something like mandatory deposits on beverage Two, Willowbrook. sold 47 per cent of the canned beer market here.containers. And in December that rose to 49.2 per cent. Frankly, Coors is adamantly opposed to the returnable bottle, which "Dont misunderstand me, weve lost some good customers," Billenvironmentalists and originally the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) were Coors said, in his frank and disarming way.urging. Coors research has convinced the EPA to do a 18O-degree turn on the "But it isnt putting us out of business," he added, smiling. Thematter; now the EPA sees that the aluminum can is better, Bill Coors says. Bonehead of the Year may still have the last laugh.