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A presentation given in a concurrent session at mLearnCon In San Jose on June 20, 2012 by Scott McCormick, Co-founder of Float Mobile Learning. The focus is on how to work with enterprise stakeholders to implement mobile learning.

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Scott mc cormick float mobile learning_winningoverstakeholders_mlearncon2012

  1. 1. Winning Over Stakeholders:How to Sell mLearningto Your Enterprise
  2. 2. Scott McCormickscottm@floatlearning.comcell: 309.838.2168 twitter: scottfloat Free!
  3. 3. Winning Over StakeholdersWhy is this important?
  4. 4. Why is this Important?• Get decision-makers on board• Minimize risk• Minimize resistance• Improve probabilities of success
  5. 5. Who are the stakeholdersin your organization?
  6. 6. Identify Stakeholders • Scope • ROI • Schedule • Metrics • BudgetPurchasing HR Your Team Branding Legal Executive IT Management
  7. 7. Change Management• Planning and integrating change aligned with business strategy & goals• Transactional change (quick, short-term)• Transformational change (long-term, fundamental)
  8. 8. Get “Mobile Smart” • Blogs • Books • Apps • Associations • Conferences • Social Media
  9. 9. Set Goals & Objectives Learning Strategy Skill Sets Identify Stakeholders Testing Focus Group Educate Learners Processes Strong Business Case Form a Team Learning Platforms Executive Champion Form Factors Evangelization Differences in Learning Authentication Prototypes BenchmarkingMilestones Development Approach Establish Metrics
  10. 10. Have a Process! Do you have a process?
  11. 11. Process• Strategy - Establish Objectives, understand your learner, create requirements, plan the effort• Define - Functional, technical, GUI design, script/storyboard• Design - Creation, programming, prepare assets, testing• Deliver - Implement solution, gather feedback, measure result
  12. 12. Key Stakeholders• Your team• Your immediate and executive management• Primary stakeholders• Your learners
  13. 13. Your Team• Instructional and interface design• Development skill sets and tools• Process
  14. 14. Your Team• Instructional and interface design
  15. 15. Your Team• Development skill sets - iOS: Objective C - HTML5/CSS - Android: Java - Creative Suite - Off-the Shelf Solutions: Lectora, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate
  16. 16. Build a Business CaseBuild a Business Case
  17. 17. The Power of a Prototype• Helps manage cost and risk• Helps get stakeholder buy-in and user acceptance/usability
  18. 18. Management• Scope• Schedule• Budget• ROI• Impact
  19. 19. Management• ROI
  20. 20. Benefits of Mobile Learning• Increased speed of training• Improved product time-to-market• Decreased training costs• Increased safety practices• Better ability to train hard-to-reach employees
  21. 21. ExecutiveChampion
  22. 22. Primary Stakeholders• IT• Marketing / Branding• Legal
  23. 23. Primary Stakeholders: IT• Application distribution and management• Mobile device management• Platforms• Security
  24. 24. Primary Stakeholders: IT • User and device authentication • Secure log-in • Configuration profile • Remote wipe • Encryption
  25. 25. Primary Stakeholders: Branding/Mktg.• Guidelines• Messaging• Consistency
  26. 26. Primary Stakeholders: Legal• Policies• Content• Security
  27. 27. Primary Stakeholders: Your Audience• Train anywhere, anytime at their own pace• Opportunity to collaborate• JIT knowledge
  28. 28. Success! You’ve launched your first initiative!
  29. 29. Scott McCormickscottm@floatlearning.comcell: 309.838.2168 twitter: scottfloat