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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Issue #10

  1. 1. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Stuff for the Geeks! data rate may vary dramatically. The benchmarks will paint VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication this picture a little better... covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. Lite-On eNAU608 Slim External DVD/CD Writer Review at Overclockers OnlineThe Daily VR-Zone News Description: Overall, I’m very pleased with the eNAU608. With netbooks not coming equipped with optical drivesSummary - 08 Mar 2011 by default the eNAU608 provides a great alternative. It isSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-daily-vr-zone-news-summary--08- slim and easy to carry around and gives you reasonablemar-2011/11518.html performance. It is not nearly the fastest or most advanced driveMarch 8th, 2011 out on the market, but if you don’t need Blu-Ray than this has it all. Evercool Buffalo CPU Cooler @ TestFreaks Description: We haven’t done many CPU cooler reviews here on TestFreaks, but I hope to change that, at least add some more from time to time. Evercool sent me two for review recently and that first I’ve got for you is the Buffalo that’sIn todays news roundup: Reviews of AMDs latest dual-GPU compatible with LGA1156 and LGA1136 platforms. The Buffalographics card, the Radeon HD 6990, have started flooding is a rather small aluminum and heatpipe style cooler with athe Internet; Intel announces the launch of its new Core vPro bright red fan on it, and for its size it performs admirably well.processors; a leaked Blackberry roadmap reveals plans for an AMD Radeon HD 6990 Antilles Video Card @ BenchmarkOS 7 sometime in November this year; Adobe hopes to bypass ReviewsApples no Flash stance with a new tool that features the Description: If youre an enthusiast gamer who demandscapability to covert basic Flash files into code recognizable only the highest level of performance that far surpassesby iOS; Japanese fighting game ?gon Mus?kyoku has been mainstream standards, then its your lucky day because theconfirmed to be receiving a sequel, hopefully in time for AMD Radeon HD 6990, code named Antilles, was designed toComiket, and Angry Birds continues to top the PSN charts for do exactly that. Using a new VLIW4 shader core architecturethe month of February. and equipped with 4GB GDDR5 256-bit video frame buffer,Hardware News: dual Cayman GPUs offer a total of 3072 stream processors.Intel launches Core vPro processors While the Radeon HD 6990 accomplishes the performanceDescription: Intel has announced its 2nd generation Intel of two Radeon HD 6970s in CrossFireX, AMD also addsCore vPro processors, which it says will do great things for accelerated multimedia playback and transcoding, AMDtechnologies such as cloud computing and virtualisation. HD3D stereoscopic technology, and support for the 3D Blu- ray multi-view CODEC (MVC). The AMD Radeon HD 6990Plextor M2 Series 128GB SATA 6Gbps Marvell SSD Review @ utilizes several new MSAA modes including Enhanced QualityLegit Reviews Anti-Aliasing (EQAA), which Benchmark Reviews tests inDescription: Plextor is probably best known for their optical some of the most popular DirectX-11 video games.drives so it may come as a surprise to some that they alsooffer SSDs in their product line. Their most recent line is the AMD Radeon HD 6990 Launch Preview @ Rage3D.comM2 series which features a Marvell controller and a 6Gbps Description: AMD launches the Radeon HD 6990 graphicsinterface. Weve got our hands on the 128GB version and well card, a monstrous behemoth of power and performance fromsee how it stacks up against the other drives we have tested. Team Red. Two Cayman XT GPU cores, 4GB of RAM, 5At first blush, the specifications for read and write, 420 MB/ TFLOPs of compute performance, out-of-the box Eyefinity 5s and 210 MB/s respectively, dont seem all that amazing capabilities and stonking BIOS Overclock mode give all thecompared to the newest SandForce drives emerging that hit signs that AMD is not happy to settle for second best - theyabove 500 MB/s on both fronts. However, as we have seen with earned the performance crown with the HD 5970, and theySandForce controllers, they rely on data compression to boost plan to keep it.speed so depending on the type of data being transferred, the 1
  2. 2. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneGainward GeForce GTX 570 Phantom Review @ TweakPC.de I’d share that with you today, so read on to learn what I learned(German) about how the new Service Pack affects your system.Description: (Machine translation) There is a new series at You’ve got better things to do than wait in traffic - GoogleGainward: Phantom. Big, strong and black! We took a look at Mobile Blogthe Gainward GeForce GTX 570 Phantom. Description: Ever been stuck in traffic, only to find out you’dMSI GeForce N570GTX Twin Frozr II Review (German) have been better off going a bit out of your way to take aDescription: (Machine translation) Along with the Radeon HD less congested route? If you’re like me, you probably hear the6950 and 6970 of the GeForce GTX 570 is currently probably traffic report telling you what you already know: traffic is badthe most interesting high-end graphics card. The performance on the road you’re currently on, and you should have takenis extremely high, but the price still tolerable and significantly another. It doesn’t need to be this way, and we want to help. Solower than the current top model of the fastest GeForce GTX we’re happy to announce that Google Maps Navigation (Beta)580th This can already deliver the reference design of the GTX will now automatically route you around traffic. With more570 from NVIDIA in terms of volume consumption and very than 35 million miles driven by Navigation users every day,good values. this should add up to quite a bit of time saved!AMD Radeon HD 6990 4GB Dual GPU Video Card Review @ Adobe Hopes Wallaby Can Vault Apple’s Flash BlockadeLegit Reviews Description: Adobe appears to be switching its strategyDescription: The AMD Radeon HD 6990 4GB lived up to and launching new products that can cope with Apple’sAMDs marketing hype and proved itself to be the fastest restrictions. The first major example: Wallaby, a system itgraphics card in the world. It easily beat out the Radeon HD is launching today to convert basic Flash files — such as5970 2GB, the previous dual-GPU video card by AMD, and animations and banner ads — into code that will work on iOS.the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 single-GPU video card. With Android Hit Hard by Malware, Google Fights Backa massive 4GB of memory and two Cayman-class GPUs on a Description: It seems that I’m here reporting about a majorsingle PCB we arent surprised by the performance numbers problem with Android at least once every few weeks – whetherwe are seeing from the Radeon HD 6990. it’s their painful text bug or their microSD security issue.Consumer Electronics and Software news: While these issues have been far from minor, they nevertheless pale in comparison to the most recent hole in the AnroidKazaa Disses Apple, Debuts Web-Based Music Streaming system. That hole is made up of a simple security issue . . .Service For iOS, Android that happened to let 260,000 users download malware via 58Description: Atrinsic, the direct and online search marketing different malicious applications.agency that acquired the assets of former P2P sharingtool Kazaa a couple of months ago, is trying to drum up Gaming newssome attention for the digital music subscription service this