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VR-Zone is a leading online technology news publication reporting on bleeding edge trends in PC and mobile gadgets, with in-depth reviews and commentaries. Our inquisitive team of journalists cover key international events like CES, CeBIT, MWC, Computex and local exhibitions like CommunicAsia, IT SHOW, PC SHOW, COMEX and SITEX.

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VR-Zone Tech News for the Geeks Jul 2011 Issue

  1. 1. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Stuff for the Geeks! VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication Too Hot to Handle: Sony covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. issues BIOS update for 535,000 VAIO notebooks atSandy Bridge-E delayed until risk of overheatingJanuary 2012 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/too-hot-to-handle-sony-issues-bios-Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/sandy-bridge-e-delayed-until- update-for-535-000-vaio-notebooks-at-risk-of-overheating/12815.htmljanuary-2012/12816.html June 30th, 2011June 30th, 2011 Sony has just issued an urgent BIOS update for certain F and C series VAIO notebooks. The affected models were sold in the Wow, whats going on at Intel? It seems like the company first half of 2010 and are at risk of overheating due to a faultyhas decided to delay its entire consumer desktop roadmap, thermal management system. According to Sony, the BIOSas weve now heard from a very reliable source that Intel has update should fix the issue. More than half a million unitspushed back the Sandy Bridge-E launch from Q4 this year to worldwide are affected, of which 120,000 are in SoutheastJanuary 2012. Asia.Wow, whats going on at Intel? It seems like the companyhas decided to delay its entire consumer desktop roadmap,as weve now heard from a very reliable source that Intel haspushed back the Sandy Bridge-E launch from Q4 this year toJanuary 2012.We have a feeling that Intel is doing an AMD and what wemean by that is that Intel is focusing on its server CPU businessinstead of on consumers. AMD delayed its consumer Bulldozerlaunch in favour of its Opteron CPUs and its possible thatthis is part of what made Intel change its strategy. The SandyBridge-E CPUs are based on the same core as Intels upcoming More than half a million VAIO notebooks are at risk ofLGA-2011 and LGA-1356 Xeon processors and these are big overheating due to a faulty thermal management system,chips which mean fewer chips per wafer. As such its entirely according to Sony. A product recall was previously issued butplausible that Intel is trying to stock up on chips for its Xeon Sony now says that a BIOS update will fix the problem. Theplatforms, but this is only speculation from our side at this affected parts have serial numbers starting with VPCF11 orpoint in time. VPCCW2 and were sold in the first half of 2010.As the Sandy Bridge-E CPUs are set to replace Intels aging 535,000 notebooks are affected worldwide, about half ofLGA-1366 Core i platform it looks like the enthusiast end of the which are in the US. Of the remainder, 103,000 are in Europe,market is going to have to wait another quarter before they can 120,000 are in Southeast Asia and 52,000 are in Japan.get their hands on the new platform. This is going to disappoint The number of overheating cases reported so far is said toquite a few people out there, but this is still a very tiny market be between 30 and 40. No injuries have occured, but thefor Intel and its unlikely that it will affect Intels profits much, notebooks can get hot enough to warp the plastic casing andif at all. Hopefully there wont be any further delays, although cause burns.its also entirely possible that this is a calculated move by Intel,as the company launched a new LGA-1366 CPU only this week, To check if your Sony notebook is affected, refer to Sonysbut its believed to be the last of a dying breed. support website. Sony advises owners of affected notebooks to cease all usage until the fix has been applied. 1
  2. 2. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThis is hardly the first notebook recall in recent years, though According to the official press release, Skype for Android 2.0recalls are more often due to notebook batteries. In 2008, Sony will allow users of Android-powered smartphones to "makerecalled 73,000 VAIO notebooks due to a similar overheating and receieve free 1-1 video calls over Skype between theirissue. Sony was forced to recall over 4 million notebook Android phone", as well as with other Skype contacts whobatteries back in 2006 after a notebook battery exploded in are making use of the service on other platforms. In addtion,Japan. the client will work with both WiFi and 3G data connections, although Skype recommends the use of a "strong WiFi connection" for best results.Skype announces updated Users will also notice that the user interface for Skypes newclient for Android, brings client has been given an overhaul, as shown in the imagevideo calling to supported below. According to Skype, this was done to ensure that users can easily gain direct access to all of the key functions that aresmartphones available in the client.Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/skype-announces-updated-client-for-android-brings-video-calling-to-supported-smartphones/12809.htmlJune 30th, 2011For the longest time, users of Android smartphones couldonly watch in envy while their iOS-totting friends werehappily utilizing Skypes services to initiate video calls amongtheir fellow iOS users, but it seems that things are about tochange for the better very soon. This is because Skype justannounced the availability of an updated client which it hasconfirmed will be bringing that missing feature to the Androidplatform. Android users, let the video calls begin.Skype may have been present on mobile platforms for a longtime, but the unfortunate truth is that the Android versionof Skype still has some way to go before it can be proclaimedto have finally achieved feature-parity with the one that iscurrently available for Apples iOS. This is especially true,considering how Skype for Android still lacks support forvideo calls, a feature that was made available for iOS 4 in lateDecember last year.However, just as good things always comes to those who wait,it would seem that today is the day Android users can finallyhave something to phone home about, for Skype has justannounced the availability of an updated version of its Androidclient, which is designed to bring that missing feature to whatis currently recognized as "the fastest growing mobile OS". Of course, in addition to video calls, users can also continue to make use of Skypes services as a means to make calls to landlines and mobiles, as well as send SMS’s to their friends and family members under Skypes existing rates. That being said, you might want to hold your horses first. VR-Zone was given the opportunity to interview Skypes Mark Douglas, who confirmed that support for video calls is currently limitted to only four devices in the initial rollout, and they are HTCs Desire S, Sony Ericssons Xperia neo and Xperia pro and Googles Nexus S, although Skype has confirmed that more devices will be added to its compatibility list in time. However, there is no way to get the feature working on unsupported phones, as Douglas has confirmed that the 2
