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Inside Bokete:  Web Application with Mojolicious and others
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Inside Bokete: Web Application with Mojolicious and others


Published on

Yusuke Wada a.k.a yusukebe …

Yusuke Wada a.k.a yusukebe
YAPC::NA 2013

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Inside Bokete:Web Application withMojolicious and others.Yusuke Wada a.k.a yusukebeFrom Yokohama, Japan2013-06-05YAPC::NA 2013
  • 2. Introduction of myself- Yusuke Wada a.k.a yusukebe- From Japan, Yokohama.- A Web Application Enginner.- CEO of Wadit Inc and CTO of Omoroki Inc.- I got the award of the YAPC::Asia 2012 popularity vote.- My trip is supported by Japan Perl Association.
  • 3. Development of “Bokete”My workI spend a time to developing web site named “Bokete”. “Bokete” is my work.
  • 4. What’s Bokete?Bokete is Japanese popular entertainment web service like a Japanese entertainment web service by Omoroki Inc.- It’s like a
  • 5. Bokete has ...- Web site for PC browser and smart phone browser- iOS App and Android App- 3 hundred million Page View per month overall- Backend system is written by meWeb site for PC and Smartphone browser, mobile application of iOS / Android are available inBokete. We have 3 hundred million page views per month overall. Backend system is written byme.
  • 6. Screenshot of web site
  • 7. Screenshot of mobile App
  • 8. Users generate contentsBokete servicesUser who has funny things.PostSeeUser who want to laugh.Bokete have a many contents generated by users. User who has funny things post the “boke” toBokete sites. And other users who want to laugh see these contents.
  • 9. Boke= Photo + Short TextWhat are contents of Bokete?So, what are contents of the Bokete? The answer is “Boke”. Boke is constructed of a photo and ashort text. Let’s see bokes on Bokete.
  • 10. Boke No.1You know, get this calmly.You are hitting your referee.
  • 11. Boke No.2Who forgot a uniform ?
  • 12. Boke No.3Hey! You didn’t say UNO!!
  • 13. Boke No.4They give up.
  • 14. Boke No.5This man is the murderer.
  • 15. How about bokes?How about the bokes on Bokete? We have books of Bokete, so please ask me later if you haveinterests of bokes. Then I’ll introduce backend system of Bokete.
  • 16. System of BoketeAbout using PerlTechnical topicsBokete is made by Perl! We love Perl.
  • 17. Structure of serversWeb AppEC2 InstancesElastic Load BlancingRDSMySQL MasterRDSMySQL Read ReplicaAPI AppEC2 InstancesElastic Load BlancingMemcached MemcachedBrowsers Mobile Apps
  • 18. Using Mojolicious!- Mojolicious as a Web Application Framework- But Mojolicious is very “thin” not like a Ruby on Rails- So, we should use other CPAN modules- Many modules written by Japanese author are usedWe use Mojolicious to implementing Bokete. Mojolicious is good Web Application Framework. But,Mojolicious is very “thin” and too simple that is not like a Ruby on Rails. So, inside Bokete,we use other CPAN modules that are written by Japanese Author. I think these modules are not sopopular in overseas from Japan. One of this talk theme is introduce Japanese CPAN modules.
  • 19. PSGI/PlackInterface between app and serverEnable to use Plack Middlewares and Starman/Starletas high-perfomance app serverPSGIWeb AppWeb ApplicationFrameworkWeb Serversupports PSGIWeb AppWeb ApplicationFrameworkWeb AppWeb ApplicationFrameworkWeb Serversupports PSGIWeb Serversupports PSGIPlackMiddleware
  • 20. “.psgi” exampleuse Mojo::Server::PSGI;use Plack::Builder;use Bokete::Web;my $psgi = Mojo::Server::PSGI->new( app => Bokete::Web->new );my $app = $psgi->to_psgi_app;builder {enable "Runtime";enable "ServerStatus::Lite",path => /server-status,allow => [ ],scoreboard => /var/run/server;$psgi->to_psgi_app;};Add X-Runtime HeaderIt’s like a Apache’s mod_status
  • 21. MouseFast class builderpackage Point;use Mouse;has x => (is => rw, isa => Int);has y => (is => rw, isa => Int);sub clear {my($self) = @_;$self->x(0);$self->y(0);}1;Moose compatible, Fast because using XSand No dependencies.