Umineko Fighting Game Gets Sequelmorning. In a press release, the company posits that there’s Description: Ryukishi07, the creator for Umineko no Nakubeen a ‘breakthrough’ for iPhone and iPad (and Android) users Koro Ni had announced that a sequel for its fightingbecause its service is now ‘accessible on iOS devices’ simply by game spinoff: Ougon Musoukyoku 2 has been green-lit forvisiting Kazaa.com. production.Blackberry roadmap leaked including OS 7 in November Open Fire on the Homefront Multiplayer TrailerDescription: Blackberry is an outfit with more leaks than Description: Home is where the war is in THQs upcomingWales. Last year there were shedloads of leaks and roadmaps military FPS, and in the latest trailer for Homefront, developerwhich ended up in the press. Kaos Studios provides a peek at the CoD-meets-BattlefieldAsus RT-N56U Gigabit Router Review @ Tweaknews mayhem that awaits in the games multiplayer. Flank the jumpDescription: Asus RT-N56U router has unique, elegant for the videostyling with an impressive feature set to go along with it. Angry Birds continues PSN domination in FebruaryThe slim, antenna-free design allows the unit to be tucked Description: The PlayStation Store had some noteworthyaway just about anywhere, while the simultaneous dual- releases in February: Explodemon, Stacking, Bionicband connectivity is ready for the most demanding of home Commando Rearmed 2. But none of these new releasesnetworks. managed to chart in PSNs monthly sales numbers. Instead,Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Performance Analysis @ TestFreaks youll see some familiar names on the top 5 list, includingDescription: Windows 7 is the best Windows yet, at least that’s Angry Birds, which continues its second month of bestsellingmy opinion of it. Think what you like, you’re entitled to your sales.own opinion of course. I’m not going to get into an arguingmatch with you about Win 7 and XP, Vista, OSX etc, this isnot what this article is for, take it elsewhere please. If you Genius Launches SlimStarwant to know more about how Windows 7 Service Pack 1 mightaffect your computer then this is where you want to be. I’ve 8000 Wireless Keyboard-taken quite a bit of time to run many test on three separate Mouse Combocomputers with Windows 7 installed, both 32bit and 64bit Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/genius-launches-slimstar-8000-versions. From my experience I’ve learned a bit and I thought wireless-keyboard-mouse-combo/11520.html 2
  3. 3. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMarch 8th, 2011Taipei-based Genius has released the SlimStar 8000 wirelessdesktop combo in North America. Powered by three AAAbatteries, the mouse and keyboard connects to the PC via a2.4GHz wireless technology USB adapter. Turbo Mode: Data transfer rates up to 260 MB/s The new USB 3.0 SSD18C3 is a true Solid State Drive,Taipei-based Genius has released the SlimStar 8000 wireless based on high quality NAND flash memory. It includes andesktop combo in North America. Powered by three AAA innovative device driver engineered to dramatically enhancebatteries, the mouse and keyboard connects to the PC via USB transfer speeds. Once installed, the SSD will switch intoa 2.4GHz wireless technology USB adapter. The keyboard Turbo mode, boosting data transfer speeds up to an incredibleis spill-proof and has various multimedia buttons whilst the 260 MB/s when connected to a USB 3.0 port. This exceptionalmouse has a 1200 dpi optical sensor, and a Magic Roller scroll performance makes the SSD an ideal storage solution for read-wheel. The SlimStar 8000 is available through authorized intensive applications; even an entire DVD movie takes a mereretailers and e-tailers at a MSRP of US24.90. 15 seconds to process. Also compatible with USB 2.0, theNews via [Techconnect] SSD18C3 ensures that users will be able to transfer files on computers not yet equipped with a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port.Transcend Unveils SSD18C3Portable SSD Extra durable with rubberized exteriorSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/transcend-unveils-ssd18c3-portable- Due to the absence of moving parts, the SSD18C3s internalssd/11519.html SSD runs silent and cool, and can withstand excessive shockMarch 8th, 2011 or vibration. To add more durability, the SSD is housed in a vibration-absorbing and slip-resistant silicone outer shell. Its robust housing and shockproof storage technology make the SSD18C3 perfect for users who need high performance on the go, without having to worry about accidental impact damage. Aabout the size of a deck of pokerbout the size of a deck of poker playing cards, the SSD18C3 is ultra light and easy toTranscend has announced the SSD18C3 Portable SSD. carry.Measuring 98.7 x 65.7 x 17.45mm and weighing 70g, thecompact portable drive features a "vibration-absorbing andslip-resistant" silicone case, One Touch auto-backup button, a One Touch auto-backup & JetFlash Elite softwareMTBF of 1,000,000 hours, and delivers data transfer speeds The SSD18C3 offers an array of state-of-the-art features,up to 260Mb/s via its USB 3.0 interface. The SSD18C3 including an extremely convenient One Touch auto-backupPortable SSD, backed by a three year warranty, is available in button. The One Touch backup system, which can be enabled64Gb and 128Gb capacities at MSRPs of US$224 and US$448 with the preloaded Backup Manager software, allows usersrespectively. to instantly backup and synchronize their data with one easyTRANSCEND PRESS RELEASE button press. Users can also download Transcends exclusive JetFlash Elite data management tools to help them useTranscend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a worldwide leader their SSD more productively, such as for automatic websitein memory and storage products, today announced a new authentication, or checking non web-based email accountsaddition to its SSD family, the SSD18C3 Portable Solid State remotely just by plugging the SSD into any computer withDrive. The new portable SSD combines the benefits of USB 3.0 Internet access.with all the performance and durability advantages of solid-state technology, providing unparalleled speed and stabilitythat conventional portable hard drives cannot compete with. 3
  4. 4. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneTranscends new SSD18C3 Solid State Drive is now availablefor a suggested price of US $224 for the 64 GB model and US$448 for the 128 GB model. Asus launches BrazosiPhone 4 64GB found in Hong powered Eee PCs Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-launches-brazos-powered-eee-Kong? pcs/11517.htmlSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/iphone-4-64gb-found-in-hong- March 8th, 2011kong-/11516.htmlMarch 8th, 2011 One of the last companies to announce its Brazos poweredWhile we are unsure if Apple did actually made a iPhone 4 netbooks/ultra slim notebooks is Asus and although thewith 64 GB capacity, this has started to pop up in one of the company was late, it has as of today added two new modelsgrey market in Hong Kong in limited quantity, according to with AMDs E-350 and C-50 dual core processors to its Eee PCthe seller. range. The models are the Eee PC 1015B and 1215B where the 1015B is a 10-inch model and the 1215B is a 12-inch model. One of the last companies to announce its Brazos powered netbooks/ultra slim notebooks is Asus and although the company was late, it has as of today added two new models with AMDs E-350 and C-50 dual core processors to its Eee PC range. The models are the Eee PC 1015B and 1215B where the 1015B is a 10-inch model and the 1215B is a 12-inch model. The Eee PC 1015B