  3. 3. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneapp is closed-ended. This means that devices which fulfillthe minium requirements (Android 2.3 + meets the OSsvideo requirements) but are not on the compatibility list willbe locked out from making video calls via Skype on theirsmartphone, although they will still have access to all the otherservices.Also, those of you who are hoping for a greater degree ofintegration of Skype into Android will probably be disapointed Above: 8 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports and a single HDMIto know that the company has got no plans to do so, but that display output.is only because the developers are limitted to what Googleallows them to do via the SDK. And last but defintiely notleast, no, group video conferencing is not available on thisnew release, although Douglas did suggest that such a featuremight eventually make its way into future versions of itsmobile Skype client once smartphones gain access to muchmore powerful and capable hardware.Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSDPreviewSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/gigabyte-ga-z68xp-ud3-issd-preview/12810.htmlJune 30th, 2011 Above: The power delivery system uses DrMOS (Driver +MOSFET)Intel specifically designed the 20GB SSD 311 to be used asa cache drive with Z68s Smart Response Technology. NowGigabyte has taken the mSATA version of the SSD 311 andbundled it onto a full-fledged Z68 motherboard, hoping to saveyou the hassle of purchasing the SSD separately. We haventhad the chance to test out this unique motherboard yet, butlook inside for a quick tour. Above: An additional two USB 3.0 ports are accessible via header. A Marvell 88SE9172 controller provides two additional SATA 6 Gbps ports (grey).Above: Gigabytes trademark blue colour scheme. 3
  4. 4. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Behind The Scenes: The Making of the Jay Chou ASUS N43 Notebook Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/behind-the-scenes-the-making-of-the- jay-chou-asus-n43-notebook/12808.html June 30th, 2011 Today, VR-Zone barged into a secret ASUS design facility where Jay Chou has been spending some of his time to design and develop the N43 notebook. We are shown with some of hisAbove: The two x16 slots can be used in a x8/x8 configuration works that are eventually incorporated into the final design offor SLI/CrossFire. Gigabyte has used the Realtek ALC889 the notebook. Let us walk you through the workplace of Jayaudio codec and RTL8111E ethernet controller. Chou now.Above: The key selling point of this motherboard - an onboardIntel SSD 311 20GB solid state drive. Today, VR-Zone barged into a secret ASUS design facility where Jay Chou has been spending some of his time to design and develop the N43 notebook. The ASUS designers revealed that Jay Chou spend some of his nights in this facility over the last 6 months entering only by the back door to avoid any unwanted attention. His visits to ASUS are even kept a secret from most of the ASUS employees. We are shown with some of his works that are eventually incorporated into the final design of the notebook. Let us walk you through the workplace of Jay Chou now :Stay tuned for our full review of the Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD! 4
  5. 5. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThis is the place where Jay Chou sat down with ASUS The ASUS designers eventually picked this one and a fewdesigners to ponder over the design, colors and features that others to mix and match to form the perfect Jhe wish to see in the notebook. This is also the place he drewthe J letter in calligraphy.These are the J letter calligraphy drawn by Jay Chou and one ofthem is picked by the ASUS designer as the signature J foundon the N43 notebooks. The signature J letter is found on the box and notebook 5
  6. 6. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Initially, he wanted a really bright pink but through numerous revisions, the color is eventually toned down to the one you are seeing now. Thats all for the walk through of his workplace in the ASUS Design facility. Olympus officially announces three new Micro Four Thirds cameras Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/olympus-officially-announces-three- new-micro-four-thirds-cameras/12807.html June 30th, 2011Jay Chou and the ASUS designers have drawn this togetherand is eventually imprinted onto the notebook cover While Panasonic may have claimed an early head start in this race with the recent launch of the GF3, it is clear that Olympus is not about to let itself get outdone anytime soon, for the company has just announced three new Micro Four Thirds system cameras that look set to give Panasonics GF3 a run for its money. VR-Zone brings you the coverage. Not so long ago, Panasonic and Olympus made headlines when they jointly announced the creation of the Micro Four Thirds system. The new standard was initially met with varying degrees of skepticism. Some pundits claimed that the concept was superfluous because the use of large lenses would negate any size-related advantages that Micro Four Thirds was founded upon. Fast forward to 2011, and what was once considered a superfluous standard has quickly matured into one of theJay Chou has written on some Post It notes specifically most popular segments in the digital camera market due to itswanting a hot pink color notebook and exceptional sound ability to capture excellent stills in a compact-sized body. Asquality. evidence of this success, Olympus saw it fit to announce not one, but three new Micro Four Thirds cameras today that at the National Geographic Store in VivoCity, Singapore. 6
  7. 7. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe latest additions to the Micro Four Thirds stable are the smaller E-PM1 will get Live Guide, which allows users toE-P3, Olympuss flagship model, and the smaller E-PL3 and control the cameras background defocusing.E-PM1. Hirobumi Imano (above), Olympus Imaging Corp.sgeneral manager for the design centre, was given the taskof officially unveiling the new devices to the world. Imanodescribed how the new cameras reflect the design principleswhich have been a focal point of the companys PEN cameraseven since their conception:"A camera should not be a toy.. the Olympus PEN is a productthat is designed to deliver the happiness of photography allover the world without two main obstacles - difficulty in usage,and price. PEN exludes a sense of class and refinement, and itsfeature set is always expanding. And today, we will introducethe E-P2s sucessor, which sports the same design but is acompletely different camera in its own regard, along with twoadditional products", he said in Japanese.Toshiyuki Terada (above), senior manager of Olympus SLRdivision, then described some of the new features of the new E-P3, E-PL3 and E-PM1. In a nutshell, the new E-P3 will featurea faster autofocus algorithm, an extremely sensitive sensor Terada also announced the availability of two new large-capable of ISO 12800, TruePic VI technology and a capacitive aperture prime lenses for its entire Micro Four Thirds cameraOLED touchscreen. lineup, the 12mm, F2.0 "Snap Lens" and the 45mm, F1.8 portrait lens.The E-PL3 will boast a tilting widescreen LCD displayand support for high-speed continous shooting, while the 7
