Mobile Technology In Travel Report The Detail


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Mobile Technology In Travel Report The Detail

  1. 1. School of Mobile Platinum Partner: The School of Mobile: Report Vol. 2: The Detail
  2. 2. Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents 1. Introduc�on 8 1.1. How has the travel industry embraced mobile technology to date? 8 1.2 Who is the mobile traveller? 11 2. Mobilising the Travel Buying Cycle 17 3. Mobile Technology and Solu�ons 27 3.1 Introduc�on 27 Ar�cle by Ambiesense: “How can mobile enhance the travel experience?” 30 3.2 Mobile Internet & Mobile Analy�cs 32 Ar�cle by Netbiscuits: “Internet goes Mobile: 10 Golden Rules for Big Success on Small Screens” 35 SIXT Case Study 42 Lu�hansa Case Study 45 ORTG Case Study 48 3.3 Mobile Applica�ons 51 Ar�cle by MobiEXPLORE: “Mobile Travel Guides: Travel Mobilisa�on - How mobile can bring benefits during the downturn” 57 Rearden Commerce Case Study 63 Kayak Case Study 65 Lonely Planet Case Study 70 3.4 Mobile Search 75 3.5 Mobile Marke�ng and Adver�sing 81 JAL Hotels Case Study 106 Case Study 107 3.6 Mobile Customer Service, CRM & Ancillary Revenue Genera�on 113 Ar�cle by The Sound of Data: “Mobile Travel Solu�ons” 113 Bri�sh Airways Case Study 124 Hilton Case Study 127 Egencia Case Study 129 3.7 Mobile and Loca�on 138 WAYN & Rummble Case Study 149 Visit Britain Case Study 153 TUI Case Study 154 © EyeforTravel Research. All rights reserved. 3
  3. 3. Table of Contents The School of Mobile Vol. 2 - The Detail 3.8 Mobile Ticke�ng and 2D Barcodes 155 SAS Case Study 160 3.9 mTransac�ons 162 Jet Airways Case Study 169 4. Preparing to invest in Mobile 172 4.1 The EyeforTravel Pearls of Wisdom 172 4.2 Addressing the arguments against mobile 175 4.3 The future of mobile in travel 179 List of Figures Figure 1: Age breakdown by type of browser access and age 11 Figure 2: Age breakdown by type of applica�on access and country 12 Figure 3: Age breakdown by type of SMS access and country 13 Figure 4: Gender breakdown by type of browser access and country 13 Figure 5: Gender breakdown by type of applica�on access and country 14 Figure 6: Gender breakdown by type of SMS access and country 14 Figure 7: Income breakdown of mobile browser access by access type and country 15 Figure 8: Income breakdown by type of Applica�on access and country 15 Figure 9: Income breakdown by type of SMS access and country 16 4 © EyeforTravel Research. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Welcome back to1 - The Travel Buying Cycle Mobile Chapter Part Two of The School of Welcome Back! Welcome back to Part Two of The School of Mobile ‘The mobile phone has become a human appendage’ – BJ Fogg Even if one’s mobile phone is not yet a body part, technology itself has certainly become a domes�cated part of daily life and a core part of many cultures. Mobile expands our reach, our power and our awareness. As you learnt in Part One, Mobile has arrived. In 2008, global mobile subscriber penetra�on broke through the 50% mark (Source: ITU). By the end of 2009, the number of mobile users globally is expected to reach 3.9 billion (Source: Por�o Research). Smartphone penetra�on con�nues to increase in various regions but is not yet at the inflec�on point (i.e. the point at which penetra�on leads to drama�c change), however it is s�ll very significant and growth in penetra�on con�nues, even in 2009. According to the latest research by The Kelsey Group, penetra�on is at 18.9%. 3G network penetra�on did in fact reach the all-important inflec�on point (30% in western markets), while in Korea and Japan the story is really how far away is 4G and finding new and innova�ve ways to use the installed 3G networks. Furthermore, convergence is more than just a buzz-word. It is happening apace and it is a crucial enabler of advanced mobile offerings. Convergence looks towards the bundling and integra�on of services and this is the force which will shape the mobile ecosystem of the future. The dynamics of the mobile ecology are changing. Tradi�onally this ecology has been dominated and indeed controlled by operators who acted like the gatekeepers. The evolving ecology is more focused on symbiosis, mutual advantage and compe�ng centres of power/influence. It is a model characterised by collabora�on and alliances. It is a new world that at first glance can be daun�ng and indeed a li�le overwhelming. This paradigm shi� involves the opening up of access to the tradi�onally closed ecosystem and along with it many new and exci�ng opportuni�es for value crea�on. PART TWO: This part of The School of Mobile is about cu�ng through the hubris, the misconcep�on, the mythology and the unfulfilled promises of mobile and to give you guidelines and a wealth of useful informa�on to help you to embrace mobile. It is focused on prac�cal guidelines, advice and case studies from some of the industry’s leading mobile innovators and insight from mobile solu�ons providers to help you make intelligent mobile decisions. All companies involved know the importance of educa�on and knowledge acquisi�on that will allow you to move forward with confidence in developing or advancing your mobile strategy. Mobile is: Interac�ve, engaging, personalised, powerful, empowering, relevant and always on Mobile is not: A replacement for other marke�ng/customer service channels, a gimmick, a silver bullet or just a small version of your website Go to Table of Contents © EyeforTravel Research. All rights reserved. 5