is of course the model with the dual core 1GHz C-50 processor and its based on Asus traditional Eee PC design. Optionally Asus will offer the 1015B with a single core C-30 APU, but it wont be available in all markets. The Eee PC 1215B on the other hand comes with a 1.6GHz dual coreTAccording to a Hong Kong site, this suspicious variant of the E-350 APU as standard and is based on Asus larger 12-inchiPhone 4 was first discovered in Sin Tak, one of the biggest Eee PC chassis which so far have been limited to a couple ofgrey market in Hong Kong. The seller claims that these are models combining Atom processors and Nvidia ION graphics.engineered models and are only available in small quantities. Again, Asus will offer the 1215B with the option of a C-50 or C-30 APU, but as previously, only in some markets.On the back of the phone, it states iPhone XXGB, whichsome might find familiar. Leaked prototype which Gizmodobought, ring any bells? Furthermore, besides stating 64GB inthe screen under capacity, the model is 995-6049LL. Common features between the two models include HDMI output, USB 3.0 connectivity (an optional feature availableSo is this really a leaked prototype from Apple? If it is, is Apple only on some SKUs), Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fiventuring into 64GB iPhones for future models? as well as a built in webcam with a manual iris shutter. Asus claims up to 8.5h battery life for both models which seems to be pretty much on par with many of its Atom powered Eee PC 4
  5. 5. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonemodels, although not quite as good as the most power frugal for up to five displays using AMD Eyefinity multi-displaymodels weve seen. No word on pricing or availability of either technology, with six display support possible via DisplayPortmodel as yet, but wed expect them to be priced competitively. 1.2 components available for purchase later this year.3 The AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics cards also feature a dual- BIOS toggle switch, allowing enthusiast gamers to unlockAMD Radeon HD 6990 Antilles the card and rev up the clocks and voltages for even moreReview Roundup! performance.4 Finally, AMD HD3D technology provides a cutting-edge stereoscopic 3D gaming and movie experience,Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-radeon-hd-6990-antilles-review- thanks to HDMI 1.4a support.5roundup-/11515.htmlMarch 8th, 2011 “Packing more raw performance than any consumer graphics card ever created, the AMD Radeon HD 6990 provides the latest for the ultimate gaming advantage,” said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, GPU division, AMD. “Coupled with AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology, AMD PowerTune power management and AMD HD3D, this card is so powerful it can take on even the most demandingThe prodiguous penguins @ VR-Zone have not got their wings ultra-enthusiast tasks.”on a Radeon 6990 yet - apparently there are only 2 pieces ofthis monstrous card (both on/off the shelves of 2 popular Sim Leading Graphics with second-generationLim Square retail shops) in sunny Singapore. Nevertheless till DirectX 11-capable Technologythen, weve compiled a list of choice reviews/reactions around • New AMD PowerTune technology: Designed tothe web about our latest 12.4inch king of the (performance) perform real-time intelligent power management, AMDhill / your new third leg... PowerTune technology on the AMD Radeon HD 6990AMD Extends Graphics Performance Lead, Launches World’s automatically enables higher clock speeds and fasterFastest Graphics Card… AGAIN! performance in the hottest games.1 • Increased memory for higher image quality: With 4GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 memory, gamers can enjoy superior detail in their favorite games, even on up to five simultaneous displays. • The Ultimate Visual Experience™: As AMD’s most advanced DirectX® 11-capable GPU, AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics processors also enable an exceptional game play experience in DirectX® 9, DirectX® 10, DirectX® 10.1 and OpenGL titles in single card or multi- card AMD CrossFireX™ configurations.6 • Improved image quality: Advanced anti-aliasing features enable dramatically enhanced image quality for intensely realistic gaming. Enhanced-Quality Anti- Aliasing (EQAA) uses a new sampling technique toAMD Radeon™ HD 6990 utilizes sophisticated AMD help improve visual quality, while Morphological Anti-PowerTune intelligent power management technology, Aliasing (MLAA) uses DirectCompute acceleration todelivers native support for wraparound 5x1 gaming with AMD provide anti-aliasing on any DirectX® 9, DirectX® 10,Eyefinity technology or DirectX® 11 application.SUNNYVALE, Calif. —3/8/2011AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the launch of the An Immersive Gaming Experience withfastest graphics card in the world, the AMD Radeon™ HD AMD Eyefinity Technology and Advanced6990, packing so much raw performance it delivered a new Display Optionssingle graphics card world record score of P11865 in theindustry standard 3DMark11 benchmark1. AMD Radeon HD • Simple, flexible, affordable multi-display computing6990 graphics cards are available immediately from retailers with AMD Eyefinity technology: Providing anworldwide, with select models starting at US $699 MSRP. expanded and more immersive field of view, AMDDesigned for the power gamer, AMD Radeon HD 6990 Eyefinity technology continues to be the most affordablegraphics cards include AMD’s second-generation, Microsoft multi-display solution available, offering dozens ofDirectX® 11-capable architecture, advanced image quality possible configurations of up to five simultaneousfeatures for the best looking games, and AMD PowerTune displays.2 New to the AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphicsintelligent technology to enable higher clock speeds and faster processor is the ability to configure up to five monitorsgaming. The AMD Radeon HD 6990 offers the ultimate in in portrait mode. Making innovative technologies moreimmersive HD gaming and computing with native support affordable and accessible than ever before, the AMD 5
  6. 6. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Eyefinity Validated & Ready Testing Program helps Extreme Motherboard and DDR3 memory. This score ensure a seamless customer multi-display experience, exceeds the previous highest single (1x GPU) Nvidia with more than 70 tested and validated AMD Eyefinity- GeForce GTX 580 score as well as the highest AMD compatible titles for the greatest assurance of quality and Radeon HD 5970 (2xGPU) 3DMark 11 Performance interoperability. Continued industry leadership in multi- score from hwbot.org: display computing: AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics http://www.hwbot.org/rankings/ cards offer support for both DisplayPort 1.2 features benchmark/3dmark11_-_performance/rankings and HDMI 1.4a, offering enthusiasts incredible multi- monitor configuration options, flexibility in display Highest single card Nvidia GeForce selection, and new DisplayPort audio features. 