Betty Boop


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Bud Counihan created Betty Boop, and for its time it was considered risque. Betty Boop got her figure based on Mae West. In the early days your would see her at the movies in a short cartoon.

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Betty Boop

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  2. 2. The BeginningThis animated star began her career as a dog. She wascreated as a feminine canine foil to play opposite Bimbo, thedog who had been the Fleischer Studios’ answer to MickeyMouse. To advance slide click here
  3. 3. How her style was created.Bettys figure was modeled after Mae Wests and her singing style taken from Helen Kane the "Boop-Boop-a-Doop" girl.The voice of Betty was that of a young lady by the name ofMay Questal. Max & Dave Fleisher produced the cartoon“Talkartoons” for Paramount. To advance slide click here
  4. 4. Betty’s debutBetty Boops on screen debut was in 1930 in a little filmcalled "Dizzy Dishes". The part was small but it gaveher the opportunity to show off her musical talents. In1931 Bettys friends Koko the clown and Pudgy,Bimbos replacement’s were introduced. Betty finallycame into her own with "Betty Co-Ed" when she shedher dog identity and the long ears became earrings. To advance slide click here
  5. 5. Betty was red hot in her timeMany movie stars appeared in Betty Boop cartoons. Theywere Maurice Chevalier, Rudy Vallee, Ethel Merman,Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway. To advance slide click here
  6. 6. The Betty Boop AppealShe was hypnotic not just on Bimbo, but on just abouteveryone and everything. Betty was always managingto fend off her numerous suitors with ever quite seemingto understand their behavior. To advance slide click here
  7. 7. Betty was banned in PhiladelphiaHer innocent sexuality attracted passionate fans, but shealso had enemies among moralists who felt she was alittle too risque. To advance slide click here
  8. 8. Betty was popularThere were more than one hundred Betty Boop cartoonsproduced including ninety in the official Betty Boop series.Betty Boop has been made into toys and dolls since the 1930sand in 1934, King Features Syndicate started distribution of"Betty Boop", a newspaper comic strip drawn by BudCounihan. Now after almost 70 years, audiences seem to havere- discovered the wit, the music and the charm of Betty Boop.Google Search Engine alone has nearly 9 million website forthe innocent sexy Betty Boop.. To advance slide click here
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