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Islamic finance 1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Group members : Waleed AL.Furaih Ahmad AL.Dousari Salman AL.Mutairi
  • 2. • • Literally means: to give something on rent. It is defined as: ownership of the right to the benefits of using an asset in return for consideration {Rent}.
  • 3. Operating Ijarah Situation Transfer of ownership Financial Ijarah Contracts that do not end with the transfer of ownership of leased assets to the lessee. Contracts that end up with of ownership of leased assets to the lessee. -Gift at the end of period. - Token of sale consideration at the end of period. - Sale at specific amount. -Sale during the lease period for the remaining installments. - Gradual transfer during lease period
  • 4. 1. Wording. 2. Contracting Parties. 3. Subject Matter {Benefit}.
  • 5. 1. Leasing ( Ijarah ) is a contract . the owner of an asset transfers it to another person for an agreed period, at an agreed payment ( ujrah ) . 2. The assets must have a value 3. Must remain in the ownership of the person who own it . 4. The things that considered as a liabilities on the property remains on the owner but the things that considered liability use of the property is on the lessee . 5. The period of rent must be determined .
  • 6. 6.The lessee cant use the property ( asset) for any other purpose stated on the contract . 7. The lessee repay the lessor if he caused any harm or damage to the property. 8. natural causes damages the asset the owner cant ask the lessor to repay him . 9. If the property owned by two persons or more their shares distribute depending on their proportion share .
  • 7. 10.The owner can give his share of the rent to his partner not to any other person . 11.The the lessee must identify the asset , 12. The rental must be determined at the time of contract for the whole period of lease.
  • 8.  Ijarah is halal because its follow Quran, sunna and Alejmaa
  • 9.  Waleed has decided to study abroad after three years . So he was wondering what is the best option he got for buying or leasing a car . He has chosen the toyota FJ 2013 basic options silver color automatic gear . So he asked salman what is the best way? buying or leasing a car and Salman said buying a car by a ijarah contract or murabaha contract in KFH since the other islamic banks such as the ahli united bank only got one type of ijarah ( ijarah muntahya bltamleek ) but Ahmed does not agree with Salman and told Waleed that since there isn’t an ijarah contract in NBK you can always take a loan and buy the car or rent a car from a car rental company like Aayan leasing company that follow the islamic way of renting . So Waleed went through each option and these are the results
  • 10. (A) KFH “ Ijarah “ The car cost 10000 KD for three years the bank will lease it to waleed at a total cost 10984 KD . Monthly payments 165 KD , Down payment 1000 kd and the car book value ( 4950 after three years ) . (B) NBK “ Loan “ In NBK waleed decided to take a loan 10000 KD for three years with 300 KD monthly payments . The contract is Without down payment but they offer maintenance for 20 KD each 3 months. Total cost of the loan with interest 10800 with nominal rate 5%.
  • 11. (C) KFH “Murabaha” contract The car cost 10000 KD with murabaha contract it will cost 10800 with monthly payments 300 KD for three years without down payments . (D) Aayan lessing company The car cost 10000 KD with down payment 599 KD , monthly payment 222 KD for 2 years ,the cost for two years contract cost 80 KD , the book value for the car after two years 8000 KD
  • 12. Company or bank : Nom I : EAR : KFH ( IJARAH ) 3.906 % 3.977 % NBK ( Loan ) 6.53 % 6.73 % AAYAN 22.929 % 25.43 % KFH ( Murabaha ) 5.218 % 5.345 % We conclude that KFH ijarah is the best for waleed because its has the lowest I nom. and EAR
  • 13.  We now know how the ijarah works and operates . Its one of the most important islamic financing instruments . the islamic finance protect people from falling In reba or any garar actions so our investments and assets stays halal.