580 = P9213http://www.hwbot.org/community/ submission/2113441_romdominance_3dmark11___performanFaster Applications and Brilliant Videowith AMD EyeSpeed Technology Highest single card AMD Radeon HD 5970 graphics card (dual GPU card) = P9643 • AMD EyeSpeed visual acceleration technology lets you do more, faster: Tapping the tremendous power http://www.hwbot.org/community/ of the AMD Radeon HD 6990, enthusiasts will submission/2115439_atomel_3dmark11___performance_rade enjoy clearer and more vibrant videos, as well as 2. AMD PowerTune technology is an intelligent power improved performance and new features in top media, management technology native to certain AMD entertainment and productivity applications with AMD Radeon™ HD GPUs, which enables higher clock speeds EyeSpeed technology.7 as compared to previous generations of ATI Radeon™ • Incredible compute capabilities: Featuring leading and AMD Radeon™ graphics products. AMD PowerTune support for IEEE 754 double precision floating point Technology may not be implemented on all AMD ops, the AMD Radeon HD 6990 is equipped to dominate Radeon HD 6990 offerings – please check with the card computationally intense workloads. manufacturer. • Enhanced video quality features: AMD Radeon HD 3. AMD Eyefinity technology works with games that 6990 graphics cards feature Unified Video Decoder 3 support non-standard aspect ratios, which is required for (UVD3), a dedicated video playback accelerator that panning across multiple displays. To enable more than helps users get the most out of HD video, online video two displays, additional panels with native DisplayPort™ and Blu-ray™ 3D, while enjoying a range of video quality connectors, and/or DisplayPort™ compliant active improvements such as advanced post-processing and adapters to convert your monitor’s native input to your scaling, dynamic contrast enhancement, color correction cards DisplayPort™ or Mini-DisplayPort™ connector(s), and more. are required. Support for six simultaneous displays may require complementary products compatible with • 3D entertainment choices with AMD HD3D DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-Stream Transport. Maximum technology: AMD continues to deliver a broad and number of configured displays may vary - check affordable selection of 3D solutions with AMD Radeon with your component or system manufacturer for HD 6990 graphics cards, featuring AMD HD3D specific model capabilities and supported technologies. technology, backed by AMD’s open 3D initiative for SLS (“Single Large Surface”) functionality requires an stereo 3D gaming and movies.3 identical display resolution on all configured displays. 4. AMD’s product warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking, even when overclocking is enabled viaAbout AMD AMD hardware or software.AMD (NYSE: AMD) is a semiconductor design innovator 5. AMD HD3D is a technology designed to enableleading the next era of vivid digital experiences with its stereoscopic 3D support in games, movies and/orground-breaking AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units photos. Requires 3D stereo drivers, glasses, and display.(APU). AMD’s graphics and computing technologies powera variety of solutions including PCs, game consoles and the 6. AMD CrossFireX™ technology requires an AMDservers that drive the Internet and businesses. For more CrossFireX Ready motherboard, an AMD CrossFireX™information, visit http://www.amd.com. Bridge Interconnect (for each additional graphics card) and may require a specialized power supply.AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, Radeon, and combinationsthereof, are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 7. AMD EyeSpeed technology is a set of technologiesOther names are for informational purposes only and may be designed to improve video quality and enhancetrademarks of their respective owners. application performance. Full enablement of some features requires support for AMD Accelerated Parallel 1. The score of P11865 was achieved using a passively Processing (APP) technology and/or AMD’s Universal cooled AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics card, AMD Video Decoder (UVD). AMD Accelerated Parallel Catalyst 11.4 drivers, Windows 7 64-bit operating system, Processing technology works with applications designed Intel Core i7 Extreme 990X, ASUSTek Rampage III to take advantage of its GPU acceleration capabilities. 6
  7. 7. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Not all products have all features and full enablement o With HP ePrint, you can print from anywhere, of some capabilities and may require complementary anytime by emailing to your HP Officejet 6500A products Plus eAIO E710n. o Connect to your network with built-in Ethernet or to your PC with Hi-speed USB 2.0.IT Show 2011 Promotions: HP • Reduce your impact and protect your bottom lineSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011-promotions-hp/11465.html o Use up to 40% less energy than comparable laserMarch 8th, 2011 products, with an ENERGY STAR qualified all-in- one. o Cut paper usage by up to 50% with the automatic two-sided printing and PC Fax Send which enables paperless fax sending and archiving. Usual price: S$399HP will be participating in this years IT Show, and needless HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer B110ato say its offerings will consist of both computing devices likedesktop and notebook PCs, as well as a wide range of imagingsolutions in the form of printers. In this post, we shall takea look at what HP has to offer in its IT SHOW 2011 lineup.HPs booth can be found at Level 4, Booth 8150, Hall 401.*UPDATED with HPs range of notebooks and desktop PCsHP Officejet 6500A Plus eAiO Printer E710n Print lab-quality photos, everyday documents and web content on the fly, without using a PC. HP ePrint combined with affordable individual inks lets you easily produce impressive prints from anywhere, anytime. Key features and benefits: • Print when it’s most convenient for you from across theThe wireless HP Officejet 6500A Plus e-All-in-One E710n world or across the room. With HP ePrint, simply email aproduces laser-quality color documents at a low cost per photo or document to your printer and pick up the pagespage that allows SOHO and SMB users to print high-impact later.marketing materials in-house. Featuring HP ePrint, users can • Create impressive photo projects, and even print directlyprint anytime, anywhere using any mobile device. The HP from the device itself with integrated memory card slots.Officejet 6500A Plus eAIO E710n also uses 40% less energythan comparable laser printers and has an automatic two- • The HP TouchSmart frame allows you to print photos,sided printing function which helps cut paper usage by up scan, copy and print web content without the use of a PC.to 50%. The printer also has a 2.36-inch color touchscreen • Boost productivity with wireless connectivity at a press ofdisplay to easily copy, fax, print, scan and access apps. a button, allowing you to share this all-in-one with otherKey features: Wi-Fi enabled PCs from anywhere in your house. • Achieve laser performance at a low cost per page Usual price: S$229 o Get great value, using individual, high-capacity ink cartridges designed for the office. SMC SMCWPBR-3G Wireless Print at up to 32ppm black/31ppm color and 3G Portable Router Review o at laser-comparable (ISO) speeds up to 10ppm Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/smc-smcwpbr-3g-wireless-3g-portable- black/7ppm color. router-review/11442.html o Print borderless documents with vivid color graphics and sharp text, using HP Officejet inks. • Stay connected whether you’re in or out of the office 7
