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Drupal CMS: generating reports with the Forena module.
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Drupal CMS: generating reports with the Forena module.


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Slides for my speech on Drupal Camp Kyiv 2013. …

Slides for my speech on Drupal Camp Kyiv 2013.

Idea is to introduce to the Drupal programmers/users the alternative way of building reports, including complicated ones.

Showcase is about the Forena Reports Drupal custom module.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Generating reports withthe Forena module
  • 2. Session topicsIntroThe Forena module itselfRCN2: project to create reports forReal life samplesQ&A
  • 3. IntroductonForena: one of hidden gemsCould be an alternative for ViewsVersion 7.xSession outcome for visitors
  • 4. The Forena Reports moduleAllows to generate reports when you have SQL to get datafrom DB;Actually, this might be not only Drupal DB;… and even not only database;Report consists from 2 parts — SQL and kind of extendedHTML;Included nice sample reports in the package;Have a several video screencasts in English;About ¾ of potentially custom reports can be done withForena
  • 5. Sample reportDataSQLFormat
  • 6. Sample reportDataSQLFormat--ACCESS=access demo reportsselect * from statesORDER BY nameDataSQLDataSQL
  • 7. DataSQLFormat<body><div frx:block="sampledb/states" id="forena-1"><table><thead><tr><th>code</th><th>name</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr frx:foreach="*" id="forena-2" class="test {code}"><td>{code}</td><td>{name}</td></tr></tbody></table></div></body>
  • 8. Need more?1) Field modifiers:<frx:field id="date"format="iso_date"format-string="Y-m-d"/><frx:field id="total_cost"format="php"format-string="returnRcnFormats::currency_format($value);"/>2) Parameters;3) Formatters
  • 9. Need more?1) Field modifiers;2) Parameters in SQL:... WHERE j.job_id_pk = :job_id3) Formatters
  • 10. Need more?1) Field modifiers;2) Parameters in SQL;3) Formatters:natively provided export to popular formats likeCSV, XML, … :<frx:docgen><frx:doc type="..."/></frx:docgen>
  • 11. RCN2: a few words about theapplied projectIntranet ERP system;Complex business logic;Shared database with a few other systems;Reporting is one of crucial parts;
  • 12. RCN2: Postgres related infoDatasets arent huge but diversed — theresmany specialized heavily linked tables;Active usage of Postgres-specific features;
  • 13. SolutionViews/Custom pages/Forena reports —approximately 20% - 20% - 60%;About 80 *.frx files on production website;
  • 14. Real life report SQLs – 1/3Your SQL can be complicated: i.e. some kinky WITH()--ACCESS=can access reportsWITH base_model_info as (SELECT m.model_desc base_model,m.model_id_pk estimate_model_id,mc.model_component_id_pk model_component_id_pkFROM model_components mc JOIN models mON(mc.model_id_fk = m.model_id_pk)WHERE model_component_type = Base)SELECTc.composite_id_pk Composite_ID,c.composite_desc Composite_Description,bmi.base_model Base_Model...
  • 15. Real life report SQLs – 2/3Mighty WHEN-THEN-ELSE, JOINS and GROUP BYs... FROM v_job_latest_statusINNER JOIN v_jobs_no_contract_value j ON v_job_latest_status.job_id_fk =j.job_id_pkLEFT JOIN v_jobmst jm ON j.rdms_job_number = jm.job_numberLEFT JOIN (SELECT job_id,SUM(COALESCE(amount, 0) *CASEWHEN amount_key_name = debit_nett_amount ORamount_key_name = amount_excl_gstTHEN 1WHEN amount_key_name = credit_nett_amount ORamount_key_name = credit_net_amount THEN -1ELSE 0END) AS expenditureFROM v_job_order_expenditureGROUP BY job_id) AS e ON e.job_id = j.job_id_pkLEFT JOIN ( ...
  • 16. Real life report SQLs – 3/3Brutal UNION and all that jazz together... from v_cost_reportwhere group_id = :gl_groupunionselect cast(category_id as text) as ordering , header asrowtype, null as job_number, null as supplier_name,null as invoice_number, null as invoice_date, category_name astransaction_description, cast(null as numeric) as amountfrom v_cost_reportwhere group_id = :gl_groupand effective_date > :from_dateand effective_date < :to_dateunionselect category_id||-z as ordering , cat total asrowtype,null as job_number, null as supplier_name, ...
  • 17. Hints and links7.x-3.4 is out, weve spoken about 7.x-2.x(supporting SVGGraph, etc)Could be a good step from 7.x to 8.x
  • 18. About meArea of interests and expertise:Backend programming;Drupal as a CMF;Aegir, Mediamosa;Troubleshooting.
  • 19. Questions? 096 2323 346