  • 22. DBIx::Skinny or TengMinimal O/R mapperSupporting transaction, raw SQL, inflate/deflatelightweight, and fastPrepare your database on SQLite or MySQL, others.package MyDB;use DBIx::Skinny;1;Make some modules for Database access.*Teng is newer version of DBIx::Skinny
  • 23. Using DBIx::Skinnyuse MyDB;my $db = MyDB->new({ connect_info => [ dbi:SQLite: ] });$db->insert(table, { col => value }); # Insertmy $row = $db->single(table, { id => 1 }); # Selectsay $row->col;my $iter = $db->search(table); # Iterator instancewhile ($row = $iter->next) {say $row->col;}package MyDB::Schema;use DBIx::Skinny::Schema;install_table ‘table’ => schema {pk ‘id’;columns qw/id col/;};1;
  • 24. FormValidator::LiteA form validatorFormValidator::Lite->load_constraints(qw/Japanese Email/);my $validator = FormValidator::Lite->new($self->req);my $res -> $validator->check(name => [qw/NOT_NULL/],mail => [qw/EMAIL/],{ mails => [qw/mail mail_confirm/] } => [DUPLICATION]);if($validator->has_error) {$self->stash->{messages} = $validator->get_error_messages();return $self->render;}...;Fast, simple, customizing error messages
  • 25. HTML::FillInForm::Litefill HTML forms with Perl data$self->helper(render_fill => sub {my ( $self, $template_name ) = @_;my $html = $self->render_partial($template_name)->to_string;return $self->render_text(HTML::FillInForm::Lite->fill( $html, $self->req->params ),format => html);});2 times faster than HTML::FillInForm# In controllerreturn $self->render_fill(‘/post’) if $error;
  • 26. HTML form is filled with request parameters
  • 27. Shortcut method for controller- Check request parameters- Show error messages- Fill HTML form with request parameterssub post {my $self = shift;if($self->form(Post)->has_error) {return $self->render_fill(/post);}}
  • 28. Devel::KYTProfProfiler for I/O blocking timeuse Devel::KYTProf;
  • 29. Carton / v0.9.15Manager of Perl modulesLike a ruby bundler, using cpanfileCarton managesdependency of modules.CPANmodulesin AppAn environment No.1CPANmodulesin AppAn environment No.2Same version modulesCarton is nowexperimetal !API is likely to chage.
  • 30. Using Carton.# on cpanfilerequires ‘Mojolicious’, 4.07;requires ‘Mouse’;requires ‘Teng’, 0.18;$ carton install$ carton exec -Ilib -- plackup myapp.psgicarton.lock file is generatedand module files is installed into “local” directoryExecute perl command with core libraries and local libraries
  • 31. Server::StarterDaemon for hot-deploying# On daemontools run scriptstart_server --port 8001 -- plackup -s Starman bokete_web.psgiSupporting Starman/Starlet and other HTTP servers$ sudo svc -h /service/bokete_webTo gracefully restart the server program,sending SIGHUP to this daemon.
  • 32. CinnamonSimple deployment tooluse Cinnamon::DSL;set repository =>;role web => [qw/],{ deploy_to => /home/user/www/myapp, branch => master, damoentools_dir => /service/myapp };task deploy => {setup => sub {my ($host, @args) = @_;my $repository = get(repository);my $deploy_to = get(deploy_to);my $branch = origin/ . get(branch);remote {run "git clone $repository $deploy_to && cd $deploy_to && git checkout -q $branch";} $host;}};$ cinnamon web deploy:setup
  • 33. And many other modules- Data::Validator - Validator for Perl data- CloudForecast - Web Application for server monitoring- Data::Page::Navigation - Pager- Test::mysqld- Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy- Plack::Middleware::AxsLog- Starman
  • 34. Bokete is supported by many CPAN ModulesMojolicious is good but minimal.We combine CPAN modules which is choosed.It’s like LEGO blocks !!
  • 35. Wrap-up- I’ve talk about...- Bokete as a Japanese entertainment web site- We are using a Mojolicious !!- Other CPAN modules by Japanese authors- There is more than one way to develop web applications !!And ...
  • 36. YAPC::Asia 2013 will be held !- September 19 - 21 on Keio University near the Tokyo .- Early Bird Tickets On Sale ! - 1,000 JPY discounted .- Talk submissions are accepted now .- Most biggest YAPC in the world (Maybe) .
  • 37. Thank you !!