  8. 8. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMarch 8th, 2011Create a wireless internet hotspot anywhere in just seconds.Road warriors can easily access the Internet on their notebook,tablet or smart phone instantly without having to fiddle with3G dongles or cables. Furthermore, sharing a single Internetconnection with a number of devices would definitely savesome money. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P205 b A4 Monochrome Printer (PINK) - 24ppm fast print speed - Lowest toner price in the market - 4-year carry-in warranty - 1-hr Express Service guaranteed Usual Price - S$139 IT SHOW Price - TBAThe SMC SMCWPBR-3G offers a portable yet versatilesolution: it converts Internet connectivity from an existing 3GUSB modem into a wireless hotspot instantly. It also allows upto eight devices to be connected simultaneously. This could bethe ideal router for connecting WiFi-enabled peripherals suchas smart phones, laptops, tablets and gaming devices, or whena couple of friends gather for a gaming session.Unlike its competitors, this router does not have an integratedmodem. This offers flexibility if the user decides to upgradefrom a 3G to a 4G connection. Another great feature on therouter is that it has a rotational USB port, allowing the modemto be positioned to get the best reception as possible. It alsohas a built-in battery which offers up to 6 hours of battery life. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P205 b A4 Monochrome Printer - 24ppm fast print speedIT Show 2011 Promotions: Fuji - Lowest toner price in the marketXerox - 4-year carry-in warrantySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011-promotions-fuji-xerox/11514.html - 1-hr Express Service guaranteedMarch 8th, 2011 Usual Price - S$169 IT SHOW Price - TBAFuji Xerox Printers will be showcasing their printers andmulti-functional printers at the IT SHOW 2011 includingthe DocuPrint P205 b (Pink) and DocuPrint P205 bA4 monochrome laser, DocuPrint CP105 b A4 color andDocuPrint CM205 A4 Colour Multifunction printers. Thebooth can be located on level 4, hall 401; the booth number is8468. 8
  9. 9. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneFuji Xerox DocuPrint CP105 b A4 Colour Printer- 10ppm colour /12ppm mono- Brilliant print resolution of up to 1,200 x 2,400 dpi- 4-year carry-in warranty- 1-hr Express Service guaranteedUsual Price - S$329IT SHOW Price - TBA MSI has announced its flagship AMD product, the Radeon R6990-4PD4GD5 graphics card. The R6990 has two (downclocked) AMD Radeon HD 6970 GPUs on a single printed circuit board, making it the fastest graphics card on the planet. The 4GB of GDDR5 memory onboard makes gameplay at high resolution smooth, also increases the efficiency of multi-display image processing. The default operating frequencies are 830MHz for the two GPU cores, and 1250MHz for the memory. Via a physical BIOS switch, the GPU core clock can be raised to 880MHz for additional performance.Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM205 b A4 Colour MultifunctionPrinter The R6990-4PD4GD5 supports AMDs exclusive Eyefinity- Print / Copy / Scan multi-display technology, with four mini DisplayPort 1.2- 12ppm colour /15ppm mono outputs and one DVI output to support up to a maximum of five displays from a single card. By supporting five displays,- Scan direct to USB memory key the additional visual real estate available to professionals and gamers is definitely more than welcomed. Also,- 4-year carry-in warranty DisplayPort 1.2 supports stereoscopic 3D and bitstreaming of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD for the ultimate audio-visual- 1-hr Express Service guaranteed experience. Of course, the new Radeon HD 6990 supportsUsual Price - S$499 DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1 for maximum in-game eye-candy.IT SHOW Price - TBA MSI Afterburner is the most complete utility for graphicsMSI announces Radeon card monitoring and overclocking. The latest Afterburner 2.1.0 release supports adjustment of VGPU, VMEM and VDDCIR6990-4PD4GD5 (AMD Radeon values, advanced fan speed control, information monitoring,HD 6990) and offers five customization profiles. Afterburner 2.1 also introduces the new Predator in-game video capture function,Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/msi-announces-radeon- allowing exciting gaming moments to be recorded. Gamersr6990-4pd4gd5-amd-radeon-hd-6990-/11495.html can bask in their glory and share them with the world usingMarch 8th, 2011 online video hosting sites. Kombustor 2.0 provides stability testing, and the new KMark mode can measure graphics card performance through several display effects. Reference: MSI Press ReleaseMSI has announced its flagship AMD product, the RadeonR6990-4PD4GD5 graphics card. The R6990 has two(downclocked) AMD Radeon HD 6970 GPUs and 4GB ofGDDR5 memory on a single printed circuit board, making itthe fastest graphics card on the planet. 9
  10. 10. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The Killer NIC E2100 part isnt anything out of the ordinary;Asus Thunderbolt Sound and in fact, its the same components that Gigabyte is using on itsKiller NIC card (Rampage G1 Killer series of motherboards as far as we can tell from the picture. That means a Freescale IC, a smaller IC, two bits ofIII Black Edition) - A Close memory and a Marvell Gigabit Ethernet PHY. Were still notInspection sold on the advantages of having a Killer NIC over a regular NIC, but Asus has at least managed to do something differentSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-thunderbolt-sound-and-killer-nic- with the hardware. The Rampage III Black Edition from Asuscard-rampage-iii-black-edition--a-close-inspection/11513.html is set to hit retail in a couple of weeks time according to theMarch 8th, 2011 source, so if youre keen on getting your hands on it and the Thunderbolt card, the wait isnt going to be too long. IT Show 2011 Promotions: EpsonAsus combined sound card and Killer NIC card has been Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011-promotions-stripped of its shrouding for the first time to revel whats hiding epson/11512.htmlunderneath it and although it doesnt hold too many surpirses, March 8th, 2011there are at least a couple of things that peaked our interest.For now the Thunderbolt card will only be available with theAsus Rampage III Black Edition motherboard, but its possiblethat Asus will sell the card on its own in the future.Asus combined sound card and Killer NIC card has beenstripped of its shrouding for the first time to revel whats hiding Looking for a printer, multi-functional printer or projector?underneath it and although it doesnt hold too many surpirses, You may want to check out Epsons booth at the IT SHOW thisthere are at least a couple of things that peaked our interest. Thursday. The imaging company can be located on level 6, andFor now the Thunderbolt card will only be available with the the booth number is 8115.Asus Rampage III Black Edition motherboard, but its possiblethat Asus will sell the card on its own in the future.What struck us as a bit odd is the fact that the C-Media 6631audio chip appears to be connected via USB rather than thePCI Express interface. The card has a USB pin header at therear, next to the power connector and theres no visible PCIExpress bridge chip which would otherwise be needed. Fora card thats meant to feature a high-end sound card, thisseems like a strange approach, although theres fundamentallynothing wrong with a USB sound card. Epson K100 Single Function Monochrome Inkjet Printer - Offers one of the lowest cost per page (cpp) of any printer at only 1.5 cent. - Built-in duplexer that helps customers conveniently save money by printing on both sides of the paper. - With a default ISO print speed of 16 pages per minute (ppm), K100 is as fast as laser printers in default mode. - Use of Epson DURABrite Ultra pigment inks for smudge, fade and water resistant prints.Still, the audio part is rated at up to 192kHz/24-bit with asignal to noise ratio of 116dB which should lead to pretty good - Use of Epson’s highly reliable Micro Piezo print head thatsound quality in the end. Asus has also thrown in a headphone lasts the life of the printer and use far less power thanamp from Texas Instruments which is meant to be one of the conventional laser printers.key selling points of the Tunderbolt card. The card only sportsa pair of 3.5mm jacks for headphone out and line out as well Normal Price: S$188as an optical S/PDIF out. IT SHOW Price: TBC 10
