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WrightRobbins LEAP brochure

  1. 1. Microsoft Partners:What are you missing?You already participate in Learning for Enterpriseand Partners program (LEAP). But are you gettingeverything possible from your engagement?+ ++ +++WrightRobbins can help you Your WrightRobbins learning Look inside to learn more aboutleverage ALL of your LEAP benefits consultant is there to help you your Microsoft LEAP benefits andwith a program that makes your leverage all of your LEAP benefits getting maximum returns from yourteam ready to sell or deploy. and get sales and technical teams readiness investments. ready for success. www.wrightrobbins.com
  2. 2. www.wrightrobbins.comGet the most from your Partner benefitsGet expert Microsoft relies on WrightRobbins to help you sell, design and deploy winning Microsoft solutions.help bringingyour Microsoft WrightRobbins has partnered with Microsoft since 2006 to drive the LEAP program—helping alliance commu-solutions to nity partners find the right resources to secure sales and achieve annual revenue goals. Our Learning Consul-market tants can help you leverage just the right combination of Microsoft resources for your organization and goals— ensuring your sales and technical teams are ready to bring new solutions to market quickly and effectively. YOUR MICROSOFT ALLIANCE LEAP READINESS BENEFITS • Business plan review of specific practice areas and key skill domains with Microsoft and partner account teams • Program framework established to align to MPN Competency achievement • Skill + capacity needs analysis through detailed interviews with IT, business development + support teams Training requireacross sales + technical roles via historical train + cert data; true up employee-partner association • • Partner-specific readiness roadmaps, aligned by role-specific objectives, incorporating Microsoft’s best-in-breed resources • Training implementation support, using a combination of virtual learning modalities that reduce organizational cost and time investment • Ongoing, detailed reporting on results of training and certification across the organization Ò see how your readiness strategy stacks up, join us for an interactive webcast workshop: To "Wrangling Technology Readiness in the Microsoft Partner World" on July 31, 2012, 10 am – 12 pm Pacific. Register at www.wrightrobbins.com/events. Limited space available, register early. LEAP has reduced training costs an average of $4.3M per participating organization while increasing training activity an average of 23% each year.
  3. 3. Take Readiness WrightRobbins Extended Readiness Services and Accelerate program can help your organizationto the Next Level maximize your ROI Now partners can see greater ROI from their readiness investments with WrightRobbins Extended Service engagements that expand on your existing LEAP program benefits. We can help you analyze your overall training needs and identify solutions that help your team accelerate learning cycles and drive deeper impact to your bottom line. WrightRobbins Learning Consultants can be your “Virtual Chief Learning Officer” and help you get more from your readiness efforts with any of the additional services listed here. WRIGHTROBBINS READINESS CONSULTING SERVICES • Analyze your Business needs to discover where your business goals and areas of change management will be necessary for success • Facilitate expert-led planning & design workshops with CxOs, practice owners and L+D teams to optimize existing technology spin-up strategies, workflows + learning processes • Define organization-wide readiness for achievement of goals through online surveys of IT, business development and support groups • Perform resources inventory + optimization mapping existing content, resources + tools to identify and fill content gaps • Design targeted learning roadmaps aligned by role, leveraging your existing resources and Microsoft benefits where possible • Integrate Learning and Knowledge Management system (LMS/KMS) solutions to streamline training resources and tracking methods • Perform Accelerate program offerings — Custom training solutions via virtual sessions and ongoing mentoring Deliver live, virtual, on-demand workshops + hands-on labs blended for the optimal role-specific learning experience • • Provide desk-side coaching + virtual mentoring from veteran technology trainers and SMEs • Offer train-the- trainer programs for rapid scalability • Develop knowledge validation + certification strategies • Perform certification support provided at regional level — baseline month • Engage Innovative success reporting processes that align to overall business goals for reporting purposesAccelerate Your WrightRobbins Accelerate programs are designed to help your organization ramp up on new technologies.Learning Accelerate courses use virtual delivery techniques to enable your teams to attend live learning classes, and we back up these deliveries with one-on-one virtual mentor support. Our Accelerate programs offer: + Training solutions aligned by sales role and function + Convenient, flexible weekly/monthly live or virtual collaboration sessions + Ongoing, structured learning consultant coaching and mentoring
  4. 4. WrightRobbins Let us help you empower thoughtYour Learning and leadership and innovation.Readiness Experts Discover Since 1996, WrightRobbins has served the world’s largest technology providers as organizational learning architects, defining highly scalable Validate Diagnose training programs proven to accelerate Wright Robbins successful technology practices. Disruptive Learning WrightRobbins can help you: + Bring new solutions to market faster + Increase win rates + Achieve greater ROI Deliver Design Ô Discover Understand strategic business goals, the role of each individual and their current capacity for goal achievement Ô Diagnose Examine & evaluate current knowledge and skills of team members, and the application of existing available training resources, to determine skills gaps and content deficiencies Ô Design Design targeted learning roadmaps, aligned by role, which leverage existing training resources and new content where necessary, and prescribes learning resources in the best manner for effective student learning Ô Deliver Instruct student learning through live virtual classrooms, virtual or hands-on labs, self-study materials, and interactive questions & discussion. Learning architects who are subject matter experts in their respective areas, provide ongoing mentoring and support throughout the entire learning experience. Ç Validate Help organizations validate ROI through the use of real-world end-of-class projects, and support student performance with one-on-one coaching and train-the-trainer programs. To see how your readiness strategy stacks up, join us for an interactive webcast workshop: "Wrangling Technology Readiness in the Microsoft Partner World" on July 31, 2012, 10 am – 12 pm Pacific. Register at www.wrightrobbins.com/events.