  8. 8. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone as weak PC end-user demand and consequent inventory build-Lamptron to Release Slider- up at OEMs, and that prices may continue to fall in July;based Fan Controller AMDs next-generation Opteron microprocessors which areSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lamptron-to-release-slider-based-fan- based off the Bulldozer microarchitecture will reportedly boastcontroller/12804.html a new feature where by users can tweak the chips maximumJune 30th, 2011 TDP, thus allowing them to strike a balance between power consumption and performance; Netvolution has launched its very own Avenue App Store for Microsofts desktop Windows operating system, in which users can browse through apps by popularity and category, and be informed about featured and new apps; Eurocom Corporation has announced its support for the high-performance Killer Wireless-N 1102 high-Lamptron, a China-based manufacturer of computer modding performance wireless network adapter as another availableaccessories, has announced the FC9 fan controller. The wireless card option in its premium notebook solutions;FC9 uses sliders to control up to four fans and includes Blizzard announced the availability of a new Starter edition ofcustomizable LED lighting. See inside for more pictures. the popular World of WarCraft game, in which gamers will be allowed to play for free until their character reaches level 20, after which their levels will remain capped until the full version is purchased, and PSP owners can expect to see more action from Lord "The Most Badass Freakin Overlord In the Cosmos" Zetta, for Nippon Ichi has confirmed that it will be porting the PS2 title, Makai Kingdom, over to Sonys handheld gaming console, and is expected to be released for sale on September 22. Hardware news Sentey Burton Full-Tower Computer Case @ Benchmark Reviews Description: The Sentey Burton GS-6500 is a full tower enclosure developed for enthusiasts who desire high performance and a sexy exterior. This case flaunts its multiple LED fans, and LED buttons, turning heads in the process. The Burton, is one of several models belonging to the ExtremeLamptron is doing away with knobs on its latest fan controller. Division line of computer cases, and it is available in 3The FC9 uses sliders instead to control the fan speed, flavors; The GS-6500 in glossy black, the GS-6500B with bluesupporting up to four fans. Each channel can deliver up to 50W highlights and grills, and the GS-6500R with red highlightsof power (or just over 4A), which is more than enough for high and grills. Its pretty easy to glance at the exterior of this caseperformance fans. The dimensions of the FC9 are 148.5 x 42.5 and be charmed into submission...x 75mm, which means it will fit into a 5.25" bay. DRAM contract prices may decline further, says NanyaThe FC9 will be available in silver or black, with both models Description: Weak PC end-user demand and consequentincluding customizable LED lighting. The FC9 supposedly inventory build-up at OEMs have put pressure on contractrequires a 600W+ power supply for optimal operation, prices for DRAM, Nanya Technology has pointed out. Pricesbut unless you really use that many high-powered fans it may continue to fall in July as OEM clients slow down theirdoesnt really make sense. Pricing for the FC9 has not been pace of orders, Nanya said.announced. TEAM Group TR1151 USB 3.0 42-in-1 USB 3.0 Card Reader ReviewThe Daily VR-Zone News Description: USB 3.0, the big brother of the USB 2.0 bus standard which was introduced way back in 2000, is now hereSummary - 29 June 2011 and in force after quickly gaining momentum in the marketSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-daily-vr-zone-news-summary--29- after both ASUS and GIGABYTE launched boards at CES 2010june-2011/12798.html with USB 3.0 chips onboard. As a quick recap, USB 3.0 claimsJune 30th, 2011 to offer a ten times improvement over USB 2.0, which has a maximum bandwidth of 480Mbit/s or 60MB/s. USB 3.0 has a maximum bandwidth of 5Gbit/s or 625MB/s. While we are not sure if you would actually know someone who has achieved speeds this high, the potential is there as the products that make up USB 3.0 such as chips and devices ramp up in terms of performance.In todays news roundup: Nanya is claiming that the contract Liteon iHES212 12x Internal Blu Ray Review - XSReviewsprices for DRAM could decline even further due to issues such 8
  9. 9. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: Blu Ray might just be a stop gap before true HD mobile-style applets on the PC desktop. Avenue is a userstreaming, but for now it’s one of the easier ways to get hold friendly, lightning fast and immediately available option forof high definition movies and other media; especially since it’s fully functioning Windows apps.becoming more affordable. While they used to cost hundreds Custom Firmware Alternatives For Your Wireless Routerof pounds, now you can get yourself an internal one like the one Description: For most users a good wireless router is the onewe’re reviewing today for around £60. This one is the Liteon that you set up in a few easy steps and forget about it as longiHES212 12x Internal, let’s give it a look. as it gets you online. But beyond the stock features that cameOCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB PCIe SSD Review @ Legit with your router, there are many things that the hardware youReviews bought might be capable of. Luckily for you, people have beenDescription: OCZ gave everyone a hint of things to come at working on ways to get the fancy stuff running on your averageComputex 2011 with a sneak peak of the third generation $60-$100 device. After a relatively simple upgrade to a freeof the RevoDrive. Weve been impressed with our previous third-party firmware, youll be able boost your wireless signal,encounters with this SSD line and this time is no different as prioritize what programs get your precious bandwidth, andwe give the RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB PCI-E SSD a test drive. Is do lots of other stuff usually reserved for pro-grade wirelessit fast? Well, how does 1500MB/s reads grab you? Oh yeah, routers.theres TRIM support too! Nvidia gets excited about Alienware notebooksAdesto to sample CBRAM Description: And its all thanks to its own GTX 580M GPU,Description: Adesto Technologies Corp. of Sunnyvale in the company says. You can buy the Alienware M18x notebookCalifornia is sampling a completely new type of RAM called now if youre richer than the sense you have. Theres an optionCBRAM. The CB stands for Conductive Bridging and the RAM to have two of the GPUs under the hood if it takes yourdiffers from traditional DRAM in several important aspects. fancy. Machines that feature the GTX 580M, says Nvidia,First of all CBRAM is non-volatile and secondly it scales well are among the fastest DirectX 11 machines youll find ondown to at least 12nm, where it is very difficult to manufacture the market. It claims the GPUs offer up to six times thetraditional DRAM – to put it mildly. tessellation performance of "any other notebook GPU" along with a performance increase of 20 percent compared to the lastAMDs Next-Generation Opteron "Bulldozer" Chips to FeatureAdjustable TDP. lot.Description: Advanced Micro Devices next-generation The Worlds fastest Notebooks now support the Worlds fastestOpteron microprocessors based on Bulldozer micro- Wireless Card!architecture will support capability to adjust maximum Description: Eurocom Corporation, a leading developer ofthermal design power (TDP). The technology will allow long lifespan, fully upgradable notebooks, high performancecustomers to regulate TDPs in order to balance power mobile workstations, All-in-One desktops and mobile serversconsumption and performance of data centers. is announcing support for the Killer Wireless-N 1102 high- performance wireless network adapter as another availableConsumer Electronics and Software News wireless card option in Eurocom systems. The addition ofCooler Master NotePal Infinite EVO Notebook Cooler Review the Killer Wireless-N 1102 adapter by Bigfoot Networks givesDescription: Even as far as fans go, I really thought I had seen Eurocom customers an ultra high-performance wireless cardit all. 80mm fan, 120mm fans, all the way up to a single 20mm for their custom built notebook.fan; I have tested them all as far as standard fans go. If I The HP TouchPad Will Come With Its Own Facebook Tabletremember correctly, I even tested a cooler with a rather large App (Leaked Pics)"squirrel cage" style fan that was the size of a hamster wheel. Description: The world has been waiting