  11. 11. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Epson EB-W10 ProjectorEpson ME Office 960FWD All-In-One-Printer - Brilliant, distinctly sharper and clearer images with 3LCD- Uses standard ME141 inks for highly affordable printing at TechnologySGD 5.0 cents (black and white) and an average of SGD 10.0 - WXGA Resolution: 1280 x 800dpicents (colour) per page.- Has the option of using the high capacity ME143 inks for even - 2,600 ANSI Lumenslower running costs at SGD 2.5 cents (black and white) andSGD 7.5 cents (colour) per page. - 2,000:1 Contrast Ratio- Epson DURABrite Ultra pigment inks for smudge, fade and - USB direct displaywater resistant prints. - Light Weight 2.3kg- High Print Resolution of 5760 X 1440 dpi with Micro Piezoprint head technology. Usual Price: S$1,299 IT SHOW Price: TBCNormal Price: S$478IT SHOW Price: TBC ASUS Radeon HD6990 Graphics Card unveiled Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-radeon-hd6990-graphics-card- unveiled/11511.html March 8th, 2011 PC gamers have a new standard-setting graphics card to look forward to in the form of the ASUS HD 6990. A trueEpson ME Office 900WD Printer powerhouse, it uses dual HD 6970 cores on one printed circuit- Uses standard ME141 inks for highly affordable printing at board, doubling the power while maintaining streamlinedSGD 5.0 cents (black and white) and an average of SGD 10.0 energy draw requirements. With ASUS exclusive Voltagecents (colour) per page. Tweak, it pushes the card to run at up to 1245 MHz* for sheer- Has the option of using the high capacity ME143 inks for even gaming performance in the highest possible resolutions andlower running costs at SGD 2.5 cents (black and white) and with all effects and details turned up to maximum. The HDSGD 7.5 cents (colour) per page. 6990 represents the very top-end of AMD-sourced technology. PC gamers have a new standard-setting graphics card to- Epson DURABrite Ultra pigment inks for smudge, fade and look forward to in the form of the ASUS HD 6990. A truewater resistant prints. powerhouse, it uses dual HD 6970 cores on one printed circuit board, doubling the power while maintaining streamlined- High Print Resolution of 5760 X 1440 dpi with Micro Piezo energy draw requirements. With ASUS exclusive Voltageprint head technology. Tweak, it pushes the card to run at up to 1245 MHz* for sheerNormal Price: S$298 gaming performance in the highest possible resolutions andIT SHOW Price: TBC with all effects and details turned up to maximum. The HD 6990 represents the very top-end of AMD-sourced technology. 11
  12. 12. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Based on AMD Antilles GPU architecture, the HD 6990 offers hardcore PC gamers and DIY builders the fastest dual-core graphics card ever produced using AMD technology. It represents the pinnacle of the Windows® 7 and DirectX® 11-optimized Northern Islands series of GPUs from AMD. • Massive 4GB of GDDR5 video memory surpasses anything previously deployed in the Northern Islands series, giving games and other applications enormous breathing room for enhanced visuals. The extra memory comes in especially handy for DirectX™ 11 tessellation operations, where high quality textures put great *Actual performance may vary based on system configuration demand on resources. and other prevailing conditions. • The ASUS HD 6990 comes at 830MHz and the exclusive Model EAH6990/3DI4S/4GD5 Voltage Tweak overvolting utility allows users to push Graphics Engine AMD Radeon™ HD 6970*2 clock speeds by as much as 50%* with adequate cooling. Bus Standard PCI Express® 2.1 • The two cores run in 2-way CrossFireX™ engaged by OpenGL OpenGL4.1 default on one board, eliminating inter-GPU latency and Video Memory 4GB GDDR5 ensuring the fastest possible performance with the most Engine Clock 830MHz bandwidth ever achieved on a single-board AMD-based Stream Processors 1536*2 card. Two HD 6990 cards can be put together for instant Memory Clock 5000MHz (1250MHz quad CrossFireX™. GDDR5) • AMD Eyefinity™ multi-screen technology enables the Memory Interface 256 bit x2 driving of up to five monitors via a single HD 6990. DVI Max. Resolution 2560 * 1600 The card also supports AMD HD3D™ technology for DVI Output YES X3 (Dual-link DVI-I*1, 3D gaming and movie watching on a compatible TV or monitor. via Mini DP-to-DVI(active) adaptor*1, via Mini DP-to-DVI(passive) adaptor*1) HDMI Output YES X1 (via Mini DP-to- HDMI adaptor) HDCP compliant YES DisplayPort YES X4 (Native Mini DP) Adapter/Cable Bundled Mini DP-to-DVI(active) adaptor x 1 Mini DP-to-DVI(passive) adaptor x 1 Mini DP-to-HDMI adaptor x 1 CrossFire Bridge x1 Power Cable x 1 12
  13. 13. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSoftware Bundled ASUS Utilities & Driver a full blown GPU, we can expect variations in the GPUs as well.Dimension 12.4” x 5.1” x 1.6” inches While the A-Series is unlikely to match Sandy Bridge in pure • Specifications are CPU performance, it could be a potent solution for gaming / subject to change multi-tasking workloads. without notice. The final release dates remains to be seen, though should take • PCB color and bundled place shortly after the shipping dates. AMDs official word has software versions are been "Q2 2011" for FX-Series and "Summer" for A-Series. change without notice. • Brand and product IT Show 2011 Promotions: names mentioned are trademarks of their Jawbone Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011-promotions- respective company. jawbone/11509.html March 8th, 2011About ASUSASUS, the world’s top 3 consumer notebook vendor andthe maker of the world’s best selling and most awardwinning motherboards, is a leading enterprise in the newdigital era. ASUS designs and manufactures products that Just how important is a handsfree headset for ones mobileperfectly meet the needs of todays digital home, office and phone? Well, Jawbone thinks that it is important enough toperson, with a broad portfolio that includes motherboards, warrant pulling out all the stops in order to deliver a one-of-graphics cards, displays, desktop PCs, notebooks, netbooks, a-kind headset that boasts superior noise-cancelling featuresservers, multimedia, wireless solutions, networking devices features that are said to deliver nothing but the best experienceand mobile phones. Driven by innovation and committed for uses, and the good news is that this special headset will beto quality, ASUS won 3,398 awards in 2010, and is widely available for consumer purchase at this years IT SHOW 2011.credited with revolutionizing the PC industry with the Eee Jawbone does not have its own booth: however, the headsetPC™. can be found at either Newsteads (Booth no. 3003) or Mojitos (Booth no. 6601) booths.Report: AMD Shipping FX-Series (Bulldozer) in June, A-Series (Llano) in JulySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/report-amd-shipping-fx-series-bulldozer-in-june-a-series-llano-in-july/11510.htmlMarch 8th, 2011According to a report from Xbitlabs sources, AMD hasfinalized shipping dates for both Bulldozer and Llano. As The Jawbone ICON offers unprecedented ease of use andexpected, Bulldozer will be branded FX-Series, while Llano audio quality as well as an industry-first software platformwill receive