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Woodbridge Community Mapping 2009
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Woodbridge Community Mapping 2009


Published on

Woodbridge Township, Walkability …

Woodbridge Township, Walkability
Safe Routes to School, Community Mapping Project Powerpoint

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  • YMCA Pioneering Healthier Communities
  • 16 Local Elementary Schools Children and Parents Helping Community
  • Police Department Was Helping.
  • Kids are enjoying
  • Volunteers from Rutgers!
  • Volunteers from Rutgers University, University of Miami and other Professionals
  • Township Councilman, Greg Ficarra
  • Mayor with Staff in Berkeley
  • Interactive Mapping by VERTICES
  • We Did It!!!!!!!! Connecting People and Connecting Communities
  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. Pioneering Healthier Communities
      • Launched by YMCA of USA
        • A key component of Activate America
      • Drives policy, structural, and environmental change in communities to promote healthy lifestyles
      • The Pioneering Healthier Communities Woodbridge, New Jersey Team:
        • Woodbridge YMCA
        • Office of the Mayor of Woodbridge Township
        • Woodbridge Municipal Alliance
        • Metuchen, Edison Woodbridge YMCA
        • Raritan Bay Medical Center
        • Woodbridge Township Board of Education
        • Woodbridge Township School District
    • 3. Goals of ‘Walkability’ Audit
      • Raise community awareness of opportunities for safe walking and biking
      • Improve the health of residents by promoting physical activity in safer and more pleasant walking and biking environments
      • Help the community to assess their needs and set priorities to make our streets and sidewalks safer
      • Educate children on the type of development that promotes a healthy and safe lifestyle.
      • Maximize public participation and build community pride
    • 4. May 30 th , 2009 Woodbridge Township Pioneering Healthy Communities Community Mapping Walkability Audit Safe Routes to School
    • 5.  
    • 6.  
    • 7.  
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    • 33.  
    • 34.  
    • 35.  
    • 36. What is the grade of the child you are participating in this event with?
    • 37. How many children do you have in Kindergarten through 8 th grade?
    • 38. How far does your child live from school?
    • 39. On most days, how does you child arrive at/leave from school?
    • 40. How long does it normally take your child to get to school?
    • 41. Distance vs. Mode of Transportation
    • 42. Has your child asked you for permission to walk or bike to/from school in the last year?
    • 43. At what grade would you allow your child to walk or bike without an adult to/from school?
    • 44. Which of the following issues affected your decision to allow, or not allow your child to walk or bike to/from school
    • 45. Would you probably let your child walk or bike to/from school if this problem were changed or improved?
    • 46. … Would probably allow
    • 47. Post Survey
    • 48. Do you think after this event you will walk more or less?
    • 49. As a driver will your attitude/behavior change towards pedestrians because of this event?
    • 50. Would you participate in this type of event again?
    • 51. Explain your child's response to the event
    • 52.
      • Very exhausting, good exercise
      • We got lost because signs were covered by shopping carts,
      • trash, and bushes
      • Very happy to observe things that are good and bad in the
      • school areas
      • She enjoyed it- tried to observe what problems walkers
      • could face on the road
      • My child learned road safety rules
      • Good walking around school
      • He had fun and it was educational
      • We had fun and educated more about walking safety
      • Sore legs: felt independent
      • He liked it: it was cool to walk around the school area
      • Fun: eye opening to the speed of traffic
      Explain your child's response to the event
    • 53. What were your greatest take-aways from the event?
    • 54.
      • Knowing about the neighborhood
      • Happy to be able to help Woodbridge Township
      • Make neighborhoods safe for all our children
      • We need to work together and get things done for our school
      • Drivers need to be more aware of the pedestrians and willing to share the road
      • The township and school trying to improve the safety of children
      • We learned about safety issues
      • The shirt and to visit the area around the school
      • Now understands how nice and clean the area is
      • Good experience to learn roads in town I normally don’t walk
      • Teaching my children walking safety
      • Enjoyed the day activity; love to walk
      What were your greatest take-aways from the event?
    • 55. How did this event change your perception of your neighborhood?
    • 56.
      • We never had a chance to see the beautiful surroundings near us
      • Take a walk to see if any changes need to be made
      • Discuss neighborhood with child on any risks and positives
      • I will notice things more in my neighborhood
      • My children and I need to be more involved in community activities
      • Neighborhood is safe, but I realized a lot of work needs to be done
      • There are very unsafe areas for my kids to cross the street
      • Some improvements needed but very clean and well kept
      • Feels awesome
      How did this event change your perception of your neighborhood?
    • 57. Did you learn about the sidewalks, crosswalks, and traffic, etc?
    • 58.
      • There were some very good sidewalks & crosswalks
      • At the same time at some places not enough room
      • It needs to be fixed in a proper way so kids feel comfortable
      • to walk to school
      • How important they are for pedestrians
      • I learned crosswalk, sidewalk and traffic rules
      • There is not always a sidewalk or crosswalk
      • Faded crosswalks: most cars don’t pay attention to walkers
      Did you learn about the sidewalks, crosswalks, and traffic, etc?
    • 59. As a driver, will your attitude/behavior change towards pedestrians because of this event?
    • 60.
      • Will think more about pedestrians’ safety
      • I’m going to drive slower
      • Watch out more for kids
      • Talk to our mayor about cleaning up sidewalks, gutters and
      • putting sidewalks in
      • I’ll be more aware of pedestrians and drive more consciously
      • To be very careful with pedestrians and make sure they
      • are safe
      • Respect sidewalks with pedestrians waiting
      • I am always careful and watch out for pedestrians-
      • especially small ones!
      As a driver, will your attitude/behavior change towards pedestrians because of this event?
    • 61. Do you have any suggestions for improving the walkability audit?
    • 62.
      • Great exercise program and networking with other parents
      • and children
      • We should bring bottled water and have more time and
      • improve maps
      • Township must encourage school program for same audit
      • Promote it a little more
      • More participation from school
      Do you have any suggestions for improving the walkability audit?
    • 63. - Contact: Dr. Wansoo Im - Email: [email_address] -Telephone: 609-651-1352 Woodbridge PHC Team - Contact: Kim Cole - Email: [email_address] - Telephone: 732-596-4182 Resources