for an officialI also recall that that fan idea didnt work out too well and Facebook tablet app, and waiting, and waiting. But that appoffered very little in the way of actual cooling to the laptop. This may not appear on the iPad first (although Facebook istime around Cooler Master uses a blower style fan, or rather working on an iPad app for sure). Instead, Facebook’s firsta pair of them, to do the cooling in the notebook cooler we tablet app will appear on the HP TouchPad, which comes outreceived for testing. this Friday and runs the WebOS it bought with Palm. This appWith SkypeKit, Skype wants to be everywhere was not built by Facebook but by HP, much like how RIM builtDescription: Skype opened up its development platform to all the Facebook app for the Blackberry Playbook using Facebookcomers Tuesday, but it still has a disconnect between revenue platformgeneration and its platform efforts. Like many companies Gaming newstrying to build a dominant position in the technologyecosystem, Skype is navigating the path between dollars and World of WarCraft is free until Level 20devs. Description: Sick of the 14-day trial in World of Warcraft ? There is a change for the better. Calling it the Starter edition,Windows Gets an App Store of Its Own: Avenue Blizzard will be making World of WarCraft free-to-play untilDescription: Windows users, don’t you wish there was a your character reaches level 20 and their levels will remainvendor-agnostic, one-stop shop for downloadable software? capped until you purchase the full version.Something with easily browsable categories, ratings, reviewsand simple purchase options? Several companies are trying Makai Kingdom conquering PSP in Japan this Septemberto make an Apple App Store-like software shop for Windows. Description: Fans of Nippon Ichi strategy RPGs like theYesterday we noted the launch of Pokki, a store that puts Disgaea series can definitely look forward to more of their 9
  10. 10. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonefavorite titles re-released for the PSP. The PS2 title Makai of new features, it was definitely a good sign for users, as itKingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome (known as Phantom means that Microsoft is definitely taking steps to ensure thatKingdom in Japan) will be out for Sonys portable system in Internet Explorer remains as up-to-date as possible with theJapan on September 22. latest web standards.OnLive Talking to Sony and Microsoft About Streaming Fast forward to the present, and it seems that Microsoft is notGames about let up development on Internet Explorer 10 any timeDescription: The service offered by OnLive is quite intriguing, soon, for a quick visit to the Internet Explorer Test Drive Homeas it allows you to play games on any number of platforms. A Page reveals that the second Platform Preview for its upcominghigh-end game plays just as well on the OnLive MicroConsole web browser has already been made available for download.which hooks up to your TV as it does on your PC or laptop, Yep, all this in less than 80 days after the first Platform Previewregardless of the specifications of either computer. At E3, was launched. Way to go, Microsoft.the company even demonstrated the ability to stream gameson an iPad; figuring out a way to handle the controls on atouchscreen aside, its impressive. Two places OnLive wouldntmind also being available on are Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.It might seem like a stretch, but its in the process of speakingto both companies about possible support.Internet Explorer 10 PlatformPreview 2 now available fordownloadSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/internet-explorer-10-platform-preview-2-now-available-for-download/12803.htmlJune 30th, 2011 However, unlike the first Platform Preview which had extremely little to show off to developers, Platform Preview 2 is actually loaded with a ton (figuratively speaking) of new features which are bound to be of great interest toWell, it seems that Microsoft sure is not about to take its web developers, especially if they have already committedtime with its browser development schedule, especially if this themselves to the new HTML5 standard. According to alatest piece of news is of any indication. In just less than 80 blog post made by Dean Hachamovitch, who serves as thedays, the Redmond giant has pushed out yet another Platform corporate vice president in charge of the Internet ExplorerPreview for its upcoming Internet Explorer 10 web browser for team, these new features come in the form of support for adevelopers to test and experiment with. And based on what wide variety of web technologies, such as Positioned Floats,we have seen, it appears that one thing is clear: Microsoft is HTML5 drag-drop and the HTML5 File Reader API, amongdeeply committed to enhancing a users online experience with many others. Most importantly, though, has got to be the factits web browser. that HTML5 forms are now supported as well, although web developers were quick to note that Microsofts decision to not include support for the text-shadow attribute was a major disappointment.If you would remember, we heaped praise on Microsoft ina story written two months ago when news broke out thatthe Redmond giant had already commenced work on the nextversion of its Internet Explorer web browser, and had evenreleased a working Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 10for developers to get their hands wet, in spite of the fact thatInternet Explorer 9 was barely even a month old at that time.Even though the Platform Preview had little to show in terms 10
  11. 11. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneA demonstration of Positioned Floats support in IE10 Interested? Well, the usual disclaimer about pre-releasePlatform Preview 2... software definitely applies, even if the application comes direct from a company that is as established and reputable as Microsoft. Considering that Platform Previews were never meant to be serve as full-fledged web browsers, it goes without saying that this particular release, like the one before it, should not be used as one. However, if you just want to have some fun in playing around with the various new features mentioned above, the second Platform Preview for Internet Explorer 10 can be downloaded off the Internet Explorer Test Drive home page here. Corsair HX1050 1050W PSU review Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/corsair-hx1050-1050w-psu- review/12801.html June 30th, 2011...and HTML5 forms. In addition to the various new features, Microsoft claimsthat the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2 applicationalso boasts enhancements in a variety of areas such as webapplication performance and security. It appears as if Corsair has been releasing more high- end power supplies than RAM modules during the past few months. It was only a few weeks ago that we reviewed the currently most powerful power supply Corsair offers, the AX1200, and the exceptional TX850 V2. Today we are going to examine and review a unit in between those two, their Professional Series HX1050 modular power supply. It appears as if Corsair has been releasing more high-end power supplies than RAM modules during the past few months. It was only a few weeks ago that we reviewed the currently most powerful power supply Corsair offers, the AX1200, and the exceptional TX850 V2. Today we are going to examine and review a unit in between those two, their Professional Series HX1050 modular power supply. Manufacturer’s features and specifications 11