the A-Series moniker. FX-Series CPUs are set called MyTALK that lets users personalize and update theirto ship in the week starting June 20th, with A-series APUs Jawbones via the web.following shortly after in the week of July 4th. • Equipped with military grade noise assassin technology,The FX-series will consist of CPUs based on AMDs much the best noise cancellation technology money canawaited next-gen Bulldozer architectures. There will be four buy, giving you the freedom to enjoy quiet phoneFX8000 eight-core CPUs, two FX6000 six-core CPUs and two conversations in places you previously couldn’t.quad-core FX4000 CPUs. While AMD has been remained inthe shadow of Intel in terms of raw performance, the flagship • The headset can also be programmed to respond toFX8000 series will give AMD a fighting chance against Intels the user in six different voices and in seven differentCore i7 990X. Of course, Intels true competitor to the AMD languages, including in Cantonese, Mandarin, andFX8000 CPUs will only release in Q4 2011 in the form of Sandy Japanese.Bridge E. Meanwhile, FX6000 and FX4000 will likely fight offLGA1155 Sandy Bridge CPUs. • ICON comes with a unique platform called MyTALK, allowing users to try different apps, personalize settingsThere will be no less than 11 A-Series Llano APUs released, inquad-core and dual-core varieties. Since the A-Series includes 13
  14. 14. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone and download the latest and greatest features and earphones from premium audio brands like Klipsch, Nixon software updates. and Beyerdynamic. The iPavilion will also have on display popular Apple products such as the Macbooks, iPods and a comprehensive rangeLook out for EpiCentre of audio and storage brands. Other services available atstandout showcase at IT Show the iPavilion include trade-in, memory upgrades and screen protector application.2011 Visitors to the iPavilion can try their hand at interactiveSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/look-out-for-epicentre-standout- application games with the iPad and iPod Touch, for a chanceshowcase-at-it-show-2011/11508.html to win attractive prizes. The programme line up also includesMarch 8th, 2011 stage performances to entertain visitors while they are shopping for the latest Apple gadgets and accessories. There will also be free Apple workshops by EpiCentre’s in-house Apple-certified trainer and auctions in which participants can bid for their favourite products from as low as S$10, as well as daily specials and lucky draws with over 100 prizes up forApples premium reseller epiCentre said that they will be grabs.taking a "different" approach at the IT Show 2011; it will have astandout showcase on level two, room 201 and 202 at SuntecConvention and Exhibition Centre, and offering consumers a IT Show 2011 Promotions:total digital lifestyle experience. Logitech Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011-promotions- logitech/11507.html March 8th, 2011 More often than not, merely having a powerful desktop or notebook PC is not good enough, In order to ensure that a user is capable of obtaining maximum productivity out of his or her machine, it is important that they have the right accessoriesSingapore’s Apple Premium Reseller EpiCentre is taking a and peripherals to get the job done. And leave it to Logitechunique approach to this year’s IT Show 2011 that is held to bring in a range of computer accessories for this years ITfrom 10 - 13 March. The retailer has created a standout SHOW to ensure that users are as comfortable as possibleshowcase on level two, room 201 and 202 at Suntec when working on their computers. Logitechs products can beInternational Convention and Exhibition Centre, to give a total found at Newsteads booth at Level 3.digital lifestyle experience to consumers. Logitech Notebook Kit MK605Covering over 6000 square feet in size, the iPavilionshowroom claims to be the largest Mac Pavilion booth atthe exhibition, offering a wide range of Apple products andlifestyle gadgets, as well as software applications, games andprizes for visitors. In addition, the iPavilion will also showcasean audio demo room for the premium audio brand, Geneva.Other big brand names include David Garibaldi, Baby Phatand Ed Hardy, where limited worldwide editions of the EdHardy black label iPhone and iPad cases retailing at S$1,500and S$4,500 respectively, will be featured.The iPavilion showroom will be divided into different sections,featuring the full range of Apple products, premium Appleaccessories, the latest consumer gadgets from leading globalbrands, catering to fashionistas to technology geeks. Around the house or at your desk, Logitech Notebook Kit MK605 gives you options depending on what you’re doing andThose looking for a unique audio experience can immerse where you’re doing it. When at the office, or even at the kitchenthemselves in an exclusive sonic preview at the on-site table, you get precise cursor control with the wireless laseraudio room showcasing the yet-to-be launched Geneva mouse and a more comfortable and organized setup thankssound systems for iPod and iPhone. Also available are the to the compact wireless keyboard and the pivoting riser that 14
  15. 15. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneelevates your laptop to one of three angles. And, with the tinyUnifying receiver that stays in your computer, you need onlyone receiver for both the keyboard and mouse (and up tofour other Unifying compatible devices you might have). TheNotebook Kit MK605 lets you use your laptop, your way.Usual price: S$159Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205 Alienware M17x - Power through the most hardcore games and intense applications with the latest Intel® Core i7 processor - Graphics card with 1GB AMD HD 6870 (GDDR5) for ultra- fast frame rates - Powerfully unique design with anodized aluminum case designThe Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205 is a clip-on, laptop-powered, USB stereo speaker that’s as portable as your laptop IT SHOW price: TBA—with better sound.Key features: Dell Inspiron N4110 • Clip and go - It clips securely to most laptops and - New Intel i7 processor (pre-order) netbooks, so you can easily use it anywhere you use your - 14-inch wide HD Screen computer. - Intel HD Graphics to deliver superior graphic experience • A sound upgrade - Your built-in speakers just can’t compete with the stereo sound from this lightweight, IT SHOW price: TBA portable speaker. • Ready to play - No need for software or a power supply— a single USB connection delivers power and pure, digital sound instantly.Usual price: S$59IT Show 2011 Promotions: DellSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011-promotions-dell/11506.htmlMarch 8th, 2011 Dell ST2320L 23-inch Wide Full HD Monitor with LED - Stunning 1920x1080 Full High Definition, mega contrast ratio at up to 8,000,000:1 and fast response time of 5ms typicalIf you are looking for a high performance gaming laptop, - VGA, DVI-D (HDCP) and HDMI connectivityAlienware is one name that comes to mind. Dell will be atthe IT SHOW which begins this Thursday, and do check out - LCD panels are fitted with LED backlights to meet the latestthe various promotions for the desktop and notebook PCs, as ENERGY 5.0 compliance standardswell as high definition monitors. The Dell booth is located on Usual Price - S$239level 4, 8139 and 8230. IT SHOW price: N.A 15