  12. 12. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Guaranteed to sustain its full rated wattage at an ambient interested in licensing its WebOS for handheld devices. temperature of 50°C Apparently a number of companies are interested, although this generally doesnt mean anything until a license agreement • Up to 88% energy-efficiency under real-world load has been signed. conditions • Single +12V rail design providing up to 87.5A The inevitable looks like its about to happen, HP has • Multi-GPU ready started talks with various potential partners to see if anyones • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) with PF value of interested in licensing its WebOS for handheld devices. 0.99 Apparently a number of companies are interested, although • Supports ATX12V 2.2 and EPS12V 2.91 standards. this generally doesnt mean anything until a license agreement Backwards compatible with ATX12V 2.01 has been signed. • Auto switching circuitry for universal AC input from According to Bloomberg, WebOS is being considered as a 90-264V choice to Googles Android OS and Microsofts Windows Phone 7, something that almost has to happen if HP wants • Over Current/Voltage/Power Protection, Under Voltage the platform to survive. Its a dog eat dog world in the mobile Protection and Short Circuit Protection provide device OS market with Apple and Google dominating it at the complete component safety moment. WebOS is somewhere at the bottom of the pecking • Dimensions: 150mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 180mm(L) order having been a proprietary solution owned by Palm before HP bought the company and although it has a lot of • MTBF: 100,000 hours unique features and several benefits over its competitors, it • Safety Approvals: UL, CUL, CE, CB, FCC Class B, TÜV, lacks market share. CCC, C-tick Samsung is rumoured to be one of the companies interested, but considering the company is already involved in just about every single mobile OS platform, bar iOS, at least directly, this isnt entirely surprising. The question is who else willCMPSU-1050HX jump on board, as HP needs all the device partners it canAC 100-240V get to grown the ecosystem for its WebOS, especially as itsINPUT ~ lacking in developer support for apps. The way the market 13A-7.5A has developed, this has become a key part of any mobile OS, 50/60Hz as if you cant offer the apps your customers want, theyll go elsewhere.DC +5V +3.3V +12V -12V +5VsbOUTPUT HP is also expected to be putting its WebOS on its desktop andMAX 30A 30A 87.5A 0.8A 3.5A notebook computers, but as a virtualised environment ratherCURRENT than as a dual boot solution. The reason behind this move is so that users could access their mobile device apps even on theirMAX 180W 1050W 9.6W 17.5W desktop, something that could prove to be a small win for HP.COMBINED That said, if it remains exclusive to HP PCs, its not likely toWATTAGE go down well with WebOS users, as very few consumers tend TOTAL to like to get tied in with a single brand for all their products, POWER: notwithstanding Apple users. 1050W @ 50°C ambient Olympus set to launch new temperature m4/3 cameras later today Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/olympus-set-to-launch-new-m43- cameras-later-today/12800.htmlHP mulling WebOS licensing June 30th, 2011Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/hp-mulling-webos-licensing/12802.htmlJune 30th, 2011 If youre looking at getting a new mirrorless camera then you might want to hold off a little bit, as later today Olympus is set to unveil no less than three new micro 4/3 cameras, of which pictures of two models have already leaked. Full specsThe inevitable looks like its about to happen, HP has of one model has also made an appearance on the web aheadstarted talks with various potential partners to see if anyones 12
  13. 13. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneof the launch and one of the headline features of Olympus newmodels is superfast auto-focusing.If youre looking at getting a new mirrorless camera then youmight want to hold off a little bit, as later today Olympus isset to unveil no less than three new micro 4/3 cameras, ofwhich pictures of two models have already leaked. Full specsof one model has also made an appearance on the web aheadof the launch and one of the headline features of Olympus newmodels is superfast auto-focusing.The three new models are the PEN E-P3, E-PL3 and E-PM1,all based around the m4/3 lens and sensor system. So far, fulldetails of the E-P3 has tipped up, alongside with a couple ofpictures of the E-PM1. As far as the E-PL3 is concerned, itseems like we might have to wait until the official launch later As far as the E-PM1 is concerned, were looking at a tiny m4/3today. camera, albeit apparently not as small as Panasonics GF3 and its meant to share its design, but not size with the E-PL3. As far as specifications are concerned, well have to wait for the official word from Olympus, but the good news is that well be at the launch event in Taipei to bring you the full details of these new cameras and lenses. MSIs CX480 notebook features top mounted battery indicator Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/msi-s-cx480-notebook-features-top- mounted-battery-indicator/12796.html June 30th, 2011The E-P3 is Olympus new high-end m4/3 mirrorless modeland it features what Olympus calls Instant AF. This almostsounds too good to be true, but Olympus has created a sensorfor its new cameras with 35 focus points that are spread acrossmost of the sensor surface and it features what is believed tobe infra-red sensors to further improve the AF speed. Olympusclaims that this camera has the fastest AF of any camera withinterchangeable lenses which says something about how good So far weve already seen quite a few notebook models fromit should be. MSI this year, but the company is continually updating its line up and the new CX480 follows the CX640 in terms of overallFurther improvements over the E-P2 – a camera which shares design, but it has a few features of its own. MSI has reallya very similar body and design with the E-P3 – include an started to get the fact that design matters and beyond havingOLED touch screen which is expected to feature a higher managed to put together something that looks attractive, theresolution compared to Olympus current m4/3 cameras. company will also offer the CX480 in multiple colours and weDespite having a touch screen, Olympus has included a regular have some exclusive pictures of the blue model.mode dial as well as two customizable scroll wheels for moreadvanced users.The E-P3 is also Olympus first m4/3 camera to offer 1080 So far weve already seen quite a few notebook models fromvideo recording, albeit only interlaced video at 60fps. It MSI this year, but the company is continually updating its linerecords video in the AVCHD or MJPEG formats and it can also up and the new CX480 follows the CX640 in terms of overallshoot in 720p. A few new lenses are also expected and to get design, but it has a few features of its own. MSI has reallythe most out of the new, superfast AF you need to team the started to get the fact that design matters and beyond havingcamera up with the new lenses. managed to put together something that looks attractive, the company will also offer the CX480 in multiple colours and we have some exclusive pictures of the blue model. 13
  14. 14. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The standard 6-cell 4,400mAh battery is said to be good for up to 8.5h of usage and a one hour charge replenishes 80 percent of the battery power. The screen has an ambient light sensor and it adjusts the screen backlight automatically based on ambient light and there are 16 brightness levels. At 2.2kg the CX480 is somewhat on the chunky side, but still a fairly standard 14-incher. It will be available in black, white and blue as per our pictures. No word on pricing as yet, but wed expect it to be slightly cheaper than the CX640 which would put it in the very affordable category.The CX480 is by all intents and purposes a fairly average 14-inch notebook with a 1366x768 resolution screen, a choice ofan Intel Core i3-2310M or Core i5-2410M processor and itshould support up to 8GB of 1333MHz DDR3 memory. Thatsaid, MSI has kitted it out with a GeForce GT 520M graphicscard with 1GB of dedicated DDR3 graphics memory and in asmuch as this is Nvidias most basic 500-series mobile GPU, itshould still prove to be a smidgen faster than Intels HD 3000graphics. Rumour: NVIDIAs next- gen Kepler taped out, AMD Southern Islands in September Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/rumour-nvidia-s-next-gen-kepler- taped-out-amd-southern-islands-in-september/12799.html June 30th, 2011 After an eternity at 40nm, thanks to 32nm cancelation andAdd to that various storage options, an optical drive, 802.11b/ 28nm delays, the GPU industry is finally transitioning tog/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 2.0 ports, TSMCs long, long awaited 28nm HKMG process. Fudzillaa USB 3.0 port, HDMI, D-sub, a pair of audio jacks, a memory reports that NVIDIAs next-gen GPU, based on the Keplercard reader and a webcam and you got a somewhat better than architecture, has already been taped out. On the AMD sideaverage notebook. However, MSI has added at least one nifty of things, we have heard reports of Southern Islands tape-outfeature, a battery charge indicator located next to the power dating all the way back to March 2011. AMDs Southern Islandsbutton. This consists of four green LEDs which will switch off GPUs could release as early as September, with NVIDIAsin order and once you hit 10 percent battery life the last LED Kepler releasing earliest in Q4 2011; more likely Q1 2012.will start flashing. At this early stage, there is still very little known about the next generation. While AMD has recently presented its future GPU architecture at AMD Fusion Developer Summit, the HD 14
  15. 15. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone7000 generation is expected to be a tweaked version of theVLIW-4 architecture currently used only in HD 6900 series.Of course, it is possible that the one line of the HD 7000 series- perhaps HD 7900 - will feature the new AMDs Graphics CoreNext architecture, following a similar architecture split as seenin the HD 6000 series. Other rumours also suggest AMD willbe splitting GPU lines between TSMC and Globalfoundries.While optimistic rumours peg Southern Islands release dateat mid-Q3, SemiAccurate suggests that September is a morelikely release date for the first HD 7000 GPUs. The bottleneck,as usual, is TSMC, and it remains to be seen when they can fab28nm wafers, and in what quantity?Incredibly, the first 40nm GPU, the HD 4770, was releasedover 2 years back. Pegged back at 40nm, both NVIDIA andAMD have only offered incremental performance upgrades forthe Geforce 500 and HD 6000 generations. The GPU industry,in general, desperately needs an efficient 28nm process - overto TSMC. Well, according to the official press release from Samsung, the upcoming portable media player, which is also known asSamsung to launch Koreas the Galaxy 070, will be able to function as a mobile phone offirst Android-based Smart sorts due to the use of VoIP to achieve this feat. In fact, to further convey the message that the Galaxy 070 is capable ofHome Phone on July functioning as a mobile phone (albeit without a SIM card),Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-to-launch-korea-s-first- Samsung has announced that it has teamed up with LG U+ forandroid-based-smart-home-phone-on-july/12797.html the Galaxy 070s official launch on the first of July this year,June 30th, 2011 where the device will reportedly be marketed as Koreas first ever Smart Home Phone to be based off the Android operating system. Further sweetening the deal are the hardware specifications of the Galaxy 070: Samsung has confirmed that the device will boast a four-inch Super Clear LCD screen, a rear-facing camera capable of capturing still images at a maximumConsidering how Googles Android operating system was resolution of three megapixels, a T-DMP module, WiFi andoriginally designed to be an OS which is meant to be Bluetooth wireless connectivity, 8GB of memory and supportused exclusively by smartphones, it would be expected for additional storage via the use of microSD cards.that Samsungs idea of introducing a line of portable media Customers who purchase the Samsung Galaxy 070 Smartplayers that are powered by Android would raise more than Home Phone from LG U+ will be charged the same tarrifsjust a few eyebrows. However, leave it to Samsung to put a that are currently has in place for existing "Internet Phones".unique spin on its latest Galaxy Media Player by launching However, the company has also added that it will be enhancingit as a VoIP device that is capable of making phone calls via the functionality of the device by allowing consumers tothe power of the Internet. Now that has got to be some rather access the all-important Android Market on the Galaxy 070,creative thinking on the Korean electronic giants part. a decision which will definitely appeal to users consideringNow that a smartphone is capable of fulfilling just about every how important a role apps play in the popularity of a mobilesingle task under the sun that consumers could possibly ask platform.for, would you pay good money to purchase an Android- No information about the Galaxy 070s pricing has beenpowered device which is designed to serve as a portable media revealed by either company.player, much like the approach Apple has taken with its iPhoneand iPod Touch product lines? Well, it seems that Samsungbelieves that there is still a large enough market out there for ASUS and Jay Chou jointlysuch devices to justify the release of yet another addition to itsGalaxy line of portable media players. announce special edition NHowever, in what has got to be rather interesting twist to the series notebook PCstory; Samsung will not be selling the its new Galaxy player as Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-and-jay-chou-jointly-announce-the portable media player that it is supposed to be, but as a special-edition-n-series-notebook-pc/12795.htmlmobile phone which is capable of making actual phone calls.Wait, say what? 15
  16. 16. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJune 30th, 2011 he is happy to have Chou as the designer for the special edition N-series. To conceptualize the design, it boils down to how the combination of the consumers sixth senses and ASUS advanced technologies, and bring out the incomparable experience to the users. According to Chou, he had used "incomparable" as the theme for one of his concerts and that the design of the special edition N-series is very much like eastToday, ASUS and renowned Taiwanese musician, singer- meets west.songwriter and actor Jay Chou have jointly announced Shih also presented Chou with an honored employee passthe new special edition N-series notebook PC. The 14- which means the celebrity is officially working for theinch notebook PC features the latest second generation company.Intel processor, SonicMaster audio technology (from thecollaboration with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower), and unique Here are some pictures of models with the ASUS specialdesigns from Chou. VR-Zone brings you the coverage. edition N-series laptop:-Updates : Check out Behind The Scenes: The Making of JayChou N43 NotebookThe event kickstarted with a symphony comprised ofASUS laptops, conducted by ASUS chairman Jonney Shih andTaiwanese celebrity Jay Chou playing the piano. And later,both unveiled the Jay Chou special edition N-series notebookPC.No, it isnt exactly a celebrity endorsement; Chou was the chiefdesigner who has worked with the ASUS design centre onthe laptop. Shih said that the companys vision is to producemore of such distinct products which are incomparable and 16