  16. 16. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone 2011, you might want to pay Nortons booth a visit to see how their products might be able to help you ensure that your PC remains protected at all times. Norton has its own booth at Level 6, Hall 602, Booth no. 6251, although you may like to know that its products can be found at other participants booths as well, namely Cybermind (6859), DA (8318) and Newstead (3008). New: Norton 360 V5.0 (to debut in IT Show 2011)Dell UltraSharp U2311H 23-inch Wide Monitor- Brilliant front of screen performance with In-plane switchingtechnology and full high definition- Remote monitoring and control- Height adjustable stand with tilt, swivel and pivot featuresUsual Price - S$338IT SHOW price: N.A Key features:IT SHOW 2011 Price Lists, • Groundbreaking new reputation service technologyFlyers, Brochures, Promotions provides unmatched real-time threat detection to guard against viruses, worms, spyware, bots, Trojans, rootkits,Roundup identity thieves, and other digital dangers. So users canSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011-price-lists-flyers- browse, buy, and bank online without worry.brochures-promotions-roundup/11502.html • Automated set-it-and-forget-it backup with web accessMarch 8th, 2011 lets users quickly and easily retrieve and restore digital photos, music, financial documents, and other important files in case of loss or damage • Norton 360 automatically tunes up users’ PC to help keep it running well. Plus it helps users keep their PCs Check out the latest IT SHOW 2011 Price performing at its best by providing easy-to-understandList, Flyers, Brochures, Promotions including brands like information about applications that may be impactingAcer, AC Ryan, ASUS, Blackberry, Brother, Canon, Cisco performance.Linksys, D-Link, Epson, Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox, HP, Lenovo,Lexmark, LG, Microsoft, MSI, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, *Pricing TBAPhilips, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Toshiba, Western Digital. IT Show 2011 Promotions:IT Show 2011 Promotions: AcerNorton Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011-promotions-Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011-promotions- acer/11498.htmlnorton/11505.html March 8th, 2011March 8th, 2011 Taiwanese computer maker Acer will be at the ITWindows may be the worlds most popular and easy-to-use SHOW with promotions on netbooks, notebook and desktopoperating system, but it tends to suffer from a fair bit of PCs. Check out the good deals at Acers booth on Level 4,security vulnerabilities, as its huge market share makes it 8105 and 8458.a prime target for malware authors. Therefore, it is goodcomputing practise to secure ones PC against online threats,and if that is what you are looking for in this years IT SHOW 16
  17. 17. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Featuring an attractive mesh-patterned exterior, the Aspire 4743G-484G64Mn uses Intel Core i5-480M processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M (1024MB DDR3 VRAM), 4GB DDR3 memory and 640GB hard disk. Usual Price - S$1,598 IT Show Price - TBAAcer Aspire 4750G-2634G64MnThe Acer Aspire 4750G-2634G64Mn is equipped withthe latest second-generation Intel Core i7-2630QM quadcore processor with Turbo Boost technology and NvidiaGeForce GT540M (1024MB DDR3 VRAM) with Optimusswitchable graphics technology to deliver superb performancein multimedia and multitasking. Acer Aspire one HappyUsual Price - S$1,898 Comes in Candy Pink, Hawaii Blue, Lime Green and LavenderIT Show Price - TBA Purple, the Acer Aspire one Happy claims to be the mobile Internet companion. The Aspire one Happy is powered by the latest dual-core Intel Atom N570 processor, 1GB memory, 250GB hard disk and is preloaded with Windows 7 Starter and Android. Usual Price - S$899 IT Show Price - TBAAcer Aspire 5820TG-484G50MnPowered by Intel Corei5-460M processor, the Aspire5820TG-484G50Mn features ATI HD 5650 graphics (with1024MB DDR3 VRAM) and a huge 500GB for all yourmultimedia and work. It also features 16:9 LED high definitionwidescreen display and up to 8 hours of battery life.Usual Price - S$1,698 Acer Aspire M3910 (i65MR41)IT Show Price - TBA Packed with an Intel Core i5 processor and ATI graphics solution, the Aspire M3910 claims to meet your daily and multimedia needs. It also comes with a huge hard disk and embedded high definition 7.1-channel audio performance. Usual Price - S$1,199 IT Show Price - TBAAcer Aspire 4743G-484G64Mn 17
  18. 18. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone March 8th, 2011 Simply charge your purchases to your CIMB Credit Card and be rewarded with up to 1%# cash rebate. Plus, stand to win fantastic prizes from our Sure-Win Lucky DipAcer Aspire Z5761 (i25MR41TV)The Acer Aspire AZ5761 All-in-one sports a sleek andsophisticated body and comes with the latest secondgeneration Intel Core i5 processor and Nvidia Geforce 2GBdedicated graphic card that is capable to run the mostdemanding task. It also has a 23-inch touch display that letsyour flick, zoom and rotate, and interacts via Acer TouchPortal.Usual Price - S$2,499IT Show Price - TBA IT Show 2011 Promotions: Philips Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011-promotions- philips/11503.html March 8th, 2011 An IT-related exhibition does not have to be all aboutAcer Aspire Predator G5910 (i26MR615T) computer accessories and peripherals: just as important areThe new Acer Predator G5910 has a matte-finish body and consumer electronics which are designed to complement onesangles in the front that makes it stand out among other gaming lifestyle. And if it is lifestyle-related products you are lookingmachines. It is using the latest second generation 2.2GHz Intel for, Philips has got some devices at hand for the bargainCore i7 processor, 1.5GB dedicated graphics card that promise hunters. Philipss booth is situated at Level 6, Hall 602, Boothsuperior performance and entertainment experience. It also No. 6535.includes the latest USB3.0 feature for faster transfer speed. Philips Headband Headphones SHL5800Usual Price - S$2,399IT Show Price - TBACheck out IT SHOW 2011 price listIT SHOW 2011 - CIMB CreditCard 1% Cash Rebate andSure-Win Lucky DipSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011--cimb-credit-card-1-cash-rebate-and-sure-win-lucky-dip/11504.html Key features: 18
  19. 19. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Enhanced noise isolating cushions for pure music • Ultra soft memory foam cushions and steel spring headband for a comfortable and flexible fit • 40 mm speaker drivers to give you crystal clear sound and deep bass • Stylish and attractive design and colourUsual price: S$169Philips Noise Cancelling Headphones SHN5600Key features: • Sophisticated electronics like active noise cancelling to eliminate unwanted noise by 85% • Super soft memory cushions and easy to adjust headband IT SHOW 2011 - DBS/POSB for long, comfortable hours of listening Credit & Debit Card Sure-Win • ‘Talk mode’ to conveniently filter sound into your ears through the microphones on the side of the headphones Lucky Dip and Promotions Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011--dbsposb-credit--debit- • Adapter for in-flight entertainment system connection card-sure-win-lucky-dip-and-promotions/11501.html March 8th, 2011Usual price: S$129IT Show 2011 Promotions:PROLINKSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-show-2011-promotions-prolink/11499.htmlMarch 8th, 2011Prolink will be taking part in this years IT SHOW, and ithas unveiled a wide range of network and mobile connectivitysolutions for the always-connected worker. So what canbargain hunters expect from Prolink this year? Read on to findout. Prolinks booth can be found at Level 6, Hall 601, Boothno. 6831 (Fidas booth). *Prices TBA 19