  17. 17. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone themselves disappointed, as most 3D-capable television sets are definitely too big to be used as PC monitors without causing some serious neck issues on the users part, and 3D- capable monitors typically lack support for certain A/V jacks which are widely used by many digital appliances today. However, it seems that users who are finding themselves caught in the aforementioned situation now have a potential solution to their needs, and it comes in the form of LGs new MX235D Cinema 3D TV monitor, which was just released for retail in South Korea yesterday.LG releases new Cinema 3DTV monitor for sale in SouthKoreaSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lg-releases-new-cinema-3d-tv-monitor-for-sale-in-south-korea/12779.html According to the official press release posted by LGJune 30th, 2011 Electronics, the MX235D boasts an ultra-thin bezel which measures16.8mm and is fitted with 3D conversion chips which allow for on-the-fly conversion of digital content from 2D to 3D without the need to pass the device through additional software needed for doing so. In addition, LG has claimed that the MX235D utilizes passive 3D technology; this allows users to do away with the heavy and cumbersome battery-operatedWouldnt it be nice if you could have a 3D-capable television active shutter 3D glasses which have been said to have theset that is so small and compact, it could also double up for side effect of potentially inducing dizziness among users. Adduse as a PC monitor? If your answer to that question is a that to the fact that the MX235Ds 23-inch display size is smallresounding "yes", well, we got some good news for you, and enough to be able to double up as a PC monitor, and you haveit comes in the form of LG Electronics new MX235D Cinema a rather decent one-size-fits-all, 3D-capable device which can3D TV monitor, which is reportedly capable of fulfilling the shuttle between the roles of both a HDTV and a HD monitoraforementioned need, and then some. effortlessly.Now that 3D technology is fast becoming mainstream, it is Last but definitely not least, LG has also confirmed thathardly surprising to see manufacturers start rolling out new the MX235D television set will come equipped with various3D-capable television sets and monitors as though there is no standard features such as a pair of 5W speakers, a USB porttomorrow. Unfortunately, consumers who are on the lookout for playing back content via external storage devices, andfor a one-size-fits-all 3D-capable device will probably find 17
  18. 18. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonebuilt-in support for MP3 playback. This means that users who at a modest subscription fee of US$6 a month per user. Andare planning to utilize the MX235D as a monitor due to its speaking at the events opening address today was productivitysize can potentially make use of the devices media playback guru Michael A. Podolinsky, who described in great detail thecapabilities to enjoy their digital media content without even importance of the cloud and Microsofts Office 365 in helpinghaving to turn on the PC to do so. businesses transform themselves and achieving even greater productivity.No mention about global availability for the device has beenmade by LG, although you may be interested to know that theMX235D is currently available for sale in South Korea at theprice of 479,000 won (approx US$445).Microsoft officially launchesOffice 365 for businessesSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-officially-launches-office-365-for-businesses/12786.htmlJune 30th, 2011Remember the little story we ran a few months back about howMicrosoft was attempting to make life easier for businesses bypitching the then beta version of its cloud-based productivity "Because of the connectivity aspect of the cloud... 60% of thesuite, Office 365, as a solution to allow business consumers IT focus this year is going to be about it. And with almost three-the luxury of not having to worry about maintaining their quarters of the people and companies involved in it, this is aown IT infrastructure? Well, the good news is that users can tipping point which we will not go back from," he said, whilefinally start migrating away from the beta, for Microsoft has adding that adoption of Office 365 is expected to be seamlessjust officially launched the finalized version of Office 365 today due to the fact that most consumers are already familiar within a media event held at Swissotel The Stamford. Hit up the the way Microsoft Office works.link for the coverage of todays event... Podolinsky also described how businesses do not have to worry about compatibility or security issues on Office 365, as Microsoft will ensure that the software on its servers always remain up to date, and that systems administrators will always have full control over their data in the cloud to ensure that company files or information do not get removed or destroyed without the proper authorization. Up next was Microsofts Chief Operating Officer for Asia Pacific, Andy Pickup, who talked about what users can expectFor those who would remember, VR-Zone ran a story a couple from Office 365 now that the finalized version of the service isof months ago which talked about Microsofts unveiling of already available for subscription.the then beta version of its cloud-based productivity solutionfor businesses. Known as Office 365, the idea was thatMicrosofts new offering, which combines the functionalityof Microsoft office, Microsoft SharePoint Online, MicrosoftExchange Online and Microsoft Lync Online together intoa single, tightly-integrated cloud offering will help businessusers to enhance their productivity by ensuring that theirdata will remain accessible at all times, online collaborationwill be as seamless as possible, and that the IT department canspend more time dealing with user-specific issues.That sounded great and all, save for one little problem: therewas no mention as to when the finalized version of Office 365will be released for public use. Fortunately, the last piece ofthe puzzle has fallen into place, for Microsoft has officiallyannounced the availability of Office 365 in a press event held atSwissotel The Stamford, where it will be offered to businesses 18
  19. 19. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone"This is the first time Microsoft has offered a premiereproductivity suite in a cloud-based service format. Customerswill be able to choose between a rich client that is downloadedon ones device and used in that way, or to opt for a cost-effective, affordable and predictable service fee that allowsthem to access Office through the power of the Internet," hesaid.In addition, Pickup also described other benefits users canexpect to derive from utilizing its Office 365 solution, such asthe assurance of having 99.9% server uptime and a "rich andpowerful experience" that stems from the seamless integrationamong various Microsoft services, along with ready access tothe service regardless of location via an Internet connection.All of this, he said, can be had for a subscription fee that costsless "than a cup of cappuccino". "Our heads are up in the cloud, but our feet are very firmly here on the ground," he quipped. That being said, we should point out that Microsoft has got a total of seven different price plans for users who are keen to sign up for Office 365. The one which Pickup described as costing only US$6 a month is targeted at small businesses and individuals, and offers 25GB of email, along with access to Office Web Apps, SharePoint and the Lync enterprise instant messaging client. Larger enterprises will have up to six price 19
  20. 20. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneplans to choose from, four of which cost between US$10to US$27 per user per month, while the other two for kiosk workersare priced at US$4 and US$10 per person. Of course, the morecostly plans will come with added features such unlimitedExchange storage, the full desktop Office suite, Lync voicecapabilities and Office Professional Plus.Alternatively, there is also the free 30-day trial which canbe obtained from the Microsofts product page if you feelthe need to give Office 365 a test spin before deciding tocommit yourself to a full-time subscription for the service. Lastbut definitely not least, more information about the variouscomponents which make up the complete package that isOffice 365 can also be obtained there. This tool, which is known as Swiffy, has been described byGoogle releases tool to Google as one that as originally built by an intern by the name of Pieter Senster as a means to explore how the companyconvert SWF files into HTML5- could find a way to get Flash animations working on devicescompatible content which do not support the standard. Apparently, Google was so impressed by Sensters efforts that the company decided to notSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-releases-tool-to-convert-swf- only hire him as a full-time staff, but also assembled a teamfiles-into-html5-compatible-content/12791.html to commence work on the project, which resulted in the birthJune 30th, 2011 of the Swiffy tool that is now currently available for use as a Google Labs feature. For those who are wondering how Swiffy works, heres how itWhen youve got certain OEMs making sure that their is done as described by Googles Marcel Gorden, who is alsobestselling products are designed not to play nice with the the product manager for the tool:current online standard known as Flash, what is a socially Swiffy uses a compact JSON representation of theresponsible corporation to do to ensure that users will still animation, which is rendered using SVG and a bitbe able to enjoy much of the webs beauty? Simple: release of HTML5 and CSS3. ActionScript 2.0 is also presenta tool which converts the offending code into nice HTML5- in the JSON object, and is interpreted in JavaScriptcompatible instructions. Which is exactly what Googles new in the browser. This representation makes the SwiffySwiffy tool is all about. Read on to find out more about Swiffy... animations almost as compact as the original SWFPundits may claim that Flash is well on its way to becoming files.irrelevent soon while pointing to the introduction of the new That being said, we should probably point out that Swiffy doesHTML5 standard as the basis for their convictions, but the not play very nice with Internet Explorer, as the tool insiststruth of the matter is that, despite its capabilities and potential, that only a WebKit-based browser will be capable of displayingit will still take some time before the world is ready to migrate the results of the conversion accurately. Still, the introductionto a web that is powered purely by HTML5. Until then, there is of such a tool will definitely be good news for users who want tolittle to be gained from turning ones back on well-established view Flash animations on devices that do not support Adobesstandards which are widely used in the dissemination of online Flash platform.content today, such as Adobes Flash platform.However, if for some reason you have chosen to drop Flashcompletely in your daily web-browsing needs, fret not. Google Be Quiet Dark Rock Advancedhas, in its typical "Dont be evil" fashion, released a tool whichallows users to convert SWF files into viewable content written C1 CPU cooler review Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/be-quiet-dark-rock-advanced-c1-cpu-in HTML5 code so that they can continue to enjoy their online cooler-review/12792.htmlexperience without having to feel left out over their decision June 30th, 2011to do so. During the past few months we brought you the reviews of several power supply units from Be-Quiet, a German manufacturer. The company produces more than just power supplies though, offering a wide range of cooling products as well. Today we have yet another product from Be-Quiet to test 20
  21. 21. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneand review but it is no power supply this time; it is the Dark Fan dimensions (mm) 120Rock Advanced C1, a high performance CPU cooler. Speed @ 100% PWM (rpm) 1500 Air flow @ 100% 50,5; 85,8 (CFM; m3/h)During the past few months we brought you the reviewsof several power supply units from Be-Quiet, a German Air pressure (mm H2O) 1,63manufacturer. The company produces more than just power Bearing type FDBsupplies though, offering a wide range of cooling products as Rated voltage (V) 12well. Today we have yet another product from Be-Quiet to test Input current (A) 0,09and review but it is no power supply this time; it is the Dark Input power (W) 1,09Rock Advanced C1, a high performance CPU cooler. PWM Controller Yes Connector 4-pin MolexManufacturer features and specifications Cable length (mm) 200 Cable sleeve Yes • For gaming, multimedia and CAD systems even at Livetime L10 @ 25 °C (hours) 300.000 maximum processing power. • Suitable for overclocking operation. • Extremely efficient up to more than 180 watt. Angry Birds finally smashes • Maximum cooling efficiency, Delta T 10.9 @ 100 watt. into Windows Phone 7 • Quiet operation with 1× Silent Wings PWM fan, 6.6–18.8 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/angry-birds-finally-smashes-into- dB(A). windows-phone-7/12790.html • High-quality materials with dark nickel surfaces. June 30th, 2011 Thermal resistance @ CPU Power 0,109 disposal (Rth @ P) Microsoft may have left a less-than-favourable impression Overall dimensions on Rovio Mobile by using the Angry Birds logo in an without mounting 122 x 95 x 167 advertisement to tout that theWindows Phone 7 will have a material (L x W x H) (mm) ton of cool apps well before the latter has yet to even commit Total weight 1100gr to such a port (if at all), but the latest turn of events seems CPU Wattage Range (W) 180 to suggest that the games developers have since decided to let bygones be bygones. After all, that can be the only reason LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 / Angry Birds is now available for download on Windows Phone Socket compatibility 1366, AM2 / AM2+ / 7, no? AM3 / 754 / 939 / 940 Backplate Mounting Yes It is common knowledge that in the smartphone space, having Push pin mounting a top-notch operating system is no longer enough to win the hearts of consumers over to a companys side. Rather, the one Fan model, number SilentWings PWM , 1 factor which can potentially make or break a mobile operating Anti vibration fan fixing system today lies in the size of its app repository, and suffice to Rubber string Yes say consumers are not going to be interested in a new platform Stainless steel clip if it cannot offer the same popular apps that are currently and contact ring available on competing operating systems. Overall noise level (dB(A)) While it is clear to all that Microsoft has got its work cut 6,6 / 14,4 / 18,8 @ 900/1250/100% (rpm) out for it in terms of being able to deliver a well-populated app repository that is capable of attracting consumers to its Fin dimensions (L x Windows Phone 7 platform, consumers will undoubtedly be 122 x 72 x 0,4 gratified to know that the worlds most popular casual game W) , thickness (mm) for smartphones, Angry Birds, is finally available for download Number of fins 44 on their WP7-powered devices. Fin material Aluminium Base material Copper CPU contact surface CNC machined Heatpipe number, 6; 6 Diameter (mm) Surface treatment Nickel plated 21